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Difference: PhilipsGoGear3100Port (r8 vs. r7)

Phillips GoGear 3100 Series Port


The Phillips GoGear 3100 series of DAPs are flash-based players developed by Phillips Electronics. They are based on a SigmaTel STMP3504 CPU.

If you're interested in porting Rockbox to the Phillips GoGear 31xx, then be so kind and spend a minute at the forum thread:
The Problem is that It's nearly impossible to compile a firmware because of missing Datasheet/Compiler


  • SIGMATEL STMP3504 LAE-SB6 T05030 0738 CN
  • Hynix KOR HY27UU08AG5M?-TPCB 744A
  • Phillips TEA5767 FM Tuner

Firmware Upgrading

  1. First make sure that you have your PC connected to the internet, as the firmware manager will download the firmware from the firmware server, it is necessary that you have the PC online during the entire the process.
  2. Launch the Philips Device Manager at Start -> Programs -> Philips Digital Audio Player -> SA31XX? -> Philips SA31XX?Device Manager on your PC. If you do not have this program installed yet, install it from the by-packed included CD or download it from
  3. Connect the player to the PC. Switch on the player.
  4. Click the UPDATE button.
  5. The upgrade process will continue to download firmware.
  6. Once the upgrade process is completed, click FINISH to close the application.
  7. You may now disconnect the player from your computer.


Display Connector
Display Backside
Display Frontside
Processor and Chip-Set

Recovery From a Bad Flash

  1. Launch the Philips Device Manager at Start > Programs > Philips Digital Audio Player > SA31XX? > Philips SA31XX? Device Manager on your PC.
  2. Press and hold the 2; button while your player is connecting to the PC.
  3. Keep holding the key until the Philips Device Manager acknowledges your player and goes into recovery mode.
  4. Click the repair button and follow the instructions given by the Device Manager.
  5. After the player has been repaired, disconnect it from your PC and re-start.

Links of Interest


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