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Rockbox Logo

Rockbox is a free replacement firmware for digital music players. It runs on a wide range of players:

Stable ports

Rockbox runs well on these players, has a complete manual and is supported by the installer:

  • Apple: iPod 1g through 5.5g, iPod Mini, iPod Nano 1g
  • Archos: Jukebox 5000, 6000, Studio, Recorder, FM Recorder, Recorder V2 and Ondio
  • Cowon: iAudio X5, X5V, X5L, M5, M5L, M3 and M3L
  • iriver: iHP100 series, H100 series, H300 series and H10 series
  • MPIO: HD300
  • Olympus: M:Robe 100
  • Packard Bell: Vibe 500
  • SanDisk: Sansa c200, e200 and e200R series, Fuze, Clip, Clip+ and Clip Zip
  • Toshiba: Gigabeat X and F series

Unstable ports

Rockbox runs on these players, but is incomplete, less usable or has problems that limit it to advanced users:

Unusable ports

Work has begun on porting Rockbox to these players, but much remains before they are usable:

Click here for a status summary of unstable and unusable ports.

Quick links: Why should you run Rockbox? · Change log · Contribute to Rockbox

If your player is not listed above, then Rockbox does not run on it.

Recent activity:

Project news

Recent news
2013-03-05Rockbox 3.13 is released
2012-11-27Forums software updated
2012-10-06Rockbox 3.12 is released
2012-04-12Rockbox 3.11.2 is released
2012-03-31Rockbox 3.11 is released
Older news


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Friday 19:29GoldenQuotesHaydenPearce
18th Apr 14:31LeoMuffattiBaseUserMapping_222
16th Apr 07:49DevCon2014PeterDHoye

Code changes

18th Apr 11:27 532b814: skin_engine: Make %Vs affect the whole line.

Previously %Vs styles only took effect upon the first character of text, i.e. on the right if the line is %arXXX. Now the style is applied for the whole line width.

Fixes FS #12973.
apps/gui/skin_engine/skin_display.c [diff]
Thomas Martitz
15th Apr 07:34 35b4ba8: root_menu: Remove previous_music_is_wps() and change previous_music via event callback.
apps/playlist.c [diff]
apps/root_menu.c [diff]
apps/root_menu.h [diff]
Thomas Martitz
8th Apr 20:52 bebf71a: playlist: Get rid of plugin buffer use in playlist_save().

The plugin buffer was used only to avoid reparsing the playlist, so non-essential. But when it was used it conflicted with the playlist viewer which already uses the plugin buffer for playlist purposes simultaneously. It only works by accident.

Since the reparse avoidance is non-essential don't do it for now. A temp buffer can be passed to playlist_save() to enable it but the only caller (as of now) does not do that.
apps/menus/playlist_menu.c [diff]
apps/playlist.c [diff]
apps/playlist.h [diff]
Thomas Martitz
15th Apr 21:49 466441d: libmad: Use 32bit unsigned for requantize table.

Implicit promotion of integer literals to unsigned long introduced a subtle bug on 64-bit systems due to weird sign extensions (leads to audible glitches in a few files). The table is originally designed for unsigned 32bit integers, and it works with those so use them. As a consequence the lookup table size is halved as well.
lib/rbcodec/codecs/libmad/layer3.c [diff]
Thomas Martitz
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