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iPod classic (aka iPod 6G) port

NOTE Some sources (e.g. Wikipedia) incorrectly refer to all full-size iPods released since 2001 as part of the "classic" product line. Please refer to the Identifying iPod models page on Apple's website for the correct definition - the first generation iPod Classic was released in September 2007.


Rockbox generally works but we do not have dual boot support, recording, or support for apple accessories. The port is classified as "unusable" due to its complex install process and lack of a proper bootloader (we use the third-party Emcore instead). Aside from these limitations, the port is in an advanced state and has excellent battery life.

Port Status

Most of Rockbox's features work. (Mainly accessory support is limited).

There is no Rockbox bootloader available yet, you need to use emCORE from instead. This install method will completely replace the iPod Classic firmware. The versions since r836 won't erase anything that's on the filesystem on the iPod. The media that's already on the iPod will work after it is copied with a program that copies media then it can be put back on the iPod.

Development builds are currently provided by the rockbox build system:

There are some issue detecting USB chargers as compared to USB hosts. See:


The hardware is very similar to the Nano 2G?.
r18 - 10 Jul 2016 - 20:46:41 - MichaelGiacomelli

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