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24th Jun 18:08Install fine...only org firmware starts (ClipZip) mcc via rockbox
16th Jun 18:08gerrit Thomas Martitz via rockbox-dev
10th Jun 21:00IPod 5g doesn't work Trey via rockbox
9th Jun 05:01Recording issue on sansa clip zip Andrew Skretvedt via rockbox
30th May 20:26three sansa clip zips for sale Rich Cavallaro via rockbox
30th May 18:46sansa clip zip won't turn on Antony Stone via rockbox
30th May 18:46sansa clip zip wont turn on mcc via rockbox
29th May 04:57Implementing of Espeak to Rockbox mcc via rockbox
23rd May 16:22Sleep (After Backlight Off) option Boris Gjenero via rockbox-dev
22nd May 06:10Why can't I power off my Sansa Clip Plus when charging? Ishi Kahon via rockbox
22nd May 06:09How do I "disable hardware components" for power savings? Ishi Kahon via rockbox
22nd May 05:58Have different Playback settings based on folder Ishi Kahon via rockbox
20th May 14:44two items from the past posts Dominik Riebeling
19th May 10:57rockbox wont load/boot Mi M.
19th May 04:55Voices in another languages Marco Oros
13th May 00:39recordings to the wrong place leonard morris
11th May 21:41Re-purpose of forgotten gadgets: palm tungsten e2 Michael Carr
3rd May 13:52Loading Rockbox onto a 1TB iPod Dominik Riebeling
25th Apr 13:12File creation can take a long time Boris Gjenero
17th Apr 09:17mp3 player recommendations Steph yahoo


Sunday 10:57NukaNukaBaseUserMapping_222
Saturday 21:45PatheSeckBaseUserMapping_222
Saturday 21:45WikiUsersBaseUserMapping_333
19th Jun 23:04JocelynDelalandeJocelynDelalande
18th Jun 10:08NonNonBaseUserMapping_222
18th Jun 09:57RockboxSteeringBoardFrankGevaerts
15th Jun 06:48LouisGranoffBaseUserMapping_222
9th Jun 12:49ModModBaseUserMapping_222
6th Jun 17:38IBassoDXPortDarylFortney
6th Jun 17:02WikiUsersGroupFrankGevaerts
6th Jun 16:30DarylFortneyBaseUserMapping_222
5th Jun 13:30AlanJenkinsAlanJenkins
3rd Jun 17:11MarkSheaBaseUserMapping_222
2nd Jun 23:03PluginPacboxMichaelGiacomelli
2nd Jun 21:49AntonKarpuzikovBaseUserMapping_222


Sunday 15:51 e70ea5d: hwstub: Add completion and some pretty printing to the shell

This uses slightly hacked luaprompt to provide all the goodis. See for original.
utils/hwstub/tools/Makefile [diff]
utils/hwstub/tools/hwstub_shell.cpp [diff]
utils/hwstub/tools/lua/hwlib.lua [diff]
utils/hwstub/tools/prompt.c [new]
utils/hwstub/tools/prompt.h [new]
Marcin Bukat
20th Jun 18:44 465eb72: Fix rebuilding librbspeex on OS X and make rm work on Windows.

OS X ar operates on fat libaries and cannot update existing archives. Remove it first to avoid this. Use a make function when removing files to allow calling the correct command on Windows, which doesn't know about rm.
tools/rbspeex/Makefile [diff]
Dominik Riebeling
20th Jun 18:42 226922e: Fix USB IDs for Sansa c200v2.

The wrong IDs made a connected c200v1 get detected as c200v1 and c200v2 in MTP mode.
rbutil/rbutilqt/changelog.txt [diff]
rbutil/rbutilqt/rbutil.ini [diff]
Dominik Riebeling
7th Jun 20:25 4c4c645: Win32: fix possible crash when listing USB devices.

Make sure to handle if retrieving the device description ends up with a NULL data buffer pointer. Also switch handling the retrieved string using QString.

Fixes a crash reported in the forums.
rbutil/rbutilqt/base/system.cpp [diff]
Dominik Riebeling
7th Jun 20:19 8360937: Append build date when building dev version from local foler.
utils/common/ [diff]
Dominik Riebeling
14th Feb 23:26 3e5e9cf: AS3543: Fix recording volume setting and voice

Fix regressions introduced by 42219b6e7
firmware/drivers/audio/as3514.c [diff]
Mihail Zenkov
1st Jun 21:41 2ec6fbc: AMS: fix usb initialization in bootloader

Regression after 8b8b85433f6e9ac673adb
bootloader/sansa_as3525.c [diff]
Mihail Zenkov
14th Feb 18:01 e7550a4: AMS: Change DMA transfer size for audio.

Slightly reduces power consumption due to DMA overhead.
firmware/target/arm/as3525/pcm-as3525.c [diff]
Mihail Zenkov
30th May 17:16 e606ee4: Make lrelease detection work on Windows.

Make sure to expand variable before testing.
rbutil/rbutilqt/ [diff]
Dominik Riebeling
30th May 17:01 ef21b30: Make lrelease detection work on Windows.

Windows doesn't have which, so building natively on Windows didn't create translations anymore. Use a which-less approach instead.
rbutil/rbutilqt/ [diff]
Dominik Riebeling
30th May 16:40 e532030: Make revision handling work when building from local folder.
utils/common/ [diff]
Dominik Riebeling
30th May 16:21 5f5d7f6: Fix path creation for zip file names in current folder.

When building in the current tree (i.e. buildfolder ending up as '.') creating the filename to use in the zip file stripped all '.' characters. Use a different way to create the filename to avoid this.
utils/common/ [diff]
Dominik Riebeling
30th May 15:59 2af2a12: Update findversion for change version.h format.

version.h doesn't store the version number as string anymore. Update findversion to use the individual values instead.
utils/common/ [diff]
Dominik Riebeling
18th May 20:48 47d0537: Initially scroll to changelog end.

Since currently new entries are at the bottom scroll down when opening the changelog window.
rbutil/rbutilqt/gui/changelog.cpp [diff]
Dominik Riebeling
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