Flyspray:: Flyspray:: Rockbox: Recently opened tasks 2015-02-22T12:47:20Z FS#13031: Sansa e200 lamp plugin: wheel light does not turn off 2015-02-22T11:31:46Z 2015-02-22T05:39:00Z

I recently found our two old old Sansa e280 players (one is v1, the other v2) and updated it to Rockbox 3.13. I attempted to use the lamp plugin (with red light) of one for reading a book late at night; however, the scroll wheel light never shut off and is blindingly bright for reading. The older version of rockbox didn't do this (I can't remember what version, but it was at least 2+ years older).

This happens with both versions of the e280 and I even attempted to run the latest SVN of rockbox (from about a week ago) to no effect. I usually have the system set to always have the wheel light off, and fiddling with these settings does not affect it within the lamp plugin - it's always on, continuously.
David Buck
FS#13030: French translation update for Rockbox Utility 2015-02-22T12:31:56Z 2015-02-18T20:26:00Z
Hi again :)

Attached here, the translation file for French language in Rockbox Utility.
Two missing strings were translated, a typo was fixed.
Семён Жуковский
FS#13029: Russian translation update for Rockbox Utility 2015-02-22T12:32:05Z 2015-02-18T20:19:56Z
Hi all :)

Here's the translation file for Russian language in Rockbox Utility.
All the strings were translated, some typos fixed, and older translations improved.

Семён Жуковский
FS#13028: German Language FIle not working 2015-02-14T09:29:52Z 2015-02-14T09:29:52Z
In current (d81b362) and the last 10 (?) tested nightlies german language file "deutsch.lng" is empty. So english language file is used instead.
Tobias Vogt
FS#13027: fm radio bug and beeping bug when it's off 2015-02-07T21:56:16Z 2015-02-07T21:56:16Z
when i pressed the fm radio it's. but when i press off it sounds like it's still on and beeping. i've got all the settings of for beeping and it's still on the fm radion i mean. this weird bug i know. please do fix this bug thanks
Curtis Hatch
FS#13026: Clip+ database is slow 2015-02-03T20:02:52Z 2015-02-03T20:02:52Z
Using build 95fdad5.

The database on the Clip+ is very slow in loading: when you select an artist/album/..., it takes about a second or two for the list of albums/tracks/... to show up. On the latest stable release this is instant. This problem has likely been around since;a=commit;h=7d1a47c
FS#13025: Missing strings translated in the catalan translation 2015-02-22T12:24:06Z 2015-01-17T16:41:04Z
I saw there was only 9 "missing strings" to be translated in the catalan translation, and I've translated them.
Don't know why there are 8 "changed source" items.

Hope it can help to publish the complete catalan translation.

Jordi Prenafeta
FS#13024: German language file 2015-02-22T12:47:20Z 2015-01-13T17:59:31Z
A suggestion for the missing German language entries in
Torsten Schrainer
FS#13023: HOLD switch not detecting on iPod Classic 2015-01-07T08:42:43Z 2015-01-07T08:42:43Z
I'm using iPod Classic 6g (80GB) with daily dev builds and emCORE 0.2.3 r859. I've noticed that HOLD switch is not being detected properly by Rockbox (no lock icon, backlight not off, etc.), even though buttons are being locked. If you boot with HOLD switch on then Rockbox will stay in locked state until reboot.
This bug doesn't appear in emCORE's RB fallback image (r31516-120101).
FS#13022: Replaygain display error in WPS in Musepack files when tracknumber is >9 2015-01-04T20:06:20Z 2015-01-04T20:06:20Z
I use the attached custom WPS that displays the active Replaygain value and type next to the track number.

When playing mpc files created by foobar2000 with the tracknumber/totaltracks tag format, if the track# is 10 or higher and the applied gain negative (as in the attached mpc), mangled characters are displayed between the gain value and type, eg:

10/12 -2.00 dB *gibberish* (Album)

This is reproducible with the latest simulator build d0fffd6-150104 but I only recently noticed the issue and don't know when it began. I have an old sim build 935d8be-121229 and it works correctly there.