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Difference: CreativeZENXFi2 (r11 vs. r10)

Creative Zen X-Fi2


This is the page for the Creative Zen X-Fi2 device.


The Creative Zen X-Fi2 features a resistive touch screen with 3 hardware buttons: power, select and reset. The following chips can be found on the PCB:

  • STMP3780 (see SigmaTelSTMP3xxx), see the SansaFuzePlus page for more information (it's the same SoC, also called i.MX 233)
  • one or more Hynix
 H27UCG8UDMYR? flash chips (see Hynix part decoder)
  • one STFM1000 fm tuner chip, there is no available datasheet due to a patent but the freescale i.MX linux source code has a driver for it (search for stfm1000 linux on google). The product brief can be found on Freescale website
  • one Hynix
 H5M851620FA? 64Mb Mobile DDR (see Hynix part decoder)
  • the LCD controller seems to be (or be compatible with) the Renesas R61509 for which the datasheet is available here
  • a very hard to read chip marked 263 7x60, which is probably a Freescale MMA7660FC? 3-Axis Accelerometer, the datasheet can be found here


It seems from the OF analysis that there are two variants of the hardware. One would use raw NAND as internal storage and the other would use SD/eMMC. This is still to be confirmed.

PCB Scans

SSL22785.JPG SSL22790.JPG SSL22788.JPG SSL22793.JPG


Here is a list of all the pins used by the OF. Pins are of form BxPyy where x is the bank and yy the number within the bank. Direction only applies to GPIO.

B0P10 IN Acceleretor INT line
B0P11 IN Power button (active low)
B0P12 OUT Unknown use
B0P14 IN Select button (active low)
B1P26 IN Unknown use, seems to be related to USB charging
B1P29 OUT SD Power / Chip enable
B1P30 OUT Unknown use (seems to only be set to 0 on boot)
B2P01   SD detect
B2P07 IN Jack detection

-- AmauryPouly - 08 Dec 2011

MMA7660FC.pdfpdfMMA7660FC.pdfmanage 797.5 K 09 Apr 2012 - 22:54AmauryPouly  
Renesas_R61509_Ver_1.03_20071126.pdfpdfRenesas_R61509_Ver_1.03_20071126.pdfmanage 2700.6 K 09 Apr 2012 - 22:55AmauryPouly  
SSL22785.JPGJPGSSL22785.JPGmanage 2671.5 K 08 Dec 2011 - 18:32AmauryPouly  
SSL22788.JPGJPGSSL22788.JPGmanage 2895.2 K 08 Dec 2011 - 18:38AmauryPouly  
SSL22790.JPGJPGSSL22790.JPGmanage 2883.7 K 08 Dec 2011 - 18:36AmauryPouly  
SSL22793.JPGJPGSSL22793.JPGmanage 2715.4 K 08 Dec 2011 - 18:39AmauryPouly  

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Revision r10 - 31 Mar 2012 - 23:24 - AmauryPouly
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