Warning: mysqli_real_connect(): Headers and client library minor version mismatch. Headers:50625 Library:50543 in /sites/rockbox.org/flyspray/adodb/drivers/adodb-mysqli.inc.php on line 108 Flyspray:: Flyspray:: Rockbox: Recently opened tasks http://www.rockbox.org/tracker/ 2015-11-13T09:53:07Z FS#13061: Buttons doesn't work after Hold Switch 2015-11-13T09:53:07Z 2015-11-13T09:53:07Z
Revision a8758c9 and Stable (3.13)

If you use the Hold Switch to Lock Keys and remove it again to unlock, buttons doesn't work.
Move around with finger at touchpad work. After this bottons work without problems.

Start Rockbox
Move the curser over Settings (Example)
Move Hold switch to Lock
Move Hold switch to Unlock
Press Middle Button (Doesnt work)
Move around on Touchpad
Press Middle Button (work)
bel http://www.rockbox.org/tracker/:13061
FS#13060: Seeking in long opus files leads to crash on Sansa Clip+ 2015-10-26T16:24:03Z 2015-10-26T16:24:03Z
possibly related to FS#12851.

When seeking in large opus files, rockbox crashes.
Using git bisect, I found commit 9b7ec42 to be the first one showing this behavior.

The crash screen for the latest git revision d57e651 looks as follows:

Stkov codec
pc:3006008C sp:30803B{cut of due to screenspace ending. Next character could possibly be a '3'}
A: 3008728C
bt end

If I interpret the map-file correctly (and I totally might not), that would put the Program Counter somewhere in cancel_cpu_boost (thread.o).

for 9b7ec42 it is pc:3005E264, A: 3005E2BC. Stackpointer is the same.
Here the pc appears to be in check_tmo_threads (thread.o)

I haven't quite figured out where exactly "large" starts, but it does happen with 4 hour long files (~60MB), but not with 1 hour long files (~20MB). It also does not happen in the Simulator, only on the actual hardware.

Example files:
error occurs: http://freakshow.fm/podlove/file/4299/s/download/c/select-show/fs162-das-fix-ich-jetzt-einfach-mal.opus
error does not occur: http://meta.metaebene.me/media/lnp/lnp122-the-internet-is-about-love.opus
Stephan Lohse http://www.rockbox.org/tracker/:13060
FS#13059: MP3 Codec decoding has artifacts 2015-10-22T21:21:06Z 2015-10-22T21:21:06Z
When playing music, I can hear codec errors in the music. It occurs every time on a certain song, and other songs that are smaller in file size, it does not occur on, but occurs on the next one. I believe it is a buffering issue, and makes the music unlistenable. I used the daily on 10/21/2015

On 320kb/s MP3s it occurs much more often, and 128kb/s MP3s it occurs less often, but when it occurs its a series of glitches that distort the music.

I am sure its not the MP3s themselves, because it doesn't occur in the official firmware, and when I rewind it, it does not make the same sound until later. It has a very prominent 'glitchy' sound and later it changes the speed of the song.

I replaced it with the 3.1.3 MP3 codec, and the same glitch occurs.

I do not have a line out so its made through the speaker, but the problem is so bad that you can hear it very clearly.

The MP3 was 320kb/s

Memo is the glitchy one, and Memo-1 is it being played correctly.
Alex http://www.rockbox.org/tracker/:13059
FS#13058: sleep timer deactivates the idle power off 2015-10-19T15:40:03Z 2015-10-19T15:40:03Z
Use of the sleep timer deactivates the idle power off. Both should be independent pathways to shutdown. The Idle Poweroff should initiate shutdown if there is no playback and no keypress inside the indicated time. The sleep timer only is to use keypresses. However, the actual behavior is for the sleep timer to disable the idle poweroff. This is a bug. Instead of either or it (If ... else if) should be two "If then .. If then" constructs.

The benefit is that you can save battery life if you leave the device on while player, or if you get interrupted. Currently, you can only do one.

To replicate:
use sansa clip, latest version. Set idle power off at 1 minute and sleep timer at 30 minutes (default). Play then pause for two minutes. Press volume button and note unit is on instead of off.
jasontaylor http://www.rockbox.org/tracker/:13058
FS#13057: SexyPsf please help! 2015-10-05T18:26:25Z 2015-10-05T02:01:31Z
I am using RockBox with a Sony Walkman E series NWZ-E384.
I am trying to install sexypsf as shown in this link.


It says " To test the plugin, simply copy the rockpsf folder to the plugins folder in rockbox sources".

The only folder named "plugins" is in Walkman/.rockbox/rocks/apps/plugins

I've tried copying the folder in several locations with no result.

I realize it's an unfinished plugin and may not work... but I'd like to try it.

Almost all of the other features work fine. I enjoy all my chiptunes and the PSF would be the icing on the cake.... even if only a few songs worked!!!
I've tried zipped and unzipped files. The psf files aren't seen by the browser. Tried with the database as well... no show...

Please help! Will buy you beer! :-)
kevin http://www.rockbox.org/tracker/:13057
FS#13056: iBasso DX90 with GoodRAM 64 Gb 10 class card: player randomly pauses by itself. 2015-09-15T16:49:02Z 2015-09-15T16:49:02Z
Card formatted in exFAT. It stops stable on first song 3-4 times, and randomly on other songs.
Anton Iliyn http://www.rockbox.org/tracker/:13056
FS#13055: In "Database -> Album Artist" songs sorting by alphabet. 2015-09-15T14:41:45Z 2015-09-15T14:41:45Z
Expected sorting by artist name, then by album and then by track number, but now all songs by all artists sorting by track names in alphabetical order.
Anton Iliyn http://www.rockbox.org/tracker/:13055
FS#13054: sansa clip zip radio low volume 2015-08-20T20:37:25Z 2015-08-20T20:37:25Z

I've recently updated the build on my zip and the radio volume is greatly reduced. It`s very noticeable since I use a passive speaker connected straight to the player (top volume required). Volume of file playback is unaffected.

Here's someone describing the same issue-

Same symptoms including (notably) normal volume in the recording screen (gain=0), and region settings make no difference.

I have no note of which build I had before the update but it was from around the end of 2014. Looking thru the changelog yielded no clues.

trunk 983c808-150717
koniu http://www.rockbox.org/tracker/:13054
FS#13053: Add option to make scrollbars borderless 2015-07-29T08:32:35Z 2015-07-29T08:32:35Z
This patch will add a setting, called "Scroll Bar Border", which will determine whether menus / lists will have scrollbars with borders or not.

The default value for this setting is "yes", so that it matches previous behavior.
Andrey Maluy http://www.rockbox.org/tracker/:13053
FS#13052: Updated Greek translation 2015-07-07T17:40:28Z 2015-07-07T17:40:28Z
Updated Greek translation
Polihronis Porfiris http://www.rockbox.org/tracker/:13052