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Difference: IaudioM3Info (r7 vs. r6)

iAudio M3 Information


Cowon makes three different models of the M3:

The M3 20GB, a slim, featureful hard disk drive player with no LCD on the main unit and a remote.

The M3L? 20GB is the same as the M3 20GB, except with a 35-hour lithium-ion battery.

The M3 40GB is the same as the M3 20GB, except with a 40GB hard drive.

See also IaudioM3HardwareComponents.

Board scans

Note: The unit in these scans is the M3L?.

Main Unit:

Big (650x1081, 690 KB)Big (650x1053, 599 KB)
Bigger (1200x1996, 1.7 MB)Bigger (1200x1944, 1.4 MB)
Huge (2872x4776, 4.9 MB)Huge (2926x4741, 5.8 MB)


Identical to the X5 except the FM chip is a 201 model.

Big (650x207, 196 KB)Big (650x212, 164 KB)
Bigger (1200x382, 480 KB)Bigger (1200x391, 399 KB)
Huge (2792x888, 1.5 MB)Huge (2796x912, 1.3 MB)

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