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Difference: CreativeZENStyleM300 (r2 vs. r1)

Creative Zen Style M100/M300


This is the page for the Creative Zen Style M100/300 devices.


The Creative Zen Style M100/M300 features 5 capacitive buttons and 5 hardware buttons: power/hold slider, volume up/down and reset. The following chips can be found on the PCB:

  • STMP3770 (see SigmaTelSTMP3xxx), see the SansaFuzePlus page for more information (it's not exactlythe same SoC though); there is no datasheet for this one but it's close to the STMP3780/i.MX233 and the STMP37xx patches for linux handle both targets. Furthermore, at least one player released by Samsung (Samsung YP-Q3 ?) uses a STMP3770 and provides the Linux code for it on demand.
  • one Samsung K9GBG08U0A? Nand Flash (see Samsung part decoder)
  • one Phison PS8007-A SD-to-Flash bridge (search for phison PS8007 on google for the datasheet)
  • one STFM1000 fm tuner chip, there is no available datasheet due to a patent but the freescale i.MX linux source code has a driver for it (search for stfm1000 linux on google). The product brief can be found on Freescale website
  • One A unknown chip (marking marked is 263 M121 M121, 3FTF), which might be is probably a Freescale MPR121 Proximity Capacitive Touch Sensor Controller, the capacitive button controller datasheet can be found here
  • One bluetooth chip (marking is extremely hard to read, might be BC6888)

Recovery mode

The Creative Zen Style M100/M300 has two recovery modes:

  • One software recovery mode which can be entered by holding volume down on boot, but which is of little interest
  • One hardware recovery mode (the STMP3770 one) which can be entered by plugging usb while holding power (ie holding the power slider) on (at the same time). Alternatively, it can be entered by plugging usb, holding power and pressing reset (while holding power). The screen will stay black and the device will enumerat has 066f:3770 from Sigmatel. Inc

PCB Scans

chips.jpeg SSL23009.JPG SSL23014.JPG SSL23019.JPG

-- AmauryPouly - 09 Dec 2011

SSL23009.JPGJPGSSL23009.JPGmanage 2974.2 K 09 Dec 2011 - 14:01AmauryPouly  
SSL23014.JPGJPGSSL23014.JPGmanage 2924.5 K 09 Dec 2011 - 14:07AmauryPouly  
SSL23019.JPGJPGSSL23019.JPGmanage 3004.2 K 09 Dec 2011 - 14:08AmauryPouly  
chips.jpegjpegchips.jpegmanage 1372.0 K 09 Dec 2011 - 14:04AmauryPouly  
chips.pngpngchips.pngmanage 9578.4 K 09 Dec 2011 - 13:59AmauryPouly  

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