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Difference: OlympusMR100Info (r6 vs. r5)

Olympus m:robe MR-100 Info


The m:robe MR-100 MP3 player similar to the iPod mini. It's based on the PortalPlayer 5020 chip and a 5GB microdrive. It features an 160x128 LCD with a red LED backlight. It's front face has a touch pad (manufactured by Synaptics, Inc) for the controls and it is also illuminated with red LEDs. The touch pad contains a vertical slider for scrolling.

The official Olympus press release for the m:robe MR-100 is here:

Note: The Olympus has discontinued the entire m:robe product line.

Board scans

Main Unit - Front

mr100 front

Larger image: (1112x2112, 5.57 MB)

  1. Power switch
  2. Battery connector
  3. Connector for headphone daughterboard
  4. Microdrive connector
  5. Hold switch
  6. Dock/proprietary usb connector
  7. Reset switch

See OlympusMR100HardwareComponents for chip info.

Main Unit - Back

mr100 back

Larger image: (1152x2090, 4.41 MB)

  1. LCD connector
  2. Touch pad connector
  3. Dock/proprietary usb connector


mr100 lcd front

This is front of the LCD. On the connector ribbon is printed:


Truly Semiconductor makes four 128x160 LCDs:

mr100 lcd back

This is back of the LCD. You can see the 4 red LEDs.

mr100 lcd case

Behind the LCD is a casing that evenly distributes the LED lighting for the LCD. There's a reflective sheet stuck on the back of this case on which is printed "P-TG2399 (PBF433)" and a date.

Synaptics Touchpad

mr100 synaptics

Larger image: (1060x1015, 2.41 MB)

J1 is the connector to the main board.

There are 7 red LEDs labeled D1-D7.

A plastic frame that fits over the board has been removed. This frame contains elements that distribute the led light evenly over each button opening (and maybe is required for touch detection).

Synaptics press release:

Seagate Microdrive

seagate st1 front seagate st1 back

Model: ST650211FX?

mr100_back.pngpngmr100_back.pngmanage 4518.9 K 12 Sep 2006 - 16:32MarkArigo  
mr100_back_small.pngpngmr100_back_small.pngmanage 216.5 K 12 Sep 2006 - 16:29MarkArigo  
mr100_front.pngpngmr100_front.pngmanage 5711.7 K 12 Sep 2006 - 16:31MarkArigo  
mr100_front_small.pngpngmr100_front_small.pngmanage 289.5 K 12 Sep 2006 - 16:28MarkArigo  
mr100_lcd_back_small.pngpngmr100_lcd_back_small.pngmanage 94.0 K 12 Sep 2006 - 19:31MarkArigo  
mr100_lcd_case_small.pngpngmr100_lcd_case_small.pngmanage 37.2 K 12 Sep 2006 - 19:31MarkArigo  
mr100_lcd_front_small.pngpngmr100_lcd_front_small.pngmanage 119.3 K 12 Sep 2006 - 19:30MarkArigo  
mr100_synaptics.pngpngmr100_synaptics.pngmanage 2472.8 K 12 Sep 2006 - 19:32MarkArigo  
mr100_synaptics_small.pngpngmr100_synaptics_small.pngmanage 221.1 K 12 Sep 2006 - 19:31MarkArigo  
seagate_st1_back.pngpngseagate_st1_back.pngmanage 46.7 K 13 Sep 2006 - 19:38MarkArigo  
seagate_st1_front.pngpngseagate_st1_front.pngmanage 60.4 K 13 Sep 2006 - 19:38MarkArigo  

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