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#rockbox log for 2002-07-15

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16:08:03ironyhey Zagor
16:08:15ironyyou have insight into gpm and usb mice=
16:08:26ironyi just cant get my mouse to work in console
16:08:27Zagornot much, i'm afraid
16:08:56ironyok :/
16:09:11ironywell off I go into the sun, while gnome2 is compiling =)
16:10:14ironybtw my jb died the other day .(
16:10:17ironyit wont react
16:10:27ironyi think ther eis something wrong with the disk
16:10:32Zagoroh? really dead?
16:10:33ironyi disassembled it
16:10:53ironyi figured i'd get a adaptor to connect the drive directly into the pc
16:10:56ironytry to fix it
16:11:06ironycause right now it just starts and dies
16:11:18Zagorhave you charged the batteries externally?
16:11:21ironywith usb cable it plugs in, it's no but the drive letter won't show up
16:11:30ironynope, they have been inside all the time
16:11:45Zagortry that, if you can. it could be something with the charger
16:11:59ironybut it doenst work even when attacked
16:12:22Zagoryes but the power cable only charges the batteries, it doesn't power the unit
16:12:29ironyoh really?
16:12:34ironydidnt know that ./
16:12:34Zagorso if you have bad batteries attaching the power cable doesn't help
16:13:01Hadakawell, with the recorder, the power cable powers to unit as well - but it doesn't give enough power to spin up the HD
16:13:35ZagorHadaka: does it really?
16:13:42ironyit does show "JukeBox version 5.03"
16:13:46ironyand then shuts down
16:13:51HadakaZagor: yes
16:13:54Zagorirony: sounds like a power problem
16:14:08HadakaZagor: the unit runs with batteries removed totally
16:14:25HadakaZagor: just debugged these things with Linus before he went on vacation
16:14:27ironyomg what have i done
16:14:33ironyi have disassembled it
16:14:34ZagorHadaka: ok
16:14:36ironyi just found the prob
16:15:03ironythe charger needed a 2 mm push to be properly connected to the outlet
16:15:09ironygotta assemble it again
16:15:12Zagorhehe stupid
16:28:47ironyZagor: to mount in linux
16:28:51ironyis it /dev/sda7 ?
16:29:36ironyah figured it out, it was sda1
16:29:51Zagorcat /proc/partitions
16:30:17Hadaka/dev/scsi/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part1 :)
16:30:20ironywith devfs, only the found devices shouw up in dev, right?
16:30:28Zagorirony: yup
16:30:34Hadakaatleast for the long names
16:30:40Hadakanot so necessarily for short names
16:30:43ironythats why i got sda and sda1 only
16:30:45ironyHadaka: ok
16:30:53ironyits really nice
16:31:02Hadakawell for hd* and sd* - I believe they are there only if found
16:31:08Hadakabut for some other stuff, it isn't necessarily so
16:31:24ironyHadaka: u have any insight into gpm and usb mice?
16:31:34Hadakanot really, don't use either myself
16:31:52ironyok =)
16:32:11ironywell I have decided to try to abandon windows permanently
16:32:13Zagordo any of you here suffer from the "corrupted filename" bug?
16:32:21ironyso yesterday i erased my xp and installed linux =)
16:32:42ironyZagor: well i get a strange filename in the rood dir with rockbox
16:32:53Zagorirony: I never feel the need for mouse in console. I wouldn't worry about it.
16:32:56ironya file that isn't there, i believe if i remember it right
16:33:16Zagorirony: ok. could you make an image of the first few megs of the disk and dcc it to me?
16:33:19HadakaI have needed a mouse in console, and used it, but not for a while now
16:33:27Hadakanot on machines where I always run X
16:33:27ironyZagor: I do have a (i think) working config for X, will see as soon as X is compiled
16:33:31ironyZagor: sec
16:33:54ironythe archos is fat or vfat?
16:34:04ironycause i havent long filenames
16:34:08Hadakafat32 - mount as vfat
16:34:10ironyi need ot mount properly
16:34:39Hadakamount -t fat -o fat=32
16:34:41ironynow thats better
16:34:48irony-o ?
16:34:48Hadakabut vfat is good
16:34:54Hadakaautodetects and all
16:34:55ironyi just use -t fat32
16:35:00irony-t vfat i mean
16:35:07Hadakayeah, that's ok
16:35:26ironyZagor: want me to try the latest build of rockbox first?
16:35:31ironyhavent tried in a little while
16:35:55Zagorirony: no, i haven't changed anything in the fat code
16:36:10ironywow heh i got sound in console wee
16:36:18ironyneed amixer
16:36:36HadakaI use aumix for my needs
16:36:47ironyi am just compiling it
16:36:56ironyi kinda like gentoo now
16:37:20ironysome ppl say that one could as well use fbsd with real ports, but still...
16:37:36Zagorpeople say all kinds of things :-)
16:37:41Hadakagentoo is good
16:37:53Hadakathouhg I haven't seen a reason to move away from debian yet
16:37:59ironyi see
16:38:16ironywell i had loads of problems with debian yesterday so i figured ill try gentoo
16:38:26ironycause i got way too many dependency problems
16:38:36ironyi did use undstable though =)
16:38:40Hadakafunny how people get those
16:38:43ironybut i wanted kde3
16:39:07ironybut now i've seen gnome2 and i think its absolutely great design wise
16:39:42ironyehm it wanted ot emerge xfree-4.2.0 for aumix so i killed it, since i am emerging x in the other window =)
16:39:56ironytoo bad, wonder why, i figured aumix was console
16:41:01ironyoh it needs gtk+
16:41:15ironymaybe i gots ome graphic aumix
16:41:15Hadakaerr, aumix doesn't
16:41:23Hadakaaumix-gtk does
16:41:31Hadakabut that's your gentoo problems if you can't separate those two
16:42:44ironyi just took a shot and did emerge aumix
16:43:22ironywhat the...
16:44:27ironywell thats just great
16:44:42ironygotta go
16:48:50Zagordwihnos disk uses a bad partition type: 0x69
16:49:16Zagori need to add a check for that
16:50:12ZagorHadaka: do you know the difference btwn types b,c,d,e,f ?
16:50:25Zagorc seems to the the most common
16:51:30Hadakab,c,? or do you mean 0x6b? or what?
16:51:41Zagoroh, e is fat16.
16:51:42Zagorf is "Win95 extended" ?
16:51:47Zagorno 0x0b and 0x0c
16:52:12Zagorboth my archos and my win95 disk has 0x0c
16:52:58Hadakab, win95 fat32 - c, win95 fat32 (lba) - e, win95 fat16 (lba) - f, Win95 Ext'd (LBA)
16:53:44Zagoryup. the question is will we ever see anything other than 0x0c for rockbox?
16:54:38HadakaI think a disk as big as that cannot be accessed in any other mode - 0x0b might be the other choice
16:55:10Hadakalet's see in a moment what my linux formatter archos looks like
16:55:21Hadakayeah, the same
16:55:25Zagori think i'll check for 0x0c only and see if we get complaints
16:55:33Hadakaso I suppose 0x0C is the proper one
16:55:47Hadakado you only check the first partition, or?
16:56:24Zagortoday I blindly try to mount the first partition
16:56:57Zagori'll add that it searches the four primary slots for 0x0c and mounts it if found
16:58:16Hadakain the (far) future, I'd like to see my archos having a 16 megabyte fat partition which only has the .ajz - and then everything else as some decent filesystem
16:58:54Zagorthe problem is that all decent filesystems are also more complex filesystems
16:59:06Zagorfat32 is pretty straight-forward
16:59:27Zagorbut, sure, it's possible
17:00:06Hadakawell the thing is - that for what archos would need, even iso9660 as a filesystem would do :)
17:00:57Zagori don't know much about iso9660. isn't it limited to 8+3? (without extensions)
17:00:57Hadakaso what would be wanted is a filesystem that would be somehow writeable, would carry all unix information needed - and would survive crashes without a hinch
17:01:14Hadakaand you can't really do a read-write iso9660
17:01:20Hadakathe files are just stacked one after another
17:07:31Hadakamistäköhän mä löytäsin jonkun IGS protokolla kuvauksen
17:07:43Zagorwrong windows? :)
17:08:06Hadakaargh, yes
17:14:14Zagorah, dwihno's image was not the disk only the partition. bah.
17:14:18Zagorsilly me
17:14:36Hadakaoof - might explain some stuff :P
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18:18:47Topic"Help needed: Do you get the "garbled filenames" bug? Contact Zagor!" by zagor (
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19:03:54Linusmodem link from my little island...
19:04:27Linusbut still coding rockbox
19:04:54Linusnope, i havent done anything on that one
19:05:03Linusi have added stack overflow checking
19:05:49Linusi had some probs with PPP and stuff so i havent committed anything yet
19:06:04Linushow´s the FAT problem going?
19:07:01Linussilly Windows tools...
19:07:55Linusgreat work, the RTC saving stuff...
19:09:25Linusi am so puzzled by the pitch problem on the Studio´s...
19:09:52Linusi wish i had it on my player, so i could debug it
19:11:46Linusespecially when it changes when altering the volume
19:13:01Linusso when do you think we want to freeze 1.2?
19:15:15Linusand i want to fix the charger
19:15:30Linusbit it´s not far away
19:20:49Linusi want a way of showing the batttery status on the Recorder
19:21:07Linuslike a status bar, similar to the stock firmware
19:21:16Linusmaybe configurable
19:22:10Linuswell, time to hang up
19:22:22Linuscu in a few...
19:22:48 Part Linus
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19:57:58alexgit1I can send beginning of my HD.
20:01:32ironyi forgot to send
20:01:37ironyalexgit1: u get the error too?=
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20:54:12 Part Linus
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21:20:40Zagorbah, finally my isp wakes up again :-(
21:20:54Zagorah, good! are you using windows or linux?
21:22:07Zagorhmm, do you know any program that will allow you to make a binary copy of the first few megs of your harddisk?
21:23:02Zagoryes, 'dd' can do that if cygwin gives you proper /dev entries?
21:23:20Zagorsuch as /dev/hda
21:23:42Zagortry rawrite, maybe it can do it
21:24:37Zagordd if=/dev/sda of=disk.img bs=1M count=8
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21:30:11 Join alexgit [0] (~alexgit1@
21:30:34alexgitI can send my harddrive data
21:30:57alexgitto fix fat problem
21:31:23Zagorgood. can you make an image of the first 16 megs, zip it hard and dcc it to me?
21:31:57Zagormecraw: ok, nice. i need both your data.
21:32:09alexgitI can do it later tonight (my time) as I am at work now.
21:32:34alexgitThere is other funny problem
21:32:40Zagormecraw: give me those 8 megs and lets see if it's enough. i'm not sure how much I need.
21:32:49alexgitIt seems to show something like JoanJettAnd...
21:33:11alexgitInside there are some mp3 that came with Archos original fm
21:33:34alexgitThere is no way for that stuff to be on the drive
21:33:54alexgitAs I filled 96% of it and defragmented
21:34:12alexgitWindows don't show it either
21:34:40Zagorinteresting. it's probably the same bug.
21:35:08alexgitCould it be stored in rom somewhere?
21:35:17Zagorthere seems to be a problem. maybe it's my nat box playing tricks. hang on...
21:35:18 Join webbie_ [0] (
21:35:36Zagoralexgit: no, it's likely just bad directory entries
21:36:05Hadakaoh btw, for the record dosfsck (or fsck.vfat) is excellent for fixing directory stuff if you are running linux
21:36:09Zagorhmm, do you have an ftp or http server we can take it through?
21:36:55Hadakaexcept that it couldn't fix this one problem where one of my directories does not happen to have the "." or ".." entries - it doesn't hurt me in any way though
21:46:11Zagormecraw: "This folder is currently empty."
21:46:58Zagori have an id and it says i'm logged in.
21:47:07 Quit alexgit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:47:18Zagorspamninja2001 :)
21:47:54Zagorah, got it
21:52:44Zagormecraw: what was the command line you used to make this?
21:54:46Hadakahmmh, zagor needs the dump from the start of the whole drive, not just the partition
21:54:47Zagorit doesn't include the MBR, but then e: wouldn't contain that.
21:54:55Zagoractually just the partition works too
21:55:06Zagori've modified the fat test code to handle it
21:55:40Zagorbut the image is too small :(
21:56:46ZagorI need up to block 0x4b00...
21:57:52Zagorthe images that don't work put the root dir wayyyy out in the middle of the disk :-(
22:08:07Zagormecraw: can you do the same but with 16 megs?
22:08:44Zagorthe root dir on your partition is located just beyond 8 meg
22:08:45 Quit dfg_ ("Client Exiting")
22:08:59Zagordd if=/dev/sda of=disk.img bs=1M count=16
22:09:16Zagorjust use count=16 instead of count=8 on your last line
22:10:27Zagorlooks good
22:17:16Zagorsure, if it's a pure binary split
22:23:37ironyback back
22:23:46ironyZagor: u vanted the first megs
22:23:50ironyZagor: how do i do it
22:24:09Zagordd if=/dev/sda of=disk.img bs=1M count=16
22:24:11ironydd if=/dev/sda1 of=/tmp/file.dat
22:24:19ironygood guess then
22:24:34Hadakavery different
22:24:42Hadakaalways /dev/sda, not /dev/sda1
22:25:12ironybut hey it was a guess
22:26:20ironyZagor: here it comes
22:27:32ironygetting it?
22:27:34Zagor"no route to host"
22:29:04Zagoruhhh, my harddisk is spewing errors! time for a replacement...
22:29:53ironyZagor: ill mail it to then
22:30:12Zagorhow big is it?
22:30:31ironyisnt 1M 1 mb
22:30:45Zagoryes. but please gzip -9 it first
22:31:30Zagorthis is scary reboot time.
22:31:38 Quit Zagor ("bye")
22:32:25irony16777206 bytes
22:32:58ironyehm is gzip -9 supposed to take this long
22:34:49 Quit jedix` ("Client Exiting")
22:52:31 Join Linus [0] (
22:53:52Linussort of... :-)
22:54:16Linusvacation for me is to do what i want when i want
22:56:44 Part irony
22:59:14Linusdon't know...
23:08:06 Part Linus
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23:39:15Linusi am working on stack overflow detection for the threads

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