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#rockbox log for 2002-07-16

00:05:56Linusit seems to work now
00:09:22Linushehe. yes. it checks that the different threads don't exceed their allocated stack space
00:11:00Linusand a nice debug menu too, that displays the stack usage of all threads
00:12:34Linusthere is?
00:27:17 Join Zagor [0] (
00:27:47Zagor274 bad blocks later...
00:28:33Zagorit sure was. I had to fix my harddisk.
00:28:44Zagorit's in dire need of replacement
00:29:53Zagorah, good
00:30:43LinusZagor: hard disk crash on your linux box?
00:30:56Zagornot crash yet, but lots of bad blocks
00:31:12Zagormecraw: what was the url to your yahoo page?
00:31:45Zagorah, saw the mail now. :) thanks
00:33:24Linusthey are scripts that tell the linker what to do
00:34:55Linusthe compiler produces object files with machine code...
00:35:21Linus...and the linker puts them together into a single executable
00:35:57Linusmecraw: have you seen the scroll problem on the latest build?
00:37:13Linusmy changes have nothing to do with the scroll
00:37:27Linushow long is the filename?
00:40:03Linusi think i have found it
00:43:11Zagorah, nice. your image is big enough, mecraw. i can now repeat the bug.
00:43:52Zagorcan you tell me if you see a garbled filename in the root dir?
00:44:33Zagorwhat's it called?
00:44:47Zagorok, good. I see that too.
00:45:50Linusmecraw: i think i have fixed the scroll bug now
00:47:43Linusyes, as far as i can see
00:53:11Zagormecraw: which windows version are you using?
00:56:33Linushow long is it including the path?
00:57:27Zagorhas anyone heard of hidden system directories before? that's what these munged files are...
00:58:01Zagordoes windows ever show a hidden system dir?
00:58:59Zagorcan you try it?
00:59:30Zagorbecause there's also a dir called "System Volume Information" with the same attributes
00:59:46Zagori smell XP "extenstions".
01:02:48Linusi gotta go to bed now...
01:02:52Linuscu guys!
01:03:29 Part Linus
01:03:42Zagoryeah, that's a nice feature
01:04:38Zagorthat's coming up pretty soon
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01:05:09Topic"Rocking the box -" by Zagor (
01:05:23Zagormecraw: yes it will be changed soon
01:07:26 Join elinenbe [0] (
01:13:28Zagormecraw: there's an awful lot of deleted entries in your root dir.
01:13:46Zagori'd say about 150 of them
01:15:20 Quit elinenbe ("User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby")
01:15:37Zagorno, but it's odd. normally there aren't that many deleted entries, since they are reused when you write new files to it.
01:15:47Zagorhave you had a lot of files in the root that you have deleted?
01:19:52 Join elinenbe [0] (
01:20:14elinenbeBack from the Tour De France :)
01:21:27elinenbeviva Lance
01:22:02Zagoryeah, but he lost the tempo today. that was a little surprising
01:22:28elinenbetrue... true... only in the last bit. But it was suprising for him. He is quite super-human
01:23:13elinenbeBut it was an amazing ride by Santiago Botero
01:23:40elinenbedo you like the Tour?
01:24:28Zagoryes, i'm a lot into cycling
01:25:14elinenbeSo am I.. much moreso than football.
01:25:43elinenbeis Linus back?
01:26:57Zagorno, he's just logging in temporarily from his vacation
01:27:03elinenbeand doing some work?
01:27:18elinenbequite impressive :)
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01:31:56elinenbeZagor: are you doing font code now, or is it all just ideas?
01:32:31Zagorit's more than ideas, Alex has written much of it already. but i want to flesh out the concept more before I merge it
01:32:40Zagorcurrently i'm debugging the fat bug
01:32:56Zagorah boooom, i nailed it
01:33:00elinenbenice :)
01:33:15Zagormecraw: the garbled dir is "Recycled"
01:33:54Zagoryeah, but it gets garbled due to a bug in the fat code
01:46:03Zagorbed time. bye guys.
01:46:37 Quit Zagor ("bye")
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08:38:05 Join billytwow [0] (
08:38:16billytwowhi, anyone around?
08:40:41billytwowwell, in case anyone reads this, I just wanted to say thanks for a really nice program. the archos software licks.
08:40:53billytwowi'll come back during a more normal time.
08:46:42billytwowanyhoo.. here's an idea, I don't know if it's already been suggested (i'm too lazy to read the whole irc log files, and hey, if you're too lazy to read my message I'm cool with that)
08:47:53billytwowwhen you hit play rockbox could play the song, but if you hold play for say 2 seconds it brings up a menu with "play, add to playlist, and back" then you hit play on what you want to happen and it happens.
08:49:00webbie_not bad
08:49:05 Nick webbie_ is now known as webmind (
08:49:22webmindu oucld spam it on the list if u want to be sure
08:54:37webmindthat they get the idea
08:55:47billytwowoh ok. so you think it hasn't been thought of yet?
08:57:41billytwowheh. so do you think it's worth mentioning or not?? I just put rockbox 1.1 on my player and have been fiddling with it and thought that that would be an amazing feature to have.
08:58:42billytwowheh, all i'd need is that and a way to discern between a directory and an mp3 other than intuition and i'd be set with all the features i want;)
09:01:03billytwowok, thanks, i'm signing up now;)
09:02:08webmindgreat :)
09:04:51billytwowit's been done;)
09:05:16billytwowso are you guys developers for rockbox?
09:05:30webmindneh.. me just interested in it
09:06:02billytwowso you have an archos jukebox and were less than amused with paltry crap software it came with as well?;)
09:07:51webmindwell it needs getting used to yes
09:08:08webmindlike don't use the que function if u have 1.5min of song remaining
09:08:14webmindcos it's kinda useless then
09:08:30webmindand it really could use some better features
09:08:38billytwowqueue function?
09:08:44webmindlike not turn yourself off after 1min when your charging...
09:08:51webmindqueue function yes..
09:09:00webmindit's in the 5.08 firmware
09:09:19billytwowoh ok.
09:09:33billytwowwell i'm gonna go sleep. i'll ttyl.
09:09:36billytwowthanks again.
09:09:41 Quit billytwow ()
09:12:01 Join billytwow [0] (
09:12:16billytwowhmm. where might i find the 5.08 drivers? the archos site has nothing?
09:29:07webmind5.08 has only been on released on rom then i think
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10:19:13 Join Zagor [0] (
10:30:50billytwowand i wanted to give it a try;)
10:30:55billytwowthanks though.
10:30:57billytwowpeace out.
10:31:00 Part billytwow
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13:04:52PsycoXulbtw all my directories display correctly now
13:05:12PsycoXulexcept for the ones that start with .
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13:07:27DEBUGParse error in OnPrivmsg(from = "dwihno|gone!dwihno@", line = "#Rockbox :Welle erdball is Welle erdball ;D") (snapshot: server.c line 191)
13:07:44ZagorPsycoXul: they still don't work?
13:07:50DEBUGParse error in OnPrivmsg(from = "dwihno|gone!dwihno@", line = "#Rockbox :Btw Zagor, I found a store carrying the headphones ;)") (snapshot: server.c line 191)
13:08:45ZagorPsycoXul: can you fix a test case and send me an image?
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14:42:41*geoffeg wants rockbox not to display directories that are marked "hidden" by FAT
14:44:30Zagorthat's easily done. i'll add a flag for it
14:44:51*geoffeg is algo going to try to get rockbox to play any file named ".announce" in a directory when browsing. Good for driving down the road. You put mp3's of the name of each directory "spoken" so you can know what directory your browsing without taking your eyes off the road.
14:44:57Zagorin fact we can use the mp3/m3u filter flag
14:49:30geoffegill write a script to go through every directory on my archos and dump the directory name through festival and then write the file to the appropriate directory. For instance Queen/.announce.mp3 would be a mp3 that says "Queen" and Queen/Classic Queen/.announce.mp3 would say "Classic Queen"
14:50:10Zagorcool idea
14:50:19geoffegshould be rather easy, right?
14:51:00geoffegsomething you think i should/could impliment without knowing much C? (im a java/perl loser) :)
14:52:19Zagoryeah, it shouldn't be very hard. take a shot at it.
14:52:35geoffegok, thanks :)
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15:52:51geoffegso what file is the directory browsing code in?
15:57:02geoffegah-ha, that would explain why i cant find it, i dont have it
15:57:22Zagoroh. you need the tools, apps and firmware directories
15:57:27geoffegco firmware doesnt get everything i guess :)
15:57:44Zagorno, that's just the base driver code. apps contain the application layer.
15:57:52geoffeggot it
15:58:11geoffegand of course it says that on the webpage :)
15:58:30Zagorheh, typ
16:00:40geoffegwow, the source is pretty clean! this is gonna be pretty simple
16:01:16Zagoryeah, I spend much effort making sure the code is simple
16:30:20Zagoroh, found the reason why .files aren't displayed
16:30:24Zagorwe strip them :)
16:30:29Zagorfixing that now
16:43:13 Quit jedix` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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17:01:21ZagorHadaka: did you ever try your random code?
17:14:15dwihno|goneWhat is the bottom line in the WPS?
17:14:36dwihno|gonebattery left?
17:14:39Zagorthe battery status. full line = full battery
17:14:50Zagorpretty, isn't it? ;)
17:15:01dwihno|goneI was starting to wonder if there was some new clearrect bug ;)
17:15:12Zagori spent all last on the design
17:15:16Zagorlast night
17:15:16dwihno|gone½ line = 50% battery left?
17:15:34Zagoryes, or rather 50% voltage. not necessarily 50% time.
17:17:01dwihno|goneI see a couple of changes since my absence
17:17:34dwihno|gonetrying to load a playlist is bugging :)
17:17:37Zagorthis last m3u filter thing bugs tho
17:17:44Zagoryeah, i broke tree.c
17:17:46Zagorfixing it
17:24:02 Join notch [0] (
17:25:10dwihno|gone"Vicka era höfter oh la-la-la"
17:29:40Zagorcrap, my harddisk is going down in flames :-(
17:29:52ZagorI gotta go get a replacement
17:29:58mecrawdump some water on it
17:30:03*dwihno|gone sends the water coolant to Zagor
17:30:38ZagorJul 16 17:34:51 bjorn kernel: hda: write_intr: status=0x71 { DriveReady DeviceFault SeekComplete Error }
17:30:47Zagorthat's not what you want your log filled with...
17:31:41notchYou guys know about the HD probs with version (recorder) 20020716 ??
17:32:08Zagoryeah, it's fixed. that was me being too picky about accepted partition types
17:32:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:32:56ZagorI would say we have a (long overdue) 1.2 on our hands now. some minor bugs left but no show-stopper
17:33:46Zagorcrap, i need to fix this harddrive. cross your fingers for me. bye.
17:34:11 Quit Zagor ("bye")
17:34:19 Quit notch ()
18:02:39 Join aakil [0] (
18:03:22aakilHas anyone recharged their batteries using yesterday's daily build?
18:03:47mecrawno, i didn't know it could be done
18:04:13aakilHmmm. I guess I should say after installing yesterday's daily and then restarting
18:04:28aakilBecause mine recharged to 150% according to debug ports
18:04:38aakilAnd I'm wonder if the RTC changes might have caused it
18:05:23aakilThis is on an AJBR6
18:21:02 Quit alexgit1_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:21:58aakilActually, after looking it up on Yahoo groups messages it sounds like this is pretty common with the AJBs. I guess I never noticed before because there was no way to tell with the Archos firmware!
18:42:07 Quit aakil (
18:42:07 Quit wettoad (
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