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Wiki > Main > UsefulTools (compare)

Difference: UsefulTools (r67 vs. r66)

Useful Tools

Rockbox Specific Tools

NameLinuxWindowsMac OSOpen SourceFreewareNotes
Rockbox Simulators   DONE   DONE    
EZWPS   DONE     DONE VB App for WPS file creation
RockboxSync   DONE        
Convert iTunes to Rockbox DatabaseDONEDONE        
Rockbox Font Convertor   DONE   DONE    
Logo Swapper   DONE     DONE  
RB Tools   DONE   DONE   Resizes and copies pictures to your DAP to allow faster browsing with the JPEG plugin and save disk space (Updated 29/12)
RockBox Automatic UpdateDONEDONE   DONE   With one 'click' you are updated to the latest current build of Rockbox! Runs right off the players internal memory, and requires no admin rights. Supports all Players, and come with a 'Universal' version to support future platforms.
r0ckvid   DONE   DONE   A command line tool that uses FFmpeg for windows to convert videos for rockbox. with just a few key presses you can convert many different videos formats for your rockbox media player. It come pre-setup, and includes support for 16:9 widescreen!

Album Art Tools

See here.

Jukebox Synchronization

NameLinuxWindowsMac OSOpen SourceFreewareNotes
Jukebox Synchronizer   DONE     DONE  
Jukebox Manager   DONE     DONE  
ABSync   DONE     DONE  
TreeComp   DONE     DONE  
rsyncDONEDONE   DONE    
Archos iTunes     DONEDONE    
DSynchronize   DONE     DONE  
Create Synchronicity   DONE   DONE    
AmoK Playlist Copy   DONE     DONE Syncs/transfers songs in playlists.

CD Ripping

MP3 Cutting, Splitting, Merging

NameLinuxWindowsMac OSOpen SourceFreewareNotes
mp3DirectCut with WINE DONE     DONE  
MP3Slixer   DONE   DONE    
MusiCutter   DONE     DONE  
MP3Merge   DONE     DONE  
Split MP3   DONE     DONE  
mp3cutDONE     DONE    
mp3Trim   DONE     DONE free version limits file length to approx. 7 minutes
Audion 3     DONE      

MP3 Tagging & Organization

NameLinuxWindowsMac OSOpen SourceFreeware
The GodFather   DONE     DONE
Mp3TagStudio (Shareware)   DONE      
MP3BookHelper   DONE   DONE  
MP3Tag   DONE     DONE
MP3TagTools   DONE   DONE  
Tag&Rename (Shareware)   DONE      
MP3 ID3Tag Renamer (Emailware)   DONE      
ID3Browse   DONE     DONE
MediaMonkey Standard   DONE     DONE
Media Tagger   DONE     DONE
mp3infoDONE     DONE  
mp3getcddbDONE     DONE  
mp3renameDONE     DONE  
MP3 Rage     DONE    
MP3ext (Giftware)   DONE      
foobar2000 DONE (with Wine) DONE DONE (with Wine)   DONE
AudioShell   DONE     DONE
Ex FalsoDONE     DONE  
Picard (part of MusicBrainz) DONEDONEDONEDONE  
Puddle TagDONE     DONE  

MP3 Repairing & Analyzing

NameLinuxWindowsMac OSOpen SourceFreeware
MP3Utility   DONE     DONE
EncSpot Basic   DONE     DONE
MP3packer   DONE   DONE  

MP4 Muxing

NameLinuxWindowsMac OSOpen SourceFreewareNotes
MP4Muxer   DONE     DONE GUI for mp4creator. Can rip audio from downloaded Youtube files. Demultiplex --> Select audio track --> Rename to new mp4 file --> Play mp4 with Rockbox.

Playlist Tools

NameLinuxWindowsMac OSOpen SourceFreewareNotes
iTunes ExportDONE (console version only, requires mono) DONE     DONE  
iPod/iTunes to RockBox Playlist Converter   DONE     DONE  
AmoK Playlist Copy   DONE     DONE Transfers songs in playlists. Converts playlists.
dbmDONEDONEDONEDONEDONE Create playlists of similar music and curate music library.

Disk Utilities

NameLinuxWindowsMac OSOpen SourceFreewareNotes
File Recovery   DONE     DONE  
h2format   DONE     DONE formats FAT32 > 32GB, German docs only
fat32format   DONE   DONE   Formats FAT32 > 32GB, English
Jukebox Utility Disk OS independent DONE    
Swissknife (aka Swisnife)   DONE     DONE  

Audio Tools

NameLinuxWindowsMac OSOpen SourceFreewareNotes
LameDONEDONEDONEDONE   High quality MP3 encoding
SoXDONEDONEDONEDONE   all sorts of audio manipulation
caudecDONE   DONEDONE   Multiprocess audio transcoding and Replaygain scanning (command line)
foobar2000DONE (with Wine) DONEDONE (with Wine)   DONE Music player with multithreaded audio transcoding and Replaygain scanning (GUI)

Video Tools

For MPEG conversion programs and methods see here.

Font Tools

Time Synchronization

Other Tools

There was some inconsistency between items being tagged as freeware versus open source. For the purposes of this page, freeware refers to proprietary software that has a license allowing free re-distribution of the binary but without access to the source and/or lacking a permissive distribution license of the source.

Most open source software listed here does provide free binaries (instead of just the source). If this is not the case for a particular program then a note can be made. -- JustinHannigan - 2010-11-01

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