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Wiki > System > JQueryPlugin > VarJQTHEME

JQTHEME{"name" ...} -- switch jQuery UI theme

  • Foswiki's default UI theme is configured in $Foswiki::cfg{JQueryPlugin}{JQueryTheme} and defaults to base. Use configure to change this site wide. Use JQTHEME if you decide to use a different theme on the current page.
  • Note: some Foswiki skins may come with their own jQuery UI matching the overall user experience of the web design.
  • Parameters:
    Parameter: Description: Default:Sorted ascending
    "name" name of theme: JQueryPlugin knows the following themes base, lightness, redmod, smoothness; additional themes maybe created using the themeroller and installed to /wiki/pub/System/JQueryPlugin/$name base
  • Related: JQueryUI
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