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23rd Mar 20:30 b130b50: Add jz4760 tool

This tool can pack/unpack a jz4760 archive (like the one used for the fiio x1/x3/x5), and can descramble/scramble (it's the same operation) a firmware file (the sys.bin file in the archive). I did my best to keep the compatibility with the leaked Fiio/Ingenic tool which has the same name.

I wrote the tools from scratch, but here are some remarks:
- the format used is a slightly modified IHFS used in the older JZ4640 series, I used the information on the wiki about the IHFS format
- the CRC computation done was already reversed engineered by someone on the forums but I realised this later
- There are a few unknown fields in the headers, see comments in the source code
- The firmware scrambling was discovered by pure guess, I realised there were some repetitve sequences, some I guessed it was a rotative XOR and ran some analysis to find the most probable sequence
utils/jz4760_tools/Makefile [new]
utils/jz4760_tools/packtools.cpp [new]
Amaury Pouly
Saturday 12:36 32154bf: Portuguese language update (FS #13039)
apps/lang/portugues.lang [diff]
Tiago Medeiros
Saturday 12:34 dc98c61: Add some missing names from recent translation patches to CREDITS
docs/CREDITS [diff]
Frank Gevaerts
Saturday 01:30 c39fe43: Update Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese translations
apps/lang/chinese-simp.lang [diff]
apps/lang/chinese-trad.lang [diff]
Purling Nayuki
20th Mar 08:44 70d5708: SVG image of the Sandisk Sansa m200 and other formats for the manual.
manual/rockbox_interface/images/sansam200-front.pdf [new]
manual/rockbox_interface/images/sansam200-front.png [new]
manual/rockbox_interface/images/sansam200-front.svg [new]
Szymon Dziok
14th Feb 14:18 36480c2: Fix a race condition in as3525 I2C driver caused by stacked ISRs.

It was possible for interrupts of higher priority than the current IRQ level to attempt to restart the interface while it was still active on a transfer. The list modification also wasn't protected within the I2C ISR itself.
firmware/target/arm/as3525/ascodec-as3525.c [diff]
Michael Sevakis
8th Mar 21:56 98a69ec: mkimxboot: fix usage message
rbutil/mkimxboot/main.c [diff]
Amaury Pouly
6th Mar 21:13 b8d3287: Mini 2440: make the SVG brighter.
manual/rockbox_interface/images/mini2440-front.svg [diff]
Szymon Dziok
5th Mar 14:39 2029134: SVG image for the Mini 2440.

Done mainly for use on the simulators page.
manual/rockbox_interface/images/mini2440-front.svg [new]
Szymon Dziok
4th Mar 10:19 0d9124f: qeditor: Add external static libraries to build dependecies

The solution is a bit hacky as it simply call make in libs directory as pre-dependency. Clean doesn't touch libs.
utils/regtools/qeditor/ [diff]
Marcin Bukat

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