FS#7351 - Shuffle keeps playlist in order, and add queue feature in the playlist catalog

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Opened by Matt (traxtar944) - Sunday, 24 June 2007, 20:13 GMT
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Operating System iAudio X5
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I don't like the fact that having shuffle mode on will actually shuffle the playlist around. I have the playlist saved to my X5 so the artists are in alphabetical order. I would like it to behave like winamp, so that shuffle will just randomly select songs in my ordered playlist, instead of mixing it up and playing it in THAT order. It makes browsing the playlist much easier, IMO.

Also, I don't see a feature that allows you to queue songs that are already in the playlist. If a song is in the playlist at position 53, and I'm listening to song 24, I'd like to have the option to hold select on song 53 and have another menu pop up that lets me queue it to the next song, or insert it, or whatever menu you get in the database.

I hope that makes sense...and I hope it's possible to do! Thanks for all the hard work guys, I still love my rockbox!!
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Comment by Mike Schmitt (Falco98) - Wednesday, 27 June 2007, 07:07 GMT
the problem with this feature request is, even though it makes sense, both of the things you ask for completely defy the nature of how Rockbox does its mojo.
If you want to have a playlist of all artists in alphabetical order, I'd suggest simply creating and saving one. Shuffle mode by its very core nature though, simply creates a shuffled dynamic playlist. There's no way around that. A simple and effective alternative would be, perhaps, to keep all your music in folders by artist, or something similar. Also, if you're listening to one song (even while in shuffle mode) and you feel like hearing another song next, even when it's much further down the playlist, you can always go through and select "queue next", and it will play for you, then remove itself from the playlist after it's done playing.
Comment by Matt (traxtar944) - Thursday, 28 June 2007, 00:36 GMT
How is it, then, that winamp's shuffle feature will randomly select files that are already in the playlist without moving them around? Is it an entirely different beast? My songs are already arranged in folders beginnineg with a letter of the alphabet wherein is evrey artist whose first name begins with that letter. For example "A" has ACDC, Aerosmith, Allman Brothers...etc. "B" has benny Benassi, Blues Traveler, etc...and so on.

Either way, hitting "queue" or "insert" in both the a playlist and the database will freeze up the player. There is no option to queue the next song in a playlist that is already created, which is a feature I'm asking for.
Comment by Mike Schmitt (Falco98) - Thursday, 28 June 2007, 04:07 GMT
yes, it's an entirely different beast. rockbox's playlist system only knows how to play the next song in a playlist; the intention is for the user to manipulate the playlist however they see fit. it is a totally different beast from Winamp's "random song select" mode. If you really want a specific song to play immediately next in a playlist that's already created, I believe there's a way by which you can go into the current playlist and move something to the next position, but it would be far easier to simply browse through, find that song, and queue it next, so that it plays next, and then is removed from your playlist (in that position). What you need to kinda understand here is that in rockbox, a playlist is JUST for ROCKBOX to play through -- it's not for music management.

FWIW, winamp doesn't have a "play this next" either, as far as i know, even in its random track-select mode. It doesn't even have Rockbox's capability to enqueue a song you want into the next position, since you never know where it'll land.

I want to hear more about the player freezing up from hitting "queue" or "insert"; i've never run into such problems, though I use folders only and no DB. That sounds like it might be a bug (btw you should update to the latest build and see if this improves things), and if so, the devs might wanna look at it.