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Rockbox is a free replacement firmware for digital music players. It runs on a wide range of players:

Stable ports

Rockbox runs well on these players, has a complete manual and is supported by the installer:

  • Apple: iPod 1g through 5.5g, iPod Mini, iPod Nano 1g
  • Archos: Jukebox 5000, 6000, Studio, Recorder, FM Recorder, Recorder V2 and Ondio
  • Cowon: iAudio X5, X5V, X5L, M5, M5L, M3 and M3L
  • iriver: iHP100 series, H100 series, H300 series and H10 series
  • MPIO: HD300
  • Olympus: M:Robe 100
  • Packard Bell: Vibe 500
  • SanDisk: Sansa c200, e200 and e200R series, Fuze, Clip, Clip+ and Clip Zip
  • Toshiba: Gigabeat X and F series

Unstable ports

Rockbox runs on these players, but is incomplete, less usable or has problems that limit it to advanced users:

Unusable ports

Work has begun on porting Rockbox to these players, but much remains before they are usable:

Click here for a status summary of unstable and unusable ports.

Quick links: Why should you run Rockbox? · Change log · Contribute to Rockbox

If your player is not listed above, then Rockbox does not run on it.

Recent activity:

Project news

Recent news
2013-03-05Rockbox 3.13 is released
2012-11-27Forums software updated
2012-10-06Rockbox 3.12 is released
2012-04-12Rockbox 3.11.2 is released
2012-03-31Rockbox 3.11 is released
Older news


Today 06:15VanSquall90BaseUserMapping_222
Wednesday 23:42MajorChangesFranklinWei
11th Oct 09:38GandaPradiktaBaseUserMapping_222
10th Oct 12:34IriverE150InfoMarcinBukat
9th Oct 07:53SamsungYH92xPortSzymonDziok

Code changes

Saturday 18:16 c626fe7: atj213x: e100/150 lcd test binary
utils/atj2137/adfuload/test_binary/lcm/Makefile [new]
utils/atj2137/adfuload/test_binary/lcm/atj213x.h [new]
utils/atj2137/adfuload/test_binary/lcm/crt0.S [new]
utils/atj2137/adfuload/test_binary/lcm/irq_handler.S [new]
utils/atj2137/adfuload/test_binary/lcm/mips-archdefs.h [new]
utils/atj2137/adfuload/test_binary/lcm/mips.h [new]
utils/atj2137/adfuload/test_binary/lcm/rockboxlogo.240x74x16.c [new]
utils/atj2137/adfuload/test_binary/lcm/system-atj213x.c [new]
utils/atj2137/adfuload/test_binary/lcm/ [new]
utils/atj2137/adfuload/test_binary/lcm/test_lcm.c [new]
Marcin Bukat
13th Oct 19:21 fe519c7 G#1010: Enable battery charging detection for iBasso DX50/DX90.

This changes iBasso DX50/DX90 config from CHARGING_SIMPLE (Simple, hardware controlled charging (CPU cannot read charger state but may read when power is plugged-in) to CHARGING_MONITOR (Hardware controlled charging with monitoring
(CPU is able to read HW charging state and when power is plugged-in)).

Not really usefull at the moment, since USB connection (charging) is not (yet) gracefully handled for iBasso devices.
firmware/export/config/ibassodx50.h [diff]
firmware/export/config/ibassodx90.h [diff]
firmware/target/hosted/android/dx50/powermgmt-dx50.c [diff]
Udo Schläfer
Friday 13:19 ac928ed G#1016: Update of the Serbian translation
apps/lang/srpski.lang [diff]
Ivan Pesic
11th May 13:45 1e7b93a G#808: Fixed disktidy bug and added a couple of new features to disktidy.

The following updates were made to disktidy:
- Fixed bug FS #12825. disktidy now checks subdirectories again for files to delete.
- Use iterative rather than recursive method to traverse file system.
- Once disktidy finishes a run it now returns to it's main menu rather than exiting.
- Added "Last Run Stats" view to disktidy. This shows how many files and directories were deleted in the last run as well as the total size of those files, the length of time the run took and when the run took place (for players with RTC).
- Added "Playback Control" option to disktidy main menu.

Tested: Franklin Wei
apps/plugins/disktidy.c [diff]
Richard Burke
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