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Difference: UsefulSansae200Tools (r4 vs. r3)

Useful Programs for the Sansa e200 and e200R

Windows Programs


This is the most current version (version 1.0.1) of mi4code for Windows. It can decrypt, encrypt, and sign mi4 images.

Download here


This is the working version (version 0.2.3-alpha) of e200tool for Windows with the necessary drivers. It can be used to probe around with the device in manufacturing mode.

Download here

Note to Developers

Please add programs as you see necessary. Linux and Mac programs are needed too!

e200tool.zipzipe200tool.zipmanage 735.4 K 08 Dec 2007 - 02:41AlexZajac e200tool for Windows
mi4code.zipzipmi4code.zipmanage 1627.7 K 08 Dec 2007 - 02:42AlexZajac mi4code for Windows

r4 - 04 Jan 2008 - 13:53:22 - PeterDHoye

Revision r4 - 04 Jan 2008 - 13:53 - PeterDHoye
Revision r3 - 09 Dec 2007 - 18:58 - AlexZajac
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