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Wiki > System > JQueryPlugin > VarJQICON

JQICON{"name" ...} -- render an image

  • This renders an icon image as found on an icon search path. The icon search path is configured in {JQueryPlugin}{IconSearchPath} and defaults to FamFamFamSilkIcons, FamFamFamSilkCompanion1Icons, FamFamFamFlagIcons, FamFamFamMiniIcons, FamFamFamMintIcons'. The named icon will be picked found first on this path of topics where icons are attached to. The JQICON leverages the general icon loading mechanism as implemented by the JQueryPlugin and used by BUTTON as well.
  • Parameters:
    Parameter: Description: Default:
    "name" name of the icon to display  
    class additional css class for the img tag  
    alt   alt attribute
    title title attribute  
    format format string used to render the icon; known variables to be used in the format string are:
    • $iconPath: url path
    • $iconClass: css class as specified by the class parameter
    • $iconAlt: alt attribute-value; if the alt parameter to JQICON is set, this expands to alt='...'
    • $iconTitle: title attribute-value; if the title parameter to JQICON is set, this expands to title='...'
    <img src='$iconPath' class='$iconClass' $iconAlt$iconTitle/>
  • Example:
         %JQICON{"tick" alt="alternative content" title="this is a tick icon"}%
    Produces: alternative content cross disk star lightbulb camera date
  • Related: VarJQICONPATH, VarICON, JQueryPlugin, FamFamFamSilkIcons
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Parents: JQueryPlugin
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