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Difference: PureDataOnRockbox (r31 vs. r30)

Pure Data on Rockbox

This project is part of the Google Summer of Code 2009 project.

Project nameStudentMentorBackup mentor
Make Rockbox a musical instrument Wincent Balin (wincent)Peter D'Hoye (petur)Dominik Wenger (domonoky)

This is a Google Summer of Code 2009 project with the goal to make Rockbox a musical instrument. To do so, the sound processing framework Pure Data will be integrated into Rockbox in the likeness of .

Those who do not know what Pure Data is are advised to look at the book "Designing Sound" (, both at the abridged text and at the sample chapters. Another good Pure Data tutorial can be found at .

To test the abilities of PDBox get the file from . If does not work, you might want to get this file from this page (seel below).

There is a repository with updated designs at . Beware of designs Daft_Widget.pd and dj_scratch.pd; they contain errors which make pdbox hang! Alternatively you might use the archive, attached below.

Project Plan

Part 1 (50%): Port PDa (Pure Data anywhere, the Pure Data fixed point fork) to Rockbox

  • Port network communication: done (actually, it was replaced by a small custom message passing interface)
  • Port memory allocator: done (using dbestfit library)
  • Porting file-for-file, looking at missing symbols in the plug-in: done
  • Port audio: done (output only)
  • Port file operations: done
  • Port scheduler: done

Part 2 (50%): Port PDPod GUI to Rockbox

  • Sending statements to Pure Data core (pauses and un-pauses were used as an example): done
  • Custom GUI: done
  • Standard GUI: done

Known problems

  • GUI does not take backdrops (bitmap backgrounds) into account, leading to an unreadable text/background combination -- PeterDHoye - 04 Aug 2009 - fixed
  • PD designs which are based on audio files instead of (for lack of a better term) oscillators may have difficulties while loading - fixed
  • Sound input capability is lacking

Preliminary information

PureData.zipzipPureData.zipmanage 1788.6K 12 Jul 2009 - 19:52WincentBalin Archive of files for Pure Data with pdPod GUI
PureData2.zipzipPureData2.zipmanage 5768.1 K 03 Jun 2010 - 00:51WincentBalin Archive of Pure Data patches from (without dangerous patches)

r31 - 03 Jun 2010 - 00:57:51 - WincentBalin

Revision r31 - 03 Jun 2010 - 00:57 - WincentBalin
Revision r30 - 02 Jun 2010 - 00:34 - WincentBalin
Copyright by the contributing authors.