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#rockbox log for 2002-07-24

00:02:06g003yI think I might be on crack today or something :D
00:05:48g003ynah... it's probably just too much coffee :D
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00:27:16Linusrock'n'roll! Now we can use ON+LEFT and ON+RIGHT for volume control on the Players
00:35:20Linusok, night everyone!
00:35:37 Part Linus
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02:49:48g003ybunch of idlers?
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04:47:19adi|homeim not idling...
04:47:27adi|homeim counting seconds till the next millenium
04:47:37*adi|home loses count and starts over
04:48:45g003yI was idling :D
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05:01:30PsycoXuladi|home: somewhere around 31 billion
05:07:26datazonei am not an idea
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05:19:00PsycoXulif you're not an idea, then what are you?
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05:45:02datazonei dont know
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09:32:16Linusis Alex Gitelman ever on IRC?
09:32:30webmindwhat's his nick ?
09:32:41Linusi don't know...
09:32:53Linusthat's my problem
09:32:57webmindhm k
09:33:06webmind /who #rockbox ?
09:33:08Linusi want to discuss his loadable font monster patch
09:33:15webmindhm k
09:35:28LinusHes, how's the battery stuff going?
09:36:47HesThe graph part works
09:37:02Hesi was thinking about submitting that as such for a starting point
09:37:17Hesthen looking into the charging logic
09:37:40HesThe patch at the moment adds the thread for keeping statistics and a debug menu item for looking at the real-time graph
09:38:32HesCould make the graph viewer enable/disable charging with a function key press too, and tell the user if charging is enabled or not
09:39:02LinusHes: you could export a function that exports the filtered battery status, for the battery icon
09:39:16Linustoday it flickers too much
09:39:56HesBtw... i did the thread in firmware/powermgmt.[hc] since power.c and power.h already existed in drivers/
09:40:00Linusmaybe even replace the battery_level() function...
10:03:01*adi|home pokes you in the side with a wet noodle
10:04:05adi|homedo you happen to know of anything off hand this is not low level driver/battery issues that needs work?
10:04:16*adi|home may have a wee bit of time opening up.
10:04:37Linuswhat are you talking about?
10:04:59adi|homeissues/ideas that need attention/poking...
10:05:01Linusyou need something to do?
10:05:05*adi|home nods
10:05:09Linusyes i do
10:05:10adi|homebeen away for a bit...
10:05:15Linusdo you have recorder or player?
10:05:26adi|homebut no cross compiler :(
10:05:55adi|homefor some reason.. couldn't get gcc to play nice on my last attempt...
10:06:09*adi|home will be flushing his box and starting clean in a week or two
10:06:14Linuswin32 or linux?
10:06:28Linuswhat was the gcc problem?
10:06:33adi|homegill bates is evil
10:07:05adi|homedon't remember just off hand...
10:07:43adi|homedoes gcc have to be 3+ to play nice? or think i could re-work the 2.95 I have?
10:08:16Linusyou mean that you have problems with your native compiler?
10:10:25HesThe native 2.95 should be just fine to compile the cross-compiler using the instructions on the web site.
10:17:46adi|homethanks Hes
10:17:50adi|hometrying now
10:19:10adi|homehmmm.. the sims seem to be broken on the daily build.. anyone notice that?
10:20:31Linusi hate those sims
10:20:52Linusthey always fail...
10:21:03Linusand it is always my fault. :-)
10:22:08adi|homethats fun.. cause I loved those sims when we first started :)
10:23:41Linusyeah, those who use them and work on them probably love them
10:24:09Linusi am one of the lucky few who can debug on target
10:25:41Hadakahm, what do you lose when you make the mod for the debugging btw?
10:25:58Hadakawarranty, obviously - but line in, too?
10:27:57adi|homeheheh if i knew how to solder properly.. id fix my batteries first ;)
10:28:54LinusHadaka: you will in many cases have to cut the Line-In wires, because the termination interferes with the serial communication
10:29:35Linusother than that, nothing
10:30:27Hadakawell as soon as my warranty goes, I think I'm taking that thing apart
10:30:35Linusi also had to remove the remote control connector pin to be able to listen to music while debugging
10:31:01Linusthe ear plug connector shorts the Rx pin
10:32:57HesWhere does the remote control go?
10:33:27Linusto the rx pin of serial port 1
10:33:34Hesi mean, to what connector?
10:33:43Linusthe ear plug
10:33:58Hesit's a 4-pin jack actually?
10:34:16Hesthe line in isn't?
10:34:26webmindno ?
10:34:33Linusline in is 3-pin
10:34:34Heshm, you need two wires for the gdb serial line anyway
10:34:47webmindremote goes into earpohone?
10:35:03HesI wouldn't like to loose the line in, so i think i'll stick with writing bugfree code instead.
10:35:13webmindso line in isn't really used usefull ?
10:35:18Linusremote uses the extra pin in the ear connector for the serial communication
10:35:26webmindhm k
10:35:46webmindHes, where would u use line in for? or do u have a recorder ?
10:35:48Linusline in is not useful at all on the Player/Studio
10:35:56HesRecorder 20.
10:46:17PsycoXulLinus: sure it is
10:46:38PsycoXulit's a patchthrough to not block inputs on stuff you hook it up to
10:47:12PsycoXuland i'd still like to listen to stuff in the line in along with mp3's in certain situations (like for voice comms in online gaming)
10:47:46LinusPsycoXul: ok. finally i have found a use for it
10:48:37Hesposted a work-in-progress patch for the power graph
10:49:37HesMade the patch mainly to merge the changes to the current cvs state for my own use
10:49:38Linusi just read it
10:50:01Hesposted just for fun although it isn't of much use yet
10:50:10Linuswhy would we want to calculate the point where the hard disk starts malfunctioning?
10:50:29Hesto write protect it before it starts doing it
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10:50:39Hesso that we won't get a garbled FAT
10:50:46Linusi know that
10:50:53Linusbut why *calculate* it?
10:50:59Linusread the data sheets
10:51:08HesI thought it might vary in practice?
10:51:22Linusyes, but as soon as we go outside the specs we are in danger
10:51:51HesRight, on the write side, yes. Also, based on the actual value and the average voltage drop rate we can estimate how long the battery will last
10:52:02Linusi suggest we write protect at 4.75V
10:52:18Hesthat's probably the safest thing to do
10:52:27Linusthe estimated time left is a good thing
10:53:07Hesof course, on the players, we'll never get to save the actual value to the disk...
10:53:14Linusbut i think we can base it on 4.5V, the shutdown level
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10:59:39*adi|home screams
10:59:44adi|homeim getting the compiler issue again.
10:59:46Linushi Fridolin!
10:59:54Linusadi|home: open your heart
11:00:07Fridolinhi !
11:00:25adi|home/bin/sh ./ `pwd`/include /home/rhak/sh1/sh-elf/sys-include
11:00:26adi|home./ ./ No such file or directory
11:00:26adi|homemake[1]: *** [stmp-fixinc] Error 127
11:00:26DBUGEnqueued KICK adi|home
11:00:26adi|homemake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/rhak/build/gcc/gcc'
11:00:26adi|homemake: *** [all-gcc] Error 2
11:00:32adi|homethats on the gcc build
11:00:37adi|homethe binutil build goes fine
11:02:37Linusdid you do exactly as the wep page tells you to?
11:05:07CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
11:05:07*adi|home nods
11:05:24Fridolinhi linus !
11:05:26Linusok. what versions of gcc/binutils?
11:05:32LinusFridolin: hi
11:05:58Fridolini was just browsing the mas 3507 documentation when i stumbled about a thing called PLLOffset.
11:06:13LinusFridolin: yes
11:06:24Fridolinthen i remembered bug 578015 - mp3 playback too slow.
11:07:01Linusyes, i have looked at that
11:07:07Fridolinit seems that the mas must be told at which frequency it runs to playback at the right speed.
11:08:22Fridolini didn't have the time to check if the softare already sets the right values for the PLLOffsets.
11:08:36Fridolinis it possible that this solves the problem ?
11:08:55Linusi have considered if some units have a different crystal than others
11:09:26Linusand the stock firmware recalculates the offsets
11:09:31Fridolini don't know if the playback is always too slow or only an certain models.
11:10:03Linusonly certain models
11:10:16Linusmost players work perfectly
11:10:19Fridolinthere was also an issue telling that the problem only occured at 100 % volume
11:10:33Linusyeah, that is what puzzles me the most
11:11:33Fridolinso you already set an offset or does the default simply work well on the most players ?
11:11:34Linusadi|home: the web page says gcc-3.0.4
11:11:40adi|homei know...
11:11:47adi|homeive tried it with that before
11:12:00Linuswith the same result?
11:12:20LinusFridolin: the default works on most players
11:12:27Linusi have another theory
11:12:42*adi|home nods
11:12:45Fridolindid you ever check if the default values are the same on all models ?
11:12:46adi|homeim trying again right now
11:12:49Linusit may be that the CLKI signal isn't properly terminated
11:13:00Fridolinmaybe tehre are divverent versions of the mas in different players...
11:13:14Linusand when the volume goes up, the CLKI signal goes weak
11:14:04Fridolinso we might have a hardware problem and not a software bug...
11:15:29Fridolini'm sorry, i don't have the time to stay... but i'll have a closer look at the current software till monday when i'll be back.
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11:16:36yroHi there
11:19:55ironi_hey ppl
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11:20:17adi|homethis is SO not my day..
11:20:34ironi_heh why, adi|home
11:20:37adi|homenow i go to mount my archos.. and i get "mount: /dev/sda1 is not a valid block device"
11:20:39adi|homeany ideas?
11:21:03adi|homeive had it before.. i just cna't remember how i fixed it
11:21:20yrohum, what tell you the end of dmesg
11:23:10PsycoXuleither sd_mod or usb-storage not loaded?
11:23:21adi|homewell.. i have a series of "WARNING: USB Mass Storage data integrity not assured
11:23:21adi|homeUSB Mass Storage device found at 27
11:23:21adi|homeusb.c: USB disconnect on device 27
11:23:21adi|homehub.c: USB new device connect on bus1/2, assigned device number 28
11:23:21adi|homeWARNING: USB Mass Storage data integrity not assured
11:23:22***Alert Mode level 1
11:23:22adi|homeUSB Mass Storage device found at 28
11:23:23***Alert Mode level 2
11:23:27adi|homenope.. they should be loaded...
11:23:32adi|homei was using the archos the other day
11:24:12yroadi|home: did you use the same kernel ?
11:24:29adi|homenothing on my machine has been changed since last usage
11:25:25yroIf u look at the logs, do you see eventually a new scsi dev, say sdb for instance ???
11:25:37yroinstead of sda.
11:25:48adi|homewell.. each time i restart the archos.. the dmesg updates
11:25:57adi|homeand the device found increments by 1
11:26:24yrook, I try...
11:26:51adi|homety anyways
11:27:19matp|workhi all
11:27:37yroHum, problem with my ac adaptor...
11:29:14Linusmatp|work: hi
11:29:21Linusyro: what problems?
11:30:21matp|workI've been looking at the various WPS modes today. I've not really looked at them before.
11:30:24yroresolved... The wires near the adaptor are in bad states... Very bad...
11:31:58matp|workI've got some issues :)
11:32:52yroadi|home: have you loaded scsi_mod module ???
11:33:00*adi|home nods
11:33:08adi|homelike i said.. nothing has changed since the last use..
11:33:14adi|homethus my confusion..
11:33:24***Alert Mode OFF
11:33:35 Quit adi|home ("Client Exiting")
11:33:46Linusadi|home: i hope you connected your archos before powering it up
11:33:47yroIf you have usb/scsi_mod in modules, you may try to reload all of them...
11:34:17yroHe is leaving quickly ;-)
11:34:20LinusBjörns deep sleep patch has killed the Rockbox USB supporet
11:35:00yroLinus, a few questions (I will try the new cvs in a few minutes):
11:35:27yroWhat's the Hold entry in the menu ???
11:35:57Linusg003y added a primitive key locking feature for the wps
11:36:12Linushe called it "hold" for some reason
11:36:17yroAnd, is there a patch to try the write on disk settings ?? (hum, if there is, where)
11:36:30Linusthere is no such patch
11:36:36yrook, for hold, but are u sure it's working ???
11:36:44Linusi haven't tried it
11:37:17Linusit seems to work for me
11:37:38yroMy mistake, I don't know how I tested it yesterday, it's working right now...
11:37:38Linusi just tried it
11:38:17Linusyro: are you willing to test the disk writes?
11:38:36yroI must drink more coffee...
11:38:56yroYes, but I need to learn more before writting the code...
11:39:02Linusyou will need to drink stronger things than that to dare to test the disk writes... :-)
11:39:17yroI'd love to have persistents settings....
11:39:34Linusseriously, there is no code except raw disk I/O
11:39:54Linusso if we stick to the Archos way of saving stuff, we can implement it right away
11:40:18yroAfter having tested a 2.5 at home, I think I can take a look, it cannot be such a nightmare ;-)
11:40:38Linusa 2.5?
11:40:45yroLinux kernel...
11:41:08yrobeware to the ide layer in 2.5 kernel...
11:41:28Linusit is completely rewritten, for what i know
11:42:09yroYep, and quite dangerous... I will wait the Halloween freeze before trying it again ;-)
11:44:18yroI will read more rockbox code before trying something new...
11:44:29yroWell, I'm gonna drink my coffee now ;-)
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11:47:23*mecraw heads to bed
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11:49:21matp|worklinus, wanna chat about the wps?
11:49:34yroHum, what happened with the menus ??? It intercept key down _and_ key up (impossible to switch from "on" to "off", it goes to off when pressing the key, et back to on when releasing it...!!!
11:50:08matp|worki'll go mode by mode.
11:50:32 Nick Linus is now known as Linus|brb (~linus@
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11:51:39matp|workid3: I think it's too cluttered (even on my recorder). I think we need to show Artist, Album, Track Title, Track# / Track Total, Time Elapsed.
11:52:13matp|workDo we need Filename, kbit and hz info. Maybe that should go on an extended info screen
11:52:24Linusyro: it seems that the boolean settings fails. hang on.
11:52:52matp|workAlso, they should all scroll if possible.
11:53:34matp|workFile mode: show Dirname, Filename, Time Elapsed. (Again, all scrolling).
11:53:47matp|workParse Mode: I'm not sure what this is ...?
11:54:41matp|workAlso, I've noticed that sometimes the time elapsed info disappears when I change modes.
11:54:57Linusyro: the set_bool() function was silly. i'll correct it.
11:55:42matp|workAnd finally, to change modes in the WPS menu, we use UP and DOWN. Is this consistent with the rest of the UI?
11:56:09yroLinus: ok. Thx
11:56:19 Nick yro is now known as yro|work (
11:57:37Linusmatp|work: i agree that the technical info is of little interest in the id3 screen
11:57:56Linusi have a suggestion:
12:00:38Linususe one line to toggle the tech info: bitrate...pause...sampling rate...pause...
12:00:58Linusalso, i think the file name isn't necessary
12:01:43Linusi think we should switch to file name mode if no id3 info is found
12:01:52matp|workyeah, drop the filename, it's irrelevant in id3 mode
12:02:10LinusParse mode tries to extract the artist/song name from the file name
12:02:41Linusfirst of all, we should implement a multi-line scroll mode
12:03:16matp|workwe can only scroll 1 line at the moment?
12:04:46matp|workmy mp3s are sorted artist/album/track.mp3. parse mode displays artist and track, but not album
12:05:21Linuswell, fix it then :-)
12:05:33matp|worksure, i'm just clarifying
12:05:34Linusseriously, the Parse mode is a nightmare
12:06:06Linusthere are as many ways to organize a song library as there are rockbox users
12:06:24matp|workmaybe we should drop it then
12:06:39Linusor make it even more intelligent
12:06:56Linussomeone must have wanted it, since it's there
12:07:25matp|workyeah, maybe a format string in the options representing how you've organised your library
12:09:20matp|workbut not everyone has their library uniformly organised
12:09:50Hadakaa file in each directory telling how the directory is organized
12:10:01matp|workhow hard is multi-line scroll to implement?
12:10:03Hadakaif one wants to go all the way, that is
12:10:17Linusmatp|work: it shouldn't be too hard
12:10:29matp|workHadaka: good idea, or 1 for each song :)
12:11:04matp|workHadaka: a joke
12:11:22Hadakamatp|work: when a song is playing, ID3v2 should be used - when browsing a directory, the directory format should be used
12:11:22LinusI believe that people who put that much effort in organizing their files also tend to keep their ID3 info correct
12:11:40Hadakaofcourse fallbacking to previous directories for searching it
12:16:53matp|workok, well, i'll try and take a look and tidy up what I can.
12:17:23*matp|work is away: I'm busy
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13:01:22elinenbeI was just reading the logs about file orgainization. I would think everyone should use {artist} - [album] - (track number) - trackname - ~remix and other info~ - IyearI ^bitrate^.mp3 that will solve all problems
13:09:36 Join elinenbe2 [0] (
13:09:36 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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13:42:00 Join wodokm [0] (
13:42:33wodokmcan someone tell me how to add the cvsroot setting to my .profile ?
13:46:17Linusexport CVSROOT=''
13:47:05Linusif you use bash of course
13:47:31wodokmah hey ho linus, thanks.. if everything is installed corectly and set up, it's quite convenient to work with =)
13:49:01Linusoh sorry
13:49:05Linusin your case it is:
13:49:21Linusexport CVSROOT=''
13:51:18wodokmnp. i already thought i had to replace that... i'll test it now..
13:52:10wodokmbut i cant store the -dP options somewhere? okay, i could do a macro/batch for that update command..
13:52:25 Nick yro|lunch is now known as yro|work (
14:01:41mbr_create `~/.cvsrc' with "update -dP" in it
14:03:33Linusmbr_: thanks!
14:03:51wodokmin my home or in the dir where i normally call the "update -dP" ?
14:04:11mbr_in your home
14:04:30 Quit adi|home (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:04:44wodokmokay thanx mbr_
14:09:24wodokmlinus: as you're with the lcd-icons, you can turn the param, audio, etc. displays on when they should be, so the display ain't that empty.. shouldn't be too much work either..
14:10:04Linusok, so when should the "param" and "audio" icons be on then?
14:10:26PsycoXulhey and usb icon in usb mode..
14:10:51wodokmhmm i guess it's when playing mp3 - audio is on, and param i think when in menu mode, right forgot that usb one - in usb mode of course...
14:10:53Linusi have always wondered what that icon would add to the already present info?
14:10:59Linusthe usb icon
14:11:18PsycoXula fuller, more impressive screen
14:11:31Linusok, so the Play icon doesn't tell it all?
14:11:32wodokmnothing, but when it's there, light it heheh yeah pycoXul's opinion hehehe
14:12:05wodokmwell, could be paused or whatever. just turn audio on while in playmode..
14:12:21Linuspause has another icon
14:12:22PsycoXulwell you know, at some point we may be playing text, images, etc...
14:12:39wodokmit's all kinda redundant, but hey - it's there...
14:12:48PsycoXulits just unfortunate that we dont have icons there for them :p
14:13:20PsycoXulthough images are only on the recorder where you make your anyways, but heh
14:13:59Linusi would appreciate if any of you guys could add those status updates to the appropriate files, i have so much to do
14:14:43Linusthe audio icon is easy, just change status.c
14:15:23Linusthe param icon is just plain unnecessary
14:15:42Linusor wait...
14:16:09Linusit could be used to signal the ON key combination state
14:16:31wodokmwhat combination state?
14:16:39Linushold ON in WPS and param lights up, telling you that you now can change parameters with another key
14:16:52Linuscurrently it's only the volume
14:17:16Linuson+left decreases volume and on+right increases it
14:17:21wodokmi thought ON changes to fileselector from WPS and vice versa?
14:17:33Linusi can imagine that we might want the keylock to work like that too
14:17:34wodokmyeah like on archos...
14:17:48Linuson+menu locks/unlocks the keys
14:18:02wodokmu know how hold workx on archos? i think it's better than the menu thing you now did...
14:18:22 Join Evil_Mind [0] (~StealthWa@
14:18:28Linuswodokm: ON goes back to dir browse only if it is released without pressing any other keys in between
14:18:39wodokmso wherefore do you need the param light? it's pessing on & the other button TOGETHER, ain't it?
14:18:59Linuswodokm: i think the stock firmware locks the keys if you hold on for a long time
14:19:29Linusnobody is that precise
14:19:33wodokmaehmm.. mine does if you press ON+stop, and ON+stop again for un-holding...
14:19:46Linusah, ok
14:19:50Linuslet's do the same
14:20:04wodokmi think you should keep that combination...
14:20:08Linusi don't like the term "hold", i prefer "lock"
14:20:32wodokmrockbox will be VERY perfect.. it almost is already ;9 i'm so glad...
14:20:43wodokmwell, as you like...
14:20:44Linusthe param icon isn't needed, i just thought it could give some feedback
14:21:27Linuspush ON and keep it down. param lights up. then push another button.
14:21:45Linusmaybe it is a silly idea after all
14:21:56PsycoXulit sounds good to me
14:22:17wodokmyou mean when i hold down the ON, you it tells one can change volume/lock now? hmm well, do so. but then also light in when in menu, it doesn't hurt - and it's both when you can change paramters... or just when in parameter changing in menu, no t
14:22:31Linusi am thinking of using the Record icon to signal the key lock state
14:22:39wodokmnot the menu itself...
14:22:52wodokmwhat record icon ? =)
14:23:09PsycoXulthe one the player has but the stock firmware doesn't use
14:23:26Linusfor obvious reasons
14:23:35Evil_Mindis there's a way to make the JBP record as it was meant to be by archos ....?
14:23:37wodokmheheh cool, they wanted to use for ecording, but then they gave the recoder a brand new display hehehehe...
14:23:47wodokmyou you gotta use that one too somehow...
14:23:57LinusEvil_Mind: i think they planned on using the same display for the recorders
14:24:02wodokmmaybe in a hidden part to fake ppl tthat we can record hahaha
14:24:37wodokmlinus: yeah, planned, but then eveything changed (as always)
14:24:47Evil_Mindso thers no way the player will be able to record?
14:24:53Linusso you think we should light the param icon when in the settings menu?
14:24:59LinusEvil_Mind: no
14:25:04Evil_Mindso the player is ready ...its just a frimware issue?
14:25:17LinusEvil_Mind: no
14:25:22wodokmlinus: well, yes, not in the menu selection, but when you're really changing values!
14:25:23 Quit Hes (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:26:23wodokmi think that's quite understandable then! (kinda warning light - you're about to change something with the next press of a key)
14:26:58Linushehe. but is it intuitive? i think not.
14:27:49Linusgoing into a menu called "settings" kind of tells you something... :-)
14:28:00wodokmwell, it's just for information, normally we could (and can) live without it - no problem - we just want to use it sensibly?
14:28:17Linusi have no problems using it
14:28:47Linusi'm just questioning the value of it
14:29:02Linusbut it sure doesn't make things worse
14:29:15Linuslet's add it
14:29:48wodokmyeah sure, there's no big value, but as with the ON discussion i think it's okay when it lits the param (waiting for other key to come), and so it's also okay when setting values from the menu.. so.... yeah - add it! ;)
14:30:00Linuswhat does the stock firmware do when you press a key in the locked state?
14:30:32wodokmi think nothing, wait - i gott aget it from my car (anyway)
14:32:34Linushow do we want to lock the keys on the recorder?
14:32:41Linusa function key?
14:32:49Linusor ON+DOWN?
14:33:12PsycoXulwell it should be a key combo... a bumpable unlock key isn't that useful
14:33:30Linusok. on+down then
14:33:37wodokmwhen holding ON down on the player the following appears:
14:33:42wodokm> SELECT
14:33:51wodokm# HOLD Off
14:33:57wodokm#HOLD On
14:34:24wodokmso ppl see they have a choice now! (but the volume thing is not described - the 2 lines problem)
14:35:27PsycoXulyeah but i don't think people need to see 2 lines of choices for 5 possible other buttons for the rest of their lives.. heh
14:35:27 Quit Hadaka (Connection timed out)
14:36:23PsycoXulmaybe a built-in help? or configurable verbose mode? or maybe just tell people to read the docs, and put it in there?
14:37:15wodokmwell, it's not too much functions in there, so a short doc should do i guess.. of course best would be to dont need docs, but hey, with to lines of text and some simply icons, that's NOt POSSIBLE:::
14:37:31wodokmsorry fuck capslock
14:38:22 Join notch [0] (
14:38:37wodokmthe stock f/w has in stopped mode always the pause symbol, so they need to have the AUDIO icon, so we see it's not lighted, so we're not really in pause mode... dunno why they don't just simpy don't lite the pause symbol...
14:38:47notchLatest Build: Problems with on/off menu's ,
14:38:56notchYou know about this?
14:39:05Linusnotch: it is fixed in CVS
14:40:24wodokmlinus: maybe you should write on the homepage that there's soo much fixed/added in the CVS than in v1.1 .. i first also tried the 1.1 (so did notch it seems), would stop too many ppl questioning you about fixed stuff...
14:40:44 Join Hadaka [0] (
14:41:09wodokmlinus: or the webmaster ;)
14:41:36Linuswhich is me at the moment
14:41:54wodokmlinus: you don't need the > SELECT info, so we would have 2 lines: VOLUME and LOCK to describe in the ON-key-hold-position...
14:42:02wodokmurgs ;8 hehehe
14:43:44Linushow about this:
14:44:16 Join jedix` [0] (
14:44:23LinusSTOP: Lock
14:44:29Linus<>: Volume
14:44:45Linus<> are of course the arrow characters
14:45:10wodokmrite, principially my idea!
14:45:40wodokmwell we could use the square icon for STOP or write STOP, but that's not too impotant now i guess...
14:45:45Linusthe problem is of course that if the user doesn't select anything, it will leave the WPS
14:46:35Linusthere is no square character on the older displays
14:47:58wodokmahh.. the characters are not programmable on the older displays? on the newer they are, you have the rockbox "logo"...
14:48:36 Join Evil_Mind1 [0] (~StealthWa@
14:48:44wodokmhmm maybe only a short ON-pressing turns to file-selector.. but that's really un-intuitive...
14:50:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:51:29Linuswodokm: the rockbox "logo" is nothing but normal characters in the double-height mode (which isn't available on the older displays either)
14:51:32wodokmor well, it's ppls fault then when not selecting anything.. they can return to WPS with simply pressing ON again, not that prob'
14:51:52Linusno, not a problem. but is it intuitive?
14:52:08wodokmwow, double height mode? really - per hardware? wow what a display....
14:52:30Linusi was thinking of using the MENU key instead
14:52:44Linusholding menu gives a "fast" choice
14:52:49Linusreleasing it goes to the menu
14:52:56wodokmno, but the only solution i found for now... archos changes to files mode with ON+PLAY.. but i like the ON-switching the way it is now...
14:53:21wodokmlinus: that's a GREAT idea!!!!
14:53:49wodokmbecause these 2 things ae pactically menu points, just a shortcut... GREAT - that's it..!!
14:53:59Linusi think so too
14:54:51wodokmit's always good to discuss such things with many ppl, at the end there's mostly a good solution at the beginning no one thinks about...
14:55:12wodokmi've had 2 ergonomics classes at the university.. ;-) i'
14:55:29wodokmi'm aware of the UI problem...
14:56:11wodokmand in the course they said no unit should need an documentation.. well, that's be the best, but not when limited with small displays etc.. it's not always possible then =(
14:56:34Linusit is indeed a fascinating area
14:56:51Linusi also liked the psycology classes
14:58:34wodokmso now we shoq ppl how it can be done. yeah =)
15:02:41 Quit Evil_Mind (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:03:31 Join Hes [0] (
15:05:33wodokmlinus: it the settings saving to hdd hard to do?
15:06:03Linussave a 512 byte block to sector 62
15:06:33wodokmso it'll be done soon? ;-)
15:06:38Linusbut only if the battery status is above BATTERY_LEVEL_DANGEROUS
15:06:59wodokmsure, what would happen else?
15:07:01Linusyes, it will be done soon, as all the other things. :-)
15:07:23wodokmat least it's no miracle how to do, so yippie it'll be done soon ;9
15:07:49Linusin the future, we would like the settings to be saved in a file
15:08:16wodokmhmm well, yea - future... =)
15:08:41wodokmdid you write the whole fat readin yourself or did u use some fat-eading source from somewhere?
15:08:58Linusi wrote it from scratch
15:09:13Linusbut it was FAT16
15:09:19wodokmnot a problem when you have the ATA running for reading sectors?
15:09:30Linusactually i simulated the ATA
15:09:34wodokmso i guess FAT16 is quite simply, if it's only for reading?
15:09:45LinusFAT16/12 is much worse
15:10:01Linuslots of silly bit shifting and stuff
15:10:07LinusFAT12 is for floppies
15:10:15wodokmheheh you c64 guy are used to that, no complaints!
15:10:34LinusBjörn adapted my FAT16 code to FAT32 and removed the FAT16/12 support
15:10:38wodokmaaaargs floppies hehehe what's that? ;))
15:11:07LinusIt was originally intended for FAt support for ATA-flash cards
15:11:14Linusto Ecos
15:11:32wodokmso with the ATA thing there was more than just send a read "sector x to memory yyy" command?
15:11:45Evil_Mind1such things with many ppl, at the end there's mostly a good solution at the beginning no one thinks about...
15:11:46Evil_Mind1<wodokm> i've had 2 ergonomics classes at the university.. ;-) i'
15:11:46Evil_Mind1<wodokm> i'm aware of the UI problem...
15:12:17LinusATA is not much more that reading and writing of sectors
15:12:26wodokmevil: got what your responding to ;)
15:13:09wodokmah okay.. i know that stuff from amiga disks.. lowlevel-reading and decoing of sectors and stuff heheeh oldskool
15:21:35 Join Lear [0] (
15:21:51Linushi Lear!
15:22:56Leartrying to build rockbox on Win32, but need a better mkdir. Anyone know a good resource for that?
15:23:10Linusbetter mkdir?
15:23:12Lear(Maybe I should just switch to Linux... :))
15:23:33Learyeah, cmd.exe contains one, but zsh can't find it. And it doesn't support -p.
15:23:39wodokmlear: cygwin works fine for me...
15:25:02Learwodokm: sure, but a bit of overkill just to get mkdir...
15:26:50wodokmlear: that's right, if the rest works except mkdir...
15:27:33Learwodokm: I don't know yet... :)
15:29:28Learlinus: thanks, downloading...
15:32:26wodokmokay guys, c ya 2morrow... (linus: so v1.2 is quite ahead now ;-) waitin' for it to be eady tomorow hhehehe ;-)
15:33:15Linuswodokm: sure.
15:33:31wodokmokay great, have a nice evening.. bye
15:33:38 Part wodokm
15:43:43Linusi am wondering about the key we really want key repeat for all keys?
15:44:38HesI don't think I'd want it except for left/right while rewinding/fast forwarding and for up/down in menus and directories
15:44:47Linussame here
15:44:58Linusmaybe the games would want something else
15:45:15Hesit should probably be enabled/disabled by the app in the foreground
15:45:34Linusi was thinking of some kind of button_set_repeat() call
15:46:17Linusdefault would be up/down/left/right on recorder and left/right on Player
15:46:49 Join Gissehel [0] (
15:46:50 Quit Evil_Mind1 ("Live the rest, die like the best §TEÅLTH WÅR §©®|PT B¥ NIGHTWOLF")
15:48:02Linusthen another question comes:
15:48:36 Quit edx (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:49:21HesDoes sourceforge provide automated emails on CVS changes?
15:50:52Linuswhat to do when several keys are depressed at once?
15:51:06 Join pyvasene [0] (
15:51:10Linusshould we repeat if one of them is a repeated key?
15:51:30Linusor should we repeat only if all keys are repeated keys?
15:51:34Linusor not at all?
15:51:48Linusi would go for alternative 2
15:52:14 Part pyvasene
15:53:21Hesoption 2 should be right.
15:53:39Linusyeah, i think it makes most sense
15:59:24 Join elinenbe [0] (
15:59:30Linusyo elinenbe!
15:59:36 Quit elinenbe (Client Quit)
16:01:20 Quit ironi_ (Remote closed the connection)
16:02:38 Quit Gissehel ("Bye!")
16:03:32LearSo I installed cygwin, but it won't build anyway. undefined reference to memcmp
16:10:15 Join pyvasene [0] (
16:11:24LinusLear: how did you build it?
16:11:53Linusand what did you build?
16:12:46Learjust typed "make" in rockbox/apps. I suspect it may be caused by my choice of downloading GnuSH 0203...
16:13:01yro|workLinus: The sector for prefs is the 62 ? (I'm not sure...)
16:13:14Linusno, it is an effect of you not reading the README
16:13:24Linusyro|work: archos uses that
16:14:09LinusLear: you are supposed to create a directory and run tools/configure in that dir
16:14:18yro|workOk. I will try to figure how it stores its setting in this sector...
16:14:25Learlinus: yep, didn't read that...
16:14:28Linusyro|work: why?
16:14:48LinusLear: and don't forget to run "make" in the tools dir first
16:14:57yro|workLinus: to try to make a saving settings on my jb...
16:15:19Hesyro|work: probably the way to go would be modifying settings.c to write the rtc_config_block in that sector
16:15:20Linusyou don't need to look at how archos saves the settings
16:15:24Linuswe have our own settings
16:16:20Hesload_config_buffer() and save_config_buffer() should be modified basically
16:16:30Hesto save/load in the disk sector instead of the rtc
16:16:37Learlinus: no settings for player yet though, or?
16:18:27LinusLear: no, but it seems that yro is on his way to implement it...
16:20:01yro|workIf I find sufficent time...
16:24:01 Join aakil [0] (
16:24:24elinenbe2hey there! My wireless is hurting today - I keep getting logged off and on!
16:25:15 Nick elinenbe2 is now known as elinenbe (
16:26:39Learnow what... make in tools fails: make (e=2): The system cannot find the file specified.
16:27:12Linusdo you have the native gcc in the path?
16:27:24Learjust added that...
16:28:14Learwonder if I have the right make though (I use the gnu-sh one now)
16:28:36Linusthat one may have other default rules
16:28:56Linusbtw, you should have both gcc and sh-elf-gcc in the path
16:28:58Learmy thought exactly; installing cygwin's now
16:30:09Learah, that worked better...
16:31:25 Join ironi_ [0] (~ironi@
16:32:45Learargh. normal build fails: FATAL: can't create /cygdrive/d/Source/C/Rockbox/build/drivers/adc.o: No such file or directory
16:32:51Learbut the directory is there...
16:33:46MoofleJust a quick question : where in the code is the version number displayed at splash? Could'nt grep it anywhere (ex : 020723)
16:33:49Learif I create the file first, it works...
16:34:40LinusMoofle: the version number is generated by the build script
16:34:52notchWhat do you windows users use to view the rockbox source files?
16:35:04aakilLear: Change /cygdrive/d to d:/
16:35:13Linusnotch: emacs
16:35:24Learaakil: where? in the generated makefile?
16:35:30MoofleLinus: thx
16:35:51Learaakil: thanks, that helped
16:37:55Learwhat the... still missing memcmp!
16:38:06Linusnotch: any sensible Windows user would use emacs, most of them don't
16:38:20aakilLear: That's a problem with GnuSH v0203
16:38:33Linusaakil: aha!
16:38:34aakilLear: Go back to v0202 and you'll be fine
16:39:08Learaakil: typical. otoh, writing a new memcmp shouldn't be that hard. :)
16:39:26aakilLear: Yeah, but why bloat unnecessarily :)
16:39:34aakilLear: esp. for Windows!!
16:39:58notchLinus: know where I would find a windows exe, or will I have to build it...
16:40:49Learaakil: but isn't gcc 3.1 much better?
16:41:23LinusLear: you can build your own compiler
16:42:07Learlinus: perhaps, but I'd rather not...
16:42:09notchLinus: Great! that just saved me an hour of searching :-))
16:45:55yro|workmust go, bye all, see ya
16:45:57 Quit yro|work ("ircII EPIC4-1.1.5 -- Are we there yet?")
16:50:36Learaakil: he, quicker to write memcmp than do download gnu sh 0202. :)
16:50:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:56:42Learhm... want to change defaults for a build (due to lack of persistant settings on player), but it is placed in (at least) 3 different files...
16:58:23Learwhat what? :) the default settings (as set in settings.c:settings_reset)
16:58:56Linusthe default values should be in settings.h
16:59:14Learnot quite. some are set in settings.h, others in settings.c, and yet some in mpeg.c (despite some defines in settings.h)
16:59:30Linuswhich settings do you mean?
16:59:54Linusaha. i see
17:00:22notchwhere are the button pushes handled in the firmware?
17:00:29notchCan't seem to find it...
17:00:41notchoh !!
17:01:18LinusLear: the MPEG defaults are hard to have in settings.h
17:02:03Linusthe other are hard coded because some developers have been lazy
17:02:09Linusi'll fix that
17:02:26Learlinus: why?
17:02:33Linuswhy fix it?
17:02:47Learlinus: no, why hard to have mpeg defaults in settings.h
17:03:23Linusbecause those depend on the hardware configuration, something the application shouldn't care about
17:04:36Linusbut yes, it is of minor importance
17:05:27Learlinus: but they seem to be the same for all targets... and shouldn't the API be the same for all configurations? :)
17:05:57Linusbass and treble are not the same for all targets
17:06:29Learonly one defaultval struct that I can see...
17:06:38Linuswith #ifdefs
17:06:48Learsorry, looked at uisimulator. :)
17:08:34Linusactually, i think the DEFAULT_XXX macros are useless
17:08:48Linussettings.c should be the only file that uses them
17:42:28 Nick mecraw|sleeping is now known as mecraw (
17:44:44 Quit Moofle (Remote closed the connection)
17:46:32 Join Zagor [0] (
17:46:51Zagorhey guys, what's up?
17:46:56LinusWohoooo! ZAGOR!
17:47:25Linuseverything is going smooth without you!
17:48:20Linuswhere are you?
17:48:26Zagorback home again
17:48:48Linusand where is home nowadays?
17:48:50Zagorbut you'll have to do without me the next few more days. I'm moving on saturday.
17:50:44Linusthe player can finally change volume in WPS with ON+LEFT/RIGHT
17:50:55Linussoon to be MENU+LEFT/RIGHT
17:51:27Zagoryeah, I saw that in the cvs log. nice!
17:55:27Linusand MENU+STOP keylocking is coming up
18:01:04 Quit aakil (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:04:17LinusZagor: i tested the loadable fonts patch
18:04:43Zagorok. opinions?
18:04:51Linusslow as molasses
18:05:05Linusit took me a while to make it compile
18:05:15Linusbut it's cool
18:06:35Zagorslow? what part of it?
18:06:42Linusthe text output
18:07:13Linusyeah, there is some data copying going on that isn't very fast
18:07:30Linusi wonder if he really tested it on target
18:09:06Zagorgood question
18:09:57Linusthere were a zillion warnings about missing prototypes and such, so i guess he only simulated it
18:10:17Linusnot a zillion, that was unfair
18:10:32Linushe has done a great job
18:14:12ZagorI'm not looking forward to my coming "black out" period while Bonet is moving my ADSL connection... :-(
18:18:00 Quit notch ()
18:33:09elinenbeZagor: hello
18:33:50elinenbeI thought the lodable font patch was pretty good.
18:34:33Linuselinenbe: do you develop on Windows?
18:34:38elinenbeunder cygwin
18:34:55Linusthat probably explains it
18:35:20elinenbe...for rockbox, most my stuff is on Sun machines for school and MSVC for other stuff.
18:35:35elinenbeI have been playing around with QT under windows. Pretty nice stuff there.
18:35:45 Nick Tumm is now known as tumm (coyote@
18:36:01Linuselinenbe: so you don't find the character output slow?
18:36:07elinenbeLinus: with all this button stuff, now I can program Street Fighter for the Rockbox
18:36:23elinenbeLinus: lemme check again. I will load it up and tell you what I think.
18:37:48Linusall those #ifdefs in wps.c makes me crazy
18:38:09Linuswe need to rewrite some parts there
18:39:13elinenbeokay. scrolling is quite slow (as in up and down through a directory)
18:39:23elinenbethis needs to be faster in rockbox too though.
18:40:15elinenbeI think your goal should be 5x faster directory browsing. :)
18:42:09elinenbeLinus: I think you should send an email out to the font developer telling him it needs to be faster.
18:42:22elinenbeHe is wondering why it has not been submitted.
18:43:02Linusi have
18:43:10elinenbethat is great.
18:44:29Linusi think saying "for unknown reasons it still didn't make it into CVS" is a little unfair
18:44:38Linusit is a huge patch
18:44:55Linusand we are on vacation
18:45:06elinenbeI agree. I also agree that there are bugs in the current CVS
18:45:19elinenbetry going into Info, or Verison
18:45:39elinenbecan't do it.
18:46:27Linusthe button driver has changed
18:46:53Linusand all info screens just wait for any button event
18:47:24Linuswhich will be the key-up event of the key that selected the menu item
18:50:43***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:59:20Linusfixed and committed
19:01:18LinusZagor: your deep sleep has broken the USB mode
19:02:17Zagorreally? any idea how?
19:02:23Zagorah, of course.
19:02:31Zagorwe need to reset the disk when entering usb mode.
19:02:48Linusi don't think the ISDx00 likes that the disk sleeps when we enter the USB mode
19:03:07Linusi tried that, but it doesn't help
19:03:33Zagortried what? resetting? after reset the disk is in normal state, so that should be enough
19:04:06Linusyeah, i thought so too
19:07:10Linusata_soft_reset() followed by ata_init() solved the problem
19:07:38Linusinteresting that the disk doesn't spin up when doing a soft reset
19:09:49Zagorwell, why should it? maybe you just want to query it something.
19:11:44 Part pyvasene
19:11:54Linusi better head on home
19:12:41Linusand continue rockboxing... :-)
19:13:14 Part Linus
19:41:54 Join mecraw12 [0] (
19:41:54 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:42:10 Nick mecraw12 is now known as mecraw (
19:46:01 Join mecraw12 [0] (
19:46:02 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:04:18*mecraw12 moves 1000 miles
20:05:03 Part mecraw12
20:26:28Learhm... in settings_load, don't you need to call stuff like lcd_scroll_speed to make the settings take effect?
20:40:22Learyep, seems like that did the trick.
20:43:45Learthat means calls to lcd_scroll_speed(), backlight_time() and 3-5 calls (depending on model) to mpeg_sound_set(), AFAICS.
20:45:43HesSomeone tell Linus he broke tetris.
20:45:57HesJust as I was demonstrating the coolness of rockbox to my girlfriend
20:48:10Hesand failed miserably since I updated the code from CVS just before that.
20:48:17HesI blame Linus!
20:48:42Learhes: could be the button updates (to report button releases as well as presses)
20:50:27Learbtw, anyone knows if rockbox is better than archos firmware with regards to gaps during playback?
20:50:45***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:51:00Learwhen I used Lame −−alt-preset standard, I'd get occasional short dropouts of sound (half a second perhaps) every now and then.
20:51:52Learwhen I changed to Lame −−abr 160 they dissapeared, so I suspect the buffering wasn't good enough...
20:54:52Zagorgaps are inherent in mp3, since frames depend on each other
20:55:43LearI'm not talking between tracks or anything
20:56:28Zagoroh, ok. you get skipping mid-song? that shouldn't happen with Rockbox anyway.
20:57:34 Quit jedix` (Remote closed the connection)
20:59:30LearHm.. The key lock doesn't block volume changes (with "menu" and "+" and "-"). Is that correct?
21:00:14Zagori don't know. I'm still on vacation :-)
21:29:14 Join Linus [0] (~linus@
21:29:23 Part Linus
21:29:26 Join Linus [0] (~linus@
21:45:12Linusi have fixed the top-priority bug now
21:45:45HesI found the bug as I was demonstrating the coolness of rockbox to my girlfriend
21:45:50Hesand failed miserably since I updated the code from CVS just before that.
21:46:10Linussorry about that...
21:46:28HesThanks for the fix. 8-)
21:46:42Linuswell, i caused it, so...
21:47:17HesMy fault, demonstrated bleeding-edge code before testing it. Demo effect hit me right away.
21:47:46Linusthat's the beauty of being a programmer
21:47:47HesOkay, bed time, good night. I'm off for the weekend.
21:47:57Linusyou can make awful mistakes
21:48:05Linusbut you become a hero when you fix them
21:48:15Linusbye Hes!
21:48:40LinusZagor: are you there?
22:25:52*Zagor is packing frenetically
22:26:14Linusdo you have time?
22:26:35Zagoralways for you.. ;) what is it?
22:26:46Linusi am thinking about the UI
22:27:10Linusand the status information
22:27:18Linuswhat do we want?
22:27:37Zagorwe want options :-)
22:27:44Linusi can imagine a status bar at the top of the screen
22:27:57Linus(yes, yes, confugirable)
22:28:17Zagoryeah, I think an archos-style status row at the top is a good idea
22:28:19Linusand a function key bar at the bottom
22:28:37Linusso how would we want to update it?
22:29:05Linusa status_draw() call once in a while?
22:29:06Zagorthe function keys are definitely a configurable option
22:29:18Zagorhmm. a thread?
22:29:30Linusa thread that calls lcd_update()
22:29:48Linusor maybe we need an lcd_update_rect()
22:30:56Zagoran optimised lcd_update() would probably be good, yes
22:31:30Zagorbut the question is more about who calls the update code, I guess?
22:32:24Linusif we have lcd_update_rect() we wouldn't have to care
22:32:40Linusthe two threads would be updating different parts of the lcd
22:33:55Zagorpossibly. but otoh i'm not sure it's very nice having every thread use update_rect(). only those updating small things should use it, IMHO.
22:34:21Linusi can imagine another solution
22:34:50Zagorbtw, did you fix the logbot cronjob?
22:34:55Linuslet's say that the main thread receives a TICK_MSG every once in a while
22:35:04Linusand then calls status_draw()
22:35:13Linusno, i didn't fix it
22:35:23Linusi think you have a syncronization problem
22:35:35Linusdancer renames the log too late
22:35:37Linusi think
22:36:15Zagorthe rename only happens after we try and copy it, so I don't use the renamed name
22:36:39Zagorit happens on the first event after midnight, while I copy 23:59
22:36:46Linusok, so it copies, and then renames?
22:37:05Zagorno the cronjob copies to a different destination name
22:37:37Linusok so one job renames it at 00:00, and another copies it at 23:59?
22:42:43Zagorno, there's only one job: 23:59 cp logfile `date +rockbox-%Y%m%d.log`
22:43:05Zagordancer renames it's logfile on the first irc event after midnight
22:43:10Zagorthat's not a cron job
22:43:22Linusand how well does dancer know the time
22:43:37Zagorit's running on the same host as the cron job
22:44:00Linusno mail from cron?
22:44:17Zagordoh! i have them turned off :)
22:50:48***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:51:55Linusso what do you think about the TICK_MSg idea?
22:55:00Zagorthe problem is there are so many places in the code where we need to handle such a message
22:55:21Zagoris there any reason why we don't just chuck another thread at it?
22:55:34Linusnot rally
22:56:10Zagorthen I think we should do it that way
22:56:31Linusok, so a status thread that updates the top of the screen
22:56:46Linuswith or without lcd_update()?
22:57:13Zagorwith. there's no telling when the main thread will call it next time
22:57:27Linusso maybe even an lcd_update_rect()?
22:57:37Zagorthat'd be a bonus, yes
22:59:06Linusby the way, an average lcd_update() takes 8.5ms today
22:59:40Linusand tree.c does 3 of those for every cursor move
23:01:50Zagorooh, bad tree.c :-)
23:25:10 Join mecraw [0] (
23:26:39Learlinus: don't know if you saw it, but at the very end of load_setting(), there should be calls to lcd_scroll_speed(), backlight_time() and mpeg_sound_set(). At least, I think that covers all...
23:29:35mecrawLinus: why not just swallow button presses in button_tick() when in lock-mode instead of checking for it in wps and other places?
23:35:28 Join adiamas [0] (
23:36:06 Nick adiamas is now known as adi|home (
23:36:22Linusmecraw: because we don't want to swallow it all
23:37:07Linusbut maybe we can use a filter mask just like the repeat mask
23:37:24Learlinus: like to allow volume change?
23:37:55LinusLear: yeah, at leat to allow the qualifier (MENU or F1)
23:38:28LinusLear: those calls can't be in settings.c
23:38:48Linusbecause that may be called before the mpeg is initialized
23:38:49Learlinus: why? they're needed. and I have a build with them...
23:39:22Linuslook at main.c
23:40:46Linusactually, a filter mask isn't stupid at all...
23:40:56Learlinus: ah, so ditch mpeg_sound_set() then. the others are needed. could be in main.c instead...
23:43:42Linusactually, the scroller should use global_settings.scroll_speed directly
23:44:25Linusthe same goes for backlight
23:44:31Learweird, when I paste a new build to the archos drive, the old archos.mod is deleted, but the new one isn't copied...
23:45:07Linushow do you see that?
23:45:54Linusi hope you removed the unit safely
23:46:26LearIt just disappears (in Windows Explorer that is). And I always disconnect properly...
23:47:11Linusor are you fooled by the fact that it appears at the bottom of the list?
23:47:35Learnope, not that many files in the root...
23:47:59Linusmaybe windows has opinions on what .MOD files should do?
23:48:34Learbut there's something fishy with my USB... Noticed that certain MP3's wouldn't copy to the archos, no matter what I did
23:48:58 Join wodokm [0] (
23:49:10Learthen I discovered that I could fix that - by disconnecting my USB printer. Somehow, some data got re-directed there (saw activity on the hub)
23:49:16Linusthat *really* sounds like unsafe removel to me
23:50:12Learwhat, the USB printer? USB is hot-plug after all...
23:50:55LearAnother thing; when Archos is connected and doing something (like copying a file), the keyboard (also USB) goes dead for a little while. Not the mouse though.
23:50:59Linusi wrote that before i saw your text about the printer
23:51:36Linusyou are an USB guy for sure... :-)
23:52:12Learbut I wonder if it is such a good idea...
23:52:54Learfunny, that disappearing .mod file *only* happens the first time after connect, it seems.
23:57:41Learanother bug perhaps: when entering certain (largish) directories, the cursor is located on the last entry, rather than the first...

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