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2023-10-14: Due to the ...erratic new management of twitter, use of the @rockboxcommits handle has been discontinued.

2021-08-30: Mailing lists have moved to a new host.

2021-05-23: We have moved our IRC channels over to the libera network.

2021-03-27: Native bare-metal port to the FiiO M3K!

2021-03-16: mitxela created an Ode to Rockbox on YouTube.

2020-10-11: EROS Q / K (and their clones) are now supported!

2020-07-24: All Achos targets have been retired.

2020-05-27: gerrit and git moved to new hosts. Github integration fixed, and https enabled for gerrit.

2020-05-23: https enabled on all www sites!

2020-05-16: Most infrastructure migrated to new hosts!

2012-11-27: Forums software updated

2012-10-06: Rockbox 3.12 is released

2012-03-31: Rockbox 3.11 is released

2012-01-10: We have finally migrated to git

2011-09-03: Rockbox 3.9.1 is released

2011-06-27: Rockbox 3.9 is released

2011-04-06: Rockbox 3.8.1 is released

2011-04-03: Rockbox participates in the Google Summer of Code 2011 and we welcome students to apply for doing projects for and with us!

2011-04-01: We apologize for the subtle April fool's joke this year.

2011-02-27: Rockbox 3.8 is released

2010-11-26: Rockbox 3.7.1 is released

2010-10-30: Rockbox 3.7 is released

2010-06-03: Rockbox 3.6 is released

2010-02-15: Rockbox will be applying for Google Summer of Code 2010. Please suggest possible projects or ask to be a mentor or student on our IRC channel.

2010-02-03: Rockbox 3.5 is released

2009-09-24: Rockbox 3.4 is released

2009-09-16: We moved the web site to a new server and migrated from twiki to foswiki.

2009-08-27: The site was offline for 50 hours when our ISP went down.

2009-06-21: DevConEuro2009 has ended

2009-06-19: Rockbox 3.3 is released

2009-03-24: is available

2009-03-23: Rockbox 3.2 is released

2009-03-18: Rockbox has been accepted as a mentor organization for Google Summer of Code 2009. Look here for project ideas.

2009-02-25:The Rockbox USB stack is now enabled by default on all PP502x targets.

2008-12-23: Rockbox 3.1 is released

2008-09-23: Rockbox 3.0 is released

2008-08-16: Release 3.0 Feature Freeze

2008-06-29: DevCon 2008 is over.

2008-03-17: We have been accepted as a mentor organization in Google's summer of code 2008.

2008-03-06: We're applying to participate in Google's summer of code 2008.

2007-11-23: New USB stack with limited capability. Currently it only requests full charging power. Ignore driver popups from Windows.

2007-11-18: New voice codec used: Speex!

2007-09-19: 1st and 2nd gen iPods are supported

2007-08-07: We now offer daily built voice files on the daily build page

2007-07-30: The Tracker Cleanup Week has begun!

2007-06-20: Added download mirrors, thanks to some new sponsors

2007-06-15 - 17: Devcon West 2007

2007-06-15: The main web site changed IP and got faster network connection

2007-05-23: Rockbox works on the ipod video 5.5gen 80GB

2007-05-18: Devcon 2007 took place

2007-05-06: Scheduled server maintenance. and will be down approximately 00:00 to 10:00 CET.

2007-03-29: Announcing the 2007-03-15: Rockbox has been accepted as a mentor organization of Google's summer of code 2007

2007-03-10: We welcome SanDisk Sansa E200 to the happy family of Rockbox targets.

2007-03-04: We welcome iAudio M5 to the happy family of Rockbox targets.

2007-01-24: There's talk with AMS.

2007-01-11: We are changing version control system from CVS to Subversion.

2006-12-29: Toshiba Gigabeat builds added to the CVS build table and the daily builds.

2006-12-25: The recent instabilities might be cured now as we run only single-CPU on the server now. Removed CVS builds from this server to reduce some load.

2006-12-14: Michiel van der Kolk, sometimes known as HCl, is dead. He passed away yesterday. He will be missed and remembered as maestro of Rockboy and his eager work on the initial tag database amongst other things. more...

2006-12-07: Sansa e200 builds added to the CVS build table

2006-10-02: Enhanced left-side menu of the web site

2006-08-23: Where are the Rockboxers?

2006-07-18: The feature freeze is lifted

2006-07-14: The Wiki is back up again.

2006-07-07: Site is back up again after a few days downtime due to yet another break-in/attack. The twiki parts are still disabled and will be brought back once we believe we have them "secured" properly.

2006-03-28: Sound on iAudio X5!.

2006-03-17: The Rockbox International Developers Conference 2006.

2006-02-27: Rockbox now has its own distributed build system.

2006-02-23: We have migrated to a new bugtracker: Flyspray. It's faster and better in practically every aspect. See it here.

2006-01-28: Sound on iPod!

2005-12-06: Unicode support!

2005-09-22: Rockbox v2.5 is released.

2005-09-21: The Wiki pages are now restored as much as possible with the exception of the WPS Gallery. The Wiki has been upgraded and the hole is plugged. Backups are done manually currently - work is underway to fix the automatic system that failed us.

2005-09-19: An oldish backup restored, work in progress on getting pages more up-to-date. Mailing lists are up again, but check that you are still subscribed!

2005-09-17: Some nice gentleman deleted our entire Wiki (and more) using a security hole in TWiki. The mailing list is also dead until we sort this out.

2005-08-24: Linus ran his first BDM session on his H320.

2005-08-18: At 13:59 CET. First multimeter "beep" for the h300.

2005-08-08: We will have a Feature Freeze starting on August 22nd, aiming at releasing Rockbox 2.5 on September 5.

2005-06-06: Rockbox plays MP3 and Ogg Vorbis music on the iRiver H1xx.

2005-02-08: Evidence of Rockbox booting on iRiver.

2004-12-23: Rockbox v2.4 is released.

2004-12-17: Rockbox started from flash ROM finally available for players.

2004-12-16: The Rockbox 2.3 manual is out. Thanks go to Christi Alice Scarborough for her outstanding work!

2004-11-09: Some downtime due to planned server maintenance (replaced a harddisk).

2004-11-01: The site was down nearly four days due to hardware failure while the admins were away.

2004-10-26: Rockbox v2.3 is released.

2004-10-26: iRiver progress: the LCD driver is working!

2004-10-05: Call for help: We need information from Ondio owners for our Archos Ondio port.

2004-10-01: Touchdown! The Coldfire BDM wiggler is working on the iHP-120 target! Time for some sweet GDB debugging...

2004-09-24: We finally have, thanks to Jeff at Misticriver.

2004-09-13: Call for help! Please donate your broken iRiver iHP-1xx to the project!

2004-07-08: Good news for Windows users! You can now install the daily builds with an installer executable. Thanks to Christi Scarborough for that.

2004-06-17: We now have a Wiki for the documentation. Feel free to join the documentation frenzy!

2004-05-07: The CVS repository has moved

2004-03-14: Rockbox can talk to you

2004-03-11: Version 2.2 is released

2004-02-05: Rockbox can play video, with sound

2003-12-04: Version 2.1 is released

2003-07-09: Rockbox started from flash ROM works

2003-06-30: The plugin loader is now alive

2003-05-09: The 400-file dir browser limit is gone.

2003-05-03: Finally, FM Radio support for FM Recorder models!

2003-04-23: The Rockbox Digest - track Rockbox development.

2003-04-15: Version 2.0 is released

2003-02-14: Matthew P. O'Reilly gave Linus an FM Recorder for his birthday! Linus had it for 2 hours before he took it apart and started drawing schematics...

2003-01-10: Full ISO-8859-1 font support added for Players, using the Rocklatin1 dynamic charset system.

2002-12-21: You can now donate to the Rockbox project via PayPal. See the new button in the left menu.

2002-11-10: Added recording functionality.

2002-10-15: Now the Player/Studio models run the same firmware. No more Old and New player firmware.

2002-10-11: Version 1.4 is released. Grab it.

2002-09-19: We now support multiple languages. You can help by translating Rockbox to your language. No programming skills required. See instructions here

2002-09-13: We took a big step and converted to an entirely new font system for the Recorder. Please bear with us as we smoothen out the initial quirks.

2002-09-03: ROLO, the Rockbox Loader has been integrated into the CVS, allowing Archos or other Rockbox firmware being loaded by simply selecting the file!

2002-09-02: Vote for your favourite tshirt designs!

2002-08-28: Version 1.3 is released. Go fetch.

2002-08-09: Version 1.2 is released. Download it here.

2002-08-06: Web site moved to new domain:

2002-08-06: Battery charging added for the Recorders (players have hardware charging).

2002-08-02: Rockbox T-Shirt Design Contest

2002-07-28: Configuration saving implemented for all models. Experimental saving to disk is not yet enabled on the players by default.

2002-06-30: USB cable detection added.

2002-06-27: MP3 playback now works for Recorder 6000 and Recorder 10 too.

2002-06-19: Version 1.1 is released. Download it here.

2002-06-19: Recorder sound support checked into CVS. Good news: No background noise!

2002-06-10: Playlist and scroll support added. Testing for release v1.1.

2002-06-07: The ATA driver now works for the Recorder models too.

2002-06-01: Version 1.0 is released! Download it here.

2002-06-01: Web site has been down three days due to a major power loss.

2002-05-27: All v1.0 code is written, we are now entering debug phase. If you like living on the edge, here are daily builds.

2002-05-26: New web design. First player release drawing closer.

2002-05-03: SOUND! Linus' experimental MAS code has played our first 4 seconds of music.

2002-04-27: Julien Labruyére has generously donated an Archos Jukebox 6000 to the project. Thank you!

2002-04-25: Grant Wier has tested the Player LCD's double-height capability:

2002-04-23: Report from the Rockbox Spring Developer Conference 2002 ;-)

2002-04-22: Gentlemen, we have threading.

2002-04-11: The Recorder charset has been mapped.

2002-03-28: Lots of new stuff on the web page: faq, irc logs, tools and photos.

2002-03-25: New section for hardware modifications. First out is the long awaited serial port mod.

2002-03-25: New instructions for how to build an SH-1 cross-compiler.

2002-03-14: New 1 patch and instructions for unlocking the archos harddisk if you have the "Part. Error" problem.

2002-03-08: Uploaded a simple example, showing how to build a program for the Archos.

2002-03-05: The harddisk password lock problem is solved! Development can now resume at full speed!

2002-01-29: If you have feature requests or suggestions, please submit them to our Sourceforge page.

2002-01-19: Cool logo submitted by Thomas Saeys.

2002-01-16: The project now has a proper name: Rockbox. Logos are welcome! :-)
Also, Felix Arends wrote a quick tutorial for how to get sh-gcc running under windows.

2002-01-09: Nicolas Sauzede found out how to display icons and custom characters on the Jukebox LCD.

2002-01-08: The two LCD charsets have been mapped and drawn.

2002-01-07: Jukebox LCD code. I have written a small test program that scrolls some text on the display. You need this file for units with ROM earlier than 4.50 and this file for all others. (The files are gzipped, you need to unzip them before they will work.)

2001-12-29: Recorder LCD code. Gary Czvitkovicz knew the Recorder LCD controller since before and wrote some code that writes text on the Recorder screen.

2001-12-13: First program released! A 550 bytes long archos.mod that performs the amazing magic of flashing the red LED. :-)

2001-12-11: Checksum algorithm solved, thanks to Andy Choi. A new "scramble" utility is available.

2001-12-09: Working my way through the setup code. The notes are being updated continously.

2001-12-08: Analyzed the exception vector table. See the notes. Also, a mailing list archive is up.

2001-12-07: I just wrote this web page to announce descramble.c. I've disassembled one firmware version and looked a bit on the code, but no real analysis yet. Summary: Lots of dreams, very little reality. :-)

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