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Apparently there was a Yahoo group called Nomadhack - I'm trying to join it (seems that it was inactive for two years) to see if there is any relevant info.

NJB3 Rockbox port

Why bother?

The newer CreativeZVMPort, DellDJPort and other recent creative products use a modified version on the Creative Zen MTP firmware and a similiar TI DSP - progress made in one one port should (hopefully) be related to the other...

Is it upgradable?

  • Jukebox 2 - Yes
  • Jukebox 3 - Yes
  • Jukebox Zen - Yes
  • Zen NX - Yes
  • Zen Xtra - Yes
  • Zen Touch - Yes
  • Zen Micro -Yes
  • Zen Microphoto - Yes

See Zen Xtra Firmware Text



Creative Zen Xtra

From Australian release Creative Zen Xtra 60 Gb

  • Texas Instruments TMX320 - DA255GHH? (4A-3CA2FWW) TMX320 (other model) data sheets
  • SST 39VF400A 70-4C-EK (0351203-C) Data Sheet
  • Samsung 343 K4s281632E?-tc75 - 128Mbit SDRAM, 3.3V, LVTTL, 166MHz, TSOP II packaging, 54 pins 4 M x 8bit x 4 banks???
  • Hard Disk - 4,200 RPM Fujitsu MHT2060AT? - Data Sheet

Creative Zen Touch

From Australian release Creative Zen Touch 20 Gb, (Made in HK, 2003/2004):

  • "Touchpad" is driven by a chip labeled: Synaptics T1005 0423 CM2764.00
  • There are 4 noticeable chips on the front of the main PCB under the LCD
    • One is presumably unlabaled, I suspect it could be the IDE controller - it has the cabled connector for the hard disk just below it and it has the same piece of yellow tape over it
    • SST 39VF400A 70-4C-EK (0410148-AB)
    • Texas Instruments TMS320 - DA255GHH? (4A-44A8F3W) Ti Korea PDF Documenting TMS320DA255
    • Samsung 431 K4S281632F?-TC75 (S2816 WQF646PBC? in smaller type)
    • LCD has a label on it that reads: FGE-CMGG160104B-01 S0-MA01267 040832-BJ
    • Hard disk - 4,200 RPM Hitachi Travelstar


Connect a BDM/JTAG emulator

See the JTAG port on your Nomad.

Also see Build a JTAG and Stick it to my Zen Xtra.. then....?

The JTAG port (Zen Xtra) is located under the hard disk (under the copper sheet) as shown in this picture

Creative Series 3 (NJB3) Info

From Linus Wallej's Introduction to libnjb hacking guide

  • NOMAD Jukebox 2 "NJB2": USB 2.0, protocol 3
    • Screen: 132x64 pixels
  • NOMAD Jukebox 3 "NJB3": USB 1.1 + Firewire, protocol 3
  • NOMAD Jukebox Zen "NJB Zen": USB 1.1 + Firewire, protocol 3
  • NOMAD Jukebox Zen 2.0 "NJB Zen 2.0": USB 2.0, protocol 3
    • Screen: 132x64 pixels
  • NOMAD Jukebox Zen NX "NJB Zen NX": USB 2.0, protocol 3
  • NOMAD Jukebox Zen Xtra "NJB Zen Xtra": USB 2.0, protocol 3
    • CPU/DSP: Texas Instruments TMX 320 (TMS 320)
    • USB controller: NEC 0720122GC
    • Screen: 160x104 pixels
  • Dell Digital Jukebox "DELL DJ": USB 2.0, protocol 3
  • Creative Zen Touch "Zen Touch": USB 2.0, protocol 3
    • Synaptics Touchpad chip
  • Creative Zen Micro "Zen Micro": USB 2.0, protocol 3
    • CPU/DSP: Texas Instruments TMS 320
    • Internal memory: 16MB
    • Screen: 160x104 pixels
    • Drive: 5GB
    • FM Radio
    • Synaptics Touchpad chip
  • Second Generation Dell Digital Jukebox: USB 2.0, protocol 3
  • Creative Zen Sleek
  • Creative Zen (a Creative Micro variant)

A link to some related and unrelated Creative hacks
A link to a (Chinese) disassembly guide of the Zen Micro
A second link (English)
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