Flyspray:: Flyspray:: Rockbox: Recently opened tasks 2014-04-17T15:30:21Z FS#12973: %Vs(invert) partially fails with centered or right-aligned content 2014-04-17T15:30:21Z 2014-04-17T15:30:21Z
1) %Vs(invert) correctly sets the background color from the start of the text to the end of the viewport (right of the text). However, it doesn't set the background to the left of the text, e.g. when the text is centered or aligned to the right. See attached screenshot.

2) %Vs(invert) doesn't work when it's on its own line.

This partially works:


This doesn't work:


Tested with Build 35b4ba8.
Guillaume Cocatre-Zilgien
FS#12972: The Compresser needs more flexability 2014-04-14T03:39:56Z 2014-04-14T00:14:37Z
This is more of a feature request.
The compresser built into Rockbox needs a little more flexibility. I'd like to normalize the sound. By this, I mean raise up the quiet parts of music without it sounding too distorted and compressed. Can you guys allow the release time to be set longer than 1000 Ms? With the ratio all the way up and the threshold at a reasonable level, I believe I can normalize it with a longer release time (3000 or 5000). The current longest time just makes it sound way overcompressed if I'm not careful.
FS#12971: iPod Classic charges on USB even with "Charge During USB Connection" set to "no" 2014-04-10T09:18:30Z 2014-04-10T09:18:30Z
After setting the "Charge During USB Connection" Rockbox setting to "no", the battery in my iPod Classic still gets charged whenever connecting the iPod to my PC via USB. From the iPod Video manual:

"This option lets you control whether the player should charge during the USB connection and hence draw the full 500 mA. Turning it Off is recommended if the player is connected through an unpowered USB hub or a laptop port."

I would expect the battery NOT to get charged. Running Rockbox dev build 9576134.
Guillaume Cocatre-Zilgien
FS#12970: Music stops beyond a certain point on some tracks 2014-04-05T14:26:01Z 2014-04-05T14:26:01Z
I am using rockbox 3.13, and on some tracks, the music stops from a certain point and the next track is played.
For instance, this track ( stops silently at 1:28 and the next track (04) is played (as if the track was 1:28 long). If I come back or even reboot, it will still bug at 1:28. But if I use Sansa's, the track will be played correctly.
resetting prefs didn't changed anything.
FS#12969: GameBoy Emulator Graphic Problem (?) 2014-04-03T18:40:13Z 2014-04-01T05:52:22Z
When turning on the plugin, the gameboy game launches but the text within the game is very distorted. I have tried the same game on a computer emulator with the same screen size and I could read it perfectly fine. This may be because of the screen on the player itself, but I just wanted to ask whether this is a bug or not and whether it can be solved. Many thanks to the answerers by the way!
Junghun Choi
FS#12968: Sansa Clip Zip Button Control Bug 2014-04-01T00:50:51Z 2014-03-31T23:22:20Z
Hi, when I'm using the Rockbox program with my Sansa Clip Zip, I cannot simultaneously press the up and the left key. I have tried this with many applications including doom, Pong, and Rockboy. I do not know if it is a problem with the device itself, but it is a hassle when using the software. If possible, please fix it. Thank you.
Junghun Choi
FS#12967: Very large album art stops playback 2014-03-30T18:40:01Z 2014-03-30T18:40:01Z

This file is correctly decoded and displayed in the Fuze+ simulator, but testing on device results in playback stopping. Interestingly, nothing crashes, playback just stops. In theory we should be able to decode this, the resizer does not need to load more than a few lines of the image at once, which should easily fit in memory. Alternatively, if it is too large (or rather wide given that its decoded line by line) for the available space, it should probably just be rejected.
FS#12966: Display '+' sign in %rg value as per Replaygain specs 2014-03-30T12:31:54Z 2014-03-30T12:31:54Z
Replaygain specs ( say that positive gains should be prepended with a plus sign (+). The %rg tag however strips the plus sign for positive gains. Without it, the value loses its meaning.
Guillaume Cocatre-Zilgien
FS#12965: Music file does not playing because the character length limit in the path to the file 2014-03-29T15:22:20Z 2014-03-29T15:22:20Z
Hi, thanks for such awesome project!..

But I have probably found a bug. When I want to play such music file (that's the first in the directory):

E:\Music\Aleksandr Shherbina\# Aleksandr Shherbina i mul'ti-bjend PAYZY IM. STANISLAVSKOGO - live-programma Zhivye na Nashem Radio (27.3.2014) [ogg]\01. Mjortvaja ryba.ogg

it does not playing, and Rockbox skipping directly to the 3rd file in the directory:

E:\Music\Aleksandr Shherbina\# Aleksandr Shherbina i mul'ti-bjend PAYZY IM. STANISLAVSKOGO - live-programma Zhivye na Nashem Radio (27.3.2014) [ogg]\03. Arabika.ogg

I think there's a character lenght limit. Can we fix it?..
Thanks in advance,
Chuck Kerry
FS#12964: USB communication prompts an error 2014-03-26T18:57:12Z 2014-03-26T07:26:45Z
installed ROCKBOX daily-build 9cb9f76-140324; did the required reboot;

now on connecting the device the USB to a computer (either linux or win7 it dowsn't depend) the "sensa fuze+" displays
"undefined instruction
pc:0000003C sp:2FFFFF...
bt end"

on disconnecting and powering up the device is working as it should

how is a downgrade possible without a working USB connection?
c wolf