Flyspray:: Flyspray:: Rockbox: Recently opened tasks 2014-08-04T23:21:07Z FS#12991: Timestretch only worked once 2014-08-04T23:21:07Z 2014-08-04T23:21:07Z
After Rockboxing my Clip Zip, I soon enabled Timestretch. This worked fine. Recently, however, I disabled Timestretch (selected "No") and now wish to re-enable it. This appears to be a problem, as my Pitch screen refuses to show the Timestretch-enabled options (change speed and pitch). Pressing left or right changes the speed by <1%, but only as long as the button is held down and the effect does not stack.
FS#12990: PANIC in usb_storage_init_connection on iPod Classic 2014-08-01T08:03:59Z 2014-08-01T03:51:05Z
I occasionally receive the following PANIC error on my iPod Classic (80 GB, S/N ending in YMV) when I attempt to access the device over USB:

usb_storage_init_connection(): OOM
pc:08058E30 sp:080C9D48
A: 08056FD8
A: 080575C0
A: 080489EC
bt end

This happens when I attempt to change directories or copy new files over.

The device has emCORE 0.2.3 r859 and is running Rockbox build 78f4f7b-140730. My desktop is running Windows 8.1 x64.
Ken H
FS#12989: Autodetect crashes installer 2014-07-08T02:45:18Z 2014-07-08T00:47:34Z
New to Rockbox.. Recent owner of a Sansa Clip Zip with 1.01.21 firmware on a Windows 8.1 PC.

Whenever I start the Rockbox Utility, upon being presented with the Configuration screen, when I press "Autodetect" I get the 'ol "Rockbox Utility has stopped working... Windows is searching for a solution to this problem" popup.
I believe this may be related to the fact that Windows 8 doesn't give the Clip Zip a drive letter; it appears as simply "Sansa Clip Zip 4GB" in My Computer. However I can access it and copy/paste to/from all folders therein.

Do I need to strongarm Windows into assigning a drive letter to the Clip Zip?

FS#12988: Lua division by zero 2014-07-06T21:39:27Z 2014-07-06T21:39:27Z
I'm using Rockbox version f8785c8-140615 under emCORE for the iPod Classic, but this issue may apply to other versions and platforms as well.

When the Lua interpreter plugin returns a division by zero exception (if it even does that), it crashes the whole system instead of exiting with a plugin error.
Opal Hart
FS#12987: Shuffle does not work properly any more (H300) 2014-07-21T07:00:55Z 2014-07-06T18:43:49Z
Been using Rockbox for years, so it was really obvious when things got messed up somewhere in 3.12~3.13. In a nutshell, with this release, in a 1000+ playlist, I'm listening to the same songs over and over again when shuffle is on. To fix the issue, I have to turn shuffle OFF and then flip it back to ON every time I start a player. Never had this problem before. Don't know if this affects all devices or just my H340 (yes! still going strong!).
FS#12986: Metronome issues on Ipod 6G 2014-07-02T19:59:28Z 2014-07-02T19:59:28Z
Metronome plugin is not functional on Ipod 6G.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Open metronome;
2) Hold the "Select" button.

-- The metronome starts to tick in the headphones.

-- The text on the screen changes from "start: hold select" to "stop : cancel", but no sound is made.
-- A short click on the Select button emits a single tick sound, but the tapped frequency cannot be captured as the Ipod 6G does not have any "Record" button.

As single taps can be made, the metronome.c / play_tock() seems to work
and at least some sort of sound can be produced on this hardware,
maybe something is wrong with the timer_callback() ?
FS#12985: My sansa clip zip back button doesn't work anymore 2014-06-22T03:00:24Z 2014-06-22T00:04:38Z

Sorry if I selected the wrong category. my sansa clip zip's back button wont respond at all, weird thing is that the select button has working as a back button when the song in playing (on the playlists menu it works like a "select button").

Is this hardware or software? is there a workaround this?
FS#12984: Manual should mention it can only install on WinPods 2014-06-18T16:29:14Z 2014-06-18T13:39:06Z
There's no mention in the manual that RButil can only install RockBox on "WinPods," not on "MacPods."
Ralf G. R. Bergs
FS#12983: "Strange" volume names not recognized 2014-06-18T16:32:34Z 2014-06-18T13:34:49Z
RockBox fails to list mounted volumes under Mac OS X that have "strange" names.

My iPod was named "Ralf G. R. Bergs's iPod", and the volume "/Volumes/Ralf G. R. Bergs's iPod" would not be displayed in RButil.

After I changed the iPod's name to "iPod" RButil recognized the volume.
Ralf G. R. Bergs
FS#12982: partition table unsupported (and bugfully ignored) on sansa clip+ microsd card 2014-06-03T05:46:29Z 2014-06-03T05:46:29Z
if i format the clip+'s microsd card to contain a DOS partition table, then the vfat formatted partition is not recognized.

if i format the sd card with a vfat fs starting at the first block, then the fs is recognized by rockbox.

** if i then reformat the sd card with a partition table like above, then the second fs i created is still recognized by rockbox, even though the first 512 bytes or so have been clobbered. the result is that rb and my laptop see different fs structures, and clobber each other's metadata, causing corrupt file systems.

the work-around is to dd if=/dev/zero the beginning of the sd card and format without partitions.

i kindly request that rb support dos, or some other, partition table, and maybe that rb doesn't mount fs'es which appear to be clobbered by a partition table. one problem with this change is that some people may be using a clobbered fs without knowing. with such a patch, they could end up seeing a corrupt fs instead.

i don't consider this very high priority. thanks for the awesome firmware! :-)
Andrew Engelbrecht