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#rockbox log for 2002-07-21

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00:08:09g003yquiet today?
00:08:41Linusyup, i just came here
00:09:05g003yso I've been having playlist problems with the relative playlist patch that was added
00:09:59Linusok, what problems?
00:10:13g003ywell I've been able to debug this far....
00:10:47g003ymy playlists are absolute like so....
00:11:14g003ywithout the quotes obviously
00:11:41g003yanyway for some reason the code is seeing this as a "relative" rather than an absolute path on my jukebox 6000 player
00:12:17g003yI have verified that when playlist_next returns it dumps into this hunk of code to build to return the filename for mpeg_play
00:12:19g003y snprintf(now_playing, MAX_PATH+1, "%s/%s", dirname, buf);
00:12:19g003y return now_playing;
00:12:54g003yyou following me?
00:12:59Linusi think so
00:14:07g003yI was talking with zagor a few days ago, and he couldn't see anything wrong with my playlists. I've even reverted back to the pre-relative playlist patch and my lists work just fine.
00:14:40g003yI've done some diffs and there are some differences in the string processing.
00:15:14g003yif file writing was stable, then this would be easier to debug :D
00:15:57g003yanyway I've just been "patching" the code by hand so that I can at least run a compile of rockbox. But i think some sort of fix is in order.
00:16:28g003ythe one thing I haven't tried is building a list with dos style drive letters in them.
00:17:28Linusi am testing right now...
00:17:52g003ynobody else has complained so far. Just me.
00:18:17g003yI've even deleted and completely resync'd my tree
00:29:56Linusloading into the debugger...
00:30:29g003ywish I had the debugger, but I'm too hardware shy to pull it off.
00:30:35Linusit's really nice to be able to run gdb...
00:30:58g003yyeah it must be. can see the stack and vars as they run.
00:31:10g003ymakes it much easier than trying to just printf it on the screen :D
00:32:56Linushmmm...worked perfectly...
00:33:20g003ylike I said nobody else is having this prob
00:33:23Linusi'll add one llevel to the dir structure
00:33:34g003ybut I've only talked to ppl with recorders
00:33:39g003yone guy has a studio
00:34:20g003yhow does your playlist look that works perfectly?
00:35:02Linusand so on
00:35:19Linus /Queen/Queen - blabla.mp3
00:35:32g003ywell crap
00:35:40g003yI'll have to dig some more
00:36:30g003yoh wait
00:36:34g003ytry a list like this
00:36:48g003yI bet that is the problem
00:36:58g003yI just looked at my list and I've got that style in there
00:38:08g003yyup that appears to be it
00:38:21g003ythe / -> \ translation appears to be broke
00:38:42g003yI can always just switch my playlist scripts to gen it with / instead of \
00:39:16Linustrying now...
00:39:21g003ydang why didn't I think to try the slash. I guess talking it over with some else helps.
00:39:44Linusbut it is supoosed to work with backslash as well...
00:39:53g003yit did before this patch
00:39:56g003yat least for me
00:40:27g003yI just switched my slashes in my test playlist and it works now.
00:40:49Linusand i managed to make it fail with backslashes
00:41:00g003yI think we have an official bug then eh?
00:41:17g003yI'm only slightly crazy :D
00:42:12g003y for ( i=1; i<seek; i++ )
00:42:13g003y if ( buf[i] == '\\' )
00:42:13g003y buf[i] = '/';
00:42:22g003ywhy does it start at 1 rather than 0?
00:42:30Linusyeah, why does it skip the first one...?
00:42:40g003yif('/' == buf[0]) {
00:42:40g003y strcpy(now_playing, &buf[0]);
00:42:40g003y return now_playing;
00:42:40DBUGEnqueued KICK g003y
00:42:40g003y }
00:42:48g003yyet it gets compared at 0
00:42:57g003ythat seems like a problem to me
00:43:44g003yeveryone probably thought I needed a straight jacket yesterday and the other day
00:44:26Linustesting the fix...
00:44:58g003ycool maybe now I can get back to ripping my hair out over the wps rather than this :D
00:45:25Linusand i found a bad bug while looking for your bug...
00:45:33Linusin the mpeg playing code
00:45:46g003ywe are buggin out here :D
00:46:11g003ythere have been lots of changes recently so it's to be expected.
00:46:23CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
00:46:23*g003y gets out can of Raid.
00:47:02g003yso I see the Recorder ppl get battery life display. Does that actually work for the player as well?
00:47:25Linusi have a nice patch coming that adds it all to the Player
00:47:39Linusbattery, volume, play, pause...
00:47:40g003ynice.. you rock the hardware
00:47:53Linusbut not for the recorder
00:48:04g003yfinally going to see all those icons that have been silent
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00:49:36Linuspath fix committed
00:49:45Linusthanks for the report
00:50:11g003yno prob... Thanks for debugging :D
00:50:12PsycoXulso i thought batteries didn't charge with rockbox?
00:50:29Linusthey don't on the recorder
00:50:33PsycoXulah ok
00:51:51Linusthe charging is software controlled on the recorder
00:52:04g003yso what is the mpeg_play bug you found linus?
00:52:12 Nick edx is now known as edx|sleep (
00:52:14Linusi don't know yet
00:52:18g003yoh heh :D
00:52:18Linusa major crash!
00:52:29g003ymaybe that is what ppl were describing on the list
00:52:57PsycoXulwell i didn't notice any big difference in the stuff you did yesterday... everything plays fine
00:53:14PsycoXulexcept when i put it into shuffle mode it played like 1 or 2 songs and came up with some error
00:54:22Linuslike "tick_add_task()..."?
00:54:57g003ylinus: Fixe verified on my end.
00:55:09PsycoXuli don't remember what the error was exactly, but it took both lines and the red light blinked, and it had an I somewhere and i think CPU somewhere and 09 somewhere.. heh
00:55:50g003ywe need rockbox dumps :)
00:56:39g003ygotta boogey... bbq to attend. It's a nice day Northern Cali :)
00:56:43g003yyou guys take care.
00:56:49g003ythanks again linus.
00:56:58Linusyou're welcoe
00:57:12 Part g003y
00:59:29LinusPsycoXul: can you play playlists at all?
01:01:27Linusok, i have to go now. cu!
01:09:00 Part Linus
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14:47:45ironi_hi ppl
14:47:56ironi_im abroad and i forgot my charger for my 6000
14:48:01ironi_what can i do?
14:48:15ironi_can i put standard alkaline batteries in it?
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14:49:57ironi_anyone here? :(
14:50:21Hadaka_no, don't but alkaline batteries in it
14:50:27Hadaka_your options are:
14:50:39Hadaka_1) buy an external charger for the batteries
14:50:52ironi_get a new 9v 699 mA charger, or ext. charger
14:50:53Hadaka_2) buy a roughly similar charger that plugs into the archos
14:51:02ironi_9v 600 mA
14:51:07ironi_that skinda standard isnt it
14:51:18Hadaka_I have the "travel charger" from archos
14:51:30Hadaka_and that's 12v and 1.5A or something huge like that
14:51:36ironi_i use a 9v 600mA in sweden that i bought from a store, since the original one was for US
14:51:51ironi_Hadaka_: well the original one is just 9v 600mA
14:51:57Hadaka_so you are relatively safe buying anything between 9v and 12v
14:52:18Hadaka_Well I got a travel charger _with the archos unit_ - that is, directly from archos, recommended for the device
14:52:21ironi_but minimum 600 mA i guess
14:52:29Hadaka_and that was indeed 12v
14:52:40ironi_yah but the ordinary charger with the player is 9v 600mA
14:52:51Hadaka_yeah, I know, I have that one as well
14:52:53ironi_strange o i can plug in anything that is at least 9v
14:53:47Hadaka_something like that
14:54:04ironi_i have a nicd charger but i guess that woundlnt be recommended
14:54:05ironi_uless i can get 4 nicd batteries
14:55:09Hadaka_well, nicd batteries would work, if they are 1.2V
14:55:58ironi_well thanks for your help
14:56:11ironi_im on dialup here so i better get going, its 37 C outside
14:56:18ironi_gotta go get a tan
14:56:42Hadaka_haha, have fun
14:57:44ironi_thx bye
14:57:46 Part ironi_
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20:22:15Evil_Mindsomeone here?
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22:59:00Rom1i just own back my jukebox 6k
23:00:51Rom1is there funny things to do with it ?
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23:16:24HesHmm, it seems I got bass boost working.
23:16:48Rom1the hardware modification bass boost ?
23:17:04HesNot that my Koss sportapro's would need that, but just for completeness 8-)
23:17:22HesNope, the 'Micronas Dynamic Bass Boost' on the codec chip.
23:17:35Rom1what ?
23:17:41Rom1a software bass boost ?
23:17:49Rom1that you add into the archos ?
23:18:19HesIt's a standard feature, at least on the Recorder 20 i have
23:18:40Rom1euh ...
23:18:50Rom1menu, sounds, bass
23:19:03Rom1like detailled in the documentation
23:19:13Hesimplemented in the DSP code on the MPEG encoder/decoder chip
23:19:53HesOn the standard software it's in menu, sound, right there with volume/bass/treble/loudness/bass boost
23:20:29Rom1and where's yours ?
23:20:43HesThe same place
23:21:01Rom1so what's amazing ?
23:21:02Rom1<Hes> Hmm, it seems I got bass boost working.
23:21:10Rom1there is a bass boost function
23:21:13Rom1it works
23:21:16Rom1normal ...
23:22:56HesI just implemented it in rockbox, which is new.
23:23:05Rom1oh ok
23:23:26Rom1i didn't understand you wre talking about rockbox
23:23:34HesHey, this is #rockbox 8-)
23:23:47Rom1i was talking about the official firmware
23:23:58Rom1sorry ;)
23:24:13Rom1sorry for my bad english
23:26:30HesIt's allright
23:26:38Hesnot bad at all.
23:27:17Rom1i'm french
23:27:29Rom1(uh, what's this strange animal ?)
23:29:03Rom1you're in the developpement team of the rockbox ?
23:30:30Rom1or you just programmed this bassboost for your own ?
23:30:48Rom1or you just programmed this bassboost for yourself ?
23:30:58Rom1(it sounds better ;)
23:31:39HesI'll submit a patch to the core developer team, they'll probably incorporate it in rockbox.
23:32:00HesDid some work on settings saving/restoring earlier, it works on the Recorder now.
23:34:58Rom1good job so :)
23:35:17Rom1is there a method to dump the firmware that is into the rom chip ?
23:35:38Rom1because i got the 5.08 firmware into my jukebox 6000
23:35:59Rom1and the archos' website got the 5.07
23:36:23Rom1i want to send my firmware to a friend
23:36:49HesNot that I know of. At least no easy way.
23:37:11HesIt should be technically possible to write code to do that.
23:37:21Rom1doesn't matter, it is not an important thing
23:37:34Rom1and i suppose the 5.07 an 5.08 should be quite similar
23:37:53Rom1-an +and
23:38:22Rom1a last question
23:38:44Rom1is there still the 'password protect' bug ?
23:38:55Rom1when you use the rockbox firmware
23:39:53HesI don't know, haven't seen it myself.
23:40:25Rom1ok, thx for all of your answers
23:40:43Rom1i must go bed, i work tomorow
23:40:53 Quit Rom1 ()
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