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Difference: IrcNicks (r224 vs. r223)

IRC Nicks

To know who to contact about certain parts of the Rockbox code, see the KnowledgeMap.

Commonly used nick names on IRC (#rockbox on are used by these persons:

IRC NickReal nameTime zone*
advcomp2019 James Davis  
AlexP Alex ParkerGMT+1
aliask Will Robertson GMT+10
amiconn amayer Jens Arnold Alex Mayer GMT+1 GMT-5
Andrew179 amiconn Andrew Hutchings Jens Arnold GMT+1
andrewg867 Andrew179 Andrew Green Hutchings GMT -3:30
animatorgeek andrewg867 David Johnston Andrew Green GMT-8 GMT -3:30
ashridah animatorgeek Andrew Pilley David Johnston GMT+10 GMT-8
austriancoder ashridah Christian Gmeiner Andrew Pilley GMT+10
bagawk austriancoder Lee Pilgrim Christian Gmeiner GMT -8
Bagder bagawk Daniel Stenberg Lee Pilgrim GMT+1 GMT -8
barrywardell Bagder Barry Wardell Daniel Stenberg GMT+1
bertrik barrywardell Bertrik Sikken Barry Wardell GMT+1
Bger bertrik / Bg3r / Bgr Hristo Kovachev Bertrik Sikken GMT+2 GMT+1
BigBambi Bger / Bg3r / Bgr Alex Parker Hristo Kovachev GMT+1 GMT+2
bluebrother BigBambi Dominik Riebeling Alex Parker GMT+1
bonbonthejon bluebrother Jonathan Mueller Dominik Riebeling GMT+1
Buschel bonbonthejon Andree Buschmann Jonathan Mueller GMT +1
carini Buschel David Rothenberger Andree Buschmann GMT-8 GMT +1
Casainho carini Jorge Pinto David Rothenberger GMT-8
Cassandra Casainho Christi Alice Jorge Pinto Scarborough GMT
Chamois Cassandra Florian Langlois Christi Alice Scarborough GMT
chrisjs169 Chamois Jack Suter Florian Langlois GMT-5
ChristopherW chrisjs169 Christopher Williams Jack Suter GMT-7 GMT-5
Chronon ChristopherW Justin Hannigan Christopher Williams GMT-8 GMT-7
cool_walking_ Chronon Anthony Mercuri Justin Hannigan GMT+8 GMT-8
Crash91 cool_walking_ Archit Tamarapu Anthony Mercuri GMT +2 GMT+8
dan_a Crash91 Daniel Ankers Archit Tamarapu GMT +2
Darkknight512 dan_a AlexLao Daniel Ankers GMT-5 GMT
Davide-NYC Darkknight512 Davide AlexLao Gentile GMT-5
debauched_sloth Davide-NYC Greg White Davide Gentile GMT-5
desowin debauched_sloth Tomasz Mon Greg White GMT+1
dionoea desowin Antoine Cellerier Tomasz Mon GMT+1
dlenski dionoea Dan Lenski Antoine Cellerier GMT-5
domonoky dlenski Dominik Wenger Dan Lenski GMT+1 GMT-5
Dwyloc domonoky Douglas Valentine Dominik Wenger GMT GMT+1
earHertz Dwyloc Thomas Diffenbach Douglas Valentine GMT
eigma earHertz Catalin Patulea Thomas Diffenbach GMT-5
ej0rge eigma Eric Jorgensen Catalin Patulea GMT-7 GMT-5
elborak ej0rge David Gentzel Eric Jorgensen GMT-7
elinenbe elborak Eric Linenberg David Gentzel  
eli_sherer elinenbe Eli Sherer Eric Linenberg GMT+3
ender eli_sherer Jernej Simončič Eli Sherer GMT+1 GMT+3
ep0ch ender David James Jernej Simončič Brown GMT+1
fatherfork ep0ch StevenDean David James Brown GMT-5
Febs fatherfork Michael StevenDean DiFebbo GMT-5
_FireFly_ Febs Stephan Wezel Michael DiFebbo  
funman _FireFly_ Rafal Carr Stephan Wezel GMT+1
gabe565 funman Gabe Cook Rafal Carr GMT-6 GMT+1
Gartral gabe565 Gareth Schakel Gabe Cook GMT-5 GMT-6
Genre9mp3 Gartral Ioannis Koutoulakis Gareth Schakel GMT+2 GMT-5
geoff_o Genre9mp3 Geoff Oakham Ioannis Koutoulakis GMT+2
gevaerts geoff_o Frank Gevaerts Geoff Oakham GMT+1
gibbon_ gevaerts Joel Garske Frank Gevaerts GMT+1
Godeater gibbon_ Bryan Childs Joel Garske GMT GMT+1
gotthardt Godeater SteveGotthardt Bryan Childs GMT-8 GMT
hardeep gotthardt Hardeep SteveGotthardt Sidhu GMT-8
HCl hardeep Michiel Van Hardeep Sidhu Der Kolk  
hcs HCl Adam Gashlin Michiel Van Der Kolk  
Hillshum hcs Hilton Shumway Adam Gashlin GMT -7
homielowe Hillshum Eric Lowe Hilton Shumway GMT -7
hshah homielowe Hiren Shah Eric Lowe  
[IDC]Dragon hshah Jrg Hohensohn Hiren Shah GMT+1
iPodPhoto [IDC]Dragon Mark Sikora Jrg Hohensohn GMT+2 GMT+1
JdGordon iPodPhoto Jonathan Gordon Mark Sikora GMT+10 GMT+2
jhMikeS JdGordon Michael Sevakis Jonathan Gordon GMT-5 GMT+10
jhulst jhMikeS Josh Hulst Michael Sevakis GMT-5
Jungti1234 jhulst Jeong Taek Josh Hulst In GMT+9 GMT-5
jyp Jungti1234 Jean-Philippe Bernardy Jeong Taek In GMT+9
kadoban jyp Joshua Simmons Jean-Philippe Bernardy GMT-5
Kizle kadoban Kyle Gabriel Joshua Simmons GMT-5
kkurbjun Kizle Karl Kurbjun Kyle Gabriel GMT-7/-6 GMT-5
krazykit kkurbjun Josh Drizin Karl Kurbjun GMT-5 GMT-7/-6
kugel krazykit Thomas Martitz Josh Drizin GMT+1 GMT-5
LambdaCalculus37 kugel Robert Menes Thomas Martitz GMT-5 GMT+1
Lamed LambdaCalculus37 Shachar Liberman Robert Menes GMT+2 GMT-5
Landus Lamed ChrisOlin Shachar Liberman GMT-5 GMT+2
Lear Landus Magnus ChrisOlin Holmgren GMT-5
lImbus Lear Manuel Dejonghe Magnus Holmgren GMT+1
LinusN lImbus Linus Nielsen Manuel Dejonghe Feltzing GMT+1
linuxstb LinusN Dave Chapman Linus Nielsen Feltzing GMT GMT+1
Llorean linuxstb Paul Louden Dave Chapman GMT
lostlogic Llorean Brandon Low Paul Louden GMT-8
lowlight lostlogic Mark Arigo Brandon Low GMT-8
MarcGuay lowlight Marc Guay Mark Arigo  
markun MarcGuay Marcoen Hirschberg Marc Guay  
Massa markun MatthiasM Marcoen Hirschberg  
MasteR` Massa JonathanHull MatthiasM  
matsl MasteR` Mats Lidell JonathanHull  
mattzz matsl Matthias Wientapper Mats Lidell  
mc2739 mattzz Michael Chicoine Matthias Wientapper GMT-6
mcuelenaere mc2739 Maurus Cuelenaere Michael Chicoine GMT+1 GMT-6
mecraw mcuelenaere Lee Marlow Maurus Cuelenaere GMT+1
midgey mecraw Tom Ross Lee Marlow GMT-5
midkay midgey Zakk Roberts Tom Ross GMT-8 GMT-5
Mikachu midkay Mikael Magnusson Zakk Roberts GMT+1 GMT-8
mirfle Mikachu Naftali Goldstein Mikael Magnusson GMT+1
Mmmm mirfle Martin Scarratt Naftali Goldstein  
Moos Mmmm Mustapha Senhaji Martin Scarratt GMT+1
mrmags Moos Dorian Gray Mustapha Senhaji GMT+1
mt mrmags Mohamed Tarek Dorian Gray GMT+2
nicktastic mt Nick Zigarovich Mohamed Tarek GMT+2
Nico_P nicktastic Nicolas Pennequin Nick Zigarovich GMT+1
niobos Nico_P Niels Laukens Nicolas Pennequin GMT+1
nls niobos Nils Wallmnius Niels Laukens  
NPswimdude500 nls Chris Berkley Nils Wallmnius  
obo NPswimdude500 Robert Keevil Chris Berkley GMT-6
olle obo Olle Bergkvist Robert Keevil GMT+1 GMT-6
pamaury olle Amaury Pouly Olle Bergkvist GMT+1
Paprica pamaury Ben Basha Amaury Pouly GMT+1
peachtoast Paprica Melba Sitjar Ben Basha GMT-5
petur peachtoast Peter D'Hoye Melba Sitjar GMT+1 GMT-5
pfavr petur Peter Favrholdt D'Hoye GMT+1
phaedrus961 pfavr Frank Dischner Peter Favrholdt  
pillo phaedrus961 Luca Burelli Frank Dischner  
pixelma pillo Marianne Arnold Luca Burelli GMT+1
pondlife pixelma Steve Bavin Marianne Arnold GMT GMT+1
preglow pondlife Thom Johansen Steve Bavin GMT+1 GMT
psycho_maniac preglow Jerry Lange Thom Johansen GMT-6 GMT+1
ptw419 psycho_maniac James Espinoza Jerry Lange GMT-6
pyro_maniac ptw419 Jens Erdmann James Espinoza GMT+1
Quelsaruk pyro_maniac Jose Maria Garcia-Valdecasas Bernal Jens Erdmann GMT+1
rasher Quelsaruk Jonas Häggqvist Jose Maria Garcia-Valdecasas Bernal GMT+1
reacocard rasher Aren Olson Jonas Hggqvist GMT+1
Redbreva reacocard Mark Bright Aren Olson GMT
Rick Redbreva Rick La Mark Bright Charit GMT
Rincewind Rick Simon Menzel Rick La Charit GMT+1
roolku Rincewind Robert Kukla Simon Menzel GMT GMT+1
RotAtoR roolku Adam Boot Robert Kukla GMT-6 GMT
rjamorim RotAtoR Roberto Jos Adam Boot de Amorim GMT-6
rp- rjamorim Rene Peinthor Roberto Jos de Amorim GMT+1
safetydan rp- Dan Everton Rene Peinthor GMT+10 GMT+1
[Saint] safetydan Hayden Pearce Dan Everton GMT+12 GMT+10
S_a_i_n_t [Saint] Hayden Pearce GMT+12
San S_a_i_n_t Colm Moore Hayden Pearce GMT+12
saratoga San Michael Giacomelli Colm Moore GMT-5
scorche saratoga Austin Appel Michael Giacomelli GMT-8/GMT-7 GMT-5
scott666 scorche Scott Myran Austin Appel GMT-8/GMT-7
sdoyon scott666 Stphane Doyon Scott Myran  
sharpe sdoyon Matt Bridge Stphane Doyon GMT-5
shotofadds sharpe Rob Purchase Matt Bridge GMT GMT-5
Siltaar shotofadds Simon Descarpentries Rob Purchase GMT+1 GMT
skwad Siltaar ThomasViguier Simon Descarpentries GMT+1
Slasheri skwad Miika ThomasViguier Pekkarinen GMT+2
Soader03 Slasheri Raphal Faucher Miika Pekkarinen GMT GMT+2 -5
Soap Soader03 DavidHall Raphal Faucher GMT-5 GMT -5
solexx Soap Jochen Schulz DavidHall GMT-5
stateq2 solexx Thomas Bell Jochen Schulz GMT-6
stevenm stateq2 Stepan Moskovchenko Thomas Bell GMT-6
Strath stevenm Michael Donat Stepan Moskovchenko  
Strife89 Strath Michael Carr Donat GMT -5
stripwax Strife89 Dave Hooper Michael Carr GMT GMT -5
toffe82 stripwax Christophe Nicolas Dave Hooper GMT -8
Tangleding toffe82 Tanguy SIMON Christophe Nicolas GMT -8
tchan Tangleding Terry Chan Tanguy SIMON GMT-6
The-Compiler tchan Florian Bruhin Terry Chan GMT+1 GMT-6
theli_ua The-Compiler Anton Romanov Florian Bruhin GMT+2 GMT+1
TiMiD theli_ua Kvin Ferrare Anton Romanov GMT+9 GMT+2
tomal TiMiD Tomek Malesinski Kvin Ferrare GMT+9
t0mas tomal Tomas Salfischberger Tomek Malesinski  
Toni1 t0mas Antonius Hellmann Tomas Salfischberger  
Torne Toni1 Torne Wuff Antonius Hellmann GMT
ts-x Torne Tim Crist Torne Wuff GMT
TTSbox ts-x Ozgur Ozturk Tim Crist GMT-5
tucoz TTSbox Martin Arver Ozgur Ozturk GMT+1 GMT-5
Unhelpful tucoz Andrew Mahone Martin Arver GMT-5 GMT+1
vitja Unhelpful Vitja Makarov Andrew Mahone GMT+3 GMT-5
wacky vitja Alexandre Bourget Vitja Makarov GMT+3
wesmo wacky Wessam Baghdadi Alexandre Bourget  
wincent wesmo Wincent Balin Wessam Baghdadi GMT+1
wpyh wincent William Poetra Wincent Balin Yoga Hadisoeseno GMT+8 GMT+1
wrecker wpyh Eddie Solman William Poetra Yoga Hadisoeseno GMT+8
XavierGr wrecker Alexander Spyridakis Eddie Solman GMT+2
x1jmp XavierGr Timo Horstschfer Alexander Spyridakis GMT+1 GMT+2
XShocK x1jmp Rinat Zakirov Timo Horstschfer GMT+1
yzflcyq XShocK Purling Nayuki Rinat Zakirov GMT+8
Zagor yzflcyq Bjrn Stenberg Purling Nayuki GMT+1 GMT+8
zeekoe Zagor Ronald Teune Bjrn Stenberg GMT+1
zeekoe Ronald Teune  

* ALERT! Note: Use the "winter" time, not the Daylight Savings one

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