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Tuesday 09:22iPod online manuals not complete Frank Gevaerts
17th Jan 08:02Installation Kelsey Trevett
11th Jan 19:35recorder build Dominik Riebeling
4th Jan 00:53build error (missing header files) on cygwin Robert Durkacz
3rd Jan 22:19Completed extended metronome plugin (gerrit #887) Thomas Orgis
11th Dec 20:12Ladies and gentlemen, we have sound on Android/ARM - Pono Player! h
30th Nov 03:17Revert "Rewrite filesystem code (WIP)" Michael Sevakis
23rd Nov 07:42g#922 (new DSP effects) Xiaoning Jiangyu
21st Nov 09:29Another World (Out of This World) coming to Rockbox! Frank Gevaerts
20th Nov 11:10Sony NWZ-M504 Vladimir Romanko
31th Oct 06:31Connecting to a PC while recording causes a crash and loss of the recording. Michael Sevakis
25th Oct 06:31Latest build (e3cc0ca) working great with Clip Zip Steph yahoo
4th Oct 09:09Seeking in opus files leads to PANIC Bernhard M.
1st Oct 10:23Rick Dangerous coming to Rockbox... a new (old) game for the best DAP firmware ever! :) Pierluigi Vicinanza
12th Sep 15:50how to merge fixed point wma decoder to libav 0.7.6 Mike
11th Sep 15:30ff_imdct_calc cause SIGSEGV error Diaz Soho
3rd Sep 20:30having troubles getting the rb sansa clip zip files required to make my boot file with rockbox inthaneelf
2nd Sep 05:53iPod Classic 160GB Aaron Steele
31th Aug 14:31Any suggestion for SanDisk e260 successor with 64 GB or more SD card? Martin Steigerwald
31th Aug 11:27Samsung Memory MB-MP64D 64GB EVO MicroSDXC UHS-I Grade Class 10 MicroSDXC in Sandisk e260v1 *works* Martin Steigerwald


Thursday 18:49PerryCoxBaseUserMapping_222
Wednesday 02:35AdriaGunterBaseUserMapping_222
Wednesday 02:35WikiUsersBaseUserMapping_333
19th Jan 22:31MajorChangesMichaelGiacomelli
19th Jan 14:11PhilipsUDA1380MartinSaegmueller
19th Jan 13:55IriverH10HardwareComponentsMartinSaegmueller
16th Jan 00:33JojoMittowerBaseUserMapping_222
13th Jan 23:59TiagoPintoBaseUserMapping_222
13th Jan 12:46IpodAccessoriesAndyPotter
12th Jan 20:09BluetoothTargetsLorenzoMiori
12th Jan 02:08KenCaronBaseUserMapping_222
9th Jan 16:59MiniCFAlecJW
4th Jan 15:51AmandatZohanAmandatZohan
2nd Jan 15:39SamsungYPR1LudovicJacques
2nd Jan 15:27SamsungYHJX0LudovicJacques
2nd Jan 15:20SamsungK5PortLudovicJacques
2nd Jan 14:14SamsungYPS3LudovicJacques
2nd Jan 14:03SamsungYPT10LudovicJacques
2nd Jan 13:58SamsungT9PortLudovicJacques
2nd Jan 13:50SamsungYPR0LudovicJacques


Friday 10:03 f65baf9: atj213x: Fix DMAC block in description file
utils/regtools/desc/regs-atj213x.xml [diff]
Marcin Bukat
Thursday 12:33 15d4be5: atj213x: fix desc file errors

Catched by swiss_knife check there are some overlaping fields and invalid characters in some names.
utils/regtools/desc/regs-atj213x.xml [diff]
Marcin Bukat
Thursday 05:12 716fea8: Fix some language in the sound settings manual.
manual/configure_rockbox/sound_settings.tex [diff]
Michael Giacomelli
Thursday 12:24 30784cc: fix pbe/haas surround dsps: surround_enabled, redo flush functions.

surround_enabled was never true, end up dsp_surround_flush didn't work; Thats why a cracking noise occurs in right channel when moving track positions.

redo pbe/surround flush in a much simpler way suits the current single buffer style.
lib/rbcodec/dsp/pbe.c [diff]
lib/rbcodec/dsp/surround.c [diff]
Chiwen Chang
Tuesday 09:20 5732e3e: Fix typo in zxbox.tex that broke the manual builds for some targets
manual/plugins/zxbox.tex [diff]
Frank Gevaerts
28th Dec 19:30 42219b6: Bypass the AS3543 audio mixer at higher volumes.

This change reduces noise and distortion very slightly at higher volumes.
firmware/drivers/audio/as3514.c [diff]
Mihail Zenkov
19th Jan 20:20 163ca14: Enable buflib and core_alloc for warble.

Most of the work comes from by Thomas Jarosch.
lib/rbcodec/platform.h [diff]
lib/rbcodec/rbcodecplatform-unix.h [diff]
lib/rbcodec/test/SOURCES [diff]
lib/rbcodec/test/warble.c [diff]
Frank Gevaerts
22nd Aug 21:30 3ae0f32: three new DSPs

perceptual bass enhancement
- a bbe-ish group delay corrction with Biophonic EQ boost.
- precut

auditory fatigue reduction
-reduce signal in frequency that may trigger temporary threshold shift

haas surround
-frequency between f(x1) and f(x2) is always bypassed.
-can apply to side only.
apps/lang/english.lang [diff]
apps/menus/sound_menu.c [diff]
apps/settings.c [diff]
apps/settings.h [diff]
apps/settings_list.c [diff]
lib/rbcodec/SOURCES [diff]
lib/rbcodec/dsp/afr.c [new]
lib/rbcodec/dsp/afr.h [new]
lib/rbcodec/dsp/dsp_filter.c [diff]
lib/rbcodec/dsp/dsp_filter.h [diff]
lib/rbcodec/dsp/dsp_proc_database.h [diff]
lib/rbcodec/dsp/dsp_proc_settings.h [diff]
lib/rbcodec/dsp/pbe.c [new]
lib/rbcodec/dsp/pbe.h [new]
lib/rbcodec/dsp/surround.c [new]
lib/rbcodec/dsp/surround.h [new]
manual/configure_rockbox/sound_settings.tex [diff]
Chiwen Chang
20th Sep 12:29 2cdfc43: hwstub: implement read/write data abort recovery
utils/hwstub/stub/SOURCES [diff]
utils/hwstub/stub/asm/arm/system.S [new]
utils/hwstub/stub/asm/mips/atomic_rw.S [diff]
utils/hwstub/stub/asm/mips/system.S [new]
utils/hwstub/stub/atj213x/crt0.S [diff]
utils/hwstub/stub/atj213x/ [diff]
utils/hwstub/stub/main.c [diff]
utils/hwstub/stub/rk27xx/crt0.S [diff]
utils/hwstub/stub/stmp/crt0.S [diff]
utils/hwstub/stub/stmp/ [diff]
utils/hwstub/stub/system.h [diff]
Amaury Pouly
13th Jan 20:57 2ee2a96: Fix crash on uninitialized variable

The WRITE() macro checks if the "fw" pointer is open upon fwrite() error. Since fw was not initialized before use, it might crash for non-zero fw.

cppcheck reported.
[utils/jz4740_tools/HXFreplace.c:187]: (error) Uninitialized variable: fw
utils/jz4740_tools/HXFreplace.c [diff]
Thomas Jarosch
13th Jan 20:40 1212edd: Don't return pointer to array allocated on the stack

It will be out of scope once the function is left.

cppcheck reported:
[firmware/drivers/rtc/rtc_zenvisionm.c:31]: (error) Pointer to local array variable returned.
[firmware/drivers/rtc/rtc_zenvisionm.c:38]: (error) Pointer to local array variable returned.
firmware/drivers/rtc/rtc_zenvisionm.c [diff]
Thomas Jarosch
12th Jan 20:12 a71603b: Clean up bogus 'make compiler happy' code

Less code makes the compiler even happier.
utils/zenutils/libraries/zlib123/zlib/deflate.c [diff]
utils/zenutils/libraries/zlib123/zlib/zutil.c [diff]
Thomas Jarosch
12th Jan 18:33 789df17: ARM unwinder for thumb: Fix broken MOV opcode

The origin of the register value was never moved in the desired register state due to a typo ('rhs' vs. 'rhd').

While looking at the code, I noticed the action taken for the register value is another copy'n'paste error from the ADD opcode above -> it added to the register value instead of MOVing the current value.

Patch submitted upstream.

cppcheck reported:
[lib/unwarminder/unwarm_thumb.c:473]: (warning) Redundant assignment of 'state.regData[rhd].o' to itself.
lib/unwarminder/unwarm_thumb.c [diff]
Thomas Jarosch
12th Jan 18:31 7990241: Fix red
lib/unwarminder/unwarm_arm.c [diff]
Thomas Jarosch
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