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Difference: SansaView (r21 vs. r20)

SanDisk Sansa View

Current Status

There is still a lot of work to be done. The firmware can be disassembled with an ARM disassembler, but nothing has been done. We need to get the LCD working and figure out the GPIO.


High quality PCB scans:
Front of main PCB
Back of PCB & memory board
Back of display, battery pack, wheel/button part
--Scans were provided by space_ghost on the forums.

Hardware wise it seems very similar to an upgraded v1 Sansa E200. The SoC looks like an evolution of PortalPlayer with nVidia GoForce magic applied.c. nVidia purchased the PortalPlayer company prior to the release of the GoForce 6100 chip, so that would seem reasonable. Also- the same PortalPlayer provided/supported mi4 style firmwares are used, and the firmware even mentions "PP6110".


mi4 firmware (two images). Decryptable with a recent mi4code. mi4 files signed with the same "dummy" DSA signature that the v1 Sansa E200 used are accepted by the View. In other words, the View's original firmware can be successfully modified and flashed.

Disk layout and hidden partition

See SansaViewFirmwarePartition.

UMS mode

You can initiate UMS mode by doing the following steps:

  • Turn on the Sansa View and let it boot up.
  • Switch the hold switch to the hold position, and wait for the padlock icon to disappear.
  • Hold down the left side of the scroll wheel for a couple seconds, and while still holding, plug the USB cable in.
  • Keep holding until the player shows "Connected".

Another way to initiate UMS mode if your OS does not communicate to it via MTP is to just plug it in and wait a bit. The player will attempt to reset the MTP connection, and then when it realizes that is not helping, it will switch to UMS.

I attached the `lsusb -v` output of both the Sansa View in MTP and UMS mode. -- BlakeJohnson - 18 Feb 2008

Recovery Mode

Recovery mode looks similar to the Sansa E200. You can initiate recovery mode by doing the following steps:

  • Turn the Sansa View completely off. To turn completely off, hold the power button for about 5 seconds instead of a quick press.
  • Switch the hold switch to the hold position.
  • Hold down the 'Home' button, and while still holding, plug the USB cable in.
  • A partition named "16MB-FORMAT" comes up as a USB MSD.
  • Copy your firmware files to your device.
  • Eject the device (unplugging isn't enough).
  • It will reboot and you're all set.

Warning: Only move firmware files to the device when in recovery mode. Do not format the device while recovery mode. Do not interrupt file transfers while in recovery mode. Disobeying these warnings may or may not brick your player, but I'm not going to be the one to test them. However, I have recovered from several bad flashes using the above method.

Manufacturing Mode

Pre-boot or manufacturing mode is done exactly the same as recovery mode except hold the middle button instead of the 'Home' button when you plug the USB cable in. We may be able to do some fiddling with the e200tool while in this mode.

Forum Thread

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Here is a list of all the pins used by the OF. Pins are of form BxPyy where x is the bank and yy the number within the bank. Direction only applies to GPIO.

A0 Out horizontal button lights
A1 Out vertical button lights
B0 Out backlight
B2 Out LCD reset
B4 Out  
B5 Out  
B6 Out  
B7 Out  
C0 Out  
C1 Out  
C2 Out  
C3 Out  
C6 In SD detect (active low)
G3 D1 In Out LCD type
G5 D2 In Out SD detect (active low) (again ?)
H4 D3 Out LCD SPI data
H6 D4 Out LCD SPI clock
H7 D7 Out LCD SPI chip select
G3 In LCD type
G0 Out  
G1 Out  
G2 Out  
G4 Out  
G5 In SD detect (active low) (again ?)
H4 Out LCD SPI data
H6 Out LCD SPI clock
H7 Out LCD SPI chip select
I0 Out  
I1 Out  
I2 Out  
I3 Out  
I4 Out  
I7 Out  
J0 Out  
J1 In/Out LCD unknown
M2 J2 In Out Up button (active low)
M3 J5 In Out Down button (active low)
M4 J6 In Out Home button (active low)
M5 K0 In Out Right button (active low)
M6 K1 In Out Select button (active low)
M7 K2 In Out Left button (active low)
K3 Out  
K4 Out  
K5 Out  
K6 Out  
K7 Out  
L4 Out  
L5 Out  
L6 Out  
L7 Out  
M2 In Up button (active low)
M3 In Down button (active low)
M4 In Home button (active low)
M5 In Right button (active low)
M6 In Select button (active low)
M7 In Left button (active low)
N0 Out  
N1 Out  
N2 Out  
N3 Out  
N5 Out  
N6 Out  
N7 Out  
O1 Out  
O2 Out  
R0 Out  
R1 Out  
R2 Out  
R3 Out  
R4 Out scrollwheel left light
R5 Out scrollwheel up light
R6 Out scrollwheel right light
R7 Out scrollwheel down light
S0 Out  
S1 Out  
S2 Out  
S3 Out  
S4 Out  
S5 Out  
S6 Out  
S7 Out  
T0 In Power button
T1 In Hold button
T2 Out  
T3 Out  
T4 Out  
T5 Out  
T6 Out  
T7 Out  
SansaViewMTP.txttxtSansaViewMTP.txtmanage 2.6 K 18 Feb 2008 - 22:32BlakeJohnson lsusb -v Output while in MTP Mode
SansaViewUMS.txttxtSansaViewUMS.txtmanage 2.3 K 18 Feb 2008 - 22:33BlakeJohnson lsusb -v Output while in UMS Mode

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