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Rockbox DevCon 2008

Live video feed

Closed down, obviously.

This is what it looked like:

Petur is taking photos and uploading them here.

Some movies, including the tower building, are here.

Actual work

We'd had ~2 hours of meeting on saturday, recorded on audio (146MB MP3) and video (streamed flash)

Some topics covered

(Quick summary by Björn, proper notes coming later)

3.0 release:
Yes we want one. No it won't be bug free. Only two real showstoppers identified: Freeze at end of playlist (#9110) and playlist skipping bugs (#8977). When those are fixed, we'll do a short feature freeze, cut away everything that doesn't work and release.
GPL version:
We are at v2, because we suspect some imported code is v2-only. We want to move to v2-or-later. V3 is not ruled out, but we'll take it one step at a time.
Rockbox Steering Board:
The Rockbox Steering Board will consist of five persons. The purpose of the board is to resolve issues that get stuck in IRC due to conflicting opinions. A nomination and voting procedure will be done among all committers. (Bagder will send mail with more details.)
Menu and settings layout:
Basically these are never-ending issues that we delegate to the RSB.
pluginlib actions:
Stop trying to shoehorn actions into plugins. Use/create a basic five key context (up/down/left/right/select), and use custom code for everything else.
Plugins lingering in the tracker:
Plugins don't have to work on all targets. We should be less afraid of committing.

Meeting #2

Another ~2 hours of meeting on sunday. Audio (171MB MP3) and video (streamed flash).

New forum guidelines:
Rewrite the guidelines to make them a bit more friendly. Write reponse templates that every developer can use.
IRC channels (add #rockbox-dev?):
We all felt that improved signal/noise-ratio in #rockbox is desirable, but adding a new channel is not really an improvement.
What to do with the feaure request tracker:
We make it restricted for developers-only, so that requests are actually relevant. Use the assigned-to field to show who is interested in each item.
How to stop the manual from lagging behind?
How do we handle remotes in the manual?
Remotes should be described in the text, next to the main unit button description. M3 gets the roles reversed: Using the remote is the normal case.
What is the goal of RBUtil? What should it do and not?
It should do things that help people use Rockbox. We should keep the console version up-to-date to help blind people. We need constructive help from blind people how to make the tools more accessible.