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#rockbox log for 2002-07-18

01:30:01 Join Zagor [0] (
01:32:17mecrawHi, Zagor
01:32:43mecrawHow's the harddrive?
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01:33:35Zagori've just spent a good chunk of my evening installing debian on a new 120-giger
01:34:34mecrawi've been trying to find a stack overflow that keeps me from playing anything on my ajbr20
01:34:43Zagorthe old one is toast. sometimes it doesn't even tell the BIOS that it's alive
01:34:54Zagorreally? what happens?
01:35:14mecrawit just prints "Stkov" and doesn't respond
01:35:27mecrawit looks like Linus' code that he put in last night
01:35:38Zagorah. what changes have you made?
01:36:10mecrawall i can tell is it's getting to a thread that doesn't exist
01:36:42mecrawi changed thread.c to print out the thread number, since it didn't give me a name
01:36:56mecrawand it printed out 6, when there are only 5
01:47:12mecrawyours is working fine?
01:48:01mecrawany suggestions on what to look for?
01:48:30Zagorbig variables, or recursive calls
01:48:36Zagorlocal variables, that is
01:51:15mecrawdo you have an ajbr20?
01:52:06mecrawcan you send me your ajz file?
01:52:20Zagorsure, hang on
01:57:10mecrawyours seems to be working
01:57:19mecrawspoke too soon
01:58:26mecrawit plays music fine, but now it says
01:58:26mecrawat 09009438
01:58:41mecrawand then stopped playing after a minute
01:59:09mecrawand the red light blinks on and off
02:02:39Zagori'll be looking at that soon. right now i'm rebuilding my environment
02:03:08mecrawok, i'm going to try to find a build that works for me
02:20:05mecrawWell, now it's working great.
02:20:16mecrawI got rid of all of my changes...
02:20:39mecrawwhich were only to display additional info and to enable proportional fonts
02:23:39mecrawDo you have proportional fonts enabled?
02:24:54mecrawI guess I'll just call it a fluke and try to forget the past few hours.
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10:55:47 Join wavey [0] (~wavey@
10:56:02waveyguys, i'm so impressed!
10:56:12waveytemendous work
10:56:25Zagorhey, wavey. long time no see!
10:56:47waveyi've been without net access for ages at work :/
10:57:00Zagorugh, that's painful
10:57:07waveyand i just tried rockbox 1.1 on my recorder
10:57:44Zagoroh, just the 1.1? you should try the daily builds, they have progressed a lot since 1.1.
10:57:51waveysuperb :)
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11:59:42Zagorwtf? still no local chars :(
12:40:25Zagorah, works again
12:40:34*Zagor has a spankin' new Debian box now
12:50:43 Join notch [0] (
12:51:28notchjust installed the latest daily build on my recorder6
12:51:56notchworks well but the skip function isnt working properly
12:52:04Zagorwe have no skip :)
12:52:08Zagoronly next/prev track
12:52:17notchthought that might be the case...
12:52:17PsycoXulthats what skip is
12:52:26Zagorand that one sometimes hops a track too many
12:52:38ZagorPsycoXul: oh, I though skip meant search. never mind.
12:52:47PsycoXulZagor: you're thinking of seek
12:53:41PsycoXulso did you commit the fix for undisplayed .blah?
12:54:12Zagoryup, it's fixed
12:54:25Zagornotch: what it the problem you're seeing?
12:54:26PsycoXuldid that get in before today's daily?
12:54:30ZagorPsycoXul: yes
12:56:53PsycoXulok and that would report version as CVS-020717?
12:57:04Zagoryeah, I hope so :)
12:57:15PsycoXulnice faster bootup time btw
12:57:34Zagoryeah, for some reason the harddisk always spun down when using the old method
12:58:09PsycoXulbut my .dirs still don't show up
12:58:23Zagorstrange. ok, i need to look at that more then
13:03:28PsycoXuloh yeah and is the backlight supposed to work?
13:03:41Zagoryup. doesn't it?
13:03:45PsycoXulon a studio20?
13:03:53Zagorah, dunno about that
13:05:53PsycoXulbtw i get clipping with the default sound settings.. in fact i have to turn the trebble way past the bass not to get clipping
13:06:40Zagorok. i think maybe they are more tested on recorder than studio
13:06:58PsycoXulwell a few dB past the bass, or more depending on the song
13:07:26notchZagor: When holding >> down theres' no search, and the unit takes ages to recover - HDD stays on for a long time
13:07:27PsycoXulyeah whats up with that? i thought players were the primary target :p
13:07:45PsycoXulnotch: yeah there's no search/seek
13:07:54PsycoXulnotch: just skip
13:08:38notchCool, just replying to Zagors's question a while ago...
13:10:17Zagornotch: yes, holding it down gives a repeat for "next" so it will skip a great number of songs forward. not to be recommended :-)
13:11:01Zagorthe "next" handling is not very graceful either, so yes it's probably quite painful :)
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13:43:21Zagoroh, crap. now I'm in that cursor pointer mode again
13:48:33Hadakaoof, now I need some heavy duty linux kernel guys
13:49:36Zagori'll help if you remember how to get out of the mouse-mode in xfree86 :)
13:49:52Hadakaoh, shift-numlock :)
13:49:57Hadaka..or something ;)
13:50:22Zagorheh, yeah that was it. damn, do I need to help you now? ;)
13:50:51Hadakawell not, unless you know how on earth is the 2.4.18 kernel limiting ARP replies to one per second
13:51:10HadakaI've read the kernel source already - so if you are past that, then I want help :)
13:51:44Zagorwhoa, nope sorry. try #kernelnewbies, lots of good people in there (despite the name)
13:52:06Hadakaoooh thanks!
13:58:35Zagorthe mersenne code segfaults on me...
13:59:22Hadakaouchie - yeah, wanted to mention that I hadn't had time to take a peek at it
13:59:35HadakaI hope unsigned ints are 32-bit on that machine?
13:59:52Hadakahmm, well have to see about that
14:00:02Zagorit even crashes in the simulator. i don't see what's wrong.
14:05:02Hadakahmmh, works fine when I make an external program to check it
14:05:06Hadakaand works fine with valgrind
14:05:16Hadakaso I'd have to see the actual code - but a bit busy right now
14:05:18Zagorgood idea, i'll try it separately
14:05:50Hadakavalgrind is wonderful for memory errors
14:24:10 Join jedix [0] (~liam@
14:24:50Zagoryep, it works just fine standalone for me too
14:25:41*Zagor is puzzled
14:34:13adi|homezagor.. any chance of getting documentation of some kind as to what the info is displayd on the debug screen?
14:34:30adi|homeand i go inactive for a week or so and you get a whole bunch of shit going dont ya ;)
14:34:34Zagorheh, it's self explanatory! ;)
14:34:36adi|homeusb mode...
14:34:41adi|homeheheh to you maybe..
14:34:46adi|homebut like battery..
14:34:52adi|homeis that current usage.
14:34:56adi|homeor life expectancy
14:35:44Zagorit's the current voltage level. it seems to decrease fairly linearly.
14:35:57Zagor0% is the shutoff level where things start not working
14:36:27Zagorit's the same value that is used to draw the battery indicator line in wps
14:36:46adi|homei haven't looked to much at the wps...
14:36:49adi|homegotta play with that.
14:37:10adi|homewas getting usb working to tough?
14:37:51Zagornot really, we just had to make sure all the threads are aware of it so they don't start reading the disk
14:38:16adi|homeokay.. this battery indicator line..
14:38:25adi|homeis that expect life of battery?
14:38:33Zagorno, it's just the voltage level
14:38:37adi|homeor just the pull of juice _from_ the battery
14:38:58adi|homehave we given much thought about how to figure out battery life?
14:39:03adi|homeeven if we can't recharge..
14:39:11adi|homeknowing when its going down would be useful.
14:39:11Zagoryes, a lot... it's not easy.
14:40:01adi|homei was afraid you were going to say that...
14:40:06Zagorbasically, all devices make up battery life "from the hip". there is no scientific way to calculate it to any higer degree of certainty
14:40:27adi|homedamn.. cause until we get the power plug recognized... rockbox isn't usable for me... damn shoddy battery contacts
14:40:38adi|homegot ya...
14:40:50Zagori charge it at night, the run it almost the whole day
14:41:10Zagorbut charging is coming soon. it's written already, we just want to make sure we don't fry anything when we enable it...
14:41:36adi|homeso we would have to do something along the lines running the battery dry... charging it full.. then starting the counter...
14:41:52adi|homethen use the voltage drawn to "subtract" life time...
14:42:19adi|homeand when we are plugged in.. add 'life time' for how ever long we are plugged in * voltage pulled from being plugged in?
14:42:54Zagorsomething like that. but then we don't know how much the charger actually charges, so it would never work anyway
14:43:17adi|homewhy don't we know how much the charge charges?
14:43:23adi|homewe don't have a way of figuring that out?
14:43:23Zagorthis voltage level seems to be a fairly good indication anyway
14:43:37Zagorno, we just know if it's connected. not voltage or current
14:43:41adi|homeie: less voltage, the shorter the life?
14:44:04adi|homewell.. maybe we can use that...
14:44:07adi|homedo a polling...
14:44:17adi|homebalance for spikes and troughs...
14:44:36Zagorthere are other problems too. no two brands of batteries work the same.
14:44:56Zagorcharge current, peak voltage, dropoff curves etc. all different.
14:44:58adi|homeso the voltage is then _not_ an idicator?
14:45:15Zagorit's an indicator. it's not to be trusted with your life :)
14:45:34adi|homei mean.. i would assuem anyways that is not a constant draw, menaing.. as the disk spins up, you pull more voltage.. no?
14:46:34Zagormore current, yes
14:46:49adi|homestupid physics :)
14:46:50Zagorwhich gives a voltage drop. you can see that on the battery line
14:47:10adi|homei wonder htf they do it on the archos
14:47:43Zagorto top it off, the charger units work very differently on player-old, player and recorder...
14:48:01adi|homeehhehe on that note...
14:48:08adi|homeim getting a few hours shut eye...
14:48:16adi|homebe back soon.. thanks for the info...
14:48:26adi|homeill brain storm.. see if i can annoy you more later
14:48:52Zagorhehe, do so. night!
14:52:04 Join elinenbe [0] (
14:52:11elinenbemorning all
14:56:35elinenbeZagor: you should make the directory sort an option.
14:56:55Zagorwithout sort, it's just chaos
14:56:55elinenbeI quite liked having the directories in their alphabetic order
14:57:06Zagoroh, you mean which type of sort
14:57:26elinenbeleave the case insensitive there, but make the directories at the top an option.
14:58:44Zagori was thinking about having playlists at the top too... yup, time for a new option
15:00:21elinenbethat would be great
15:00:48elinenbeoption: sort folders / sort playlists and folders / sort nothing
15:17:05elinenbeapple keynote is on...
15:24:44 Join yro [0] (
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15:51:03Zagorfound it. the mersenne random returns negative values. that breaks everything...
15:57:40elinenbefound what?
15:57:56Zagorthe reason why the new random code didn't work
16:19:09Zagorbut there's more trouble. stack smashing...
16:45:09 Join Brzi [0] (dsf@
16:51:06Zagorgotta go. see you
16:51:07 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
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18:04:24 Join Linus [0] (
18:05:09Linusany news?
18:05:30mecrawBesides the new 20GB iPod?
18:06:01Linusmecraw: I saw on the mailing list that my stack overflow code paid off instantly
18:06:27mecrawi actually had a problem with it yesterday...
18:06:36mecrawbut i think i just had a faulty build
18:07:02mecrawIt would just say "Stkov" and stop working... no thread name or nothing
18:07:27mecrawi modified it to print out the thread number and it said thread_num was 6
18:07:42mecraweven though 5 is the max right now
18:07:50Linusreally strange
18:08:13mecrawvery, but then just cleaned out all changed, make clean, then make, and all works great now
18:08:19Linusoh. ok
18:10:07Linusi missed the discussion on the fat32 probs
18:10:15Linuswhat was the actual problem?
18:10:33Linusdid Xp create some strange backup directoriies or something?
18:10:47mecrawthe munged directories were hidden system folders for windows
18:11:42mecrawwhy didn't a thread name print out next to Stkov for the guy with the memset email?
18:11:53Linusgood question
18:13:19Linusmaybe i forgot to set the name for the main thread?
18:13:42mecrawno, it's set
18:13:54mecrawnames are set for threads 0-5
18:14:06mecrawsomehow it gets past 5
18:14:21mecrawthat's what had me scratching my head yesterday
18:14:26Linusin your case, yes. But was that his problem?
18:15:13mecrawi don't know, probably though, since there was no name
18:17:58mecrawthe 20GB iPod is $500 US and will take 5-7 weeks to ship... Rockbox will be kicking its ass by the time it arrives
18:20:01Linusi'll have a look at the stack overflow problem
18:20:15Linusi just have to reboot into Linux and resync my CVS
18:20:20mecrawDo you think the charging code will be ready by next week? I have an 18 hour road trip coming up.
18:20:21Linusmaybe later tonight
18:20:40Linusok. I'll try to do that
18:20:47mecrawno pressure :)
18:21:04Linusbut you can always recharge it when it is shut off...
18:21:12elinenbeLINUS!!! Hello!
18:21:27mecrawgotta go, see ya
18:21:36 Nick mecraw is now known as mecraw|meeting (~mecraw@
18:22:58LinusHi elinenbe!
18:24:19LinusI'm on a laptop modem link from a small island outside the swedish coast.
18:27:38Linusand now i have to hang up
18:27:40Linuscu later
18:27:55 Part Linus
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19:51:00elinenbeLinus is back!
19:51:13elinenbeYou should enjoy the island
19:51:24Linusi am
19:52:25Linusi just can't keep my hands off the rockbox
19:52:30elinenbethat is great
19:53:12elinenbeany progress?
19:53:52Linusmy current build has major file system problems...
20:00:17Linusmake clean solved the problem
20:01:32Linusgotta go. bye
20:01:46 Part Linus
20:07:14 Quit elinenbe ("User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby")
20:07:25HesGood evening.
20:09:30 Join Lovechild [0] (
20:09:32 Join Chomsky [0] (
20:16:40 Join Evil_Mind [0] (~fuck@
20:16:44DBUGEnqueued KICK Evil_Mind
20:16:44Evil_Mind,1 I m Using CoPy ScRiP~|~ MaDe By fowler-star ,1u can get the script in
20:17:07Evil_Mindany1 here?
20:17:48Evil_Mindoh....can u tell me why the backligt is never on when i use rockbox?
20:18:36LovechildWell my Recorder 10 hasn't arrived yet, I'm just hanging out hoping to catch some good juice
20:19:03Evil_Mindhow much it costs you?
20:19:38Evil_Mindthe Recorder 10 ........
20:19:52Lovechild2500 DKK ~ 340 US$
20:20:13Lovechildhell yes
20:20:17Evil_Mindits alot of money..
20:20:27LovechildI needed a new toy
20:20:46LovechildThen I heard about Rockbox earlier today and I was sold
20:20:47Evil_Mindi bought my studio 10 for 220$
20:21:56Lovechildwell, hardware is expensive here in Denmark
20:22:43Evil_Mindso to China....i bet it cost there atmost half the price..
20:23:12Lovechildthe plane ticket kinda would level that out right?
20:24:13Evil_Mindyes...but u can buy allllloooooootttt of thing in low prices and it will be worth it!.....(-:
20:24:29Lovechildso, I hear of alot of problems with the PSU for the Jukebox - Xp any of these ?
20:24:54LovechildPower supply Unit
20:25:14Evil_Mindwhat do you mean?
20:25:20Evil_Mindi got Xp...
20:26:10LovechildHow hard is installation of RockBox anyways ?
20:26:19Evil_Mindits not hard at all...
20:26:40Lovechildcool... I'm looking forward to hooking it up to my Linux Boxen...
20:26:47Evil_Mindu just plug in the USB cable and download the drivers for Xp from archos site have linux..
20:27:10Lovechilddamn... it requires Windows... shit...
20:27:22Lovechild8) Linux 8)
20:27:23Evil_Mindyou can use it with linux...
20:27:42LovechildI know, but I was hoping that the firmware update would be Linux native
20:28:23Evil_Mindi'm hopping for you....(-:
20:29:21LovechildThis probably means I have to find an idio^wfriend who has Windows on his machine to update my player
20:30:36Lovechildwell I can't update the firmware from Linux can I.... I bet nobody was smart enough to write a program for that while they were at it :9
20:31:33Evil_Minddid u joined the mailing list?
20:32:04Evil_Mindi think the most "ACTION" take place there....(-:
20:34:32LovechildI'm already on the mailing list.. sign up an hour ago
20:45:51 Join elinenbe [0] (
21:03:34geoffegupdating the firmware is as easy as dumping a file in the root dir i thought, i dont see why the OS you do it on matters
21:05:20Hadakayou just need to get the firmware uncompressed
21:05:47geoffegor get it from someone else, like me
21:06:17geoffeglinux has zip and rar
21:06:34Hadakayup, I did it entirely on linux
21:06:50Hadakajust that some package was a self-extracting one (not the firmware-update)
21:07:42geoffegright, but i believe you can extract self-extracting packages with the regular utilities, i may be wrong though
21:07:44LovechildI'll figure it out... but first... encoding all my albums into MP3 VBR
21:08:29Hadakaany special reason why VBR?
21:08:37CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
21:08:37*geoffeg still use CBR, ive yet to like the quality that comes out of VBR for the file size
21:08:53LovechildI think it's better quailty
21:09:07Lovechildwhile still conserving space
21:09:08Hadakawell, on lower bitrates, VBR is nice
21:09:22Hadakabut if you do 128kbit or 192kbit, CBR is actually often nicer
21:09:30geoffegis 160/192 considered low?
21:09:33Lovechild−−r3mix rocks :)
21:09:41geoffeg−−r3mix is what?
21:09:44Hadakato get the same quality, you'll have to get a pretty bit VBR file
21:09:54Lovechildman lame :)
21:10:37HadakaI have heard a good VBR song - but the average bitrate on that was over 160kbit - and the size wasn't really that much smaller
21:11:07geoffegright, which is why i dont use it, CBR seems to work quite nice. I'd like to use ogg BUT :)
21:11:37LovechildOGG would be cool, but it seems to be hard to get the Archos box to support it
21:12:02geoffegyeap, 1k is a little too small to get an audio codec into
21:12:10geoffegwell, a complex one
21:12:41LovechildI bet we could figure out a workaround, but it would probably be nasty
21:13:44geoffegwow, the −−r3mix option says to see and doesnt seem to say much about what −−r3mix means
21:16:15geoffegapparently −−r3mix means to use a website for encoding?
21:17:17Lovechild−−r3mix is the same as −−nspsytune −−vbr-mtrh -V1 -mj -h -b96 −−lowpass 19.5 −−athtype 3 −−ns-sfb21 2 -Z −−scale 0.98 -X0
21:17:53Lovechildthe site ( has more info on what it does
21:19:25Evil_Mindcan someone tell me why the backligt is never on when i use rockbox?
21:32:37*geoffeg tries the −−r3mix option and compares to 160 CBR
21:32:39Lovechildthey apparently don't like you Evil_Mind :)
21:32:46geoffegEvil_Mind: maybe it isnt implemented
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21:33:57LovechildOh Swan Lee is exellent...
21:35:48Evil_Mindi think so ....Lovechild...
22:23:36 Part Lovechild ("Client Exiting")
22:24:19mecraw|meetingEvil_Mind: which jukebox do you have?
22:24:26 Nick mecraw|meeting is now known as mecraw (~mecraw@
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22:52:32 Quit jedix (Remote closed the connection)
22:55:39Evil_Mindstudio 10
22:55:49Evil_Mindi have to go now... email is
22:56:27 Quit Evil_Mind ()
23:22:20mecrawmatp: working on anything?
23:31:20PsycoXulCBR is wasteful.. it uses up the entire bitrate for parts that don't need it, making parts that need a higher bitrate suffer
23:31:50PsycoXulVBR is almost always better quality in less or similar space
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