Flyspray:: Flyspray:: Rockbox: Recently closed tasks 2016-04-18T09:53:05Z FS#12802: theres no automatic bookmark on shutting down when battery is low 2016-04-18T09:53:05Z 2013-01-16T21:49:51Z
normally when shutting down my sansa clip+ creates a bookmark (bookmark on stop), but on low batt shutdown it seems the playback isn't stopped properly, so there is no bookmark.
Wolfgang Dilg
FS#12981: JPEGs and album art with black backdrops don't display correctly. 2016-04-01T17:49:23Z 2014-05-28T19:42:05Z
The JPEG viewer fails to properly decode album art with a black backdrop. Images that have a lot of black become corrupt and garbled when displayed either as an image on disk or as album art.

I have tried the following to solve the problem:
* I have verified the image looks proper in multiple graphics programs.
* I have save the image with multiple graphics programs to rule-out bugs in the saving process of a particular graphics program.
* I have deleted and recopied the file with a different name to rule-out a bad secot on my flash drive.
* I have made a negative of the image (mostly white), and the negative displays properly.
* I have had another Sansa Clip Zip user verify this problem.

The following file will look corrupt when viewed on a Sansa Clip Zip:

However, a reverse with a white backdrop with be viewed properly:
Dean Tersigni
FS#13069: Can't register as a new user on the Rockbox forum to post and ask questions 2016-02-20T21:41:58Z 2016-02-19T21:02:11Z
This is more a problem with the Rockbox forum, but the problem is that I can't register in the Rockbox forum to reach out for help and solve it!
I am entering the correct phrase in the field, and the right characters from the anti-bot test, but it still says I've entered wrong stuff in the verification stage....
I really want to ask some questions about upgrading my H140's hard drive but can't create an account to post. Has registration been turned off completely?
Would REALLY appreciate any help.
Thanks in advance!
Ben Bordiss
FS#12975: Wrong display of some .jpg-files 2016-01-06T04:51:34Z 2014-04-20T14:19:32Z
Hi developers,

recently I noticed Rockbox displaying some (not all) .jpg-files too bright and shifted/wrapped around (can't describe it better so excuse my bad English first, please).
This happened with daily build 532b814-140418 but is present in Release 3.13 too. Attached are two examples consisting of .bmp-files (which render OK), the .jpg-files (rendering bad, same size and colors) and some Screendumps illustrating the problem. This Bug (if one) may affect other SanDisk players (Sansa Fuze, e.g.).

Greetings, ...

Stefan Waldmann
FS#12508: [snake plugins] Manual claims for a button to change level which doesn't exist in the code 2015-10-21T23:56:04Z 2012-01-03T21:45:11Z
Extract of snake plugin (yes the first simple one):
& Change levels (1 is slowest, 9 is fastest)\\

I don't see anything like that in the plugins code... shouldn't we remove this?
Jean-Louis Biasini
FS#13057: SexyPsf please help! 2015-10-05T18:26:25Z 2015-10-05T02:01:31Z
I am using RockBox with a Sony Walkman E series NWZ-E384.
I am trying to install sexypsf as shown in this link.

It says " To test the plugin, simply copy the rockpsf folder to the plugins folder in rockbox sources".

The only folder named "plugins" is in Walkman/.rockbox/rocks/apps/plugins

I've tried copying the folder in several locations with no result.

I realize it's an unfinished plugin and may not work... but I'd like to try it.

Almost all of the other features work fine. I enjoy all my chiptunes and the PSF would be the icing on the cake.... even if only a few songs worked!!!
I've tried zipped and unzipped files. The psf files aren't seen by the browser. Tried with the database as well... no show...

Please help! Will buy you beer! :-)
FS#11988: Shopper manual entry is totally useless 2015-09-24T21:26:50Z 2011-03-03T10:46:59Z
The manual entry for shopper.rock (a viewer) says "Shopper is a shopping list plugin which allows you to maintain reusable shopping lists". This is totally useless, there's not even a list of file extensions handled by the plugin.
Frank Gevaerts
FS#13041: Norwegian translation patch 2015-04-10T16:58:20Z 2015-04-05T17:15:24Z

I used to complete the Norwegian/Norsk translations as of the current template.
The resulting .diff-file is attached in accordance with the instructions on that page.

Please feel free test and/or to commit these changes to the Rockbox sources.

Btw: this is my first ever bug/patch report using this system, so please do not hesitate to point out any mistake(s) I may have made, in which case I promise I will keep your feedback in mind by the time I submit the next one.

Åka Sikrom
FS#13039: Updated translation for Portuguese (pt-PT) 2015-03-28T12:38:05Z 2015-03-21T18:38:07Z
Build Applicable : 70d5708
Patch file : attached

Language : pt-PT

Tiago Medeiros
FS#13037: Freshly-formatted microSD does not appear 2015-03-15T23:23:40Z 2015-03-15T14:32:35Z
I have a 64 GB PNY microSD card. I formatted it FAT32 yesterday and put music on it today. If I insert it into my Rockbox device, I see some sort of status or activity notification in the upper-right corner of the screen, but I cannot find the files anywhere.

Is it not supposed to appear under Files but somewhere else?
David McMackins II