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Difference: BuyersGuide (r86 vs. r85)

Rockbox Digital Audio Player Buyer's Guide

Quick Feature Table

For Rockbox supported players that are currently available for purchase.

MakeModelTypeIn ProductionRecordingFM RadioRockbox
Dual BootScreen SizeColoursStorage (1)~Price (in USD)
ArchosStudioHDDchoice-noNOchoice-noNOchoice-noNO- 9-11h
(Stock batteries)
(can RoLo OF)
Character 11x2B&W6/10/20 GB20GB - $50
Recorder v1HDDchoice-noNODONEYESchoice-noNO- 9-11h
(Stock batteries)
(can RoLo OF)
112x64, 30x24mmB&W6/10/15/20 GB15GB - $70
20GB - $100-125
FM RecorderHDDchoice-noNODONEYESDONEYES?choice-noNO
(can RoLo OF)
112x64, 30x24mmB&W20GB?
Recorder v2HDDchoice-noNODONEYESchoice-noNO?choice-noNO
(can RoLo OF)
112x64, 30x24mmB&W20GB?
Ondio 128 FMFlashchoice-noNODONEYESDONEYES- 8-10h
(can RoLo OF)
112x64, 30x24mmB&W128MB + MMC slot?
Ondio 128 SPFlashchoice-noNOchoice-noNOchoice-noNO- 8-10h
(can RoLo OF)
112x64, 30x24mmB&W128MB + MMC slot?
AppleiPod 1st/2nd Gen.HDDchoice-noNOchoice-noNOchoice-noNO- 10-12hDONEYES160x1282-bit greyscale5/10/20GB$45-$200
iPod 3rd Gen.HDDchoice-noNODONEYESchoice-noNO?DONEYES160x1282-bit greyscale10/15/20/30/40GB$65-$85
iPod 4th Gen.HDDchoice-noNODONEYESchoice-noNO- 6-7hDONEYES160x1282-bit greyscale30/40GB$30-$100
iPod Color/PhotoHDDchoice-noNODONEYESchoice-noNO- 6-7hDONEYES220x17616-bit colour20/30/40/60GB$55-$150
iPod Video 5/5.5 Gen.HDDchoice-noNODONEYES (via dock connector)choice-noNO- 14-19h (30GB)
- 16-24h (60GB/80GB)
DONEYES320x240, 2.5in16-bit colour30/60/80GB30GB - $200
60GB - $100-$190
80GB - $240
iPod Nano 1st Gen.Flashchoice-noNODONEYES (via dock connector)choice-noNO- 9-11hDONEYES176x132, 1.5in
16-bit colour1/2/4GB$40-$95
iPod Nano 2nd Gen.Flashchoice-noNOchoice-noNOchoice-noNO- 22-24hDONEYES176x132, 1.5in
16-bit colour2/4/8GB$40-$95
iPod Mini 1st Gen.HDDchoice-noNOchoice-noNOchoice-noNO?DONEYES138x1102-bit greyscale4GB$25-$70
iPod Mini 2nd Gen.HDDchoice-noNOchoice-noNOchoice-noNO- 7.5h-8.5hDONEYES138x1102-bit greyscale4/6GB$50-$240
CowoniAudio X5
iAudio X5L?
HDDchoice-noNODONEYES (line-in requires subpack)DONEYES- 8-12h
- 20-28h
160x128, 1.8in18-bit colour dithered20/30/60GB20GB X5 - $80
30GB X5 - $175
60GB X5 $200-350
20GB X5L? - $85-160
30GB X5L? $250
iAudio M5
iAudio M5L?
HDDchoice-noNODONEYES (line-in requires subpack)choice-noNO- 15-20h
- 40-50h
160x128, 1.6in2-bit grayscale20/40GB?
iAudio M3
iAudio M3L?
HDDchoice-noNODONEYES (line-in requires subpack)DONEYES- 15-20h
- 40-50h
Remote LCD only2-bit grayscale20/40GB?
Olympusm:robe 100HDDchoice-noNOchoice-noNOchoice-noNO?DONEYES160x1281-bit monochrome5GB$50-$100
SanDiskSansa c200 v1 seriesFlashchoice-noNODONEYES (internal mic only)DONEYES- 11-16hDONEYES132x8016-bit colour1/2GB + microSD slotc240 (1GB) - $25
c250 (2GB) - $30
Sansa e200 v1 seriesFlashchoice-noNODONEYES (only mic for now)ALERT!SOME- 17-21hDONEYES176x220, 1.8in16-bit colour1/2/4/6/8GB + microSD slot e230 (1GB) - $?
e240 (2GB) - $40
e250 (4GB) - $45
e260 (6GB) - $60
e270 (8GB) - $70
Sansa e200 v2 seriesFlashchoice-noNODONEYESDONEYES?DONEYES176x220, 1.8in16-bit colour??
Sansa Fuze v1Flashchoice-noNODONEYESDONEYES14hDONEYES224x176, 1.9in16-bit colour2/4/8GB + microSD slot?
Sansa Fuze v2FlashDONEYESDONEYESDONEYES20hDONEYES224x176, 1.9in16-bit colour2/4/8GB + microSD slot$30-100 depending on model
ToshibaGigabeat F
Gigabeat X (2)
HDDchoice-noNOchoice-noNOchoice-noNO- 16-20h
- 12-16h
choice-noNO240x320, 2.2in
240x320, 2.4in
16-bit colour10/20/40/60GB
F10 - $40
F20 - $50
F40 - $90
F60 - $115
iriverh100 seriesHDDchoice-noNODONEYESDONEYES- 16-18hDONEYES160x1282-bit grayscale10/20/40GB$100-200
h300 seriesHDDchoice-noNODONEYESDONEYES- 16hDONEYES220x17616-bit colour20/40GB$100-150
h10 seriesHDDchoice-noNODONEYESDONEYES- 7-10hDONEYES128x128
16-bit colour5/6/20GB5GB - $35-50
6GB - $45
20GB - $55-75
Packard BellVibe 500HDDchoice-noNODONEYESchoice-noNO- 7-10hDONEYES160x12816-bit colour20/30GB$50-100

Prices last updated on February 6th, 2008 using eBay as a reference. See also the DeviceChart page for more detailed information on the players' hardware.

  1. See also players' HardDriveReplacement prospects.
  2. The Gigabeat X was released in limited markets and may be difficult to find.

Subjective Discussion

  • Of the currently available targets where recording is working, only the iriver h10, h100 and h300 series and the Sansa e200 and c200 series support recording without additional hardware. The iAudio X5 and M3 can record from radio/internal microphone out of the box, but line-in can only be connected through the subpack which is included. The iAudio M5 also needs the subpack for a line-in connection but here the subpack is not included, other than that one can record from the built-in microphone. The iPods have line-in via the dock connector and a custom cable is required to access it. In addition, the iPod recording code is still in an early stage in Rockbox and is not suitable for serious use.
  • The best screen available is probably that on the iPod 5.5 generation. The ones on the Gigabeats look good too, but are completely black with the backlight off.
  • The Gigabeat X was sold primarily in Asia and Australia, and is rather difficult to find in the United States and Europe. However, it is (hardware-wise) similar the easier-to-find Gigabeat F. The only differences are a slightly larger LCD, ZIF connector for the hard drive, and smaller body style.
  • The iPod Video 80GB is going to get you the most bang for your buck in terms of storage size.
  • The listed storage sizes for the Sansa e200 and c200 series is for the internal flash; the storage on these players can be expanded with a MicroSD card. Both players support MicroSD and MicroSDHC cards up to 32GB in size.
  • The M5 L gives you the best runtime and contrary to the X5, the iAudio M5s do not depend on the subpack for copying data or charging. It has a standard USB port there where the USB host port on an iAudio X5 would be (hence no USB host function).
  • Of all the models, the iriver h100 series has the most (standard) audio connections.
  • The iriver h100 series is also the only player with optical connections, having both input and output.
  • Sansa e200/c200 v1 and v2 models are distinguished by the System > Info, Version number: v1 version 1.x.x, v2 version 3.x.x.
  • Some of the iPod runtime statistics come from this page:, which hasn't been updated regularly since the improvements to power management were implemented on 2008-02-10.
  • The HDD based Archos models use 2.5" HDDs, so disk capacity can be upgraded quite easily, up to 160GB as of today.
  • The HDD based Archos models use standard AA NiMH batteries. Stock batteries are 1500mAh, can be changed for higher capacity. The new NiMH generation with very low self-discharge can be recommended.
  • The Ondios run from standard AAA batteries. They're designed for alkalines (no charging circuit), but NiMH cells can also be used (external charger is required).
  • Archos recorder v1 has coaxial S/PDIF input and output.
  • The Archos FM recorder's FM tuner is quite poor. The Ondio FM exists in versions with the old (poor) Samsung tuner and the new (good) Philips tuner.

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