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Rockbox Status on Various Targets


This page is a list of the various Rockbox targets, both past and present. Their development status is described beneath each individual entry and further information can be found by following the associated links. Sometimes they merely point to interesting projects or ideas that may or may not lead to Rockbox being ported. Feel free to start contributing to them!

Current status of stable targets

In Rockbox, the term "stable" means that a port has the following parts completed:

  • A main Rockbox build that enables the device to be used as a digital music player. Rockbox does not support charging or USB on every player, and in those cases the port must support dual-booting into the original firmware to enable those features.
  • End-user installation instructions for the three major operating systems (Linux, OS X and Windows), including instructions for dual-boot where it is required to meet the previous criteria;
  • A released bootloader;
  • Binary releases of any required installation tools (for all three major OSes).

Whilst every effort is made to try and ensure a manual is available for every supported target, these are not always available immediately when a port reaches "supported" status. Similarly, integration into Rockbox Utility may not always be available.

See: TargetClassifications

The following table sumarises the current status of the current builds for supported devices.

TargetCurrent StatusNotesUSBBattery ChargingDual Boot OFInstall with rbutil
Archos FM RecorderNO MAJOR ISSUES   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Archos Ondio FMNO MAJOR ISSUES   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Archos Ondio SPNO MAJOR ISSUES   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Archos Player/StudioNO MAJOR ISSUES   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Archos Recorder v1NO MAJOR ISSUES   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Archos Recorder v2NO MAJOR ISSUES   Yes Yes Yes Yes
iAudio M3NO MAJOR ISSUES   Yes Partial(2) No Yes
iAudio M5NO MAJOR ISSUES   Yes Partial(2) No Yes
iAudio X5NO MAJOR ISSUES   Yes Partial(2) No Yes
iPod 1st and 2nd GenSERIOUS ISSUES (1)No Yes Yes Yes
iPod 3rd GenNO MAJOR ISSUES   No Yes Yes Yes
iPod 4th Gen GrayscaleNO MAJOR ISSUES   Yes Yes Yes Yes
iPod Color/PhotoNO MAJOR ISSUES   Yes Yes Yes Yes
iPod MiniNO MAJOR ISSUES   Yes Yes Yes Yes
iPod Nano 1st GenNO MAJOR ISSUES   Yes Yes Yes Yes
iPod Nano 2nd GenUSB broken in dev builds   Yes Yes Yes Yes
iPod VideoNO MAJOR ISSUES   Yes Yes Yes Yes
iriver H10 20GBNO MAJOR ISSUES   Yes Yes Yes Yes
iriver H10 5GBNO MAJOR ISSUES   Yes Yes Yes Yes
iriver H100/115NO MAJOR ISSUES   Yes Yes Yes Yes
iriver H120/140NO MAJOR ISSUES   Yes Yes Yes Yes
iriver H320/340NO MAJOR ISSUES   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Olympus M-Robe 100NO MAJOR ISSUES   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Packard Bell Vibe 500NO MAJOR ISSUES   Yes Yes Yes Yes
SanDisk Sansa c200NO MAJOR ISSUES   Yes Yes Yes Yes
SanDisk Sansa ClipNO MAJOR ISSUES   Yes Yes Yes Yes
SanDisk Sansa Clip ZipNO MAJOR ISSUES   Yes Yes Yes Yes
SanDisk Sansa Clip+NO MAJOR ISSUES   Yes Yes Yes Yes
SanDisk Sansa e200NO MAJOR ISSUES   Yes Yes Yes Yes
SanDisk Sansa e200RNO MAJOR ISSUES   Yes Yes Yes No
SanDisk Sansa e200v2NO MAJOR ISSUES   Yes Yes Yes Yes
SanDisk Sansa FuzeNO MAJOR ISSUES   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Toshiba Gigabeat F & XNO MAJOR ISSUES   Yes Yes No Yes
  1. On some 1st generation iPods, the scrollwheel is unusable - see FS#8745
  2. Charging works but at a reduced rate compared to the retail firmware

ALERT! Individual port pages can be out of date, as they usually aren't actively maintained once the port becomes supported.

New Platforms Currently Under Development

The following targets have code in git but have been judged insufficiently mature to be marked stable. Depending on the status they may be marked unstable and be supported, or unusable and be unsupported and not recommended for anyone but developers.

TargetUSBBattery ChargingDual Boot OFSoundDisplayDisk/FlashButton/TouchpadInstall with Rockbox Utility
Cowon D2NoYesYesYesYesYes (SD read/write, internal read-only) YesYes (not yet released)
Cowon iAudio 7NoNoYesYesYesYes (read-only, internal only) YesNo
Creative ZENYesNoPartialYesYesYesYesNo
Creative ZEN MozaicYesNoPartialYesYesYesYesNo
Creative ZEN X-FiYesNoPartialYesYesYesYesNo
Creative ZEN X-Fi 2YesYesYesYesYesPartial (SD but not NAND)YesNo
Creative ZEN X-Fi 3YesYesYesYesYesYesYesNo
Creative ZVMNo (only partly working) NoYes (Rockbox doesn't load yet) NoYesYes (no OF FS support) BuggyNo
HiFiMan HM-60xNoYes (hardware controlled)YesYesPartialNo (internal flash)/Yes (micro sd)YesNo
HiFiMan HM-801NoYes (hardware controlled)YesYesPartialNo (internal flash)/Yes (micro sd)YesNo
iPod Classic IHIFI 760/960 Yes No Yes (hardware controlled) No Yes YesYes Partial Yes No (internal flash) /Yes (micro sd)YesNo
Logik Dax iPod Classic 1GB DAB/MP3 player No Yes N/A Yes Yes No No Yes YesNo Yes YesNo
Maemo (Nokia N8xx and N900) Logik Dax 1GB DAB/MP3 player N/A No N/AN/A Yes Yes No YesYes No YesNo
Meizu M6 Maemo (Nokia N8xx and N900) No N/A No N/A No N/A No Yes Partial Yes (LCD on M3 works) No Yes Partial Yes No
Mini2440 Meizu M6 NoN/A No (target has no battery) N/A No (target has no OF) Yes No Yes Partial (LCD on M3 works) Yes No Yes Partial No
MPIO Mini2440 HD200 Yes No Yes N/A (target has no battery) Yes N/A (target has no OF) YesYesYesYesNo
MPIO HD300 HD200 YesYesYesYesYesYesYesNo
Olympus M:Robe MPIO HD300 500 YesYesYesYesYesYesYesNo
Onda VX747(+)/VX777 Olympus M:Robe 500 YesYesYesYesYesFTL Yes known but unported /SD worksYesYes No
Onda VX757 VX747(+)/VX777 YesUntested Yes YesYesYesFTL known but unported/SD worksUse Yes OndaVX767 insteadNo Yes
Onda VX767 VX757 YesUntestedUntested Yes Untested Yes No Yes (needs testing) FTL unknown/SD should work known but unported /SD worksYes Use OndaVX767 insteadNo
Pandora Onda VX767 N/A Yes N/A Untested N/A Untested Yes Untested Yes No (needs testing) Yes FTL unknown/SD should work YesNo
Philips Pandora GoGear HDD16X0/18X0 Yes N/A Partial N/A (with ac only and no battery status) Yes N/A YesYesYesYes/Yes Yes Yes No
Philips GoGear HDD63X0 HDD16X0/18X0 YesPartial (with ac only and no battery status) YesYesYesYesYes Yes/Yes /YesYes
Philips GoGear SA9200 HDD63X0 YesYes Partial (with ac only and no battery status) YesYesYesYesYes/Yes Yes /YesNo Yes
Rockchip rk27xx Philips GoGear SA9200 No Yes Yes (hardware controlled) YesYesPartial Yes No Yes (internal flash) /Yes (micro sd)Yes Yes/Yes No
Samsung YH82X/YH92X Rockchip rk27xx Yes No Yes (hardware controlled) YesYesYes Partial Yes No (internal flash) /Yes (micro sd)YesYes No (not yet released)
Samsung YP-R0 YH82X/YH92X No Yes YesYesYesYesYesYesNo Yes (not yet released)
Samsung YP-R1 YP-R0 NoYesYesYesYesYesYesNo
Samsung YP-S3 YP-R1 NoNo Yes No Yes No Yes YesNo Yes No Yes No
Samsung YP-Z5 YP-S3 Yes No NoNoYes No YesNoYes No No
Sansa c100 Samsung YP-Z5 No Yes N/A No (uses a AAA battery) Yes No No Yes YesYes No (read-only, internal only) YesNo
Sansa Connect c100 NoPartial N/A (needs testing) (uses a AAA battery) YesYes No YesYes (read-only, internal only) Partial Yes (testing) No
Sansa Fuze+ Connect Yes No Yes Partial (needs testing) YesYesYesYes (internal and SD) Yes Partial (3X3 (testing) grid), No gesture Yes No
Sansa m200 Fuze+ v1/v2/v3 No Yes N/A Yes (uses a AAA battery) No Yes No Yes YesNo Yes (internal and SD) Yes (3X3 grid), No gesture No Yes
Sansa m200v4 m200 v1/v2/v3 Yes No Yes N/A (uses a AAA battery) Yes No Yes No YesYes No YesNo (disabled)
Sony NWZ-E360 Sansa m200v4 YesYesYesYesYesYesYesNo (disabled)
Sony NWZ-E370 NWZ-E360 YesYesYesYesYesYesYesNo
Sony NWZ-E380 NWZ-E370 YesYesYesYesYesYesYesNo
Tatung Elio Sony NWZ-E380 TPJ-1022 No Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes YesYesNo
Toshiba Gigabeat S Tatung Elio TPJ-1022 Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No YesYesNo
Toshiba Gigabeat SYesYesYesYesYesYesYesNo

Pre-Development Ports

Pre-development projects are in the hunting and gathering stage. These devices have no code written for them. Usually more firmware and hardware disassembly are needed to gather enough information to begin actually working on these ports.

Archos Multimedia AV1XX series

See ArchosAV100Port for information about these players.

Archos Multimedia AV3XX series

See ArchosAv300Port for preliminary work on a port.

Archos Multimedia AV4XX series

Not supported by Rockbox, see ArchOpen.

Archos PMA series

Not supported by Rockbox, see ArchOpen.

Archos Gmini

There was a strong attempt made to port Rockbox to the Gmini, and you could in fact boot Rockbox, but the work on this port stalled when the only really active developer vanished. See the Gmini port for more. A port for the 40x series was also thought about at one point, pictures can be found here. There is another project to code for it, see

Apple iPod Shuffle 1st Generation

There are scans of the Shuffle here, but there hasn't been any activity on it in a while.

Apple iPod Nano 3G

See IpodNano3GPort.

Apple iPod Nano 4G

See IpodNano4GPort.

Coby MP-C7085

Someone's player broke and they were kind enough to post scans of the interior before tossing it in the trash. Images are located here.

Cowon iAudio U3

For hardware details and some info see the IaudioU3Info page. This is an ARM-based player.

Cowon A2

TexasInstrumentsTMS320 based little thing. On the Cowon A2 page there's a link to the source code of their Linux firmware.

Cowon iAudio I5/G2/U2

These three players all use the Sigmatel STMP3520 chipset, which is presumably similar to the STMP3550 used in the iPod Shuffle. These have a Motorola DSP core, for which there is no freely available C compiler.

Creative Zen Touch

TexasInstrumentsTMS320-based, like many of its Creative brothers. See CreativeZenTouch.

Creative Zen Nano Plus/Non-Plus

The chipset implemented in this device (SigmaTel 3520) is similar to that of the iPod Shuffle, and is the same as in the iAudio I5/G2/U2, as well as the MobiBLU DAH-1500i. A free compiler for the chip does not exist. The Plus models have an FM tuner on-board, the TEA5767.

Creative Zen V Plus/Non-Plus

SigmaTel36XX device. More info can be found here.

Creative Zen X-Fi Style

See CreativeZENXFiStyle.

Dell Digital Jukebox

These are being put next to the Creative players because they contain the same hardware as the early NOMAD/ZEN players from Creative, OEMed to Dell Computer. Still TMS320-based, and some preliminary information can be found at the DellDJPort page.

iriver Clix2

See IriverClix2Info?.

iriver E10

See IriverE10Info.

iriver E series

See IriverEseries

iriver H10 Jr.

These small flash-based players from iriver are similar internally to their T series. Some basic info is up at the iriver H10 Jr. port page.

iriver iFP-xxx

There was an effort to port Rockbox to the iriver iFP flash-based DAPs; a working sim could be compiled for the iFP-7xx series. The port effort seems to have stalled as of late. See IriverIfpPort for more information.

iriver PMP

Based on the TI DM270 chip, running uclinux.

iriver S10

See IriverS10.

iriver T60

See IriverT60Port.

iriver X20

See IriverX20Port.

Kingston K-PEX/Cenix GMP-M6

A Telechips based player produced by Kingston Technologies. It is a rebranded Cenix GMP-M6, which is from Korea. See KingstonKPEX.


The HD20A7 and HD30A9 are HDD players with a 'Clear Digital Amp'. Their adapted Linux kernel source is identical to the one used for the Tosbiba Gigabeat players which means the Kenwood players use the same 300MHz Samsung S3C2440 ARM9. They might share more components (like the 2.2" 240x320 LCD).

Microsoft Zune

The Zune is being manufactured by Toshiba and is assumed to be based at least in part on hardware used in the Gigabeat S Series. A port is currently not in development, but the feasibility of one is being discussed in the forum. If a port were to occur, development would likely occur concurrently or after development on the Gigabeat S Series.

MobiBLU DAH-1500i

The chipset implemented in this device (SigmaTel 3520) is similar to that of the iPod Shuffle, and is the same as in the iAudio I5/G2/U2, as well as the Creative Zen Nano. The mp3 player itself 0.94 inches in all dimensions, and features a 96x64 pixel OLED screen. Memory is implemented in 512 MB / 1 GB / 2 GB increments. The head phone jack serves as the USB port as well. The right side of the device sports a circular touch panel, and the left side contains a menu and a hold button. On the bottom is the reset button. The core of the chip is a Motorola 56K DSP; if no compiler can be found, one will be created. Development info is here: MobibluPort.


There was once a fork off Rockbox for the Neo series of mp3 players. They never contributed anything back and we soon abandoned all attempts to support those models. The fork is known as OpenNeo. The Neo units are sh1-based ones and the OpenNeo project is a fork off a somewhat old Rockbox. The main thing stopping Rockbox from running on Neo is (probably) only a little initializing code.

Neuros (Older Series)

Neuros finally did release their firmware as open source. Unfortunately, their hardware is completely DSP-based (no CPU) and there is no freely available development environment to build it. A GCC port project exists but has been labelled inactive since August 2007. Instead, you can build your own firmware using a 90-day evaluation version of the TI compiler. See and for more info.

Neuros III

There was talk at one point of these players coming packaged with Rockbox as stock firmware, but several years have past. Here is an IRC log from a meeting in September 2005 between Neuros and core Rockbox developers. The CEO of Neuros could often have been found on the IRC channel under the nickname JoeBorn.

Philips GoGear 3100 Series

The GoGear 3100 series are SigmaTel-based DAPs. See the GoGear 3100 page for more information.

Philips GoGear SA5245/SA5285

See GoGearSA5245/SA5285.

Rio Karma

Another PortalPlayer target; these DAPs used a PP5003 SoC (dual core ARM7) and had a few internal parts that were similar to the early iPods. The RioKarmaPort page has more information.

RCA Lyra AV (RD 2780)

RCA has released the source for this player. DM270 based. You can find out more information here.

Samsung SA58xxx series

See SamsungSA58.

Samsung YH-J50 / YH-J70

See SamsungYHJX0.

Samsung YP-K5

See SamsungK5Port.

Samsung YP-P2

See SamsungP2Port.

Samsung YP-Q3

See SamsungQ3.

Samsung YP-T7Z

SamsungYPT7 is a flash-player with an Telechips SOC.

Samsung YP-T9

See SamsungT9Port.

Samsung YP-T10

See SamsungYPT10.

Samsung YV-150

See SamsungYV150Port.

S1MP3 based players

Lots of documentation on the players can be found at This players utilize sort of Z80 core + DSP for actual stream decoding. This configuration not suitable to run rockbox. The other problem with S1MP3 players is that there are literally hundred of variations of them sold under different brands. Their main internals are usually very similar, but some of them have completely different DSP chips, FM tuners, or screens.

Sansa Express

One of the Sigmatel based devices in the Sansa line. Basic documentation for initial analysis is underway. See SansaExpress for more information.

Sansa View

SanDisk has recently released these players. These appear to be PortalPlayer based once again, and we've got some initial information at the SansaView page.

Sony NW-A1000/1200/3000

Using the same microprocessor as the iAudio X5/M5 series. See SonyNWAPort.

Sony NW-A80x

A Sony player running a modified Linux kernel. Some information can be found on the Sony NW-A80x page.

Sony NWZ-E440

See SonyNWZE440.

Sony NWZ-S540

See SonyNWZS540.

TrekStor i.Beat organix

Based on SigmaTel STMP35xx. A hardware diagnosis for the FM version with Stereo Radio can be found on the player's page.

TrekStor Vibez

Based on SigmaTel STMP36xx. An initial diagnosis can be found here. The STMP36xx could be a good target for Rockbox as chip manufacturer provides Linux sources for this chipset. See diagnosis page for details.

TerraTec M3Po and Oscar

The TerraTec M3Po and the Oscar seem to be very equal as the last Oscar-Firmware is known to run on the TerraTec unit as well. These are both hifi-mp3-cd-players with an optional hard-disk and seem to be based on the SH1 as well, like the already supported archos units (It even looks to be closer to the NEO hardware). From what I know no porting effort has yet been done. There are several rockbox-users known to have an m3po as well (ManuelDejonghe and JoergBierstedt at least).
There is now a dedicated site for that. See: TerraTecM3Po.

Toshiba Gigabeat V Series

The Gigabeat V Series is a PMP and not a DAP but is build on the same components as the S series. The port of Rockbox to the V should be the same process as the S series. Information on the V series can be found on the Gigabeat V page.

Toshiba Gigabeat T Series

The Gigabeat T series (met400) is a flash-based player with the exact same electronics as the S and the V. Information and scans can be seen here at our Gigabeat T page.

Toshiba Gigabeat U Series

The Gigabeat U is a flash player build on a Toshiba LSI with one bit DAC. Information and scans can be seen here: GigabeatUInfo

Toshiba Gigabeat MEG 50JS

The Gigabeat MEG 50JS is a player with PCMCIA HD. Information and scans can be seen here: GigabeatMEGInfo

Xclef HD800

XclefInfo has info, and there's this "open source" project with all research hidden and no source available at

Xclef MT-500

XclefMT500, most recent info at If you are interested in this port, feel free to contact me, DawidFerenczy.

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