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Difference: OlleBergkvist (r5 vs. r4)

Personal Data

olleFOObergkvistBARyahooFOOse (Go figure; foo means dot and bar means at)

channel #rockbox at
My nick is olle, olle_, or even olle__. Hehe.

Rockbox forums
Currently not registered.

Username is "haxx0"
(That username started as a play on my first name, and later turned into a heavily ironic joke. Later, i got involved in Misticriver and felt like keeping my good'ol' nick. I am by no means a cr4xx0r. )

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IriverIfpPort About the IFP-only port Here is the port itself

E10 (my DAP)


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UserForm edit
Name Olle Bergkvist
Country Sweden
CommentStudies "high A: 18 school"...

My DAP S: M is iriver E10.

Trying to contribute L: Gothenburg, Sweden to newer iriver decryption, and possible port.

I am a freshman at university, trying to get the best out of my DAP iriver E10.

I'm trying to contribute to newer iriver decryption/encryption, and possible future Rockbox port.

r7 - 16 Apr 2010 - 22:46:24 - OlleBergkvist

Revision r5 - 26 Jul 2008 - 23:37 - OlleBergkvist
Revision r4 - 24 Jul 2008 - 23:36 - OlleBergkvist
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