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21st Nov 02:35Sansa e280v2 clock drift Andrew Skretvedt via rockbox
16th Nov 18:24pitch changes on Sansa Clip Plus Laz via rockbox
10th Nov 18:45new message Hans-Martin Mosner via rockbox-dev
9th Nov 22:46Problems with sansa clip treakipda via rockbox
8th Oct 22:44Rockbox 3.13 on Sansa Clip+ skipping non-English named tracks Jason Heeris via rockbox
8th Oct 11:07Recording issue on sansa clip zip Andrew Skretvedt via rockbox
28th Sep 14:46Sansa Clip+ internal flash defect john via rockbox
27th Sep 16:02Care of Lithium Ion batteries [was "Re: Sansa Clip Sport"] Steph yahoo via rockbox
26th Sep 14:15voiceBox Glenn via rockbox
26th Sep 13:30Sansa Clip Sport Steph yahoo via rockbox
25th Sep 08:46Gerrit is operational Amaury Pouly via rockbox-dev
16th Sep 02:47still cannot make voice file for Sansa Clip+ Ayiba via rockbox
14th Sep 03:44still cannot generate a voice for the Sansa Clip + Glenn via rockbox
14th Sep 01:52trying to make and install voice file Glenn via rockbox
13th Sep 03:49Generating Voice files and installing them Glenn via rockbox
13th Sep 03:34Sansa Clip+ and SD card format Tom Cole via rockbox
12th Sep 17:05more on Sansa Clip +installation Glenn via rockbox
12th Sep 03:49more on installing on the Sansa Clip + Glenn via rockbox
12th Sep 03:14Installing onto my new Sansa Clip + Glenn via rockbox
10th Sep 13:51Gerrit / git-review Amaury Pouly via rockbox-dev


Monday 17:38AngeloDeLilloBaseUserMapping_222
Monday 17:38WikiUsersBaseUserMapping_333
20th Nov 22:54JohnnyPhenomBaseUserMapping_222
7th Nov 00:19ActionsATJMarcinBukat
3rd Nov 06:33JeremiManorBaseUserMapping_222
30th Oct 13:59ATJ213xFirmwareMarcinBukat
28th Oct 00:27WinterKaosBaseUserMapping_222


17th Nov 21:40 ad5e5c4: hwstub: fix atj213x dsp lua code
utils/hwstub/tools/lua/atj/dsp.lua [diff]
Marcin Bukat
17th Nov 12:25 f47f04b: hwstub: Add ajt213x lua interface for DSP block

With this you can upload and run code on DSP core in atj213x.

The files can be produced using as2181. You can download this assembler from You should use extended mode (-x switch) since DSP core in atj is non standard and uses 24bit operands. PX register has different meaning as well and is used as MSB when loading other registers with immediates (immediate field is 16bit in instruction so to set register to 24bit value you need to store MSB in PX prior to this).

MAC MR is 56bit accordingly.

HIP interface seems to be mapped at standard addresses
(except that regular 218x doesn't have HIP).

Have a fun!
utils/hwstub/tools/lua/atj.lua [diff]
utils/hwstub/tools/lua/atj/dsp.lua [new]
Marcin Bukat
15th Nov 23:34 5b7c9d4: fix yellow.
apps/plugins/fractals/fractal.h [diff]
Szymon Dziok
19th Jul 23:50 a507bb2: YH8xx,YH9xx: Keymap improvement

The main "innovation" in this patch are two "virtual buttons" for the record switch on YH92x targets. When the switch state changes, a single BUTTON_REC_SW_ON or .._OFF button event will be generated. Thus keymap code can react on switching, but not on the actual state of the switch.

Wherever sensible, the following user scheme is applied:
- use PLAY as confirm button
- use REW button or Long REW to exit
- use REC (YH820) or FFWD (YH92X) as modifier key for button combos
apps/keymaps/keymap-yh8xx_yh9xx.c [diff]
apps/lang/arabic.lang [diff]
apps/lang/basque.lang [diff]
apps/lang/bulgarian.lang [diff]
apps/lang/catala.lang [diff]
apps/lang/chinese-simp.lang [diff]
apps/lang/chinese-trad.lang [diff]
apps/lang/czech.lang [diff]
apps/lang/dansk.lang [diff]
apps/lang/deutsch.lang [diff]
apps/lang/eesti.lang [diff]
apps/lang/english-us.lang [diff]
apps/lang/english.lang [diff]
apps/lang/espanol.lang [diff]
apps/lang/esperanto.lang [diff]
apps/lang/finnish.lang [diff]
apps/lang/francais.lang [diff]
apps/lang/galego.lang [diff]
apps/lang/greek.lang [diff]
apps/lang/hebrew.lang [diff]
apps/lang/hindi.lang [diff]
apps/lang/hrvatski.lang [diff]
apps/lang/islenska.lang [diff]
apps/lang/italiano.lang [diff]
apps/lang/japanese.lang [diff]
apps/lang/korean.lang [diff]
apps/lang/latviesu.lang [diff]
apps/lang/lietuviu.lang [diff]
apps/lang/magyar.lang [diff]
apps/lang/nederlands.lang [diff]
...and 112 more files.
Sebastian Leonhardt
20th Oct 22:11 a8758c9: Fix scrolling left button inadvertently cancels listtree

Depending on the actual keymap, canceling a listtree with the
"scroll left" button may not be intended, especially if the list is entered from a completely different focus
(think of leaving a plugin with "long left")

Note: initializing "scrolling_left" with true without anything actually scrolling sounds odd to me... maybe this variable should be renamed?
"pgleft_allow_cancel" comes to my mind (with opposite boolean states)
apps/gui/list.c [diff]
Sebastian Leonhardt
25th Oct 19:58 ce26212: AB repeat: fix bug that prevents to jump to beginning of track
apps/gui/wps.c [diff]
Sebastian Leonhardt
17th Oct 01:33 d57e651: iPod Classic: enable AB repeat
firmware/export/config/ipod6g.h [diff]
Cástor Muñoz
14th Oct 19:16 2172c11: Samsung YH820/YH92X: different way of powering off to avoid powering on after powering off in a loop on YH92X.
firmware/target/arm/samsung/power-yh82x_yh92x.c [diff]
Szymon Dziok
9th Oct 18:45 c7fc5ca: Fix (D)EBUG compilation errors on targets using FAT
firmware/common/file.c [diff]
firmware/common/file_internal.c [diff]
firmware/drivers/fat.c [diff]
Cástor Muñoz
2014-12-09 d20185a: iPod Classic: reads HDD S.M.A.R.T. data

Adds ata_read_smart() function to storage ATA driver, current SMART data can be displayed and optionally written to hard disk using System->Debug menu.
apps/debug_menu.c [diff]
apps/gui/list.h [diff]
firmware/export/ata.h [diff]
firmware/export/config/ipod6g.h [diff]
firmware/target/arm/s5l8702/ipod6g/storage_ata-ipod6g.c [diff]
Cástor Muñoz
2014-12-09 32b4558: iPod Classic: initialize USB power configuration

This patch limits the drawn USB current to 100/500mA, instead of the actual 200/1000mA settings. It also initializes other USB power related GPIOs.

Solves some USB disconnect issues: FS #12990, FS #12956. I am using a powered USB HUB with no problems (Vusb=5.05V unloaded), but there are lots of USB disconnects when using the motherboard USB ports
(Vusb=4.91V), this patch solves all my issues.

Actually, it seems that the USB current drain is limited to 1000mA, when a load peak occurs most USB2 ports deliver more than 500mA, as current consumption increases the USB voltage decreases, an excesive voltage drop produces USB disconnections. Limiting USB current drain to 500mA also limits the voltage drop, preventing subsequent USB failures.

Anyway, to minimize voltage drop, it is recommended to use quality cables and preferably connect to USB ports with higher Vusb.
firmware/target/arm/s5l8702/ipod6g/power-ipod6g.c [diff]
Cástor Muñoz
2014-12-06 be5fc0f: iAP: lingo 1 (microphone)
apps/SOURCES [diff]
apps/audio_path.c [diff]
apps/iap/iap-core.c [diff]
apps/iap/iap-lingo.h [diff]
apps/iap/iap-lingo1.c [new]
apps/iap/iap-lingo2.c [diff]
firmware/export/iap.h [diff]
Cástor Muñoz
2014-12-06 b2d650f: iAP: authentication 1.0
apps/iap/iap-core.c [diff]
apps/iap/iap-core.h [diff]
apps/iap/iap-lingo0.c [diff]
Cástor Muñoz
2014-12-06 efd047a: iPod Classic: implement IPOD_ACCESSORY_PROTOCOL
firmware/export/config/ipod6g.h [diff]
firmware/target/arm/s5l8702/ipod6g/powermgmt-ipod6g.c [diff]
firmware/target/arm/s5l8702/ipod6g/serial-ipod6g.c [diff]
Cástor Muñoz
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