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Wiki > Main > ArchosVision28 (compare)

Difference: ArchosVision28 (r4 vs. r3)

Archos Vision 28


This is the page for the Archos Vision 28

Port Status

Main Features

Firmware & Upgrade

Recovery mode

PCB Scans

SSL24568.JPG SSL24572.JPG SSL24577.JPG SSL24578.JPG


  • RockChip RK2705: SoC from Rockhip, we already have a port for it
  • Hinix H27UBG8T2ATR?: flash memory
  • EM639165: 16MB SDRAM
  • RDA 5807: FM tuner chip, we already have a driver for it
  • XPT2046: 4-wire resistive touch controller

OF firmware disassembly

  • lcd panel driver seems to be ili9340 or very similar. It is connected in 16bit parallel mode. The screen resolution is 240x320.
  • DAP utilizes internal dac (no surprise as there is no external codec chip visible on PCB scans)
  • PC0 high keeps power supply (as in other rk27xx devices so far)
  • There seems to be software SPI implementation where PC5 = clk, PC4 = mosi, PC3 = miso. PC2 and PC6 are also referenced but I don't see what they do actually. It looks like interface to XPT2046 configured in single ended mode 8bit resolution.
  • PC7 is set low at the very beginning
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SSL24572.JPGJPGSSL24572.JPGmanage 3018.1 K 20 Mar 2013 - 15:32AmauryPouly  
SSL24577.JPGJPGSSL24577.JPGmanage 2877.4 K 20 Mar 2013 - 15:35AmauryPouly  
SSL24578.JPGJPGSSL24578.JPGmanage 2926.9 K 20 Mar 2013 - 15:34AmauryPouly  

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