NEWSDATE(2005-05-13) ITEM NAME(Jens Arnold) checked in code that should fix the long-standing LINK("", Red Led Death bug). ITEM LINUSN has fixed the problem with the iRiver 1.65 firmware. ITEM A Windows utility to patch iRiver firmware files has been LINK("", released). ENDDATE NEWSDATE(2005-05-06) ITEM LINUSN now has an iRiver H320 which will be used in the future attempt to port Rockbox to this device. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(2005-04-20) ITEM LINUSN LINK("", announced) that he has played the first seconds of mp3 on his iRiver. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(2005-04-15) ITEM The iRiver remote LCD driver is LINK("", now working) - thanks to NAME(Rick La Charité), NAME(Christian Gmeiner) and LINUSN for this progress. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(2005-04-12) ITEM LINK("", Rockbox Digest) is now active again. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(2005-04-10) ITEM The iRiver bootloader has now LINK("", been tested) with the 1.65 firmware from iRiver. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(2005-04-05) ITEM Trigger recording has been LINK("", added to CVS). Thanks to NAME(Philipp Pertermann) for his work. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(2005-02-10) ITEM A bunch of people have now tested the iRiver LINK("", bootloader). A few bumps, but no bricked players! ENDDATE NEWSDATE(2005-02-08) ITEM LINK("", Evidence) of Rockbox LINK("", booting) on LINK("", iRiver). ENDDATE NEWSDATE(2004-12-23) ITEM Rockbox v2.4 is LINK("", released). ITEM The LINK("", Rockbox 2.4 manual) is out. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(2004-12-17) ITEM Rockbox started from LINK("", flash ROM) finally available for players. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(2004-12-16) ITEM The LINK("", Rockbox 2.3 manual) is out. Thanks go to NAME(Christi Alice Scarborough) for her outstanding work! ENDDATE NEWSDATE(2004-11-09) ITEM Some downtime due to planned server maintenance (replaced a harddisk). ENDDATE NEWSDATE(2004-11-01) ITEM The site was down nearly four days due to hardware failure while the admins were away. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(2004-10-26) ITEM Rockbox v2.3 is LINK("", released). ENDDATE NEWSDATE(2004-10-26) ITEM iRiver progress: the LCD driver LINK("", is working)! ENDDATE NEWSDATE(2004-10-05) ITEM Call for help: We need information from Ondio owners for our LINK("", Archos Ondio port). ENDDATE NEWSDATE(2004-10-01) ITEM Touchdown! The Coldfire BDM wiggler is working on the iHP-120 target! Time for some sweet GDB debugging... ENDDATE NEWSDATE(2004-09-24) ITEM We finally have, thanks to Jeff at Misticriver. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(2004-09-13) ITEM Call for help! Please donate your broken iRiver iHP-1xx to the project! ENDDATE NEWSDATE(2004-07-08) ITEM Good news for Windows users! You can now install the LINK("", daily builds) with an installer executable. Thanks to Christi Scarborough for that. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(2004-06-17) ITEM We now have a LINK("", Wiki) for the documentation. Feel free to join the documentation frenzy! ENDDATE NEWSDATE(2004-05-07) ITEM The CVS repository has LINK("", moved) ENDDATE NEWSDATE(2004-03-14) ITEM Rockbox can LINK("", talk) to you ENDDATE NEWSDATE(2004-03-11) ITEM Version 2.2 is LINK("", released) ENDDATE NEWSDATE(28-nov-2003) ITEM Rockbox now finally runs on the Recorder V2. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(03-nov-2003) ITEM LINUSN revamped the file split feature so it always splits on MP3 frame boundaries. As a bonus, the Play key can now be pressed to start a new file during recording. ITEM LINUSN applied a bunch of nice patches, like Line-In activation on Players, a VU meter plugin, a NIM game for the Player, plus a few bug fixes. ITEM The Chip8 emulator has finally been added to the CVS! ITEM Recording with flashed firmware is finally stable ENDDATE NEWSDATE(28-aug-2003) ITEM Can Rockbox be made to LINK("", play WAV) files? ENDDATE NEWSDATE(22-aug-2003) ITEM NAME(Jesús Rodríguez Marcial) posted his brand new translation of Rockbox into LINK("", Galego). ITEM BAGDER and LINUSN posted a re-worked LINK("", suggestion) previously posted about how to remap the keys of the Recorder versions of Rockbox. Discussions followed. ITEM NAME(idc-dragon) called for LINK("", early adopter needed for player flashing). ENDDATE NEWSDATE(21-aug-2003) ITEM NAME(Druzina Dobravec) brought a LINK("", Slovenian language file) as LINK("", language) number 20. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(13-aug-2003) ITEM NAME(Bernhard) offered a LINK("", good advice to windows people using Archos). He says LINK("", DevEject) is a good thing. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(11-aug-2003) ITEM NAME(Todd Lowe) was searching for LINK("", external battery pack options for FMR). ENDDATE NEWSDATE(9-aug-2003) ITEM NAME(Magnus Holmgren) managed to improve the speed of the ROLO quite a lot with his LINK("", descrable in assembler fix). ENDDATE NEWSDATE(8-aug-2003) ITEM NAME(doctor23) brought up the always-hot topic of LINK("", Should I Buy a Recorder or FM Recorder?). The same issue was also brought up by NAME(Brad) five days later in his LINK("", JBR vs FMR? Which one is better) mail. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(6-aug-2003) ITEM One of those interesting threads on LINK("", should you really buy a JBFMR20?). ENDDATE NEWSDATE(5-aug-2003) ITEM NAME(idc-dragon) posted that he LINK("", needs some Player firmware version insight for flashing). There might be a flashable player in the future if he gets sufficient help! ENDDATE NEWSDATE(4-aug-2003) ITEM NAME(Gadi Cohen) brought a patch that now offers LINK("", working hebrew) for Rockbox. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(3-aug-2003) ITEM NAME(CombThins) brought a thought-through suggestion on LINK("", how to support nested playlists). ENDDATE NEWSDATE(1-aug-2003) ITEM NAME(idc-dragon) got a bunch of LINK("", SST39 flash chips) he offered in case anyone feels like "patching" their units to become flashable. ITEM BAGDER LINK("", announced UCL built in regular build process). So if you install 'uclpack' properly, running make as usual will build you a .ucl file for flashing as well! ITEM NAME(Remo Hofer) LINK("", suggested) we move the fonts to .rockbox/fonts/ and the languages to .rockbox/languages/. The suggestion got some support from various people. ITEM BAGDER fixed daily-zips to include full download packages including most of everything users want, in one single zip archive. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(31-jul-2003) ITEM NAME(David Reis) posted about his new LINK("", favourites rock). ENDDATE NEWSDATE(29-jul-2003) ITEM NAME(Thomas Paul Diffenbach) announced his intensions of a LINK("", battery run-time test) with his new code for longer run-time. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(21-jul-2003) ITEM Starting today, BAGDER has modified the LINK("", daily build) scripts to create a full zip archive for each day's daily build, including everything (all fonts, all languages, all plugins, some docs, and the sokoban levels). ENDDATE NEWSDATE(18-jul-2003) ITEM LINUSN fixed yet another FAT bug that could cause problems when writing data. (It would make a false "disk full" message appear.) ENDDATE NEWSDATE(17-jul-2003) ITEM The eternal but boring discussion LINK("", Forum vs. Mailinglist) was again brought up and discussed at length. None of the core developers are in favour of letting any forum replace or take over the main development mailing list. You're all free to start or use whatever forums you want. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(16-jul-2003) ITEM NAME(Svante T) proposed somone makes a LINK("", Rockbox Desktop Tool). I think the consensus from the following discussion was that it would be cool... Now, does anyone want to write it too? ENDDATE NEWSDATE(9-jul-2003) ITEM NAME(Jörg Hohensohn) released his first LINK("", Rockbox in flash). Full docs and instructions followed. These instructions are now also available on the LINK("", rockbox web site). This posting caused havoc and lots of activity on the list. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(3-jul-2003) ITEM NAME(Jörg Hohensohn) announced that LINK("", Rockbox runs from flash). It booted up and resumed music in 3 seconds!! ENDDATE NEWSDATE(2-jul-2003) ITEM NAME(Hardeep Sidhu) committed his code that introduces LINK("", dynamic playlists) to Rockbox. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(29-jun-2003) ITEM ZAGOR added the LINK("", plugin system). Multiple plugins were added really quick. ITEM BAGDER (digest author) is on vacation! ENDDATE NEWSDATE(20-jun-2003) ITEM The CVS service of Sourceforge is currently not functioning very well, and since Rockbox uses it extensively, the project, web site and associated scripts suffer from this... ITEM NAME(Tony Agee) once again recycled the question LINK("", Why doesnt Archos buy/use RockBox software?) ENDDATE NEWSDATE(19-jun-2003) ITEM LINUSN committed code that fixes the full-disk problem. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(16-jun-2003) ITEM NAME(Margin Borus) wrote about LINK("", Free HD space and PANIC). Rockbox does not always show free disk space correctly because it relies on the fs info block, which windows seems notoriously bad at doing, and Rockbox does not deal with full disks properly ITEM NAME(Andreas Stemmer) brought updates to FAQ entry 74, regarding digital I/O on Archos. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(12-jun-2003) ITEM ZAGOR once again brought up the subject of the " LINK("", Red Led Dead)" error and testing... ENDDATE NEWSDATE(11-jun-2003) ITEM BAGDER mention his intentions to commit the bookmark patch code soon. This was later postponed due to how this functionality collides somewhat with NAME(Hardeep Sidhu)'s dynamic playlist feature... ENDDATE NEWSDATE(10-jun-2003) ITEM ZAGOR added more intervals to the time split feature for recording. ITEM BAGDER committed NAME(Robert Hak)'s work on making Sokoban load the game levels from disk, which saved almost 30K of memory. ITEM The demos are now re-enabled in the builds. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(8-jun-2003) ITEM NAME(Owen Sebastian Hofmann) offered his LINK("", virtual file structures) patch, that allows us to browse lists as if they are directory trees. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(6-jun-2003) ITEM Please friends, to unsubcribe from the Rockbox mailing lists, use LINK("", the instructions). You followed them to subscribe, and the process to unsubscribe is very similar! ITEM NAME(Uwe Freese) announced his LINK("", new ABSync release). ITEM NAME(Steve) posted an innocent LINK("", question) which lead to a long and tedious discussion on mp3 playback using high bitrates and whether or not that causes skips. No 320 kbit mp3 should cause skips on Rockbox. Period. If you know any that do, please report! ENDDATE NEWSDATE(5-jun-2003) ITEM Romanian and Czech translations were added. 19 languages supported now! ITEM After another day with patch cleaning, we applied the code that allows hiding of icons and changing boolean config items take effect immediately. We're down on 16 open patches now. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(4-jun-2003) ITEM ZAGOR and BAGDER had a "Patch Tracker Cleaning Day". We sat down together and went through the patches one by one, starting with the oldest ones. This resulted in 20 closed patches, leaving 25 open ones at this moment. ITEM NAME(Thomas Paul Diffenbach) patch for new id3v2 parsing (plus genre and composer support) was added. ITEM NAME(Dave Jones) code that enables recordings split based on a set timer was applied. ITEM NAME(Magnus Holmgren) and NAME(Mats Lidell) provided the patch for the status bar code cleanup that ZAGOR and BAGDER polished and committed. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(2-jun-2003) ITEM NAME(Kjell Ericson) fixed a weird bug in the keyboard code for players. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(1-jun-2003) ITEM LINUSN went on a bug-hunt and could close three LINK("", bug reports) within 20 minutes. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(31-may-2003) ITEM NAME(Kjell Ericson) did some more improvements on his jump scroll feature and later it was also fixed to get saved properly. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(30-may-2003) ITEM NAME(Hardeep Sidhu) announced his LINK("", Dynamic playlist patch). ENDDATE NEWSDATE(29-may-2003) ITEM LINK("", where are the demos?) They are currently disabled in the daily builds due to space reasons. When that problem is sorted out, they will be re-enabled again. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(27-may-2003) ITEM NAME(Jean Boullier) posted some LINK("", financial information) about Archos 2002 results. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(25-may-2003) ITEM NAME(Thomas Paul Diffenbach) posted his suggested LINK("", modifications on genlang), to support lists easier/better. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(22-may-2003) ITEM NAME(Roland) LINK("", announced) his updated LINK("", minimalistic rockbox sdk for win32). NAME(Roland) boasts >500 downloads of the previous version. Get it and post your comments! ENDDATE NEWSDATE(21-may-2003) ITEM NAME(Kjell Ericson) is looking for comments on his new LINK("", jump scroll feature for players). Experimental binary available for download. ITEM NAME(Frank Incensed) asked the list if others also have experienced LINK("", problems with Archos on Windows XP), and several guys joined in and explained that they too experience crashes or other weird behaviors. ITEM NAME(Garrett Derner) announced his LINK("", text viewer with word wrap and scrollbar) and he is welcoming all feedback you can give him on his effort. You also find LINK("", his patch in the patch tracker). ENDDATE NEWSDATE(20-may-2003) ITEM ZAGOR committed code that now finally makes the remote control functional even while the keylock is activated in Rockbox. ITEM Is it possible to "protect" ideas and intellectual properties produced for Rockbox, or will companies be able to steal/borrow our ideas? NAME(ds2list) LINK("", brought up the subject). ENDDATE NEWSDATE(19-may-2003) ITEM NAME(Jörn Hohensohn) announced his LINK("", Survey for Rockbox in Flash) based on his changes previously mentioned here. Do check them out and post your findings! ITEM NAME(Stevie Oh)'s provided patch that improves VBRfix on files bigger than 16MB was committed. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(18-may-2003) ITEM As a follow-up to NAME(Mark Spooner)'s mail about the original FM sounding better than Rockbox, LINUSN brought a new LINK("", test image) for people to try and to say if it sounds different/better/worse. The first reports have not clearly identified a winner. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(17-may-2003) ITEM LINUSN fixed the bug that made a bad voltage level show at startup ITEM NAME(Jörn Hohensohn) added flash manufacturer ID to the View HW Info screen in the debug view. ITEM LINUSN added a "Save ROM Contents" menu option to the debug menu. If selected, it'll dump the contents of the ROM in two files in the Archos' root directory named "internal_rom_*.bin" (where * is replaced with the address sequence of the dump) ENDDATE NEWSDATE(15-may-2003) ITEM NAME(Mark Spooner) thinks his music LINK("", sounds better with the original Archos firmware). ENDDATE NEWSDATE(13-may-2003) ITEM NAME(Jörg C. Pochmann) says he want his scrolling files names to LINK("", start scrolling from end of filename), and a few other ideas followed... ENDDATE NEWSDATE(12-may-2003) ITEM NAME(Jean Boullier) wrote up a LINK("", help text) for people to be put on the Archos and read using Rockbox. ITEM NAME(Gonz) brought up the subject wondering if Rockbox could be made to LINK("", sort the files to show playlists first). ENDDATE NEWSDATE(11-may-2003) ITEM BAGDER made another fix on the daily-build scripts in an attempt to make them work better even when the sourceforge CVS is this unreliable. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(9-may-2003) ITEM LINUSN announced the LINK("", removal of the 400 entries limit) in directories. The 10000 entries for playlists were also made customizable. The 400-limit was the last entry in the LINK("", Feature Comparison Chart) Rockbox didn't beat Archos at. ITEM LINUSN also made the code enable ATA STANDBY when going into USB mode, which seems to make the disk spin down when idle, when used on some operating systems... ENDDATE NEWSDATE(8-may-2003) ITEM NAME(Boris Maras) brought up the good old subject of LINK("", searching for songs) in Rockbox, and he's building this on top of the patch provided already by NAME(Stefan Meyer). ITEM NAME(Josh) asked the list about tools that would LINK("", auto-sync songs when connected). Ipod is said to have such a software and it is said to please users there. (My note: but then, ipod users like everything Apple says is good for them.) ENDDATE NEWSDATE(7-may-2003) ITEM It seems we haven't had the daily builds updated properly the last couple of days. The anonymous cvs update used in that process is notoriously shaky and fails pretty often, but now it seems to have tricked us for several days in a row... ITEM NAME(Danan) introduced his LINK("", audio thumbnails) patch, that makes your Archos play a specific mp3 when you enter a directory, and thus improves "blind" maneuvering. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(6-may-2003) ITEM NAME(Alan C) mailed in about his LINK("", battery voltage problems) that truly show weird behaviors on his unit. Is it LINK("", a Rockbox issue)? ENDDATE NEWSDATE(5-may-2003) ITEM LINK("", The Haxx guys) invites you to join us to a LINK("", pub evening) in the Swedish capital Stockholm on June 5. (Inivitation link is in Swedish) ITEM Learn how NAME(Dave Jones) made it possible to make LINK("", 3+ days recordings) with his Archos. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(3-may-2003) ITEM LINUSN committed the LINK("", first code for FM tuner) support on the FM Recorder. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(2-may-2003) ITEM NAME(Stevie-O) presented his LINK("", new menu design) suggestion (with binaries). ENDDATE NEWSDATE(1-may-2003) ITEM NAME(Mike Holden) brought a very LINK("", technical report) on his findings in the search for the Red Led Death. ITEM There's now a mailing list setup. By subscribing to it, you'll get the latest items off this digest sent out by mail on a weekly or biweekly basis. The name of the mailing list is 'rockbox-news' and you find all the details on the regular LINK("", mailing list page). ITEM I heard a rumour from a person who actually has listened to radio on his FM Recorder running Rockbox... ITEM Lots of people shared their views in the LINK("", single play mode) thread, and it evolved slightly into a "can we really add every imaginable feature to Rockbox"-discussion. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(30-apr-2003) ITEM LINUSN made the LINK("", disk spin down faster) while recording. ITEM NAME(Roland) requested comments on his LINK("", switch icons on/off in dir-browser patch). ITEM NAME(Johan Vromans) provided his suggested Q73 for the LINK("", FAQ), named LINK("", Help! My recorder crashes when I copy files to it!). ITEM Okay okay, I've already received a whole bunch of mails already, expressing support for the weekly-digests-by-mail idea. Thanks. Please allow me a few more days and I'll set it up and annouce it accordingly. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(29-apr-2003) ITEM Would you like to get the digest mailed out once per week or perhaps once every two weeks? If so, mail LINK("mailto:rockbox-digest at", rockbox-digest at and tell me. If I get a few interested people, I'll setup a mailing list and mail out plain text versions. If not, then I'll be happy with the HTML and RSS versions. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(28-apr-2003) ITEM ZAGOR called out for a LINK("", Brute Force Bug Hunt) in an attempt to track down the "red led dead" problems that have haunted Rockbox the last couple of months. Join in and help! ITEM BAGDER made the LINK("", RSS feed) validate fine, to make people happier. I even added one of those bragging buttons to the LINK("", main page). LINK("", Discussions) followed on how to write proper RSS stuff. ITEM NAME(Mikkel Moe) brought translation number 17 to Rockbox: Norwegian. ITEM NAME(Brent Geery) started a LINK("", discussion) on why there aren't more settings to control the MAS for recordings. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(26-apr-2003) ITEM NAME(Alexandre Belloni) LINK("", re-iterated) the issue of supporting the ext2fs or other file systems in Rockbox. Your friendly editor likes to point out the good old LINK("", NODO) document that explains this. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(24-apr-2003) ITEM BAGDER attempts to produce an LINK("", RSS feed) for this digest thing. ITEM Several standard-builds of Rockbox now excess the maximum image size of 200K... ITEM The "caption backlight" works on Player models too now. ITEM NAME(Magnus Öman) brought the inverted cursor to the recording screen as well. ITEM The demos are now disabled globally to reduce the image size to start working again. ITEM LINUSN fixed a message-display problem that caused some playlist loadings to go nuts. ITEM NAME(John Hudak) expressed his confusion with LINK("", using his Archos on a Mac), and he later posted LINK("", this summary) at Other postings on the thread by NAME(Wesley Simon) and NAME(Michael OQuinn) indicated that John's problem may very well be due to a faulty Archos. ITEM LINUSN LINK("", yelled for help) about the PANIC problems that have been reported on various recordings, as the problem is likely to be more filesystem-related rather than recording-related. ITEM A LINK("", long thread) adressed a possible flaw in the FAT driver and how it deals with short names vs long names, but no consensus has yet been reached on this. It seems that Microsoft's own specs differ on some details... ITEM NAME(c s) mentioned his work on getting LINK("", automobile ignition to stop play). ENDDATE NEWSDATE(23-apr-2003) ITEM ZAGOR committed his fix that now makes the status bar on Recorders only get updated when information actually has changed. ITEM ZAGOR announced his LINK("", linux-kernel patch) for improved FAT performance on Linux, expected to be especially appreciated by USB 1.1 users. One measurement during testing showed a cutback in time for the first copy from 52 seconds to 0.2... ITEM ZAGOR added the "caption backlight" feature, which switches on the backlight just before a song change, and keeps it lit for a backlight-timeout period into the new song. ITEM ZAGOR made the remote control's keys distinguishable from the ordinary keys, so that they can now be used even though keylock is enabled. ITEM BAGDER announced the presence of this digest on the LINK("", mailing list) and on the LINK("", funmp3players forum). ITEM BAGDER posted his LINK("", suggested new keymapping) for Rockbox Recorders to the list. ITEM BAGDER committed playlist code that reduces the number of times the playlist is opened and closed, and it might make it slightly faster to skip forward to next song in a playlist. ITEM BAGDER made keyrepeat in the X11 simulator start working. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(22-apr-2003) ITEM People discussed the chance of adding a feature that sorts files in the dir browser according to the ID3 track number tag, and NAME(Chris Holt) LINK("", explained) how it would be a painfully slow process and that renaming the files to have them prefixed with the track number is the only sane way to accomplish this. ITEM NAME(Thomas Paul Diffenbach) mentioned LINK("", his patch) that will allow a specific piece of the path name to get cut off from the dir browser display. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(21-apr-2003) ITEM NAME(Jeff Peterson) missed the LINK("", FM tuning functions) in Rockbox for the FM Recorder, and correct, they are not supported by any Rockbox code yet. ITEM NAME(Paul van der Heu) pointed out the recently annonced LINK("", Philips HDD100) portable mp3 player. ITEM LINUSN added an option to record files with the "bit reservoir" disabled, thus making recorded files to get edited (using external mp3 editing tools) easier and better. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(20-apr-2003) ITEM NAME(Jörn) questioned the LINK("", current use of F2 and F3) and several other guys seemed to agree. BAGDER intend to post a completely redesigned keymapping suggestion soon... NAME(Jörn) made the scroll and status bar ON/OFF possible to set using the menu. ITEM NAME(Brent Geery) says no hardware player on the planet LINK("", supports ID3 v1.2) and suggested Rockbox to be the first. Mixed emotions followed, but the general feeling seems to be that it shouldn't be hard to add code for, only slightly unnecessary. ITEM LINUSN made mono recordings do a better Xing header. Later LINK("", verified to work) by NAME(Jörn Pochmann). ENDDATE NEWSDATE(19-apr-2003) ITEM NAME(Stefan Meyer) submitted LINK("", his patch) that introduces file search in Rockbox. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(18-apr-2003) ITEM NAME(Thomas Paul Diffenbach) brought up the subject of LINK("", Rockbox 2.3 roadmap and plugins). Further explained in that thread, we plan to have Rockbox support loadable plugins to reduce footprint and allow a virtually unlimited number of functions and features. ITEM NAME(Daniel Nguyen) started an avalanche by LINK("", suggesting) that mailing list mails should use a [ROCKBOX] prefix in the subject lines. Various mail filtering arguments, tips and hints followed. ITEM NAME(Jos Laake) found an LINK("", odd recording bug) that LINUSN fixed almost immediate. It turned out to be a Xing header problem. ITEM NAME(Lee Donaghy) posted a nice repeatable way to LINK("", crash rockbox) with his mp3 song. This turned out to be the ID3 info funtion using a too small buffer for the first loaded frame. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(17-apr-2003) ITEM NAME(c s) announced his LINK("", Alternating WPS Lines) proposal, with patch and mods available. ITEM NAME(BoD) inroduced his LINK("", WPS editor applet) to the the list. ENDDATE NEWSDATE(16-apr-2003) ITEM NAME(Magnus Öman)'s "inverted cursor" patch was applied by LINUSN. There's a new setting in the display section for enabling it. ITEM NAME(Thomas Paul Diffenbach) LINK("", reminded us) about his ID3 tag parsing code patch number LINK("", 706111) and explained how it parses genres. ITEM Does the FM Recorder really support digital in (SPDIF)? LINUSN hasn't found any connector for it on the PCB, but NAME(Gonz) received a LINK( "", reply from Archos) that claims it does... he followed up with a later LINK("", report) and even later his LINK("", reported success). ENDDATE NEWSDATE(15-apr-2003) ITEM 2.0 was LINK("", released). Much rejoicing. ITEM The all LINK("", new pdf manual) deserves a special mentioning. NAME(Jose Maria Garcia Valdecasas Bernal) made a huge effort with that one. ITEM Numerous fixed LINK("", bug reports) on sourceforge were closed. ENDDATE