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Difference: WpsArchos (r18 vs. r17)

Archos WPS config file gallery

This Wiki page contains some WPS files for the Archos series of DAP's, for other models and instructions on how to upload WPS's see WpsGallery.

The Rockbox default for Recorder:


%s%?it<%?in<%in. |>%it|%fn>
%s%?id<%id|%?d1<%d1|(root)>> %?iy<(%iy)|>

%pc/%pt [%pp:%pe]
%fbkBit %?fv<avg|> %?iv<(id3v%iv)|(no id3)>

The boxes graphical WPS

This is available in daily builds from 3rd Feb 2006 by selecting "boxes-112x64" from the "Browse Themes" menu on the main menu.

The top text line alternates the display of Artist and Title, the second alternates Song Position and Playlist Position.


I use this one on my JBR with Default font

NicolasGif.png NicolasGif_1.png NicolasGif_2.png

%s%?in<%in. >%?it<%?ia<%ia - >%it|%fm>
%?iy<%t7.5%fbkbps     [%iy]|%t0>;%t7.5%fbkbps    %ffHz;%sNext: %?It<%t15%?Ia<%Ia - >%It|%?Fm<%t15%Fm|%t0>> 
    %pc / %pt
%pp/%pe %?fv<VBR|CBR> %fskB

I'm back with a new ones using images (still on my JBR with Default font) updated 28/01/2006

to unzip in /.rockbox


not so high sophisticated (used with Rec20):

%?%pn<P: %pn %pp/%pe|D: %pn %pp/%pe>                                                                                  
%s %?in<%in: >%?it<%it|%fn> %?ia<[%ia%?id<, %id>]>                                                                    
Art: %ia                                                                                                              
Alb: %id                                                                                                              
Trk %in: %it                                                                                                          
%fbkbps %ffHz %fskb                                                                                                   
+%pc / %pt / -%pr                                                                                                     

Use it with a small font like uwe_prop. I own a JBR20 ,the MP3 are organized as /genre/artist-album/[0-9][0-9]-trackname.


%s%?in<%in. >%?it<%it|%fm>
%?iv<id3v%iv >%fb kBit %fv
%pc/%pr  %?pp<%pp(%pe%?ps<%ps>)>

Full info version, used with a small font (rockfont-8) for headphone/ hifi:


%s%?it<%?in<%in. |>%it|%fn>
%s%?ia<%ia|.. %?d2<%d2|%?d1<(Hauptverz.)|>>>
%s%?id<%id|. %?d1<%d1|(Hauptverz.)>>%?iy< (%iy)|>
%pc/%pt [%pp/%pe]
%s%ffHz %fbkBit%?fv< VBR|> %?iv<(id3v%iv)|(kein id3)>

Compact version, used with a large font (xtal-14) for car stereo:


%s%?ia<%ia|.. %?d2<%d2|%?d1<(Hauptverz.)|>>>
%s%?id<%id|. %?d1<%d1|(Hauptverz.)>>
%pc/%pt %pp/%pe


used with a large font (courB14)



This is not very different from the standard WPS, but the progress bar is at the top, along with the level bar.
The rest is the information I generally find I want to know. Uses a standard size font.


# Christi's WPS for Recorder
%pc/%pt [%pp of %pe]
%s%?it<%?in<%in. |>%it|%fn>
%s%?id<%id|%?d1<%d1|(root)>> %?iy<(%iy)|>
Bat: %bt [%bl]

I don't see too well so I created a couple of WPSes that I think are a bit clearer than the standard WPS. This one uses the 6x9 font.


# Christi's high vis WPS for Recorder (use 6x9 font)
%pc/%pt [%pp of %pe]
%s%?it<%?in<%in. |>%it|%fn>
%s%?id<%id|%?d1<%d1|(root)>> %?iy<(%iy)|>
Bat: %bt [%bl]

This one is intended for in car use, and is basic but very large. Use the win_crox1c font.


# Christi's very high vis. WPS for in car use  (use win_crox1c font)
%s%?it<%?in<%in. |>%it|%fn>
Bat: %bl


Use atadore font; with/or without status bar. Sorry, in german, but with next song mode and some other stuff... (used with Rec20):

%s%?it<%?in<%in. |>%it|%fn>
 %pc  %|  %pr  %|  %pt
%s%?Fm<|Titel %pp von %pe>;%t12%s  +++  nächster Titel: %?Fm<%?Ia<%Ia|%?D2<%D2|>> - %?It<%It|%?D1<%D1|>> %?Iy<(%Iy)|>|%t0>
+++  %s%fb kBit%?fv< VBR|CBR>/%ff Hz/%fs kb %?iv<(id3v%iv)|(Kein ID3-Tag)> %?ic<Komponist: %ic|> %?ig<Genre: %ig|> %?iy<Jahr: %iy|> Spielzeit: noch %btin



Use atadore font. Disable status bar (or the wps won't fit completely on the screen).


# carp01EN.wps
# Use font ATADORE
# 2005-01-05 Carsten Pache
# Inspired by JoerchB's WPS (Thanks, JoerchB!)
%?ic<%t4%sComposer: %ic|%t0>;%?ig<%t4Genre: %ig|%t0>;%?iy<%t4Year: %iy|%t0>;%t4BR: %fbkBit %?fv<VBR|CBR>;%t4FREQ: %ffHz;%t4Size: %fs kb;%t4Accu: %bt left
 %pc  ·  %pr  ·  %pt
%?Fm<|         %pp of %pe>;%t12%s  +++ next song: %?Fm<%?Ia<%Ia|%?D2<%D2|>> - %?It<%It|%?D1<%D1|>> %?Iy<(%Iy)|>|%t0>


Inspired by JensArnold's wps, removed some useless info and added some other useless info smile


# zeekoe.wps
# font: /.rockbox/fonts/rockfont-8.fnt
%s%?it<%?in<%in. |>%it|%fn>
%s%?ia<%ia|%?d2<%d2|%?d1<Rock · box|>>>
%s%?id<%id|%?d1<%d1|xob · kcoR>>%?iy< (%iy)|>
%pc/%pt [%pp/%pe] %fb%?fv<k vbr|kBit>
%?ig<g: %ig - >b: %bt


This is all about ID3. I think that it gets a lot of info onto the screen.
Anything long scrolls; Title and Artist are set off by dots.
The 6-second scrolling Album line alternates with a 3-second Year.
If data is missing, it tells you. Most small fonts should work.

Peak Meter
Title of track OR Filename
Artist OR No Data Msg
Album/Year OR No Data Msgs
Track Number OR No Data Msg (??) · Sample Rate · CBR/VBR
Current position « Total Track Time » Remaining time
Position Bar


%s· %?it<%it|No Title Data -- %fn>
%s· %?ia<%ia|No Artist Data>
%s%t6%?id<%id|No Album Data>;%t3%?iy<%iy|No Year Data>
%?in<Track %in|Track ??> · %fbkbps %?fv<· VBR|· CBR>
%pc   « %pt »   %pr

JBR 20, utilizing the atadore font:


Peak Meter
Artist/Track (used file name for this one as all my files are named Artist - Trackname format)
Year (or -N/A- if not present)
Elapsed Time, (Total Track Time), Time Remaining
Progress Bar
Battery Estimated Time left, Battery Level (in percent)

%sArtist/Track: %fn
%sAlbum: %?id<%id|-N/A->
Year: (%?iy<%iy|-N/A->)
%pc    (%pt)    %pr
Batt:  %bt [%bl]



%s%ac%?ia<%ia|. %?d1<%d1|root>>
%s%ac%?id<%id|.. %?d2<%d2|%?d1<root|>>> %?iy<(%iy)|>
%t6%s%ac%?Fm<+++: %Fn|%ffHz>;%t6%s%ac%?Fm<+++: %Fn|%?fv<~|>%fbkBit %fc>

A simple WPS using snap-font.


A plain text WPS with lots of info, using a small font (f.e. rockfont-8). The last line looks complicated but this is how it works best.
I removed the graphical version of this that could be found here... because I like it this way much more.


Graphical WPS without statusbar, should be reminiscent of the deliplayer-skin. This one uses rockfont-8 too.


MarianneArnold_equilib.png MarianneArnold_equilib2.png

A well balanced wink wps without statusbar in order to use nedore-9.fnt for better readability. Although it is graphical a lot of information is shown as numbers. - (contains the respective "theme-file")

I also made a lighter version which uses only static icons for battery level and volume - no animation involved - as shown in the right screenshot. This way loading time is decreased.

cabbie 2.0

Candidate for the DefaultWPS (charging symbol and a-b repeat is untested because these are not available on Ondio but they should work; I will try to find someone with a Recorder to test). Here you can download the complete package in the right structure - just unzip to your device. *Updated 8 Jan 2008."


[WPS screen] [directory screen]
Version 1.0.1

This theme is inspired by the Rockbox logo. Originally created and tested on an iPod nano. I've modified it and tested for the Archos Recorders and Archos Ondio using the uisimulator software.

Testers wanted. Please leave feedback on forum topic 8439.0

  • Download:
  • License: GNU GPL v2
  • This theme disables the default statusbar in both the WPS and "Files and Menu" screens.

Posted by RoanHorning, 25 Jan 2007

r26 - 07 Apr 2009 - 22:53:11 - MarianneArnold

Revision r18 - 31 Jul 2008 - 20:16 - DavidHall
Revision r17 - 08 Jan 2008 - 23:13 - ApooMaha
Copyright by the contributing authors.