Flyspray:: Flyspray:: Rockbox: Recently closed tasks 2014-12-03T18:29:19Z FS#13016: iPod 6g (120gb) HDD issue 2014-12-03T18:29:19Z 2014-12-03T14:03:29Z
Hi all,

I'm totaly new to rockbox but i love it!

But I Have problem with HDD on my iPod. It's nonstop working. It's reading/writing? all the time when rockbox is on. HDD is full in about 50%.

Battery last for 5-6h nonstop working, i think poor battery life is caused by hdd nonstop work and becouse i have i did rockbox my ipod lately so i have newest software.

i will be glad for any solution,

FS#13015: Sansa Fuze v2 not working--Rockbox killed it 2014-12-03T04:41:48Z 2014-12-03T03:15:53Z
I have a Sansa Fuze (v2) that I've had for years. Recently it stopped loading playlists, and a search of the Sansa Fuze forums suggested installing Rockbox instead, so I did. (And you really, really don't want non-techies doing this, do you? There is so much confusing stuff in the documentation and how-to-install stuff that I almost gave up multiple times. Now I wish that I had.)

I used your installer to install Rockbox (using the fuze02.03.33 file, which I'm pretty sure was the correct one).

It installed just fine initially. When it was done, I ejected it from my Windows 7 laptop and Rockbox initialized. I poked around for a little bit, looking at how things were organized, and decided to see how loading music onto it worked. So I plugged it back into my computer. Nothing came up--my computer can't see the player now, nor the microSD card. So I unplugged it from my computer. And now the screen on the player shows this message:

SWI at 300C0350
pc:300C0350 sp:300A086C
bt end

It does not respond to anything. It will not turn off. I have tried pushing every button on it, and nothing changes anything. I have tried connecting it to the computer again.

This is the error message my computer now gives me:
One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it.

Basically, your software has turned a player that worked but had one minor annoyance into an expensive piece of junk. Please tell me how to fix it. If this can't be fixed, you need to replace it.``
Anna Haugen
FS#13009: Sansa Clip+ Seeking Fails When Playback Is Paused 2014-11-28T22:09:30Z 2014-10-13T04:47:28Z
When I try to seek to say, 18:05 in a WMA file that is 22 minutes and 45 seconds long, Rockbox starts playing from somewhere in the early part of the track (say, 00:05) rather than 18:05.

I was able to reproduce the problem with multiple WMA files that were encoded using Expression Encoder with the WMA codec and VBR. A sample file is available at!724&authkey=!AFyvy4opeP7Ib9w&ithint=file%2cwma and if the link is dead, please let me know.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Add a WMA file to the Clip+.
2. Disconnect the device from the computer by doing a "Safely Remove" or "Eject".
3. Turn off the device.
4. Turn on the device.
5. Scroll down to "Database" and press the middle button.
6. Scroll to Album and press the middle button.
7. Press the Up button one time.
8. "What The Dog Saw" is probably selected unless you have albums that start with W, X, Y, or Z. If "What The Dog Saw" is not selected, the scroll until it is.
9. Press the middle button.
10. Press the middle button to start playing the first track.
11. Press the Up button to pause playback.
12. Press and hold the Right button to seek to somewhere around 11:00 or later.
13. Release the Right button.

Observe that the timestamp on the left now says something like "0:04" rather than the desired time.

System Details:
- Sansa Clip+
- Rockbox Version 3.13
Zian Choy
FS#13013: Particular file kills software upon playback 2014-11-14T16:00:50Z 2014-11-14T12:10:26Z
A particular audio track will cause the entire system to freeze and not respond to any input after it reaches 1 second of playback.

The audio file is fine to all other media players, and I even tried re-enconding it and replacing it in case of a corruption to no avail.

I can't attach the file in here, but you can download it at

The only way I can regain control of my device is to let the battery die. None of the buttons offer a response otherwise; it halts the entire system.
David McMackins II
FS#13006: Gapless playback of OGG Vorbis is not working. 2014-11-12T16:17:34Z 2014-09-27T05:58:58Z
Gapless playback of OGG Vorbis is not working. High pitched background noise for a while before next track begins to play.
Official firmware plays same files gaplessly without the background noise.
Osmo Hyttinen
FS#13012: File provided .m4a downloaded in youtube or smtube not work. 2014-11-08T04:44:50Z 2014-11-07T03:32:05Z
Hi, this file .m4a in attach not work in rockbox, can enable support?
FS#13008: Serbian translation update 2014-10-27T17:42:51Z 2014-10-11T18:49:45Z
Here is an update to the Serbian translation.

Ivan Pesic
FS#13000: Audio drop-out with hi-res file playback 2014-10-19T20:02:45Z 2014-09-19T20:47:11Z
I have a couple of hi-res files (24/44) that seems to have audio volume drop-outs at certain points, as if it is an over-reacting dynamic clip prevention. If I try the same file in Foobar 2000, I do not get the sound drop-outs. Dithering is turned on, ReplayGain is on "album", and I tried it both with and without clipping prevention, but both times I got the drop-outs.

The file is too large to attach here, but I can provide it via other means. They are tracks from Steven Wilson - The Raven That Refused to Sing. I resampled and dithered the official 24/96 release to 24/44 using iZotope RX 3 Advanced. I can provide both resampler and dither settings if desired, or I can just provide the effected tracks (title track, "The Watchmaker", both near the end), or the files themselves.
Aaron Tate
FS#13010: Support for .m4a of youtube smtube. 2014-10-19T02:10:06Z 2014-10-17T22:47:55Z
.m4a is audio format for youtube, and when download .m4a audio using package smtube, rockbox not support .m4a for youtube and smtube. Is possible enable support? I use sansa clip +
FS#12825: Disktidy removes files from the root directory only (Sansa Clip Zip) 2014-10-09T07:53:49Z 2013-02-14T15:35:44Z
Disktidy on my Sansa Clip Zip does not remove files from subdirectories, only from the root directory. The problem occurred in all daily builds I have used since November 2012.
Tomasz Papiez