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Samsung YH-920, 925 and 820 port page

Player info

For information about the player itself see SamsungYH920

Port Status

The port is functional (see below).


Dual boot is supported by booting either /.rockbox/rockbox.mi4 or /SYSTEM/OF.[mi4|bin].In order to boot the OF, press the left button immediately after the Rockbox bootloader pops up (a half second before may work also, it needs some timing).


  • Connect the Samsung to your computer.
  • Get the bootloader from or compile it yourself from Git. See HowToCompile
  • Rename the OF (original firmware) file in the SYSTEM folder to "OF.mi4" if you want to preserve dual boot. Note: The system folder is hidden by default. You may need to activate "Show hidden files and folders" if you're on Windows.
  • Overwrite the OF file in the SYSTEM directory on your player.
  • Get the Rockbox build from here: or compile Rockbox from Git on your own. Then extract on the Samsung.
  • Safely remove the device, unplug and let it boot into Rockbox.

Current Status

Target USB Battery Charging/Monitoring Dual Boot OF Playback FM-Radio Recording Display Storage Buttons Plugins Simulator Remote
YH820 Yes Yes/Yes Yes Yes None Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes None
YH920 Yes Yes/Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
YH925 Yes Yes/Yes Yes Yes None Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Battery Runtime

See SamsungRuntime for a collection of battery benches and charging curves.
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