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Author(s): Joern Zaefferer
Version: 1.3

Display a customized tooltip instead of the default one for every selected element. Tooltips can be added automatically to any element that has got at title attribute thus replacing the standard tooltip as displayed by the browsers with a customizable one.

Content can be reloaded using AJAX. For example, this can be used to display an image preview in a tooltip. Have a look at the thumbnail REST service of Foswiki:Extensions/ImagePlugin how to load the thumnail from the backend dynamically.


All elements with a title attribute in here get a tooltip. Options can be given using metadata inside the class attribute like this:

<div class="{extraClass:'bubble'}" title="Help: How to pass arguments to the jquery.tooltip plugin">
  Hover me.

r1 - 12 Feb 2010 - 15:11:05 - ProjectContributor

Parents: JQueryPlugin
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