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Difference: DeanMurray (r11 vs. r10)

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"How To" document about managing your music using Media Monkey.

Attached is a tutorial I wrote about how to attach your player and sync music using Media Monkey. It was written using the Gigabeat F series as an example, but it can apply to other players as well.

I wrote it to try answer questions that were appearing on a Gigabeat forum about if any tools were available to write music to Gigabeat with Rockbox instead of just dragging/dropping. (Some sentences in the document are outdated, like a statement that the Gigabeat cradel does not work. The cradel does now work, the rest of the document is still accurate.)

Hope you find the doc is useful.

Some Rockbox Themes / WPS I've contributed

These are themes I liked from the WPS gallery that I've modified to fit on a 240x320 screen.

These are themes I've created for the Gigabeat.

*All of these themes have been updated as of May 19, 2007 or later*

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UserForm edit
Name Dean Murray
Country USA
Comment Became interested in Rockbox when the port to Toshiba's Gigabeat started.
How_to_sync_GB_Rock_MM.pdfpdfHow_to_sync_GB_Rock_MM.pdfmanage 1384.4 K 15 Jan 2007 - 22:13DeanMurray Tutorial about using MediaMonkey? with Gigabeat F series player.

r12 - 12 Aug 2007 - 05:59:27 - DeanMurray

Revision r11 - 27 May 2007 - 15:21 - DeanMurray
Revision r10 - 27 May 2007 - 14:43 - DeanMurray
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