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#rockbox log for 2002-07-23

00:01:10Linus"The C Programming Language"
00:01:16USAG33ksimple enough
00:01:32USAG33ki haven't memorized the list of developers yet, are you part of the team
00:02:18LinusI am one of the founders
00:03:27Linusyeah. feels good. :-)
00:03:35USAG33ki am really amazed at how much time you guys are pouring into this, kudos
00:04:30Linusyeah, it's a lifestyle
00:04:43USAG33ki guess
00:04:51USAG33kso where are you from?
00:06:00USAG33kany word on who is developing the code for the random play?
00:06:23Linusso far i think 5 people have contributed to that code
00:06:38Linusany specific question?
00:06:51USAG33kis it supposed to work at this point?
00:07:09Linusyes. on playlists
00:07:33USAG33kah, outside of that it isn't supposed to function?
00:07:44Linusit isn't released, you have to use the daily builds
00:07:55USAG33kthat's what i have been using
00:08:02matpLinus: just a quick FYI
00:08:13 Join wettoad [0] (
00:08:37Linusone day someone will implement the random function for directory playing as well
00:08:50Linusmaybe you?
00:09:00USAG33ki will do it, for i am the l337 codex0ring master
00:09:11USAG33kjust lack experience in the C syntax
00:10:19matpI had a weird error earlier today :)
00:11:28Linusmatp: open your heart!
00:11:50matpIO9 Cpu Addr error. I think it then rebooted. I was driving, so I couldn't write down all the info.
00:12:01Linusjust like that?
00:13:18matpIt was merrily playing a playlist for 30 mins or so, then that happened.
00:13:35matpdo you recognise the error?
00:14:06Linusi have seen it myself
00:14:14Linusbut i have never been able to reproduce it
00:14:56Linusi think the bitswapping goes picking daisies
00:15:06Linusand overwrites the code
00:15:06 Quit WetFlax ("I like core dumps")
00:15:38matpvery weird. i've never seen it before
00:17:14Linusno, it's a new one
00:17:19matpon a brighter note, random play is now an excellent job, and I've not seen the mpeg buffer thingy again
00:18:18matpalso, battery life seems much better. sorry, no quantitive evidence ...
00:18:19Linusgreat. have you noticed anything about battery time?
00:18:34Linusah great!
00:19:05matptommorow i will get a chance to test it more thoroughly. i've been in usb mode a lot recently
00:28:56 Quit wettoad ("Client Exiting")
00:30:41 Join wodokm [0] (
00:31:11wodokmhi all, trying to get sh-elf-gcc to work, someone can help me?
00:31:31Linuswhat is the problem?
00:33:05wodokmhmm i installed cvs, gcc and gdb via the cygwin installer, i guess binutils are also installed... or do i have to re-compile it with the options from the website (cross-gcc.html) ?
00:34:44Linusok. so now you have a native compiler. good
00:35:16Linusnow you need to download the soyrce code for gcc and binutils
00:35:37wodokmyes, and i got all the sources via cvs, worked fine also...
00:36:02Linusbinutils-2.11 and gcc-3.0.4 is recommended
00:37:15Linushave you downloaded gcc-3.0.4.tar.gz?
00:37:29Linusand binutils-2.11-tar.gz?
00:38:29wodokmtrying to install via cygwin, i installed the executables only, now trying to install the sources...
00:39:16Linuswhat versions?
00:40:40Linusi don't know what that is.
00:41:14Linusto save you from trouble you should download the official archives from a GNU mirror
00:41:29wodokmhmm okay, makes sense ;)
00:44:29wodokm that okay?
00:47:44wodokmokay, i deinstalled the working .exe files, so i can freshly compile using the instructions from the website.. okay, i'll have to have gcc running for that, i'll einstall that hehehe
00:48:12Linushehe, now i think you are getting it... :-)
00:48:44Linusthe thing is that you will have two compilers when you are done
00:48:49wodokmrite, takes some time, but i'm kinda new to that unix kinda workin ;-) my amiga didn#t need that ehehehe
00:48:52Linusgcc and sh-elf-gcc
00:49:24Linusi just committed the first crude battery status display for the Player
00:49:29wodokmyea okay, just thought there'd be some confusion when the "old" gcc was also therre, but i need it of course...
00:49:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
00:49:51wodokmhe wow - the first lcd-icon being used ;)
00:50:25Linusactually, it uses the volume meter and the play/pause icons as well
00:50:33Linuscool as hell!
00:51:02wodokmyezz - the lcd gets more and moer filled, coool...
00:52:31PsycoXulwith reference to auto volume on the player, i'd like something sorta like what xmms and winamp have, with per-track savable auto-loaded sound settings
00:53:14LinusPsycoXul: you are nuts! :-)
00:53:40 Quit PiotR ("User abort with 5 Ctrl-C's")
00:53:43Linusyou mean in the playlist, as comments?
00:53:48PsycoXulit'd be easy to store in either a master list, trackname.somesuch, or in playlists as comments
00:54:27wodokmwell, for example all songs from toto are not very loud in volume.. when i hear something kinda silent, i a) know it's toto and b) have to turn up the volume ;-) maybe artist detection would be enough to do the volume pe-setting ?!
00:54:40 Quit matp (Remote closed the connection)
00:55:03PsycoXuloh yeah
00:55:34PsycoXulthere could be per-dir settings too stuffed in a file, or something
00:56:00Linusyeah, why not?
00:56:39wodokmthis project is sooo cool, it'll be the ultimate player... and when it eally rocks, i'll get a recorder for a big display ;-)
00:57:06wodokmdoes the recorder ercognize song-beginning/end like digital recording from CD to MD does?
00:59:30wodokmwell, can you record digital or analog?
00:59:49Linuswe can't record at all at the moment
01:00:15wodokmi mean the hardware, what inputs does it support?
01:00:42LinusLine-in, microphone, and SPD/IF
01:02:10wodokmah cool, so SP/DIF will probably detect the song-start-signals.. okay...
01:02:11 Join mecraw [0] (
01:02:28Linusyo mecraw!
01:02:42wodokmto the installation... i have no "configure" installed somehow... cmd not found... make btw is found... ?
01:03:06Linusok, so you will have to install automake and friends
01:03:24mecrawLinus: looks like you've been busy today
01:03:30Linusas always
01:03:51wodokmah got it, i think...
01:04:08wodokmgotta find the path where the binutils ae.. okay, searchin...
01:05:24wodokmsimply had to add the ".2" into the dir name ;(
01:05:53wodokmi kinda get used to the cygwin.. i think it's quite cool!
01:06:14Linusyeah. it's a poor mans UNIX
01:06:37Linusor rather, a Windows-loser UNIX :-)
01:06:56wodokmwell, just don't want to install linux as dual boot, or in a vmware.. for hte thing i'm doing it's okay and easier i guess...
01:07:09Linuslet's hope so
01:07:24wodokmyea we'll see...
01:07:25Linushave you started configure?
01:07:38wodokmyes it's working
01:08:18wodokmyes i alkmost can't believe it =)
01:08:40wodokmso when's the new version available with the icons? *gg
01:10:20mecrawLinus: I'm hurt... you took the menu functionality out of WPS :(
01:11:02 Nick wodokm is now known as DexterAYS_waitin (
01:13:02Linusmecraw: i did?
01:13:11mecrawlooks like it
01:14:13mecrawi keep very close tabs on the line(s) of code i submit :)
01:14:27Linusi removed more than that... :-(
01:15:02mecrawwhat else?
01:17:06Linusthree other patches
01:18:45Linusi have commmitted a correct version
01:19:12LinusDexterAYS_waitin: the status code is already in the CVS
01:19:50Linusyou can enjoy it as soon as you have your compiler ready
01:20:11DexterAYS_waitinfine... how's the loudness thing done btw, it's not there in archos, right?
01:20:21elinenbedid anyone see this? :
01:20:40LinusDexterAYS_waitin: the recorder has loudness in the stock firmware as well
01:21:07Linusthe Player/Studio has no loudness/megabass functionality
01:21:43elinenbeLinus: I do not have the player, does the rockbox firmware add loudness/megabass to the player model?
01:21:59DexterAYS_waitinahh, but not the player?
01:22:11DexterAYS_waitinah okay.
01:22:23Linuselinenbe: no. it's an MP3 codec feature
01:22:29elinenbeLinus: I think megabass is copyright Sony, so we might want to consider another name. SuperBass / UltraBass / GhettoBass /
01:22:41LinusMicronas calls it Superbass
01:22:57DexterAYS_waitinwell, so is the MAS DSP changed for that in the recorder?
01:23:24Linusyeah, the MP3 codec is very much different in the recorder
01:23:41Linuswe call it Bass Boost, BTW
01:23:45DexterAYS_waitinoaky okay i'll get one, enough said. ;-))
01:23:56Linusi have a player and a recorder
01:24:08Linusactually, i have a very early Player model
01:24:19Linusalmost ancient
01:24:29DexterAYS_waitinso you got double stereo, 4.0 sound + 2 of 4 megabass hahaha
01:24:40DexterAYS_waitinwith what firmware built in_
01:25:28Linusmy player has 3.18
01:25:59DexterAYS_waitinwow - ancient - that's it. you got the word man...
01:26:23Linusoh yeah. the LCD is old, but it has
01:26:35Linussomething your model hasnt
01:26:54Linusand it has a hardware controlled backlight timer :-(
01:27:01DexterAYS_waitinwhy doesn't the songname display turn (temporarily for that one file) to filename automatically when there's no id3-tag ?
01:27:05Linusand a very sensitive OFF button
01:27:24DexterAYS_waitinhuu - now i'm scared =)
01:28:01Linusthere you have the perfect patch to start with
01:28:23PsycoXulspeaking of backlight, whens that gonna work on players?
01:28:29PsycoXuland what about artist scrolling in the wps
01:28:30elinenbemy player had 3.18 too, and my recorder has 1.17ia
01:28:41LinusPsycoXul: doesn't it work on your Player?
01:28:52elinenbeI think all lines should scroll in the WPS
01:29:03Linuselinenbe: yeah
01:29:04DexterAYS_waitinand when's everything gonna work? </joking>
01:29:05PsycoXuland time display stuff on players/more WPS configurability
01:29:27PsycoXulLinus: not unless you recently implimented/fixed/whatever it
01:29:28LinusPsycoXul: start working!
01:29:31elinenbemaybe with a header at the beginning of each line file: artist: album: song: time: etc....
01:29:54LinusPsycoXul: the backlight is supposed to work
01:30:09Linusi implemented that a long time ago
01:30:18PsycoXuli'm trying to find the old stuff and all this freshmeat bull sucks...
01:30:21Linusis it always on or always off?
01:30:31PsycoXulLinus: well i've never seen the backlight on with rockbox on my studio20
01:30:51LinusPsycoXul: can you build from CVS?
01:31:08PsycoXulsure, lemme reboot the other box
01:32:05Linuswoo. i better go to bed soon. it's 1:30 am
01:32:31DexterAYS_waitini have no backlight also, got the build from yesterday (some hours ago)
01:32:33LinusDexterAYS_waitin: how is it going?
01:32:59elinenbeanyone want to take my advance linear algebra exam for me tomorrow?
01:33:03DexterAYS_waitinstill making the gcc.. finished with the binutils.. hope it works ...
01:33:43DexterAYS_waitinelienenbe: ummm, hmmmmmm, well, ........... no.
01:33:46DexterAYS_waitinsorry =)
01:33:51LinusPsycoXul: a long time ago, the backlight was always on, right?
01:34:16PsycoXulits never been on with rockbox for me
01:34:24Linusnever ever?
01:34:45Linusopen backlight.c
01:34:49PsycoXulnot when i hacked a call to turn it on in before you guys added it to be... not when you guys did add it...
01:36:42DexterAYS_waitinelinenbe: anyway, good luck in yourr exam tomorrow...
01:36:48Linuschange the PADR |= 0x40 on line 56 to PADR &= ~0x40
01:37:38Linusand do the opposite with the other one on line 65
01:37:46elinenbeDexterAYS: thanks...
01:40:11DexterAYS_waitin /bin/sh mklibgcc >
01:40:24DexterAYS_waitin^^^^that ones taking a minute now...... ;(
01:40:45DexterAYS_waitinah it goes on..
01:41:08DexterAYS_waitinthought it could hang - it's not rockbox, so....
01:41:29PsycoXulwoo icons
01:41:36PsycoXulbut still no backlight
01:42:13Linusi might very well be a silly person. hang on...
01:43:33Linusi'm trying to find my old notes...
01:44:35DexterAYS_waitini'd code snake if someone wanted to donate me a recorder? ;-))
01:45:33PsycoXulsomebody fixed the sound quality
01:46:32PsycoXuli used to get clipping without the trebble turned up several dB past the bass
01:46:47PsycoXulpretty much everything sounded like crap untill i set the treble to 14 or 15
01:46:55PsycoXulbut it sounds good by default now with this build
01:47:34PsycoXulwoo i can even turn the bass up past the treble without clipping
01:47:39DexterAYS_waitini got clipping when volume was 100%, but i don't know if it just was too loud for my amplifier as input signal?
01:47:52PsycoXulDexterAYS_waitin: probably
01:47:57DexterAYS_waitindon't know what it was like with the orig .mod .. gotta test that one...
01:48:01PsycoXulthe clipping i was getting was at any volume level, even really quiet
01:48:12DexterAYS_waitinah okay, i'll check anyway...
01:48:17PsycoXulbut it sounds good now
01:48:33 Nick DexterAYS_waitin is now known as DexWithSlowPC (
01:48:44LinusPsycoXul: when was the last time you tested a daily build?
01:48:51PsycoXuli didn't even notice any cvs commit messages recently that mentioned anything about this stuff..
01:49:45 Quit TrEEcH ("ircN 7.27 + 7.0 for mIRC (2002/01/10 00.00)")
01:50:08Linusi thought we fixed that a long time ago
01:50:33LinusPsycoXul: have you experienced pitch shifts as well?
01:50:36PsycoXulthen the other day i compiled from cvs and it was the same for sound as that build.. and this new build just fixed it
01:50:51PsycoXulLinus: not that i've noticed, no
01:52:25Linuswhat a nightmare
01:52:26 Nick DexWithSlowPC is now known as DexWithFullHD (
01:52:40 Nick DexWithFullHD is now known as Dex (
01:52:57Linusi announced the backlight timer a long time ago, and nobody has complained until now
01:53:17 Nick Dex is now known as DexterAYS (
01:53:58LinusPsycoXul: you mentioned that you wrote an own hack for the backlight
01:54:15DexterAYSnow the last "make install" and it hopefully works (hmmm who knows..)
01:54:18PsycoXulthe vol meter only goes 'Vol' and 2 bars with the volume all the way up.. there's 2 or 3 still unlit heh
01:55:41PsycoXulLinus: yeah it was a long time ago... back when it was just the browser pretty much, i added a call to turn the backlight on and it didn't work.. i mentioned it at that time
01:56:28DexterAYS$ sh-elf-gcc
01:56:29DexterAYSsh-elf-gcc: No input files
01:56:35DexterAYSsounds good..
01:56:51PsycoXulthen pretty recently i mentioned that the backlight wasn't coming on, and somebody said it only was working on recorders
01:57:00DexterAYSnow a simple make in the firmware dir should do?
01:57:21LinusDexterAYS: no
01:57:58Linusread firmware/README
01:59:54DexterAYSso i need apps, too?
02:00:06Linusyes. and tools
02:00:59DexterAYShmm the CVS page on the hp doesn't tell so.. anyway i'll simply do ;)
02:01:29Linusthe READMe tells you to
02:02:03DexterAYSyes, right! that's why i do it now =9
02:03:01DexterAYSfor build i take the build dir from gcc/binutils? or where do i make it?
02:03:29LinusPsycoXul: revert your changes in backlight.c
02:03:39Linusand use 0x4000 instead of 0x40
02:04:07LinusDexterAYS: do like this:
02:04:40Linus1) create a dir called "rockbox" somewhere, preferrably in your home directory
02:04:48PsycoXulso 56 should be PADR |= 0x4000; and 65 be PADR &= ~0x4000;?
02:04:59LinusPsycoXul: yes
02:05:24DexterAYS1) done.
02:06:00Linus2) check out firmware, tools and apps in that directory
02:06:10DexterAYS2) done.
02:06:24Linusyou should now have rockbox/firmware, rockbox/tools and rockbox/apps
02:06:39PsycoXuli'm getting ata: -1 again when i leave usb mode in rockbox btw
02:06:40DexterAYSlinus: yes, i have, correct.
02:07:19LinusPsycoXul: blame Bjrn for that. his deep sleep patch has caused that
02:07:36LinusDexterAYS: type "make" in the tools dir
02:08:01PsycoXulok still no backlight
02:08:04DexterAYSgcc -O -s -ansi scramble.c -o scramble
02:08:04DexterAYSgcc -O -s -ansi descramble.c -o descramble
02:08:05DexterAYSgcc -O -s -ansi sh2d.c -o sh2d
02:08:09DexterAYSthat's it.
02:08:42Linusgood, now create a dir called, for example, rockbox/player
02:08:58PsycoXuland i swear that just added a little clipping :p heh i dunno though
02:09:52LinusPsycoXul: that is interesting
02:10:13LinusDexterAYS: in that directory, type ../tools/configure
02:11:15DexterAYSdone. now "nake" in the rockbox/player dir does the rest, right?
02:11:30DexterAYSnake, funny ;-)
02:11:36Linusyes. you did choose "new player", right?
02:11:52DexterAYSnew LCD, rite
02:12:01Linustype "make" and pray
02:12:25 Nick DexterAYS is now known as DexWaitinAgain (
02:12:57DexWaitinAgainlinus: btw: how did you find out how the .mod was encrypted?
02:13:18LinusBjrn did most of that work
02:13:50Linuswe assumed that the vector table was first in memory
02:14:24DexWaitinAgainyeah, but that took some tinme to fuigue out the algo, i guess...
02:14:27DexWaitinAgainstatus.c: In function `status_draw':
02:14:27DexWaitinAgainstatus.c:44: warning: implicit declaration of function `lcd_icon'
02:14:27DexWaitinAgainstatus.c:44: `ICON_BATTERY' undeclared (first use in this function)
02:14:27DBUGEnqueued KICK DexWaitinAgain
02:14:27DexWaitinAgainstatus.c:44: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
02:14:27DexWaitinAgainstatus.c:44: for each function it appears in.)
02:14:28***Alert Mode level 1
02:14:28DexWaitinAgainstatus.c:46: `ICON_BATTERY_1' undeclared (first use in this function)
02:14:28Linusand that has a pretty consistent look
02:14:30DexWaitinAgainstatus.c:50: `ICON_BATTERY_2' undeclared (first use in this function)
02:14:32***Alert Mode level 2
02:14:32DexWaitinAgainstatus.c:54: `ICON_BATTERY_3' undeclared (first use in this function)
02:14:34***Alert Mode level 3
02:14:34DexWaitinAgainstatus.c:59: `ICON_VOLUME' undeclared (first use in this function)
02:14:36***Alert Mode level 4
02:14:36DexWaitinAgainstatus.c:61: `ICON_VOLUME_1' undeclared (first use in this function)
02:14:38***Alert Mode level 5
02:14:38DexWaitinAgainstatus.c:65: `ICON_VOLUME_2' undeclared (first use in this function)
02:14:40***Alert Mode level 6
02:14:40DexWaitinAgainstatus.c:69: `ICON_VOLUME_3' undeclared (first use in this function)
02:14:42***Alert Mode level 7
02:14:42DexWaitinAgainstatus.c:73: `ICON_VOLUME_4' undeclared (first use in this function)
02:14:44***Alert Mode level 8
02:14:44DexWaitinAgainstatus.c:77: `ICON_VOLUME_5' undeclared (first use in this function)
02:14:46***Alert Mode level 9
02:14:46DexWaitinAgainstatus.c:84: `ICON_PLAY' undeclared (first use in this function)
02:14:48***Alert Mode level 10
02:14:48DexWaitinAgainstatus.c:85: `ICON_PAUSE' undeclared (first use in this function)
02:14:50DexWaitinAgainmake[1]: *** [/home/Administrator/rockbox/player/status.o] Error 1
02:14:52DexWaitinAgainmake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/Administrator/rockbox/apps'
02:14:54DexWaitinAgainmake: *** [apps] Error 2
02:15:19Linusdo "cvs update -dP" in the firmware dir
02:15:29DexWaitinAgainah, i gotta update .. yes. mom
02:16:08 Nick DexWaitinAgain is now known as DexPraying (
02:16:08DBUGEnqueued KICK DexPraying
02:16:08***Alert Mode level 11
02:16:42 Nick DexPraying is now known as LinusRules (
02:16:42DBUGEnqueued KICK LinusRules
02:16:42***Alert Mode level 12
02:17:03 Nick LinusRules is now known as DexterAYS (
02:17:03DBUGEnqueued KICK DexterAYS
02:17:03***Alert Mode level 13
02:17:21DexterAYScool, now tell me where the pre-settings are (random=off, etc.) ...
02:17:22Linusactually, shifting data bits is a pretty common algorithm when it comes to scrambling firmware
02:17:54DexterAYSlinus: ah, okay, if one knows that... could be anything? xor, rotates, ...
02:17:58LinusDexterAYS: check apps/settings.c and .h
02:20:30Linusman, i have to go to sleep
02:20:51LinusPsycoXul: how is the backlight test going?
02:20:56DexterAYSgot it, coool... yeah ite, me too.. read u tomorrow... i'll overthink the filename displaying i told u today..
02:21:07PsycoXuli still haven't seen it come on
02:21:37Linuseven with the 0x4000 fix?
02:21:39DexterAYSsomeone give PsycoXul a light-bulb ;)
02:21:57Linusok, add the following line to backlight_init:
02:22:30LinusPAIOR |= 0x4000;
02:23:41PsycoXulbefore/after/inbetween what
02:24:06Linusbefore backlight_on()
02:24:20DexterAYSnite Linus and PsycoXul, till tomorrow...
02:24:30 Part DexterAYS
02:25:59PsycoXulnow i guess i need to do your first fix
02:26:04PsycoXulcause it came on after 5 seconds... :p
02:27:04***Alert Mode OFF
02:27:47PsycoXulthere we go
02:28:13Linusso it works now?
02:28:24Linusdo you have CVS commit access?
02:28:42Linusok. then i'll commit it
02:29:11LinusIt's Grant, isn't it?
02:30:53Linusand it's &= on line 56?
02:31:42PsycoXulon 56 we did
02:31:43PsycoXul- PADR |= 0x40;
02:31:43PsycoXul+ PADR &= ~0x4000;
02:31:45PsycoXulon 65
02:31:50PsycoXul- PADR &= ~0x40;
02:31:50PsycoXul+ PADR |= 0x4000;
02:32:59Linuscommitted. please test it
02:34:30Linusyou could try a different approach, just as a test
02:35:08Linuson 56: PAIOR |= 0x4000
02:35:26Linuson 65: PAIOR &= ~0x4000
02:35:49PsycoXulgah the umount hung
02:36:06Linuson 118: PADR &= ~0x4000
02:37:49Linusif that works we should do that instead
02:37:51PsycoXulwell i already know whats in the cvs works since its identical to what i already tried... lemme reboot [ugh] and test that one
02:42:09PsycoXulthat doesn't seem to work
02:43:39Linusi suspected that there would be a pullup resistor on that pin
02:44:25Linusthat would have saved us a tiny little bit of battery power
02:44:34Linusnever mind
02:44:40Linusi must hit the sack
02:45:38 Part Linus
02:45:41PsycoXulnight, thanks
02:49:49***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
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03:37:29 Quit mecraw (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:04:38 Join g003y [0] (
04:04:53g003ypsyco - you alive?
04:10:02elinenbeno, but I am!
04:10:10g003yheya :D
04:10:37g003yI was hoping psyco was alive cuz I experienced a similar error as he did one day
04:10:44g003yquite a nasty one too.
04:49:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:57:40PsycoXulwhats that
04:57:40 Quit g003y (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:22:42 Join dsdfsadf [0] (
05:22:49 Part dsdfsadf
05:23:09 Join mecraw [0] (
05:23:21 Part mecraw
05:42:38 Quit Hadaka (
05:44:55NJoinHadaka [0] (
05:56:40 Join elinenbe2 [0] (
05:56:40 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:58:22 Quit USAG33k ("Client Exiting")
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08:08:23 Nick mecraw|moving is now known as mecraw (
08:08:32 Part mecraw
08:13:25 Join g003y [0] (~foo@
08:24:43 Quit g003y ("Trillian (")
08:25:52 Quit elinenbe2 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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08:58:18 Join WetFlax [0] (~wettoad@
09:02:47 Join aakil [0] (
09:09:36 Join mbr_ [0] (
09:19:43 Part mbr_
09:22:10 Join mbr_ [0] (
09:28:19 Quit WetFlax ("I like core dumps")
09:37:46 Quit aakil (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:06:45 Join Linus [0] (~linus@
10:08:25 Quit Hadaka (
10:08:37NJoinHadaka [0] (
10:08:54 Quit Hadaka (
10:08:59Linusbacklight still working? :-)
10:09:02NJoinHadaka [0] (
10:14:24Heswhat a backlog since yesterday. 8-)
10:17:42Linusi wish g003y could join
10:21:04HesIn fact the recorder has the micronas Bass Boost (adding harmonics of bass sounds) and also a 'Super Bass' mode in the Loudness
10:23:56Heswe don't enable the latter yet
10:33:15 Join wettoad [0] (~wettoad@
10:34:13Linushi wettoad
10:36:02wettoadhows it going
10:36:17wettoadthanks for the awesome well, soon to be awesome product
10:39:26HesHeh, i forgot the newlines on the DEBUGF's, i haven't made the serial port mod 8-)
10:42:59Linuswhere are those?
10:45:35HesThe ones you fixed last night.
10:45:43HesJust browsing through the CVS changes.
10:46:38CtcpIgnored 4 channel CTCP requests in 2 minutes and 36 seconds at the last flood
10:46:38*Linus gets some coffee
10:49:08*Hes hooks up the USB to try out the Automatic Volume Correction code
10:50:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:51:56HesAnd it works !!!
10:52:57HesStill have to reset it on track change.
10:53:09HesWhere in the code path should I insert that?
10:53:16Hesone call to sound_set()
10:53:29Heswhich should happen exactly after a new track has started playing
10:54:03Linushow exact must it be?
10:55:03HesMost important is that it happens after the new track has started
10:55:29Heswould be good (but not compulsory) to reset the AVC internal variables after a new track has started
10:55:53HesI doubt I'll be using AVC, even with 8s decay time i find the pumping effect annoying.
10:56:11 Quit edx ()
10:56:29LinusHes: not really a surprise, is it?
10:56:57HesDefinetely not.
10:57:09HesBut I'm sure some people will enjoy it.
10:57:36Linusabout the track change, it is a little trycky
10:57:40HesMany people do listen to NRJ-like hit music only, deeply compressed radio stations
10:57:47HesI thought it would be. 8-)
10:58:15Linusyou see, only the dma interrupt knows about the track changes
10:58:45HesWhen is the WPS display changed?
10:58:47Linusand it is aware of them slightly before the track actually changes
10:59:47Linusi guiess i have to attack the track change problem once and for all
11:01:17 Join edx [0] (
11:01:22Linushi edx!
11:03:33LinusHes just tested his Auto Volume Correction code!
11:14:51 Join yro [0] (~yves@
11:14:58Linusyo yro!
11:15:24 Quit edx (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:16:00 Join edx [0] (
11:17:23yroYo Linus
11:17:29edxLinus: what exactly does Auto Volume Correction?
11:19:09Linusit adjusts the volume dynamically
11:20:11yroKind of a normalizer ?
11:20:27Linussort of
11:20:29 Join fridolin [0] (
11:20:37Linushej fridolin!
11:20:43fridolinhi !
11:21:16fridolini've been watching you (the mailing-list) for a while now...
11:21:37fridolinwriting my diploma let me spend only little time on private things.
11:21:38Linusoh no! we aree being watched!
11:22:08fridolinrockbox rocks ...
11:22:42fridolini was surprised how fast development started to bring out first running versions !
11:22:54*edx too ;)
11:23:17Linuslet's just say that we enjoy it so much that we can't stop!
11:23:24fridolinnow i wonder if it could be possible to implement an ogg vorbis decoder on the mp3 decoding dsp in the archos.
11:23:34Linusyes and no
11:23:51Linusyes, the mp3 chip is programmable
11:23:59fridolinis it the same chip in all models or dos the recorder use another one than the player ?
11:24:11fridolinbut not documented, i know...
11:24:16Linusnot that
11:24:49fridolinwell i programmed a TI dsp for my diploma thesis.
11:24:52Linusthe amount of RAM for DSP code is very small
11:25:03fridolinthats what i expected...
11:25:22fridolinand i don't know anything about ogg vorbis (yet)
11:25:47Linusand as far as i know, the Ogg is floating point based, isn't it?
11:25:57Linusnot very suitable for a DSP
11:26:09fridolinmaybe - i really don't know anything about it yet.
11:26:19fridolinbut i'll have a look.
11:26:44fridolinthe one i programmes for the last month was a floating point dsp... (very comfortable :-))
11:27:07fridolinis there anyone who already had a (closer) look at the dsp ?
11:29:11Linusi have heard rumours that it is motorola based
11:30:49fridolini just had a short stop at
11:31:30fridolinthere seems to be quite a lot of math in ogg vorbis but i don't know if floats are really necessary.
11:32:23fridolini'll try to find out more about the format and the dsp and then come back here later.
11:33:24 Join dc-ru [0] (
11:33:35fridolinok... there is an integer version, but it is not royality free.
11:33:51fridolinso we'll have to build one on or own ;-)
11:35:04fridolini'll go get some documentation.
11:38:41fridolini tjought there was a kind of timetable on the web-site telling when you are usually on this channel but i can't find it now.
11:38:54fridolinwhen are you here usually ?
11:39:19 Quit fridolin ("ChatZilla 0.8.8 [Mozilla rv:1.1b/20020722]")
11:39:59 Join fridolin [0] (~chatzilla@
11:40:52Linusi am usually here daytime CET
11:41:34fridolinoops i los my mozilla :-o
11:41:59fridolinok. i'll come back in a few days...
11:42:10Linusfridolin: if you create a fixed-point, free Ogg decoder, your will be somewhat of a hero
11:42:44fridolinmaybe someone will help...
11:42:45Linusthere are IRC logs at the rockbox home page
11:42:55fridolini saw them.
11:43:08fridolinand i`ll grep for dsp and ogg on them...
11:43:17Linusmaybe we could gather some statistics from them...
11:43:30Linusto see when people usually are on
11:43:41fridolinok. bye for now. i'll be back...
11:43:53fridolini will continue wathing you ;-)
11:59:15 Join MeRWiN [0] (
11:59:23Linushi MeRWiN!
12:01:09MeRWiNso, nobody awake here?
12:02:25yroKind of, but at work unfortunately....
12:02:40Linussame here
12:04:43MeRWiNhmm... only 3 am where i am
12:05:06MeRWiNI was damn surprised to come to the rockbox page today and see the progress on the project. It's flying :)
12:06:15Linusand still it's summer, and vacation time!
12:06:26Linusfor some, that is... :-(
12:06:56yroIt's working great on my jb... It's a damn good job, this project...
12:07:02MeRWiNheh. It's a grand project. Too bad Archos (and most other hardware developers) don't put enough time into updating their software.
12:08:07Linuswell, one has to understand them...
12:08:20Linustime is money
12:08:58Linusthey don't have the resources to pay people to keep updating the software
12:09:11MeRWiNthey're spending all of their time pumping out new hardware
12:09:47yroAnyone has looked the new archos (w/ avi rec/play) ?
12:10:06Linusnot me
12:10:34MeRWiNSo this new software (i'm lookin' at the daily build) doesn't save it's settings? (ie: displaying filename instead of id3)
12:12:00Linusyou mean that the wps setting isn't saved?
12:12:51MeRWiNoooh, hold on... i think i just updated the software
12:12:55MeRWiNi'll doublecheck :)
12:13:14MeRWiNI especially like the m3u support... that one is a must
12:14:27MeRWiNLinus: yeah, the WPS isn't being saved
12:14:43MeRWiNit goes right back to the id3
12:14:59HesIt isn't ?
12:15:09HesIs this on the recorder?
12:15:12Linushang on. you are using a recorder, right?
12:15:14MeRWiNthe player
12:15:31HesSettings are not saved on the player at all (over a reboot)
12:15:35Linusthe player version doesn't save settings at all
12:15:46MeRWiN(not to nag) having the feature of the remaining time of a song would be cool
12:15:59LinusMeRWiN: are you a coder?
12:16:14HesThe disk writing would be really good to have tested
12:16:21Hesmaybe i'll try it out some night.
12:16:22MeRWiNLinus: I am better at revising code and adding onto it then creating from scratch
12:16:38fridolinhelp /name
12:17:04MeRWiNI haven't had the patience to learn OOP either... i just know standard C,VB,PHP :)
12:17:07LinusMeRWiN: the WPS screen on the player isn't very good today
12:17:26 Quit dc-ru (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:17:28LinusMeRWiN: not having learned OOP is a blessing, IMHO
12:17:41MeRWiNLinus: hah... so can this code be compiled on Win32?
12:17:58Linusyes, we have win32 simulator
12:18:20Linusor you mean the firmware?
12:18:28MeRWiNLinus: but does compiling the firmware work under win32?
12:18:35Linusyes it does
12:18:44Linusinstall cygwin and build a cross compiler
12:19:35 Part fridolin
12:19:36MeRWiNI may play with setting that up on my computer... it'd be a good project for all of the long flights that i take :)
12:20:27MeRWiNwhy do I see autoexec.bat and answer.txt on the screen with the sim? those aren't in the archos folder that i created :)
12:20:46Linusyou do?
12:21:58MeRWiNI put the sim in a folder, made an archos folder, put the archos.mod in that folder and booted up the sim.
12:22:50Linusyou don't need the archos.mod file
12:23:30MeRWiNcan you use the mod file with the sim?
12:23:40Linusno, the sim is standalone
12:23:53MeRWiNin either case it's going to the c:\ folder to start up
12:27:47Linusi have never used the win32 simulator
12:28:07Linusedx: how is it supposed to work?
12:31:20HesMailed the AVC patch now.
12:32:01Linusway to go. how did you solve the sound_set() call?
12:32:13 Nick yro is now known as yro|lunch (~yves@
12:32:16HesI didn't.
12:32:21HesIt works quite well as it is.
12:33:24HesMaybe when going to a loud track to a quiet track with 8s decay time set it would be nice to do the reset.
12:35:55HesIt turns the volume down quickly anyway, decay time tells how long it takes before volume is slided up again
12:36:14HesWhen is the WPS display changed?
12:36:28MeRWiNSo am I right by saying that the firmware size for the Player can be anywhere up to 200k?
12:36:34Linusit is changed when the ID3 info changes
12:36:46LinusMeRWiN: at the moment yes
12:37:31Hesand ID3 info changes when a new id3 tag is found?
12:38:00HesI09:CPUAdrEr at 0900A4CA
12:38:08Hesit just died at track change.
12:38:24LinusHes: the ID3 info changes when the DMA interrupt recognizes a track change
12:38:25Hesred led flashing at ~1hz
12:39:05HesAnd at that point.. has the previous track stopped playing for sure?
12:39:08LinusHes: i wish i knew what causes those crashes
12:39:25LinusHes: no, it hasn't stopped playing for sure
12:39:55Linusi'll have to fix that once and for all
12:40:23Linuswhy didn't you use set_sound()?
12:41:00HesI have a set of options (off, 2s, 4s, 8s) instead of an integer to set
12:41:03 Join Electrocut [0] (
12:41:41Electrocutlo :)
12:41:45HesThe AVC control register only has those settings, plus a 20ms setting
12:41:46Electrocutis remoclone at present working ?
12:41:56Linusi don't know
12:41:59Linusi guess so
12:43:13HesThe crashes always seem to happen at track change for me
12:43:34Linuscan you repeat it?
12:43:56Linusof course... :-(
12:43:57HesI'll try to look for a pattern.
12:44:08Electrocuti 'd try it this afternoon ... but if it doesn't work' i dont know if i 'll buy my pic16F84
12:44:08Electrocutnobody had tried it here ?
12:44:40Linusi don't think anybody but Tjerk has tried it
12:45:08 Join WetFlax [0] (~wettoad@
12:45:19Electrocutok i 'll try to talk with it ... thanks
12:45:47Electrocut-scuse me i don't speak US very well ...-
12:46:45HesLast night I played with the idea of keeping simple stats of the battery voltage
12:46:46Electrocutsee u later :)
12:46:54 Quit Electrocut ("+")
12:47:04LinusHes: you mean to keep track of battery life?
12:47:07Hesmaybe a thread (or a piece of code in an existing thread) putting the voltage in a table every minute or so.
12:47:29HesAnd then a debug menu item to draw a graph of the voltage 8-)
12:47:43Linuscool thing for sure
12:47:44HesIt should be easy to detect from the stats when the battery is fully charged
12:48:01Hesand stop charging
12:48:59Linusyeah. as soon as the voltage stops increasing, the battery is full
12:49:13HesAnd maybe keep a sliding average (unix-load-average-like) of the voltage when the disk I/O stops working to determine and predict the 'empty' condition
12:49:23Hesthe sliding average could be saved in the config block
12:50:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:50:10Hesand maybe a sliding average of the 'full' voltage level too to predict the time of charging/discharging time left
12:51:03HesWould you think a new thread should be used, or could this be on another thread? It would basically sleep for most of the time (a minute or something) and then do just a little work.
12:51:26Linusi think a new thread is in place
12:51:50 Quit WetFlax ("I like core dumps")
12:52:10HesHow accurate is sleep() and how often does a thread get CPU time on average? I guess there is a lot of variation there?
12:52:25LinusHes: it varies a lot
12:52:37Hesand is there a way to measure time on the players, except for sleep()?
12:52:57Linusnot really
12:52:57HesIt doesn't matter much in this case, though.
12:53:11Linusbut you can keep track of time with the current_tick counter
12:53:57HesSeems like the archos firmware does not stop charging, ever.
12:54:04Linusit does
12:54:10Linuson the recorder
12:54:22HesDoes it show?
12:54:32Linusthe players don't have a software controlled charger
12:54:38MeRWiNwhat does WPS stand for?
12:54:47HesWords per second
12:54:52LinusWhile Playing Screen (rather silly, actually)
12:55:12LinusHes: it says "Battery charged"
12:55:28MeRWiNDoes the player ever stop charging though?
12:55:31HesDidn't notice that yet. 8-)
12:55:49HesDunno if I ever charged it fully then.
12:55:51MeRWiNLinus: that may be why archos freely sends out batteries to customers :)
12:56:04LinusHes: you batteries may never reach the Full voltage level
12:56:26LinusMeRWiN: that is possible
12:56:33HesThey do? 8-)
12:56:50Linusthe charging rate is too slow to accurately detect the full status
12:57:33MeRWiNhes: I called customer support and asked them why the player was saying "HD Error" and they said "oh, the batteries are probably bad now. We'll send you some new ones)
12:57:42LinusHes: every unit is delivered with two sets of batteries
12:58:02HesI think my recorder only had one set.
12:58:24MeRWiNMy player only came with one when i bought it
12:58:41Linuslots of people have received two sets
12:58:49HesYes. And i'm sure i got the whole package, it hadn't been opened before. A recorder 20.
12:59:13Linusstrange. i got two sets with my Player, and two with my rec20
12:59:15HadakaI received two
12:59:20MeRWiNLinus: They are shipping all of them with 2 now (that's what I was told at least)
12:59:49Linusand it isn't a new thing either
12:59:58MeRWiNis changing the batteries difficult? I have never tried :)
13:00:35Hadakaon the recorder atleast
13:01:07Linusthe difficult part is to know when to shut off the charger
13:02:02Linusif you continue charging when the batteries are fill, they will wear out faster
13:02:25HadakaI wonder how the archos firmware handles that on the recorder
13:02:53Linusi am very sure that they stop when they reach a certain voltage level
13:03:01HesI guess the battery thread would go to the firmware. battery.c or so.
13:03:15Linuspower.c meybe?
13:03:57Linusthe charging rate is too slow to depend on negative-delta or zero-delta detection
13:04:01MeRWiNstraight out of the archos faq:
13:04:01MeRWiN14. Can I overcharge the NiMH batteries?
13:04:01MeRWiNNo, because that may affect its performance.
13:04:27Linuswhat a silly answer
13:04:36HesI'll do the graph and a manual charger to start with.
13:04:37Linusit's ambiguous
13:05:43MeRWiNLinus: corporate lingo... be as ambiguous as possible, while still being able to satisfy the customer
13:06:04Linusthe question is silly too
13:07:34LinusHes: remember, only the recorder can control the charger
13:07:43Linustime for lunch
13:07:52 Nick Linus is now known as Linus|lunch (~linus@
13:09:30HesThere's already a power.c & power.h in drivers/
13:10:01 Nick yro|lunch is now known as yro (~yves@
13:10:42 Join wodokm [0] (
13:10:57wodokmmornin' dudes..
13:11:10MeRWiNSo is the line-in jack on the player basically connected to nothing?
13:18:23 Join Evil_Mind [0] (~StealthWa@
13:23:10Evil_Mindthe last changes in the rockbox are really good....
13:23:34Evil_Mindthe light...battery status.....
13:25:09Evil_Mindbut ther's still a problem...the sound is not clean....i hear many poping and ticking while playeing...
13:25:28Evil_Mindare you aware to this bug?
13:27:07MeRWiNEvil_Mind: I think they're all away right now :) Do you have this problem with every song played?
13:27:16webmindu sure the mp3 is not corrupt ?
13:28:14wodokmEvil_Mind: works fine on my mp3s... this happens often with bad ripped mp3s...
13:28:50MeRWiNEvil_Mind: I second wodokm's opinion. I haven't had any problems either. It's probably the MP3's themselves. You could try playing them on your computer and see if it does the same thing
13:29:48MeRWiNwelp, time for me to hit the sack... ttyl
13:29:55 Quit MeRWiN ()
13:30:14wodokmneed help on cygwin: where can i set the path to the sh-elf-gcc compiler forever so i don't have to set it everytime i start cygwin (some bash.c or whatever..)?
13:31:05Hes.profile/.bashrc in your 'home' directory (whereever bash starts up)
13:31:24Hesput the export PATH=$PATH:/blah stuff in that file
13:31:37wodokmhes: hi, good mornin' ;)
13:31:44 Join elinenbe [0] (
13:33:12Evil_Mindno ....when i play them on the computer they sound fine
13:33:22Evil_Mindi have studio 10
13:34:22wodokmhes: thanks. it was .profile
13:35:00wodokmEvil_Mind: send me one, i'd like to test (
13:35:24Evil_Mindsend what?
13:35:35wodokmthe mp3, yes
13:36:45Evil_Mindi think mybe its the bass...
13:36:53Evil_Mindwhats the optimal bass level?
13:40:33Evil_Mindit even happens with the Pre Inserted Mp3 that came with the JB
13:41:37Evil_Mindand when i use the default frimware it plays it right....
13:44:59 Join dc-ru [0] (
13:48:20 Nick Linus|lunch is now known as Linus (~linus@
13:48:39LinusEvil_Mind: have you tried to increase the treble way up?
13:50:56Linusplease try that and tell me if there is a change
13:52:47wodokmhi linus, compilibg / cvs etc. works fine...
13:53:16Evil_Mindthere is a change...
13:54:24Evil_Mindi think its ok now...
13:54:35Linusi don't like this
13:54:59Linusyour audio problems
13:55:08PsycoXulEvil_Mind: what version are you using?
13:55:25LinusEvil_Mind: not all people have the problems
13:55:27Evil_Mindversion of rockbox?
13:56:11Evil_Mindthe daily build...
13:56:32Evil_Mindtodays build
13:57:34PsycoXuli had the same problem but it cleared up just in the last day or so
13:57:53Evil_Mindat 12 Db treble i think its ok....less then that it sound ticking....
13:59:13Evil_Mind<PsycoXul> you had the same problem?
14:00:39wodokmlinus: volume bar only updates in file-selector, not when i change the volume in the menu...
14:01:27Linuswodokm: i know, i haven't fixed that yet
14:02:30wodokmlinus: when stopping from play, then playing again it goes into pause mode, and revers (when paused, then stop then play again it goes into play mode..)
14:03:23Evil_Mindthe max lines for the volume is 2....
14:03:34LinusEvil_Mind: not anymore
14:04:37Evil_Minddo u update the daily build every time that u add something?
14:04:57LinusEvil_Mind: no, it is automatically built every morning
14:05:19Evil_Mindso why "not anymore"?
14:05:47Evil_Mindin my Jb there is only 2 lines of volume.....
14:05:51Linusbecause i have fixed it.
14:06:12Linusbut it won't be in the daily build until tomorrow
14:06:30Evil_Mindgot it
14:07:12Linushow would we want the PLAY/STOP keys to work?
14:07:33LinusPLAY toggles between play and pause
14:07:51Linuswhat do we want to happen when we press STOP in WPS?
14:08:00Linus1) stop and quit the WPS
14:08:09LinusEvil_Mind: While Playing Screen
14:08:17Linus2) stop and stay in wps
14:08:44wodokmlinus: i think changing from WPS to FILES with ON is quite a good idea!!
14:08:56Linusi would go for alternative 1
14:09:16Evil_Mindi'm with wodokm
14:09:38Linusbut ON already goes to FILES
14:09:49Linusi am talking about STOP
14:09:57 Quit elinenbe ("User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby")
14:10:48Linustoday it does like alternative 2
14:11:13Linusbut it doesn't correctly handle the PLAY key then
14:11:37Linusdo you follow me?
14:11:38wodokmlinus: i know what you're talking bout, i wanted to say that the NORMAL key to switching WPS<->FILES is and should be ON, and what happens with STOP should be not too much important... but well, hmm let's thin kabout it...
14:11:51Evil_Mindi think option 1 is better...
14:12:05wodokmlinus: right, i told you some lines before... (that STOP doesnt handle right.)
14:12:07Linusme too. why stay in WPS when you have stopped the music?
14:12:21Linuswodokm: that is why i brought up the question
14:12:40wodokmlinus: yes, option 1, something like a REAL stop should happen, so it's like PAUSE _AND_ ON key..
14:12:54Linusi go for that
14:13:47wodokmlinus: for me it seems you bring moe volume out of the jb than archos, but it seems clipped sometime when volume=100%... archos-vol100% seems to be rockbox-vol70-80% ?
14:13:55Evil_Mindquestion...: what's the "rockbox info" in the menu for?
14:14:43HesMaybe the info menu item should be disabled on the player while it's empty.
14:15:03HesOn the recorder it just shows how many times the device has been booted in rockbox without booting to the archos firmware in between.
14:15:23Evil_Mindwhy u need this?
14:15:26HesIn the future it'll show things like amount of disk space free
14:15:39Linusand a lot more
14:15:45Hesestimated battery life left
14:15:48 Join Electrocut [0] (
14:15:52Hesand things like that.
14:16:19HesThe boot counter was just an experiment i thought fun to do.
14:16:35HesI'm going to do uptime storage some time too.
14:16:43wodokmhes: then so the complete playtime also...
14:17:10HesUseless but geeky and interesting.
14:17:27Linuswodokm: we have taken all the measures we can think of to prevent clipping, according to the data sheets...
14:17:39Linusthat is why i don't like that people still have problems
14:18:08wodokmlinus: but in fact you really get moe power out of the jb? (seems to me you are!)
14:18:18Evil_Mindlike me?....(;
14:18:21HesLinus: not on recorder though, we don't limit volume + max(bass + treble) + loudnesss
14:18:34wodokmhes: got the player
14:18:52 Join elinenbe [0] (
14:18:53LinusHes: nut yet
14:19:34wodokmlinus: should i sample some volumes (same song), from archos.mod and rockbox.mod to compare it and check clipping?
14:19:40LinusEven more puzzing is that only some people have clipping problems
14:20:34wodokmlinus: maybe that's why archos can't go so loud? (or is it really ear-prevention with 100db?)
14:20:48Electrocuthum rockbox.mod saturate in bass
14:22:00Electrocut"saturer" in french ...
14:22:30Electrocutthe sond goes bad when it 's to high ...
14:22:54Hessaturate... fill the space, drive to the max
14:23:20wodokmlinus: should i test? i'm used to that, weD've developed a sound system for game boy, i tested enough sammpling and looking at the wave stuff ;-)
14:23:37Linuswodokm: do so
14:24:48wodokmokay, i'm kinda interesed in that point now..
14:25:45 Quit elinenbe ("User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby")
14:28:22 Join elinenbe [0] (
14:28:56Linusis it possible that only Studio users have sound clipping problems?
14:29:23Electrocuthas nobody tried remoclone except Tjerk ? i've e few questions about it
14:29:47Linusquestions about the PIC code?
14:30:10Electrocutyes ... i don't kwnow if it work
14:30:38Electrocutand if i can use a 16F84 instead of 16LF84 ... for first
14:31:09Linusthe remote protocol is nothing but a simple serial port
14:31:09 Quit yro ("ircII EPIC4-1.1.5 -- Are we there yet?")
14:31:18Linus9600 bps
14:31:27 Quit elinenbe (Client Quit)
14:31:51Linusonly that it uses 3V logic instead if -10/+10V
14:31:56Electrocutthanks Linus ... i'll try with my pc to begin with
14:32:06Linuswatch out!
14:32:13Linusyou need a voltage converter
14:32:38Electrocuti know ... or i will burn my archos :)
14:33:07Linusread the research notes on the home page
14:33:44Electrocuti 've read them :)
14:34:04ElectrocutI keep wondering about the fuse's PIC positions ...
14:34:05Linusand remember, Rockbox doesn't listen to the remote
14:34:18Electrocutthey are not mentionned anywhere
14:35:26Electrocuti've a newbi question about qbasic :
14:35:56Electrocuthow do u do a "10ms wait" for example ?
14:36:14Linusin qbasic? i don't think you do
14:36:36Electrocutyes in qbasic
14:36:40Linusif you are talking about the qbasic i know about
14:37:02Electrocutsorry ...
14:37:55Electrocuti'm going to try ...
14:39:13 Quit Electrocut ("bye")
14:39:34 Join elinenbe [0] (
14:43:36 Join yro [0] (
14:48:40 Quit Evil_Mind ("Bah bye ya'll......")
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14:58:10 Join jedix [0] (
14:58:39Linushi jedix!
15:03:16jedixhows it going?
15:06:25Linuswell, ok, i guess
15:06:37Linusjedix: what archos model do you have?
15:07:46jedixi don't
15:07:54jedixI was just working with the simulator
15:08:09jedixdon't have the money right now..
15:24:11 Join Fridolin [0] (
15:27:28 Quit Fridolin (Client Quit)
15:29:27wodokmlinus: wanna get the 2 waves i recorded? could be interesting for u
15:29:41Linusare they large?
15:29:54Linuswodokm: do you have clipping problems?
15:30:13wodokm30MB & 20 MB, but i can MP3 them hehehe
15:30:49wodokmi can make u a screenshot, too with both compared but if you wanna hear the clipping...
15:31:03Linusare you able to put them on an FTP server or something?
15:31:12wodokmwell the clipping is only with the 100%, so it's the only thing you'd need as wave?
15:31:24wodokmhttp, sure.. so, mp3?
15:31:32Linusno, raw
15:31:51wodokmhmm i guess mono would be enough?
15:33:37Linusare you using earphones when listening to the Player?
15:33:37wodokmi'm upping
15:33:48wodokmno, my amplifier
15:34:06Linusfrom the Ear output?
15:34:31wodokmit's not like clipping when watching the samples, it's like there'd be a sawtooth modulated over it, strange, but you'll see...
15:34:59wodokmalways use(d) the ear out, the line out sounds so thin...
15:35:41Linusthe clipping should be present on the Line out as well. is it?
15:36:39wodokmanyway cool you get the output much louder, even the (undistorted) 90% volume is louder than archos 100% ...
15:36:54wodokm...rockbox 80% is a little louder rthan archos 100%.. wow!
15:37:09wodokmi'll check the line out also...
15:37:43Linusyeah. that is very vital information
15:38:26 Join Moofle [0] (~lucas@
15:38:34Linushi Moofle!
15:42:32 Quit dc-ru (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:43:51HesAhh, a progressing, auto-scaling graph display of a table.
15:44:22Hes(of an increasing integer, increased by the thread... now just put the voltage in there and i'm done)
15:45:52Hesbtw... rockbox still doesn't go to usb mode while in the menus
15:46:02Hesneed to be in the directory list
15:46:03wodokmlinus: also the line-out is louder on rockbox... quality seems the same to me
15:46:33LinusHes: right. the menu code has no USB_CONNECTED message handling
15:46:48Linusthe same...that is clipping?
15:47:03wodokmlinus: and when you're working on that, turn the USB lcd-icon on ;)
15:47:17Linuswodokm: really?
15:47:25wodokmlinus: no the same as archos... i don't hear clipping on line-out
15:47:35wodokmbut only louder...
15:47:56Linusok. so the clipping is not generated by the decoder. that is very interesting
15:48:07Linuswodokm: can you build now?
15:49:44wodokmlinus: yeea, i'm king, i can build hehe
15:50:08wodokmmaybe just because it's too loud? and the ear-out can't go this loud?
15:50:37HesThis is really cool. Made it update the voltage history every two seconds (for debugging)
15:50:55Hesseeing the voltage vary by the backlight & spinning disk looks cool
15:51:16wodokmhes: yeah and now use the volume meter (on player) for a level-meter ;-)))
15:51:16Hesnicely autoranges between 5.05 and 5.12 volts
15:51:44Hesnow dropped sharply to 5.01 when the disk spinned up
15:52:08wodokmhes: such a dsipaly is cool, really seeing what's going on...
15:52:30Hadakathe debug display for recorder is even cooler :P
15:52:32Linusunless you have an oscilloscope... :-)
15:52:48yroWhaou, nice crash of my rockbox...
15:53:10HesA couple days ago i tried adding peak level to the WPS, just like the voltage display
15:53:21wodokmi had an old osci once, and connected it to my line-out of my amiga, left to x, right to y, that rocked !!
15:53:33Hesit worked but if I made it update the display too often to get a good-looking jumping effect, playback stalled
15:54:10wodokmlinus: damn the server suxx on uploading big files...
15:54:15yroWhile listening music (of course), I have a "I09CPUAdrE at 0900718A" CVS from today...
15:54:39Linusyro: can you remember if it happened at the end of a song?
15:55:14 Join Electrocut [0] (
15:56:03yroHum, no sure, but I don't think so...
15:56:53yroReally not sure, actually, I can't tell...
15:57:53yroI'm with the power cable plugged. I don't know if it's related though
15:59:36 Quit mbr_ (Ping timeout: 14400 seconds)
16:02:15Linusyro: recorder or player?
16:04:56yroJB Studio 20, I was in playlist shuffle on
16:05:26yroI can try to play this song again, but not in playlist mode (1500+ songs in it...)
16:06:00 Join Trocut [0] (
16:09:06Trocutthese no timeout ? i'm disconnected from "electrocut" since 5 minutes
16:09:09Linusi have an idea about the source of the problem...
16:09:41yroLinus: which is?
16:09:55Linusthe ID3 info is updated in an interrupt
16:10:26Linusif the interrupt alters the info at the wrong time, bad things could happen
16:11:32yro;-) ok
16:15:45 Quit Trocut ()
16:18:58wodokmadsl suxx ;) upsteam's so slow..
16:22:37HesLinus: was the AVC patch ok?
16:22:49Linusi think so
16:22:55Linusi havent come to that yet
16:25:36wodokmlinus: the upload stocks all the time.. i'll tell you when i've got it on complete.. maybe not today..
16:27:28Linuswodokm: no problem
16:29:20 Quit Electrocut (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:31:52wodokmlinus: did u guys disasm the volume setting routine of archos?
16:37:44wodokm... now i upload to my university account, maybe that works bette...
16:43:05 Join mbr_ [0] (
16:50:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:13:06wodokmlinus: both archos files aer already complete, get them here: wodokm/rockbox/">
17:13:15wodokmthe rockbox's still uploading...
17:13:33wodokm(i'm playing pinball illusions while uploading now ,-)
17:22:07 Join dc-ru [0] (
17:24:00Linusi have committed a change in mpeg.c that *could* fix the CPUAdr: problem
17:24:21Linus"could" as in "might"
17:29:11wodokmyou can d/l the rockbox-60-70-... wav ow...
17:32:53 Quit yro ("ircII EPIC4-1.1.5 -- Are we there yet?")
17:36:20wodokmokay, there're all up now... enjoy (hahaha;-)
17:36:28wodokmi'm off for today, see ya dudes.
17:36:43 Part wodokm
17:36:44 Join aakil [0] (
17:36:58 Join mecraw12 [0] (~blah@
17:38:36Linusyo mecraw12
17:39:56 Nick mecraw12 is now known as mecraw (~blah@
17:40:02mecrawgood morning!
17:40:14Linusgood evening
17:40:35Linusor rather, good afternoon
17:40:43mecrawanything interesting going on?
17:42:02Linusi am researching the clipping problems some people have
17:49:16Linusdamn. i have to reboot my machine. BRB!
17:49:22 Part Linus
17:53:50 Join Linus [0] (~linus@
18:04:42Linustime to go home! bye!
18:04:47 Part Linus
18:08:15 Part mecraw
18:12:33 Join mecraw [0] (
18:16:45 Join Fridolin [0] (
18:19:21 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
18:23:11 Quit aakil (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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18:26:52 Part mecraw
18:27:02 Join mecraw12 [0] (~mecraw@
18:27:09 Part mecraw12
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19:33:36 Join Linus [0] (~linus@
19:33:50Linuswilma! i'm hoooome!
19:36:11 Nick Linus is now known as Linus|dinner (~linus@
19:37:42 Join dc-ru [0] (
19:47:01 Quit dc-ru ("I'm using [54-2k] 2.0 Website: http:/")
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20:48:42 Join Electrocut [0] (
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21:09:23 Quit Moofle (Remote closed the connection)
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21:36:51 Nick Linus|dinner is now known as Linus (~linus@
21:45:17 Join lithermon [0] (gxhb@
22:08:14 Join jiggolo182 [0] (
22:15:55 Part jiggolo182
22:26:56 Part lithermon
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22:59:11 Join afrm-hck [0] (afrm-hck@
22:59:37 Part afrm-hck
23:15:04 Join g003y [0] (~foo@
23:15:14Linusyo g003y!
23:15:54g003yany luck with those wonder CPU address errors?
23:16:05g003yI saw one yesterday on the train... it was ugly :D
23:16:07Linusi hope so
23:16:23Linusi think i know what it is
23:16:44g003ydid you try the hold mode on your recorder I put in cvs last night?
23:17:02Linusi haven't tried it. how is it supposed to work?=
23:17:23g003yit only holds when playing and inside of the WPS window.
23:17:51Linusand the only working key is the menu key?
23:17:54g003ybasically stops all buttons from disrupting your play
23:18:00g003yI left menu and on
23:18:06g003ywell it's on for me at least :D
23:18:21Linusi have one, well two complaints about that fix
23:18:45g003yit's a feature :D
23:18:49g003ynot a fix
23:18:53Linusi have one, well two complaints about that feature
23:19:07g003ygo ahead shoot
23:19:42Linus1) it is not very elegant, i mean you have to check the hold setting for every case
23:19:59Linus2) it still activates the backlight
23:20:01g003yit's primitive :D
23:20:10g003yyeah backlight. Thats a bug
23:20:27g003yI'm sure there is a better way
23:20:36mecraw12can it be handled in button.c instead?
23:20:37Linusanyway, it works, and will continue working until we have a "better" solution
23:20:43Linusmecraw12: yeah
23:20:51g003yI was looking at button.c
23:20:54Linusi actually received a patch that solved it in button.c
23:20:58g003ybut I usually don't muck in there
23:21:20Linusbut that patch wasn't all that nice either
23:21:33g003ywhat was wrong with the button.c patch?
23:21:37Linusand i kind of forgot about it when i went on vacation
23:21:51Linusit hijacked the ON key
23:21:54g003yI just needed something now hence my primitive attempt at hold
23:22:14Linusg003y: that's the way to go
23:22:32Linusit works
23:22:43g003yit will be better once we start using key combos as well
23:23:04Linuswhat a coincidence
23:23:13Linusi was just thinking about that
23:23:33Linusi wanted to do combos for the volume control on the Player
23:24:01Linusdo you guys have any good ideas on which keys to use
23:24:17g003ywe could go with Archos selections
23:24:43Linusthat would probably be the best
23:24:56Linusbut then we must have another way of leaving the WPS
23:25:48Linusor we have to distinguish between key-up and key-down
23:26:20Linuswe can
23:26:33Linusthe wps polls the keys
23:27:05Linusit can wait until ON is released before leaving the wps
23:28:13Linus(god i love gdb)
23:29:07Linushehehe. this will work
23:37:42g003yalright time to doing some latest build testing
23:39:16 Join afrm-hck [0] (afrm-hck@
23:39:20 Part afrm-hck
23:40:11 Quit jedix (Connection timed out)
23:44:08g003ylinus: I meant to mention it before. When I got that CPU error that you may have fixed. It appeared to be on a track change when playing straight from a directory (not a playlist).
23:44:48Linusyeah, actually it doesn't matter
23:45:16g003yok... we will see how it fares then :)
23:45:18Linusif my theory is correct, it has to do with odd file lengths and bad luck
23:45:29g003ybad luck :)
23:51:01Linusdamn. it is harder than i expected
23:51:09Linus(the button combos)
23:53:21g003ywell you're a smart guy :D
23:55:39Linuswe need to rethink the button concept a little
23:56:10Linusi could have solved it if wps didn't poll the keys
23:56:40g003yso maybe we have to go back and rework that bit
23:56:47g003yif we can
23:56:53Linussure we can
23:57:11Linuswe need to keep track of UP and DOWN events
23:57:26g003yahh... good ol' events instead of polling
23:57:42Linussort of
23:58:35g003ytree.c also polls for the button press
23:58:51Linusdoes it?
23:59:08Linusi thought it did button_get(true)
23:59:18g003yoh sorry... you're right

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