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Sony NW/NWZ series


This is the page for the Sony NW and NWZ mp3 player series. It is also known as the Walkman series. A number of these players run a modified version of linux and as a consequence, the code source is available on sony's website. It appears that a number of them use the NEC MP201 and some us the STMP3780/iMX233. This page gives an overview of what is known about them.

The NW and NWZ series are split into several subcategories: the X/E/A/S/Z series. Sony usually releases three or more players at one based on the same hardware but without little differences like the bluetooth or the amount of flash. As a consequence, there a families of players based on the same hardware within each A/E/S/Z series and sometimes even accros series. For exemple the NW-E060/NW-S760/NW-A860/NWZ-S760/NWZ-A860 series all share the same hardware and the NWZ-A864/5/7 are in the NWZ-A860 family.


The codename is a rockbox designation only. The following table summarizes the SoC used. All entries in red are unsure. All USB PIDs are 0x54c (Sony Corporation).

Codename Manufacturer Product Comment
mp200 NEC MP200/201 Partial leaked doc available and linux source code
imx233 Freescale i.MX233 rockbox port available

Codename NW-Series NWZ-Series SoC USB PID Comment
sony_xx60 E060 S760 A860 S760 A860 mp200 02ed  
sony_xx40 S744 S745 S746 S644 S645 A845 A846 847 S744 S745 A845 A846 mp200 02ed  
sony_e36x   E363 E364 imx233    
sony_e37x   E373 E384 imx233    
sony_e38x   E383 E384 imx233   Same firmware as sony_e37x
sony_e44x   E443 E443K? E444 E444K? E445 imx233    

Player list

This list gives the codename for each device.

NW-A Series

Player NW-A805 NW-A806 NW-A808

NWZ-A Series

Player NWZ-A726 NWZ-A728 NWZ-A729 NWZ-A815 NWZ-A816 NWZ-A818 NWZ-A826

Player NWZ-A828 NWZ-A829 NWZ-A844 NWZ-A845 NWZ-A846 NWZ-A847 NWZ-A864
Codename     sony_xx40 sony_xx40 sony_xx40 sony_xx40 sony_xx60

Player NWZ-A865 NWZ-A866 NWZ-A867
Codename sony_xx60 sony_xx60 sony_xx60

NWZ-E Series

Player NWZ-E343 NWZ-E353 NWZ-E354 NWZ-E363 NWZ-E364 NWZ-E435F NWZ-E436F
Codename       sony_e36x sony_e36x    

Player NWZ-E438F NWZ-E443 NWZ-E443K NWZ-E444 NWZ-E444K NWZ-E445 NWZ-E453
Codename   sony_e44x sony_e44x sony_e44x sony_e44x sony_e44x  

Player NWZ-E453K NWZ-E454 NWZ-E454K NWZ-E455 NWZ-E463 NWZ-E463HK NWZ-E464

Player NWZ-E544 NWZ-E545

NWZ-S Series

Player NWZ-S515 NWZ-S516 NWZ-S518F NWZ-S544 NWZ-S545 NWZ-S615F NWZ-S616F

Player NWZ-S618F NWZ-S636F NWZ-S638F NWZ-S639F NWZ-S736F NWZ-S738F NWZ-S739F

Player NWZ-S754 NWZ-S755 NWZ-S756 NWZ-S764 NWZ-S765 NWZ-S764BT
Codename       sony_xx60 sony_xx60 sony_xx60

NWZ-X Series

Player NWZ-X1050 NWZ-X1060

NWZ-Z Series

Player NWZ-Z1040 NWZ-Z1050 NWZ-Z1060

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