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Monday 12:44HD/SSD for iAudio X5L/iRiver H340 Jonas Wielicki
Monday 10:23HD/SSD for iAudio X5L/iRiver H340 (was: Re: Fixing lags/freezes with SSD in iriver H320) Aura Kelloniemi
Sunday 21:11rockbox Digest, Vol 108, Issue 1 Ben LaRoche
12th Aug 07:02Background noise on a Fuze+ Tom Yates
5th Aug 16:20Archos devices: time to let them rest? Michael Sevakis
23rd Jul 11:52slovak lang update Bertrik Sikken
7th Jul 05:21Please help test gerrit#890 Jonathan Gordon
5th Jul 09:12Extending the metronome plugin Thomas Orgis
2nd Jul 17:16Battery level Laz
2nd Jul 00:38iriver h10 install problem Glenn
24th Jun 04:28Unsubscribe randy Wheeler
19th Jun 08:02Release Steph.MMyahoo
23rd May 22:31iriver h320/340 and iaudio x5 David Hall
13th May 12:09DevCon2014 Amaury Pouly
26th Apr 20:28Rockbox on Ibasso DX50 Martin N
14th Apr 09:30%T#12972 Task closed by saratoga: The Compresser needs more flexability Michael Sevakis
12th Apr 21:09Sandisk clip zip went weird D Bear
12th Apr 12:08Returned mail: see transcript for details daniel
9th Apr 16:09new rb install on clip zip David Mehler
4th Apr 21:48Chinese MP3 Player Jammit Timmaj


Tuesday 23:23Plugin2048FranklinWei
Monday 18:26IrcNicksFranklinWei
15th Aug 21:02SansaC200PortDiniduPerera
15th Aug 20:44WikiUsersGroupFrankGevaerts
15th Aug 20:35DiniduPereraBaseUserMapping_222
15th Aug 17:43FranklinWeiFranklinWei
15th Aug 06:01CustomWPSHaydenPearce
12th Aug 02:42PluginIndexFranklinWei
12th Aug 02:10WikiUsersBaseUserMapping_333
8th Aug 12:49NikitaKBaseUserMapping_222
6th Aug 00:28CygwinDevelopmentMichaelGiacomelli
4th Aug 20:19SansaViewAmauryPouly
4th Aug 16:32RKWFileFormatMarcinBukat
4th Aug 12:02SonyNWZE370PortAmauryPouly
4th Aug 10:11SamsungYH92xPortSzymonDziok
1st Aug 09:12GoldenQuotesHaydenPearce
31th Jul 09:04DanilopMiotoDanilopMioto
29th Jul 11:04BootloaderReleaseSzymonDziok
26th Jul 21:40SamsungYH920SebastianLeonhardt
26th Jul 18:39SebastianLeonhardtBaseUserMapping_222


Yesterday 03:58 5fb3702: Make sure load_context is the last thing in switch_thread.

This should fix the android crash issue (fingers crossed).
firmware/kernel/thread.c [diff]
Michael Sevakis
Tuesday 14:48 9fed5fd G#918: Added Clip/+ to 2048 targets
apps/plugins/SOURCES [diff]
Franklin Wei
Tuesday 13:20 7ac0056 G#917: 2048: service pack 1 :)
- fixed some bugs
- added 1-bit LCD support
apps/plugins/2048.c [diff]
Franklin Wei
Monday 07:44 a9713d8: thread-unix patchup!

The changed thread code may not wish to save the old context under certain circumstances but thread-unix.c assumed it would, cached it and used it unconditionally.

Also, prevent it from leaking away all the jump buffers (old problem). Creating and removing threads would eventually run it out of buffers and then it would crash after that. Plugins, like Pictureflow, which have worker threads could only be started a few times. Implement a simple O(1) allocator that will reuse them and stays self-contained to its own types (as it appears the original author intended).
firmware/asm/thread-unix.c [diff]
Michael Sevakis
Sunday 19:56 ec844f8 G#915: Always unboost at exit
apps/plugins/2048.c [diff]
Avi Eisenberg
Saturday 04:37 030f51c: Oops. Broke an egg. Restore wrongly removed code in mutex.c.

Nice colorful diffs reveals some lines that should NOT have been removed when !defined(HAVE_PRIORITY_SCHEDULING) in mutex_unlock.
firmware/kernel/mutex.c [diff]
Michael Sevakis
Saturday 03:52 528715a: Fix warnings from 6ed0087

Forgot to (void) an unused parameter when priorityless.

usb-drv-rl27xx.c was using a compound init to initialize a semaphore but the structure changed so that it is no longer correct. Use designated initializers to avoid having to complete all fields.

Forgot to break compatibility on all plugins and codecs since the kernel objects are now different. Take care of that too and do the sort thing.
apps/plugin.c [diff]
apps/plugin.h [diff]
firmware/kernel/thread.c [diff]
firmware/target/arm/rk27xx/usb-drv-rk27xx.c [diff]
lib/rbcodec/codecs/codecs.h [diff]
Michael Sevakis
8th Aug 04:33 6ed0087: Base scheduler queues off linked lists and do cleanup/consolidation

Abstracts threading from itself a bit, changes the way its queues are handled and does type hiding for that as well.

Do alot here due to already required major brain surgery.

Threads may now be on a run queue and a wait queue simultaneously so that the expired timer only has to wake the thread but not remove it from the wait queue which simplifies the implicit wake handling.

List formats change for wait queues-- doubly-linked, not circular. Timeout queue is now singly-linked. The run queue is still circular as before.

Adds a better thread slot allocator that may keep the slot marked as used regardless of the thread state. Assists in dumping special tasks that switch_thread was tasked to perform (blocking tasks).

Deletes alot of code yet surprisingly, gets larger than expected. Well, I'm not not minding that for the time being-- omlettes and break a few eggs and all that.
apps/debug_menu.c [diff]
firmware/asm/m68k/thread.c [diff]
firmware/export/system.h [diff]
firmware/kernel/include/mrsw_lock.h [diff]
firmware/kernel/include/mutex.h [diff]
firmware/kernel/include/queue.h [diff]
firmware/kernel/include/semaphore.h [diff]
firmware/kernel/include/thread.h [diff]
firmware/kernel/mrsw_lock.c [diff]
firmware/kernel/mutex.c [diff]
firmware/kernel/pthread/thread.c [diff]
firmware/kernel/queue.c [diff]
firmware/kernel/semaphore.c [diff]
firmware/kernel/thread-common.c [diff]
firmware/kernel/thread-internal.h [diff]
firmware/kernel/thread.c [diff]
firmware/libc/errno.c [diff]
firmware/target/arm/pp/ [diff]
firmware/target/arm/pp/thread-pp.c [diff]
firmware/target/hosted/sdl/thread-sdl.c [diff]
Michael Sevakis
28th Apr 08:17 eb63d8b: Add common linked list functions

Forms implemented to a greater or lesser degree at the moment: ll_* = singly-linked list lld_* = doubly-linked list lldc_* = doubly-linked circular list
firmware/SOURCES [diff]
firmware/common/linked_list.c [new]
firmware/include/linked_list.h [new]
Michael Sevakis
13th Aug 10:44 278e866: hwpatcher: fix horrible typo in the makefile
utils/hwpatcher/Makefile [diff]
Amaury Pouly
11th Jul 10:38 df99ef2 G#893: Added highscore highlight to xobox game
apps/plugins/xobox.c [diff]
Franklin Wei
29th Jun 12:49 b61553c G#888: Added 2048 game

Tested: Michael Giacomelli
apps/plugins/2048.c [new]
apps/plugins/CATEGORIES [diff]
apps/plugins/SOURCES [diff]
apps/plugins/bitmaps/native/SOURCES [diff]
apps/plugins/bitmaps/native/_2048_background.103x103x24.bmp [new]
apps/plugins/bitmaps/native/_2048_background.121x121x24.bmp [new]
apps/plugins/bitmaps/native/_2048_background.168x168x24.bmp [new]
apps/plugins/bitmaps/native/_2048_background.224x224x24.bmp [new]
apps/plugins/bitmaps/native/_2048_background.56x56x24.bmp [new]
apps/plugins/bitmaps/native/_2048_tiles.12x12x24.bmp [new]
apps/plugins/bitmaps/native/_2048_tiles.22x22x24.bmp [new]
apps/plugins/bitmaps/native/_2048_tiles.26x26x24.bmp [new]
apps/plugins/bitmaps/native/_2048_tiles.36x36x24.bmp [new]
apps/plugins/bitmaps/native/_2048_tiles.48x48x24.bmp [new]
docs/CREDITS [diff]
manual/plugins/2048.tex [new]
manual/plugins/main.tex [diff]
Franklin Wei
8th Aug 01:23 9a3400a: Fix some more straggling stuff

* HWCODEC bootloaders

* Remove references to thread structures outside the kernel. They are private and should not be used elsewhere. The mrobe-100 is an offender that gets squashed.

* The ata.c hack stuff for large sector disks on iPod Video gets squashed for the same reason. I will no longer maintain it, period; please find the real reason for its difficulties.
firmware/drivers/ata.c [diff]
firmware/kernel/thread.c [diff]
firmware/target/arm/olympus/mrobe-100/lcd-remote-mr100.c [diff]
firmware/target/arm/pp/thread-pp.c [diff]
flash/bootbox/main.c [diff]
Michael Sevakis
8th Aug 00:28 4ea4cdf: Bootloaders need the reacharound to get at the internal goods

They need to include kernel-internal.h in order to perform inits.
bootloader/creativezvm.c [diff]
bootloader/gigabeat-s.c [diff]
bootloader/gigabeat.c [diff]
bootloader/iaudio_coldfire.c [diff]
bootloader/imx233.c [diff]
bootloader/ipod.c [diff]
bootloader/ipodnano2g.c [diff]
bootloader/iriver_h1x0.c [diff]
bootloader/iriver_h300.c [diff]
bootloader/lyre_proto1.c [diff]
bootloader/main-e200r-installer.c [diff]
bootloader/main-pp.c [diff]
bootloader/main-ppsansawipe.c [diff]
bootloader/meizu_m3.c [diff]
bootloader/mini2440.c [diff]
bootloader/mpio_hd200_hd300.c [diff]
bootloader/mrobe500.c [diff]
bootloader/ondavx747.c [diff]
bootloader/rk27xx.c [diff]
bootloader/samsung_yps3.c [diff]
bootloader/sansa_as3525.c [diff]
bootloader/sansaconnect.c [diff]
bootloader/sansaview.c [diff]
bootloader/telechips.c [diff]
Michael Sevakis
All commits since last release, last four weeks.
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