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Play Doom on your Archos Recorder

This is an April Fools joke.

We are proud to present: Doom on the Archos!

The open-source version of Doom, from ID Software, has been adjusted and handicrafted to work on the Recorder models of the Archos MP3 players. Doom works on both the ordinary Recorder as well as the FM Recorder version (although admittedly a bit slow at times).

ajbrec.ajz for Recorders (149234 bytes)
ajbrec.ajz for FM Recorders (147628 bytes)

The source code has not yet been committed to CVS, so if you're eager to study the source code, then download the package doomarchos-0.1.tar.gz (663552 bytes).


We only have a few crude screenshots so far. Feel free to provide better ones with Doom running on your unit!

Simulator screenshot

Start-up logo as seen when running on target.

A Powerful Really Impressive and Loud experience For the Ordinary and Occasional Loser

Daniel, Björn and Linus. April 1st, 2003.
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