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Difference: IriverFP3XX5XXHardwareComponents (r29 vs. r28)


I dissassembled my iFP599 and made careful notes. I'm leaving those notes here just in case someone finds them useful. (Who knows, there might be enough interest to start a RockBox port.. sometime in the future.. please?)

Someone on MisticRiver noted iFP3xx and iFP5xx devices are similar in many respects, while iFP7xx/8xx use a newer microprocessor (PhilipsPNX0101). The ifp-driver mailing list noted the newer models seem to have less processor power.

LinusNielsenFeltzing: This looks really promising! Would it be possible for you to produce high-res scans of the circuit boards?

GeoffOakham: sure.. just mail me a scanner and I'll post them right away! Meanwhile, I have these pictures from a digital camera.. does that help?

LinusNielsenFeltzing: The biggest problem is to find the data sheets for the SAA7750 microcontroller. They are not public, so we'll have to dig deep.

GeoffOakham: I've asked Philips for reference material, and they've acknowledged the request. I'll get back to you when they do.


  • CPU: PhilipsSAA7750 (32-bit ARM RISC core)
  • RAM: 8MB SDRAM @ 100/133/166MHz
  • ROM: 2MB Flash ROM
  • Storage: 1024MB NAND Flash memory (with 16MB spare)
  • Display: 128x64 monochrome LCD (guestimate)
  • DSP: embedded in SAA7750
  • USB 1.1: onboard/embedded? SAA7750




annotated.jpgjpgannotated.jpgmanage 100.2 K 04 Mar 2005 - 01:29GeoffOakham back of iFP599 (annotated), small
front-small.jpgjpgfront-small.jpgmanage 86.3 K 04 Mar 2005 - 01:29GeoffOakham front of iFP599, small
img_7099.jpgjpgimg_7099.jpgmanage 1613.4 K 04 Mar 2005 - 01:11GeoffOakham back of iFP599, original resolution
img_7105.jpgjpgimg_7105.jpgmanage 1608.8 K 04 Mar 2005 - 01:06GeoffOakham front of iFP599, original resolution

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Revision r29 - 11 Mar 2005 - 05:26 - JordanMelzer
Revision r28 - 06 Mar 2005 - 00:19 - GeoffOakham
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