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#rockbox log for 2002-07-19

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15:09:19HesIf the feature name is 'autoplay', i'd suggest /autoplay.m3u
15:10:59Hesand storing the autoplay bit in the first bit of 0x10 of the config block
15:11:06Heswhich the patch actually does:
15:11:09Hes+ rtc_config_block[0x10] = (unsigned char)global_settings.autoplay;
15:11:20Hesit just documents it differently:
15:11:20Hes+0x11 0x25 <autoplay byte>
15:11:56Hes=> away
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15:51:22dughello everybody
15:55:24yroHi there
15:58:30dugi'm visite your site
15:59:23dugand i'm very interesting
15:59:40yroHes: Yep, you're right, I'm wrong in the doc...
15:59:54yrodug: You own a player ?
16:01:21dugyes... i have a Recorder 20
16:01:48yrodug: Have you tried it ?
16:02:27yrodug: I mean, rockbox on it ;-)
16:02:49dugand i wonder if i have to change it width Archos Multimedia (sorry for my english, i'm french)
16:03:18dugyes i'm tried it, and it's very cool... and your firmware also :)
16:03:52dugbut, you work with version Multimedia ?
16:03:55yrodug: Not mine, I'm just on the channel right now ;-)
16:04:21yrodug: The Multimedia version is already out ?
16:04:34yro(Im french too ;-))
16:05:00dug:)) et ben je cause francais si cela ne t'embete pas ;)
16:05:35dugen faite, je viens de voir que cette plateforme pouvait etre programmer (j'suis programmeur)
16:06:06duget j'hesite a l'echanger avec la version Multimedia, vu qu'il y a plus de possibilité de dev dessus
16:07:10dugyro: quand penses tu ?
16:33:59 Quit yro ("ircII EPIC4-1.1.5 -- Are we there yet?")
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16:43:30mecrawHi, Linus!
16:44:08mecrawI think I'm having trouble with the changes you made to mpeg.c yesterday
16:44:17Linusmecraw: please tell me
16:44:19mecrawsongs stop playing after about 6 seconds
16:44:26Linusah! hang on
16:45:02mecrawi believe so, let me build it again and check it
16:45:19Linusmecraw: recorder?
16:45:28mecrawyep, rec 20
16:46:12Linuswhat bitrate?
16:46:35mecrawbetween 160 and 210
16:47:55Linusi have had a similar problem, but after about a minute
16:47:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:55:11mecraw6 seconds on a vbr (193 kbit avg)
16:56:00Linusdoes your hard drive take long to spin up?
16:56:44mecrawwhat is long? and how do i tell?
16:57:11Linus:-) never mind
16:57:35Linusi'll have a fix for that in a few
17:01:25Linus193kbit avr, that high! :-)
17:02:12mecrawthe next one last 5 seconds and was 201kbit avr
17:02:50dugbye bye everybody... good job for your firmware
17:02:54 Join fragglet [0] (
17:05:23Linusmecraw: what happens if you set MPEG_FIRST_CHUNKSIZE to 0x30000?
17:06:26mecrawi'll check
17:09:47mecrawit's at 40 seconds and still going
17:12:05mecraw201kbit avg stopped after 71 seconds
17:13:53Linusok, we need to raise the low water mark for you
17:14:00mecraw193kbit avg stopped after 73 seconds
17:14:50mecrawdo we need to calculate it based on avg bitrate?
17:15:22Linuswe could, to optimize buffer usage
17:16:24 Part dug
17:16:52Linuswhen you start a song, how long does the last blink take?
17:18:16Linusmecraw: sorry, i have to run now. i'll be back!
17:18:20 Part Linus
17:18:21mecrawabout 5 seconds
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17:59:33Topic"Rock the box!" by Zagor (
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18:25:10matpmecraw: i like the idea of your patch. i reckon i'd use something like that
18:25:29mecrawi was wondering if i was the only one
18:43:50 Quit aakil ()
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18:51:01matpI was sat in the car last night, and a song came on that I hadn't heard for years. Of course, then I wanted to play the whole album
18:51:55matpand had to fiddle around loads. i wonder if we could play the album from the beginning.
18:52:47mecrawnot without searching id3 tags or knowing the naming convention
18:54:29mecrawanother usability issue is where do we start the playlist from when the user switches back to shuffle?
18:55:07matpi have "playlist.m3u" in each album directory ...
18:55:52mecrawi'm thinking of going back to the last shuffled song and going to the next song in the shuffled list
18:55:53matpstart from where it was previously
18:56:10matpyes, what does it do now?
18:56:41mecrawit finds the seek position of the song it was just playing, and then advances in the list
18:57:25mecrawthis could theoretically put you at a point in the shuffled list that you've already heard
18:57:57matpim not sure i understand. it reshuffles ?
18:59:34mecrawit reshuffles using the original seed
19:00:18mecrawwhen it switches shuffle mode, i look up the current seek position in the index list...
19:00:21 Join Lovechild [0] (
19:00:30mecrawthen sort it, or shuffle it accordingly...
19:00:54mecrawthen loop through the list looking for that seek position and set the index to that position
19:03:05matpi am being thick. how could you be in a position that you'd already heard?
19:04:26mecrawyou switch shuffle mode off and listen for awhile, and eventually get to a song that you already heard in shuffle mode, then you switch shuffle back on...
19:04:48mecrawyou will be back at an earlier point in the shuffled list
19:07:32matpyes, it should store the seek position of the song that was playing when you switched off shuffle
19:08:07matpthen advance from there when you switch shuffle back on
19:08:41mecrawi agree
19:09:43matpphew, i'm glad we sorted that out :)
19:10:18mecrawi was thinking of waiting to update the patch until the first one is incorporated into cvs, if it ever is
19:10:54matpit's a great feature anyway. i really would like to default to first entry in playlist.m3u in the current directory though
19:11:08*Lovechild is away: - diner
19:11:25matpyou sound like you think it might not be accepted into the build
19:12:08mecrawi'm just a humble servant to the cvs committers of the Rockbox world
19:13:07mecrawmy problem with the playlist.m3u is that it's not a convention that everyone else employs
19:13:48mecrawincluding me :)
19:13:54matpsure, maybe it could be an option.
19:14:12matpwhat do you call them. i use grip, and it defaults to playlist.m3u
19:14:59matpbut you're right. people may name them differently for each album.
19:15:29mecrawi don't have a playlist for each album... i just name the tracks <track no> - title - artist - album.mp3 and play the directory when i want to hear a specific album
19:16:11matpi see
19:16:52matpmaybe they could be played in alphabetical order...
19:17:51mecrawthat basically means switching out of playlist mode altogether, and going into directory mode
19:18:24mecrawthe manual solution is to turn off shuffle and hit back a few times until you're at the first song
19:19:17matpsure, but i'm as lazy as you are, so I know you know what I mean :)
19:19:43mecrawaren't all programmers lazy?
19:20:48matpmost definitely. well, i gotta go. i'm just finishing work.
19:21:00matpi may see you later tonight.
19:21:25mecrawprobably not
19:21:32 Nick matp is now known as matp|work|away (
19:22:13mecrawi'll be in internet exile for the next few weeks
19:23:54matp|work|awaygoing on holiday?
19:24:06mecrawswitching jobs and moving
19:24:17matp|work|awaymore java?
19:24:30matp|work|awaymore money?
19:24:37mecrawno, but less hours
19:25:12matp|work|awayyou lazy programmer, you!!
19:25:26mecrawit's time to try to have a life
19:25:54matp|work|awayspeaking of outta here
19:26:00mecrawor at least put more time towards rockbox :)
19:37:02*Lovechild is back
20:08:06*Lovechild is away: phone
20:18:41 Join Linus [0] (
20:21:28Zagorhi linus
20:22:25Zagorpacking... haven't written a line of code today :-(
20:22:37Linuswhat a drag
20:25:00Zagorfixed the playpack problem?
20:25:59Linusyou mean the low watermark ?
20:26:18Zagoryeah, if that's what causes the 5sec stop reported in mail
20:27:04*Lovechild is back
20:28:09Linusyes it is. since the whole buffer is filled before the bitswap, the first chunk of loaded data is played before the bitswap begins on the large chunk
20:28:31Linusso we need to load a larger chunk before playback starts
20:28:35Zagorah, good. i just didn't see the cvs mail
20:28:49Linusit isn't committed
20:29:00Linusi am doing a "better" fix
20:29:03Zagorare you back home now?
20:29:39Linusno, not until sunday evening
20:30:51Linusthe battery/volume/play status on the player works quite fine now
20:31:41Linusbut i had to stop the work on that until i have fixed the pplayback
20:32:17Linuswe probably want to calculate the watermark dynamically
20:44:04ZagorLinus: have you seen the effect Stuart mentioned, about there being too many NEED_DATA messages sent?
20:44:10Zagorlook at, i mean
20:44:19Zagorlooked, even. gh...
20:44:38Linusyes i have seen it, but i haven't given it any thought
20:44:39 Nick elinenbe is now known as elinenbe|skating (
20:45:06Linusdoes stuart have gdb?
20:47:00Zagori don't think so
20:47:40Linusso he saw it in the code?
20:48:03***No seen item changed, no save performed.
20:51:51Linusi'm a little disappointed that people never post any info obout the files they try to play
20:52:10LovechildLinus: like links :)
20:54:35Linusthat would of course be the best...
20:58:04Zagorhe saw it, and changed it. but didn't post a patch...
21:02:39Linusi am committing a playback fix. it might contain bugs
21:03:13Linusdo you have really high bitrate files?
21:03:24ZagorI have the giana sisters test files we made
21:03:32Zagor256 and 320 kbit cbr
21:03:53ZagorI can even publish them, since they are downloaded from the net
21:04:41Mode"#rockbox -o Zagor " by Zagor (
21:05:18Linusthe files that mecraw had were VBR, 192kbit/s average...!
21:05:25Linusno wonder he had watermark problems
21:05:29Zagoryeah I saw, that's pretty high for a vbr
21:06:47Zagorsilly of us. we've always said the recorder is slower, but I only tested the 320kbit on the player
21:07:24Linusmy new mpeg code requires a higher watermark
21:07:44 Join edx [0] (
21:07:49*edx is back
21:08:41Zagorhi edx, your cvsmail address bounced so I have removed it
21:09:27Linusplayback fix committed, please let me know if it worked.
21:09:42Linusi have to put my son to bed, i'll be back later this evening
21:09:47Zagorok, bye
21:10:43 Part Linus
21:11:57 Join WetFlax [0] (
21:17:41Zagori bought a fast charger today. yay, it's fast! 1800mAh batteries charge in one hour!
21:20:31mecrawZagor: 192kbit avg vbr files are high?
21:21:45mecrawi just used lame's -r3mix setting when making them
21:22:22Zagorit's not *that* high, just a bit higher than averagenormal I guess
21:22:49mecrawi have some over 200kbit too
21:22:52edxZagor: yes - server was shut down
21:22:53ZagorI use the -r3mix setting myself, so you're not exceptional :)
21:23:10mecrawmy mom tell's me everyday that i'm not
21:23:10edxZagor: I lost my charger :/ what did yours cost?
21:23:34Zagorit was pretty expensive, since it's an advanced model. about EUR 60
21:23:56edxZagor: what's the name of the charger?
21:24:20Zagor"GP PowerBank Smart"
21:24:27Zagormodel no: GPPB01
21:28:06Zagorit's an external charger, not for plugging in the archos
21:30:01edxyou need a 9 Volt charger for plugging in, right?
21:30:27Zagorfor the recorder, it's not too picky. you can use a 12V for faster charging.
21:32:01elinenbe|skatingI do not think the CVS list is working.
21:32:22edxZagor: without running into danger of damaging it?
21:32:38mecrawhas anyone tried Linus' latest mpeg fix?
21:32:48elinenbe|skatingI will try it...
21:32:56 Nick elinenbe|skating is now known as elinenbe (
21:33:43mecrawit stops after 73 seconds on a 193kbit avg vbr file
21:33:46mecrawfor me
21:34:09Zagorelinenbe: I don't know it doesn't work. seems to be a sourceforge problem
21:34:16Zagordon't know why
21:34:24elinenbeZagor: I have a rayovac 1 hour charger too −− 4 batteries AA or AAA FULL in 1 hour
21:34:35Zagorelinenbe: yup, it's very nice
21:34:37elinenbeZagor: 30 USD
21:35:20Zagorat least I know it's not a mail problem in my end :)
21:35:42 Nick edx is now known as edx|away (
21:37:23 Quit WetFlax ("I like core dumps")
21:37:23elinenbeI have a 192kbit 44100Hz song on the recorder, and it is playing fine right now...
21:37:36mecrawvbr or cbr?
21:37:56elinenbestopped after 72 seconds
21:38:24Zagorooh, the cvs list lives
21:39:01 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|food (
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22:06:34 Nick adiamas is now known as adi|home (
22:29:31 Join g003y [0] (
22:39:01 Quit jedix` ("3 more sleeps until work")
22:41:22g003yso I think the relative playlist patch is messing up on my jukebox 6000 player. I put the same playlist in the root using the older (pre-relative path patch) and my playlist works fine. I do it with the latest code and the first mp3 doesn't load. I got as far as throwing up some text on the screen and the file has an extra slash and a garbage char prepended to the file after calling playlist_next. Anyway I resorted to the older playlist_next code and
22:48:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:50:31 Quit adi|home (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:01:26 Join matp [0] (~matp@
23:02:04matpstill at work?
23:02:18mecrawunfortunately, tieing up loose ends on my last day
23:02:29mecrawit's on 15:00 here too
23:02:36matpahh, just sack it off and get yourself down the pub ;)
23:02:50mecrawthat sounds like a plan
23:03:34matpwhere you based again?
23:03:39mecrawDenver, CO
23:05:14matpwe have an office in boulder. it's meant to be nice round there ...
23:05:14mecrawi decided to submit my updated patch before taking off
23:05:28mecrawboulder is a very nice place
23:05:37mecrawwho is "we"?
23:05:41matpto the mailing list?
23:05:51matpA company called Riversoft
23:06:05matpgood, what does the new version do?
23:06:45mecrawit just remembers your last place in the shuffled list
23:07:27matpgreat, I'll certainly be trying it out. i'll let you know how it goes
23:07:38mecrawgreat, thanks
23:07:54matpyour new place in CO as well?
23:08:14mecrawyep, i have to move from California over the next 2 weeks though
23:10:35matphmm, I really loved CA when I visited SF. really cool place.
23:20:15 Quit g003y ("Trillian (")
23:35:05*mecraw feels Zagor's pain from moving
23:35:18mecrawSee you soon.
23:35:30 Nick mecraw is now known as mecraw|moving (~mecraw@
23:41:01*matp waves
23:41:17*Lovechild waves too
23:43:37 Nick Zagor|food is now known as Zagor (
23:44:09 Join adiamas [0] (~adiamas@
23:44:23 Nick adiamas is now known as adi|home (~adiamas@
23:47:01 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")

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