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Difference: MarcGuay (r7 vs. r6)

My Personal Mission

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Name Marc Guay
Country Canada
Comment I like you.

I'm trying to sweep up the wiki, but I refuse to scrub it. When I first came to this site a month or so ago I was getting tossed around like an unwanted child; nobody wanted to let me settle in and make a nest (like, metaphorically, you know?). So I've essentially been trying to centralize the information. All of the Sansa e200 related wiki pages are now available from the e200 port index page. So if you're a new user who just bought one of these devices and you show up here with a glow in your eye (or is that conjunctivitis?) just itching to get started with Rockbox, you can find everything you need to get busy on one page. I'm hoping to tackle the other port pages at some point too but I'm getting weird pains in my right wrist so it might have to wait.


  • Centralize information: Things are very scattered about. If you have a particular device, the port page for that device should link to all related information.
  • Improve readability: Both in the visual sense and the linguistic sense. Many of the pages look like a shoebox full of crap; they need to be sorted and displayed in a pleasant manner. Many of the pages read like transcripts from a broken dictaphone with a Memorex tape inside; they need to be properly punctuated, capitalized, and made less cryptic. Only rocket science needs to sound like rocket science.
  • Answer questions before they're asked: This is somewhat related to the first points. I've noticed that a lot of people find the site overwealming/confusing and so they immediately ask a simple/stupid question on the forums, mailing list, IRC, whereever, and either distract people from more interesting stuff or piss off the moderators. So, perhaps this can be nipped in the bud (call me an optimist, I like the way it sounds) by centralizing information, improving readability, and answering questions before they get asked. I've combed the forums a bit looking for questions that newbies ask and then gone to the wiki page for that subject and added the answer to it, so that it's very clear and hopefully won't be asked again. Good idea? Does it bloat the pages and make them read like grade 2 textbooks? On the fence on that one.

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UserForm edit
Name Marc Guay
Country Canada
Email marc.guayATgmailDOTcom
Comment I like you.

r7 - 10 Mar 2010 - 19:29:15 - MarcGuay

Revision r7 - 10 Mar 2010 - 19:29 - MarcGuay
Revision r6 - 17 Jan 2008 - 16:13 - MarcGuay
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