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Rockbox Developer Conference - Euro Edition! 2010

Date and Location

When: June 4th-6th 2010
(We can only start at 16:00 on friday)

Where: Gent, Belgium, at Dekimo ( Brusselsesteenweg 708 9050 Gentbrugge - view from the air


These people are going to show up. Please add your route/airport and expected time of arrival.
  • Developers / Staff
    • PeterDHoye
    • AustinAppel (will go by plane from BCN to BRU arriving at Fri. 11:20)
    • AlexParker (Train, will arrive at Gent St. P at 17:03)
    • DominikWenger (will go by Plane (and train to gent). Arrival in Brussel Fr. 16:40, leave Brussel So.19:00)
    • AmauryPouly (should go by car from Saarbruken (germany), can possibly pick people on his way)
    • JensArnold (will probably go by car from Berlin, could pick up people)
    • FrankGevaerts (will go by car, can pick up people at Brussels Airport)
    • ThomasMartitz
    • BjornStenberg (will go by plane, arrives at BRU 18:35)
    • RafaelCarre (will go by car from Dijon, pick up pamaury in Saarbrücken and arrive between 17 & 18pm)
    • BryanChilds (arriving Brussels @16:03)
    • TorneWuff (eurostar, arriving in brussels at ~7pm so will be lateish?)
    • BertrikSikken (will go by train, arriving at Gent St. P. friday at 16:55)
    • MarianneArnold (will join JensArnold somehow)
  • Non-Staff / Users


Since we can code and IRC at home, too, we should focus on helpful group activities.

  • arrival of the "international" participants, get to know the people, learn the names, have a Belgian beer
  • setup web camera(s) and gathering room
  • build towers of Rockbox
  • code, chat and meetings
  • code, chat and meetings
  • departure of international participants
  • cleanup the place
Ideas for discussion:
  • Discuss the really old bugs and patches (i.e anything before 08?) close/accept/reject?
  • GSoC Status
  • NoDo list
    • How to handle it
    • Review of existing NoDo items
  • Quickscreen
    • Default options
    • Remove altogether
  • nay-sayers
  • Use the rockbox fund to sponsor students outside of gsoc
  • Should people be available on IRC when committing?
  • Do we have a community atmosphere problem, and if so, how can we do better?
  • Work out a transition procedure for the build system for the changeover to gcc 4.4.4 (eabi) for ARM.
  • The coldfire bootloader situation. Right now we don't have anyone who is active, has the necessary players, and has the tools to unbrick them.
  • Commit message template for FS tasks: do we have an official standard? is everyone aware of it?
  • The RockboxSteeringBoard after two years
    • Do we need it? Can it be improved?
    • Proposals for improvement:
      • A clear procedure of who can invoke the RSB and how. Anonymous requests possible?
      • Proactive action, i.e. intervene and decide on issues without being asked.
      • "Notary" of consensuses, i.e. the RSB observes discussions and records any consensus.
      • Arbitrate in case no consensus is reached.
Ideas for hacking:
  • we need a newer target that has line-in (for recording)
  • create buildservers for rbutil. (win,lin,mac)
  • RaaA?
  • clean up the hotswap code
  • Review #ifdef SIMULATOR (mainly in apps/). A lot of them seem to be easily avoidable with some extra stubs, and several look unnecessary.
  • Work on radio screen skins
  • VMware image - AustinAppel worked on one a while ago - probably better off making a new one and actually finding testers for it


Bring your own laptop and DAP devices of choice. Dekimo has enough power outlets for wall-wart chargers. A USB hub might be helpful. A webcam for friends who can't attend physically would be great (see below).

Feel free to add extra things onto this list if you feel it is necessary (such as unported targets/etc)

  • Decent camera(s) for posterity - PeterDHoye has a DSLR and a FULL HD filmcamera, AustinAppel (DSLR w/ macro lens)

  • WebCam for live feed? - PeterDHoye has a Fujifilm Finepix 602 that can be configured as webcam - should give good quality. Tripod available too.

  • There will be wired and wireless network (internet 15mbit/s down, 1.5mbit/s up), a QNAP NAS will be available for sharing data, use a buildclient, and hacking wink

  • Basic Tools, paperclips, soldering stations,... are available at Dekimo
  • Pettersson D100 bat detector - BertrikSikken
  • Espresso machine? (Dekimo only has a normal coffee maker - still better than a vending machine though) FrankGevaerts could bring a Nespresso machine

How to get there from the airport

  • In the airport, go to the lower level, indicated also with a railway symbol
  • Take the train (online planner), time is 1h to 1h30 depending on the one you catch. Direction is Gent-Sint-Pieters, sometimes called Gand-Saint-Pierre by the French)
  • Get off at Gent-Sint-Pieters (this is indicated in the train by LED panels)
  • Go outside and take bus 9 (Gentbrugge), 27 (Dendermonde), 28 (Dendermonde) or 96 (Aalst). There is also a Tram (21 to Melle Leeuw) that leaves at the front-right of the station (exit the station at the front and go right, the tram stops between the two lanes).
  • Whilst driving on a 2x2 lanes road with tram rails in the middle, get off when you see a building under construction on the right. Or ask the driver. Drive time is about 20 minutes. The name of the stop is 'Pecherstraat'. Kugel: read this line again, next time you can walk the whole way :P
  • Right across the busstop (to the left of the building under construction) you will find DEKIMO at number 708.
  • Best to give me a ring when you get there
  • If several are arriving together at the station in Ghent, I can come and pick you up by car.

Ordering train tickets at home, pay with credit card

NOTE: When coming with the Eurostar, there's a big chance your ticket allows you to travel to any station in Belgium within 24H, so you probably don't need to buy another ticket!

Train schedules on friday

The fastest direct trains are every hour at HH:52, the second option is a train where you have to switch trains in Brussels (train stops in three stations, you can switch in any of the three), these leave at the airport every hour at HH:04 and HH:36. Warning: there's a fast and a slow connection leaving at HH:04, make sure you have the fast one, difference is 30 minutes! FrankGevaerts passes by the airport, talk to him, maybe he can offer a ride.

Bus tickets

  • Buy them at a vending machine
  • Buy them from the driver
  • send an SMS with text DL to number 4884
NOTE: since there will be enough cars, we will not be needing public transport, so no extra cards are needed. If you arrive at the station, I may pick you up there, give me a sign in advance

How to get there by car

  • Drive direction Gent
  • If you approach Gent via the E17 take exit 10 Gentbrugge. Beware of the speed limitation on the bridge, the average speed between the two speedtraps is calculated!
  • If you approach Gent via the E40, change to the E17 in Zwijnaarde (follow direction to Antwerp) and take exit 10 Gentbrugge.
  • You arrive at the 2x2 lanes road. Turn Right
  • Pass a crossing with traffic lights. About one km further you will see a building under construction on the right. Slow down, Dekimo is next to it.
  • Turn up the driveway and drive past the front building, there is plenty of parking space at the back
  • Give me a ring when you get there


Euro. If you need a currency converter, there's one here.


Local language is Dutch (or rather 'Gentsch'). Expect at least some people to speak English or French

Hotels and Room Sharing

Last year we had 2 rooms with 4 single beds each at hotel Lepelbed. I went ahead and booked them already.
The price for the 4-bed rooms is 30 euro/pp/night (does not include breakfast - we do that together at Dekimo), the double room is 40 euro/pp/night and the single is 65 euro/night. For those not in a single room, the price will be the average, being 33 euro/pp/night.

Booked rooms:

2x4 rooms:

double bedrooms:

single bedroom:


There is a big beer shop nearby


Some ideas:

  • bread
  • cote-d'or chocolate & spread, marmelades
  • cheese and some meat
  • ...?
  • BBQ
  • Stoverij
  • Pizza
  • Hamburgers or typical 'frietkot' stuff (fries & meat)
  • ...?

What's happening


Some statistics on food and drinks:
  • We consumed 21,86L of beer
  • Additionally, we had 10.5L of cola, 9L of orange juice, 12L of sparkling water, 2L of milk and used 500gr of coffee (not counting the nespresso of gevaerts and the rhum of Torne)
  • During the BBQ, 7.348kg of meat got eaten, giving an impressive average of about 490gr per person.
  • more statistics follow....


Gent is a nice city to visit....


  • Discuss the really old bugs and patches (i.e anything before 08?) close/accept/reject?
    • AlexP? will look through patches
  • GSoC Status
  • NoDo list:
    • DRM: impossible, NoDo
    • other FS: NoDo, but explain better
    • scandisk: drop the nodo
    • alphabetical list skipping: drop the nodo
    • nonstandard tags: philosophical, drop the nodo, add "no nonstandard tags if the standard tags are there"
    • archos things: -> Archos FAQ
    • configurable menus -> make proposal first, serious discussion (list requirements)
    • configurable keymaps -> make proposal first, serious discussion (list requirements)
    • advanced settings -> stays nodo, might be provided by configurable menus anyway
    • bootloader menu -> drop the nodo, but it has to have no impact for default case (except a few seeks), config file on disk (if not there->current behaviour), no reflashing to reconfigure
  • nay-sayers
    • not much said
  • Use the rockbox fund to sponsor students outside of gsoc
    • paying people: no, because of (a) legal implications of employing people, and (b) limited funds
  • Should people be available on IRC when committing?
    • yes. For various reasons
  • Do we have a community atmosphere problem, and if so, how can we do better?
    • No big problems. If things go wrong (mainly on irc) try to ask people to (a) pause for a bit, (b) move to ML. No fixed rule
  • Work out a transition procedure for the build system for the changeover to gcc 4.4.4 (eabi) for ARM.
    • eabi transition: go ahead, platform names are easy
  • The iriver bootloader situation. Right now we don't have anyone who is active, has the necessary players, and has the tools to unbrick them.
  • Commit message template for FS tasks: do we have an official standard? is everyone aware of it?
    • the format will be: " FS#12387 by "
  • The RockboxSteeringBoard after two years
    • not proactive, last resort
    • mail alias that goes to all RSB members
    • anyone can email, but committers are less likely to be ignored
    • invoking is confidential
    • RSB decides which information to publish and who to inform
  • AOB
    • discussions and consensuses should be documented on the wiki
    • information should be on the wiki, not in the forums or ML. Pay attention to New Ports threads
    • lock AMS thread. Most of the targets are good enough for standard support
    • unsuppported builds: Torne will warn/close some ipod threads. Standard inactivity timeout 4 months, one release cycle
    • tracker cleanup weekends. Announce to users, so they can come to IRC and we look immediately.
    • Try to involve users in wiki and tracker maintenance

Meeting recordings: part 1, part 2
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