Flyspray:: Flyspray:: Rockbox: Recently opened tasks 2015-05-25T19:57:35Z FS#13047: Fuze v1 database is extremely slow 2015-05-25T19:57:35Z 2015-05-25T19:57:35Z
Build 47d0537, Fuze v1, also happens on Clip+ as seen here:

The database on the Fuze v1 is very slow in loading: when you select an artist/album/..., it takes about a second or two for the list of albums/tracks/... to show up. On the latest stable release this is instant. This problem has likely been around since;a=commit;h=7d1a47c
FS#13046: Translation for Dutch 2015-05-23T13:53:34Z 2015-05-23T13:53:34Z
translated some of the Dutch strings
Anique van Berne
FS#13045: Very Low Battery Life and other issues, build c3c2c91 2015-05-04T15:38:13Z 2015-05-04T15:38:13Z
The battery life on my iPod Classic (160GB) is extremely low, I only last 3 hours at most. I used to get 18 hours easily, but after a previous update I've been having issues. I don't think it's just battery degradation because my device is only 2 years old and it happened suddenly, not gradually over time.

The aforementioned issues include:
-The disk almost always fails to spin down after 5s (my setting), it should not be in use I'm just sitting on the menu and playback is stopped
-The disk almost always works way too hard, spinning constantly during playback
-The CPU almost always stays at 216MHz with multiple boosts activated, even when idle on the menu with playback stopped

The battery meter has also been extremely inaccurate more often than not, sometimes doing irritating things like showing 28%, then shutting down hard and looping on the bootloader because the battery is in actuality at 0%.

While these issues almost always occur, on rare occasion the device does behave; the disk only spins briefly at the beginning of a track as it's quickly loaded into RAM, spins down and stays that way when idle, the CPU runs at 54MHz even during playback of FLAC, and the battery meter reports correctly.

I'm not sure if these are actually caused by hardware issues, but I don't want to spend money on a SSD and a new battery if it's software.
Riku Kawai
FS#13044: HOLD Switch Does Not Work 2015-05-04T15:27:49Z 2015-05-04T15:27:49Z
On my iPod Classic (160GB), the hold switch is not being detected anymore by Rockbox.
Switching the hold switch does cause the buttons to stop responding and vice versa, but Rockbox is unaware of this event and continues to act as if it didn't happen. My backlight won't turn off when I switch hold like it's supposed to, and I can't exit plugins that have a hold switch activated menu like RockBoy.

I am using build c3c2c91, I just updated today.
This bug has been present since as early as January, and I am aware that a task already exists for it, but it's buried deep because the poster marked it as Low severity.
Riku Kawai
FS#13043: Improvements in Hungarian translation 2015-04-25T16:23:44Z 2015-04-25T16:23:44Z
I've made some changes in the Hungarian Translation since there were some strings missing.

Gergely Békési
FS#13042: Cowon D2+ frequent panics on any activity 2015-04-22T21:02:30Z 2015-04-22T21:02:30Z
I experience Rockbox panics on my Cowon D2+.
Rockbox is extracted to external 64GB SDXC stick (one fat32 partition, works fine on the stock firmware (except for troubles with filenames and tags due to files number firmware limit)).
I tried following versions:
f145660-150419 (b393f2cM-150304) -- this one works a bit longer than others (about a minute).
Here is a panic message for the last one:

dc_writeback_callback() - Could not write sector 1
(error -1 sd_wite_sectors)
pc:2005CC14 sp:200EE758
A: 20066E00
bt end
start of logf data
Codec: entering run state
FLAC: Decoded 176128 samples
Codec: entering run state
Codec: calling entypoint
end of logf data
FS#13041: Norwegian translation patch 2015-04-10T16:58:20Z 2015-04-05T17:15:24Z

I used to complete the Norwegian/Norsk translations as of the current template.
The resulting .diff-file is attached in accordance with the instructions on that page.

Please feel free test and/or to commit these changes to the Rockbox sources.

Btw: this is my first ever bug/patch report using this system, so please do not hesitate to point out any mistake(s) I may have made, in which case I promise I will keep your feedback in mind by the time I submit the next one.

Åka Sikrom
FS#13040: Playlist becomes one item shorter when shuffled 2015-03-21T22:16:47Z 2015-03-21T22:16:47Z
I noticed that the playlist seems to become one item shorter when I shuffle it, using the latest Git master branch (commit 70d57080) on a Sansa Clip+.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Clear the playlist by pressing Stop (power button)
2. Add a small number of tracks to the playlist
3. Shuffle the playlist (playlist view, menu, Shuffle)
4. Observe that playlist is one item shorter than before

I tracked the reason for this down, and attach a patch. This isn't a "proper" fix, and is a bit hacky, but it does illustrate what causes the problem.
Thomas White
FS#13039: Updated translation for Portuguese (pt-PT) 2015-03-28T12:38:05Z 2015-03-21T18:38:07Z
Build Applicable : 70d5708
Patch file : attached

Language : pt-PT

Tiago Medeiros
FS#13038: playlist viewer settings not present where described in manual 2015-03-16T01:44:01Z 2015-03-16T01:44:01Z
The manual says in page 31 chapter 4.3.3. that you can get to the Playlist Viewer Settings from the Playlist Viewer Menu (which should probably be named Playlist Viewer Context Menu), but there is no such entry on the actual player. Just via the settings menu from the main menu.
Björn Kautler