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Difference: MattAndrew (r2 vs. r1)

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UserForm edit
Name Matt Andrew
Country USA
Comment As a student project this semester (spring 2008), I'm designing and building a portable mp3/ogg/flac/etc player that will run rockbox (yes, I'll port rockbox to it). The designs for the circuit board will be licensed under the creative-commons (by-nc-sa).

The music player will be based on an atmel arm9 and have a organic led display (124x128, 18 bit color). For storage, there will be 2 sd/sdhc card slots. It will have the usual lithium ion variant battery and charge via usb. The software will be stored in serial flash and be copied to ram upon bootup.

I'm not trying to compete with any brand's commercial player, I'm just not satisfied with what's out there (basically I want a quality sd-card based player with a color screen that plays oggs and mp3s). The end result of this project should be a circuit board that can be printed by a board house and then soldered by the advanced amateur, although only a few might ever get made.

My student project last semester was a clock based on an arm7 with the same organic led display I'm using for this music player. The software is all written in assembly language and is open-source. The designs for the hardware are licensed under the creative commons.

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