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#rockbox log for 2002-07-26

00:47:02elinenbehi there Linus.
00:47:08elinenbeI am going to eat
00:47:15elinenbeA BIG BURGER
00:47:25Linusin the middle of the nigh???? :_)
00:47:48Linusi ate a big burger a few hours ago
00:47:54Linuswith Björn
00:49:36elinenbedid you discuss low power mode?
00:49:47Linusyeah, a little
00:50:11Linusour current "OS" can't handle low poer mode
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00:57:15 Join kraptv [0] (
00:57:34kraptvhey guys. awesome project. but with the current firmware, does it resemble the normal commercial firmware?
00:57:49Linusnot really
00:58:20Linuswe want to do it the way we want it without looking too much at the original
00:59:17kraptvWhat I meant was, as in current UI.
00:59:22kraptvThe current version that is.
01:00:28Linusi don't really understand you question. do you want to know if our firmware looks and works about the same as the original?
01:00:49kraptvWell, for now, yes.
01:01:23kraptvIf you think I'm just asking stupid questions, I can leave and let you be..... :-)
01:01:45Linusour UI isn't all that pretty yet, but it works. and in many aspects it works better
01:02:08Linusour playlist handling is pretty good
01:02:21kraptvyeah, better randomization, right?
01:02:26adi|homestupid questions are our trademark...
01:02:33Linusyeah, and way faster loading
01:02:36adi|homebetter randomization...
01:02:38adi|homeway faster loading
01:02:46kraptvwell, I saw the FAQ, so I won't ask about certain things.....
01:02:47adi|homeother games
01:02:53*adi|home does flips
01:02:55Linuson recorder
01:03:03adi|homefinnally someone that READ THE FAQ befor the came in...
01:03:16*adi|home votes kraptv 'Newbie of the day!'
01:03:43*adi|home points out that that wasn't sarcasm...
01:03:46kraptvThe thing that sucks about the Archos is it's only USB1. Do you think they'll upgrade it to USB2?
01:04:01Linusthe recorder20 has usb2
01:04:03adi|homeit should be usb2 if i remember
01:04:14*adi|home has a rec20
01:04:16Linusand it ROCKS!
01:04:24kraptvHmmm..... I bet it totally rips the systems.
01:04:39kraptvas in, KMFDM "RIP THE SYSTEM"
01:04:49kraptvnot as in "dude, can you rip that new cd for me???"
01:05:14Linuskraptv: what model do you have?
01:05:50kraptvit's a Studio 20....
01:06:05kraptvbut it's not mine, my coworker in the cube across from mine just got one.
01:06:16kraptvIt was for $269 for an "open box demo"
01:06:50kraptvAS I was with him when we got it.
01:16:15Linusok, time to sleep
01:16:41Linusit's gonna be a long, buggy day tomorrow...
01:17:08Linusi and Björn discussed 1.2 today
01:17:23kraptvLinus: good luck on your work.
01:17:47Linuswe will try to release 1.2 this weekend, or early next week
01:18:30kraptvnice. I will keep my eyes peeled and root you on.
01:18:41 Join Lovechild [0] (
01:20:00Linushehe, the ID3 handling in mpeg.c bugs big time!
01:20:14Linusfixing that will be my task for tomorrow
01:20:47Linusvery :-)
01:21:15Linuswell, nigh all!
01:21:16Lovechildbug hunting is good, but fixing the charge "feature" would be even cooler :)
01:21:26Lovechildsleep tight
01:21:31LinusBjörn doesn't want that in 1.2
01:21:51Linusi happen to disagree...
01:22:17Linusbut he has a point. it will be very untested if we release it this weekend
01:23:08Linuswe talked about releasing 1.2 this weekend, and 1.3 very soon after that
01:23:13Lovechildcool, the release is scheduled for this weekend...
01:23:48Linusthe 1.1 release sucks so much that we have to release what we have today
01:23:51LovechildI seem to have better battery life on the stock firmware than rockbox cvs..
01:24:05Linusi'm not surprised
01:24:39Linusstill, we need to figure out what we can do to save battery
01:25:02LovechildI thought rockbox did do plenty to live long and healthy
01:25:29Linusyeah, we try to keep the HD spinning to a minimum
01:26:24Linusbut that is probably not all we can do
01:26:24Lovechildthat's all good.. also the lcd seems to be backlight less often
01:26:52Linusmaybe we need to put the CPU in low-power mode once in a while
01:26:57PsycoXulcould have a backlight toggle, and a screen blanker....
01:27:04Linusreduce the LCD updates
01:27:34Lovechilda screenblanker would be lovely
01:29:24Linushehe. write one
01:29:24Linuswe really need to find ways to conserve power
01:29:24Linusstill, i think our features outweigh the shorter battery life
01:29:26Linusand i *have* to go to bed!
01:29:35Linusnight all!
01:29:44 Part Linus
01:30:00Lovechildglad to see all the recorder enhancements that was commited today
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11:56:39 Join Bagder [0] (
11:57:21Bagderyou've been doing good while I was gone
11:58:02Linusi have tried my best
11:58:14Bagderyou on vacation or working?
11:59:15Linusyour postcard arrived the same day you came home. :-)
12:00:19Bagdertook around three weeks then
12:01:00Linusnot bad :-)
12:18:04 Join notch [0] (
12:18:22notchjust looking through serial.c ....
12:18:54notchIt looks like alan has written code for serial port1 ... ie the remote
12:19:06notchIs serial port 1 used for anything else?
12:19:10Linusoh, that one is way old, and not working
12:19:34notchI couldnt understand whay it would!
12:19:37Linusnotch: i use it for the gdb debugger
12:19:54Linusbut i don't use that code
12:20:08Linusfeel free to rewrite it
12:20:32notchhow would I check my code before submitting then?
12:20:42notchi.e. simulate it!
12:20:50 Part Bagder
12:21:05Linusnotch: you don't have an rs232 converter for your PC?
12:21:26Linusor a remote?
12:21:53notchI can build one, but if we use the serial poer for debugging, how will I test the remote off the same serial port?
12:23:14Linussince you don't have a gdb debugger it won't affect you
12:23:24Linusthe gdb stub is a different .mod file
12:23:38Linusso far used only by me and Zagor
12:24:41notchSo I cant really simulate or 'step through', I just have to write it, and check it works, then mod it, and check again...
12:25:23notchokay I've got the idea now :) will give it a go!
12:25:30notchThanks for the help!
12:27:03 Quit notch ()
12:33:37matp|workso 1.2 is set for this weekend?
12:35:34 Quit yro ("ircII EPIC4-1.1.5 -- Are we there yet?")
12:35:46Linusmatp|work: we hope so
12:36:14matp|workany small bugs you want me to look at? how is the stability with these CPU errors?
12:36:30Linusmatp|work: they should be ok, i guess
12:36:37Linusthe cpu errors
12:36:47Linusyro has problems with his playlist
12:37:26Linusso playing a big (>1500 files) playlist is something you could try
12:37:59matp|worki do this all the time. i have a 2168 playlist
12:38:44matp|workI did have a CPU error the other day. I think it was during track change. also, the batteries were low ...
12:38:56Linusthen his problem might be something other than the playlist size
12:39:19Linusmatp|work: what was the address, and what firmware version
12:39:25matp|workmight his extended characters ?
12:40:35matp|workerrm, I logged it to irc a couple of days ago. I don;t think i got the address. I was driving at the time :(
12:40:53matp|workit was something like IO9. Cpu addr error
12:45:19Linuswhat date was it?
12:45:56Linusi fixed a bug in the mpeg bitswapping on the 24th, and i haven't seen any errors since
12:50:48matp|workI reckon it was 22nd or 23rd. you said it might be a bitswapping bug. I only ever saw it once. I've not seen it since the 24th. Are other people still seeing CPU errors?
12:51:03Linusno, not what i have heard of
12:51:08Linusnot those ones
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12:58:52Linusi'm currently working on a very silly bug in the id3 info handling in mpeg.c
12:59:59Linusthe id3 info of the current track gets overwritten when the next track is loading
13:00:27Linusit was very hard to find...
13:01:59 Join alkorr [0] (
13:02:11matp|worki've noticed that before
13:02:11alkorr'lo !
13:02:49alkorrlooks like Zagor and Bagder are in vacation :)
13:03:15matp|workI've also noticed that the time elapsed is slightly ahead
13:04:14 Part alkorr
13:04:58Linusmatp|work: ahead? Player or recorder?
13:05:14Linuswhat type of file?
13:07:17matp|worklet me check again more accurately
13:16:01matp|workI cant replicate it now. Maybe I imagined it. I need cue and review to get to the end of a track quickly ;)
13:16:14matp|workAhh, it's just done it
13:16:43matp|workIt counts past the end of the total track time
13:16:51Linuson the last song?
13:17:07matp|workwhat do you mean?
13:17:39Linusaha, now i see what you mean
13:17:43matp|workI've seen it get out of sync by a couple of seconds or more
13:18:33matp|worksay the total track time is 1.23, the elapsed time counts past up to 1.25, sometimes more
13:19:17matp|workNow I'm pretty sure I've seen it load the id3 tags of the next song, while the previous one i playing.
13:20:03Linusthat may very well be the problem
13:20:21Linusit starts counting time before the next song has started playing
13:22:11 Join pyvasene [0] (
13:23:46matp|workyeah, it seems to cause some screen issues sometimes as well. like the artist might be missing, or the title.
13:24:03matp|workit usually rights itself when the next track is loaded in.
13:24:09matp|workhope this is useful.
13:24:27matp|worki gotta lunch.#
13:33:48Linuswhat do you guys think the WPS should do after it finished playing tha last song?
13:33:59Linusgo to the browser?
13:34:06PsycoXulbe configurable!
13:34:28Linusdisplay "no more files"
13:34:42Linusor just stay on the last song played?
13:36:08PsycoXuldrop to browser/continue to next dir if not playlist... maybe go to next playlist? ...
13:37:45Linusgoing to the next dir is a little tricky as it is now.
13:38:01Linusmaybe i'll just quit to the browser for now...
13:38:02 Join Lovechild [0] (
13:38:14Lovechildafternoon all
13:41:51Lovechildso Linus, be doing any godlike hacking on this fine day (Sysadmin appreciation day btw)
13:42:19Linusi am fixing the silly id3/track change handling
13:42:29Linussysadmin appreciation day, eh?
13:43:08Lovechildcool, I might downlaod yet another daily build today, I see lots of recorder specific changes so it might be worth it, now that I have my Archos working in Linux
13:43:32LovechildLinus: no kidding... be thankful for your sysadmin, show him/her today
13:43:48Linusi want to kill the admin on my web hotel today
13:44:11Linusthe /home disk is full
13:44:19Lovechildoh... putting him out of his misery, that could be considered thanks enough
13:44:44Lovechildwhat a moron...
13:48:48 Join notch [0] (
13:49:24notchOkay I have written some new C, but am haveing trouble compiling...
13:49:52notchI get 'make: Nothing to be done for all " even though I have changed the files...
13:50:01notchany ideas?
13:50:51Linusmake clean
13:51:12notchWhooho! my first build!
13:52:01*Lovechild isn't manly enough to build from CVS, relies on daliy builds :)
13:52:58LovechildLinus: I just got the thing working with Linux this morning... compiling the software will wait untill later
13:53:40Lovechildno regular USB, but I run devFS and it didn't like the new SCSI device very much
13:54:56Lovechildtook some clever thinking, but now I should be able to run some automounting on it... if I should ever bother to do that... hand mounting is so much more manly
13:55:40Lovechildoh and I figured out the song selection bug I was having....
13:56:59Lovechildthere was a tiny bit of plastic stuck under one of the keys... all I had to do was remove it with a razor...
13:57:57notchI withdraw my whooho!!
13:58:42notchIt seems I'm getting 'Sh-elf-gcc: Not found' for most my source files...
13:59:06notchmust be my setup?
14:00:51notch(whilst 'updating dependancies')
14:02:45Linusit is called sh-elf-gcc, not Sh-elf-gcc
14:02:56 Nick notch is now known as notch|codandchip (
14:03:01Linusbut i guess that was a typo
14:03:18notch|codandchipwhich part?
14:06:25Linusthe misspelling
14:08:52 Join ripnetuk [0] (
14:08:53 Quit ripnetuk (Client Quit)
14:09:12Linuswoo. that was a short visit
14:11:01Linusnow the id3/track handling ROCKS!
14:11:06Linuswell, works
14:11:42LovechildLinus: what's new in it?
14:11:58Linusnothing new. it just works now
14:12:41LovechildLinus: then what was wrong with it before, it seems to work on my recorder
14:12:52Linusnow it uses less memory, displays the id3 info exactly when the track changes
14:13:03Linusand actually shows the correct info
14:13:12Lovechildless memory is good...
14:13:33Linusand also shows the correct time
14:13:50Linuswell, it is only a few Kbytes
14:14:29LovechildLinus: Lidt har også ret... :)
14:16:00Linus"små smulor är också bröd"
14:17:18Lovechildja, det kan du jo ha ret i
14:46:10 Nick notch|codandchip is now known as notch (
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14:58:47matp|workso you fixed it then linus. that was quick work :)
14:59:34Linusit took some debugging, and some brain work (ouch)
15:03:22Lovechildbrainwork.. bad....
15:03:33Linusfear it!
15:03:34matp|workwhat was the problem ?
15:03:49matp|workBrainwork on a Friday is definitely bad :)
15:04:16LovechildFriday kinda brainwork..... locate beer... locate TV...
15:04:37Linusif the mp3 files had an odd length, the bitswapping could end up trying to swap data at odd addresses under certain circumstances
15:07:00matp|workDo we have a "repeat" mode ?
15:07:30Linusyou mean restart from the beginning of the list when the playback has finished?
15:07:50Linusyou have a task
15:08:22matp|workit does this by default I think. We need to turn it off.
15:09:41Linuswow, a bug!
15:10:02 Join Zagor [0] (
15:10:08Linusyo Zagor!
15:10:23Linusi have fixed the id3 bug now
15:10:27notchSorted my build probs... Needed a PATH command.. Linux is not my first language!
15:10:28Zagoryo. just letting you know I'm packing up the computer now. blackout time.
15:10:31ZagorLinus: nice
15:10:46Linusdid you find a modem?
15:11:03ZagorI have an old 14400 for starters. will talk to bagder about the 56k one.
15:11:18Zagoralso I'll need some pppd instructions :)
15:11:21Lovechildnotch: export PATH=$PATH:/path/you/want/to/add
15:12:22Zagorwell, gotta go. see you all on the other side :)
15:12:25 Quit Zagor (Client Quit)
15:30:05elinenbeLinus: are you going to commit your changes anytime soon? I am heading camping with the Archos this weekend in a two hours, and I could use any bug fixes!
15:32:15 Join PiotR [0] (
15:34:10notchIn a normal build, why would the make script to remove (rm -f ....) all of the output files?
15:36:23Linusnotch: rephrase that question please
15:36:38Linuselinenbe: commits are coming...
15:36:52notchOkay, when I type make clean...
15:38:13notchI get: a few make commands listed and then lots of 'Updating dependacies for XXXX.c'
15:38:49notchThen 'make[2]: leaving...'
15:39:12notchThen 'make[2]: entering....'
15:40:27notchthen 'rm -f <mydir>/adc.o <mydir>/ata.o <mydir>/dac.o' etc etc
15:40:28 Quit PiotR ("PiotR: el aroma")
15:40:50notchso all my built files have been removed!
15:41:48Linusyes, that is what "make clean" is supposed to do
15:41:57Linusafter that, type "make"
15:42:15Linus"clean" meabs...well..."clean"
15:46:23notchWhen I type make after 'make clean' I get : 'Nothing to be done for all'
15:47:08Linuswhat directory are you in?
15:47:29mbr_notch: Can you please change ".PHONE" to ".PHONY" in Makefile and try again?
15:48:16notchin rthe source root ie just above 'firmware', 'apps' etc
15:48:42Linuswait a sec
15:49:02Linusthat explains why the .PHONE bug affects you
15:49:03mbr_There is a typo in configure
15:49:27mbr_it produces ".PHONE"" instead of ".PHONY" in the Makefile
15:49:42*Lovechild is back
15:49:50Linusyou should create a directory in the same dir as firmware/ and apps/
15:49:57pyvaseneCan anyone have a look at the patch I sent to the ML (UI language setting) ?
15:49:57Linuscall it "player" or "recorder"
15:50:11Linusand run ../tools/configure in it
15:50:34Linuspyvasene: i will, but later
15:50:57notchokay i'll try that
15:51:10pyvasenelinus : ok, thanks
15:51:50notchmbr_: Changing the .PHONE seems to work...
15:52:20notchopps wrong window!
15:53:33Linushaha. i just discovered a cute bug in mpeg.c
15:53:55Linusit won't play files that are shorter than the watermark level
16:03:04notchI'm getting closer... :-) , It looks like I'm getting a build, but i get: '../tools/scramble: command not found'
16:03:11notchand error 127
16:03:36Linusgo to the tools/ dir ant type "make" there
16:06:42notchWhoa! I have a .ajz file :-))) I think I'm finally there!
16:08:00notchnow to make a list of the changes Ive made so I don't have to ask (dumb) linux questions :-)
16:09:29Lovechildnotch: still having trouble with your code?
16:10:34notchNo I think I'm there... hopefully... Just saying that I need to make a list of notes so I dont have to pester you all!
16:12:15Linusnotch: what is your name?
16:12:26notchNick Robinson
16:13:27Lovechildare there any open bug which a slightly less than talented C++ programmer could figure out ?
16:24:38LinusLovechild: no, none that i can think of right now
16:25:19Lovechilddamn... then I'll just have to go entertain myself by reading the code...
16:29:55LinusLovechild: we need some visual feedback when the keys are locked/unlocked on both Player and Recorder
16:31:53Linusbut don't change anything until i have committed my track change bug fix (2 more minutes)
16:35:18LovechildLinus: I'll try to read the code tonight.
16:36:05Linusgreat, remember, 1.2 is close
16:37:43Linuspyvasene: i have looked at your patch
16:37:53LovechildLinus: why use stable went CVS is so much more fun
16:42:34LinusAnd calling 1.1 stable isn't really fair... :-)
16:42:45Lovechildoh... never ran it...
16:43:03Linusnotch: check my updater README and see if you want to add something
16:43:31notchWill do!
16:47:34notchis the .PHONE now .PHONY
16:48:13notchin the makefile
16:49:48 Join Linus- [0] (~linus@
16:49:59Linus-network problems
16:50:13 Quit Linus (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:50:14notchand you need to add typing 'make' in the tools dir
16:51:17Linus-repeat that
16:51:21Linus-i was away
16:51:22notchis the .PHONE now .PHONY
16:51:24notchand you need to add typing 'make' in the tools dir
16:51:48***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:51:49Linus-please update your CVS
16:51:59Linus-and read the README
16:52:36notchI've got the latest off sourceforge... Did I miss a comment? I'll read again..
16:54:00notchI feel less of a man like lovechild as I rely on the daily builds...
16:54:04Linus-step 2) is typing 'make' in the tools dir
16:54:42notchyep, youre right spent too much time looking at code today ::-)
16:55:37notchno comments to add.....
16:57:35Linus-i have to catch the train now
16:57:44Linus-see you in an hour or so
16:57:48notchthanks for your help today
17:01:30 Part Linus-
17:02:16elinenbegoodbye Linus-
17:02:21notchbye all
17:02:26 Quit notch ()
17:03:47 Nick Lovechild is now known as DigtialPimp (
17:04:02 Nick DigtialPimp is now known as DigitalPimp (
17:05:50 Nick DigitalPimp is now known as Lovechild (
17:12:21 Join WetFlax [0] (
17:13:02pyvasenelinus : ok, so what do you think of the patch ?
17:13:13pyvaseneoups, gone... :-)
17:15:11 Quit elinenbe ("User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby")
18:18:33 Quit pyvasene ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.2.1")
18:31:05*Lovechild is away: - breakin' the DMCA on stage
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19:49:29 Join mistaRx [0] (
19:50:02mistaRxHallo anybody here?!
19:50:19mistaRxI've got a suggestion
19:59:09*Lovechild is back
20:01:17 Quit WetFlax (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:01:32mistaRxI think that you should prioritate remembering settings!
20:02:19mistaRxbefore u have fixed that the rockbox won't be worth using(not that I don't love the rockbox firmware)
20:02:26LovechildWell honestly, untill Linus' charging changes goes in RockBox is rather useless for me
20:02:43 Join WetFlax [0] (
20:03:29mistaRxwhat do u mean?!
20:04:05LovechildmistaRx: RockBox can't charge the batteries while you're using it, only when it's shutdown...
20:04:58Lovechildand without chargning you go on batteries all the time... no matter if the power cord is plugged in...
20:05:22Lovechildbut I love the Sokoban game....
20:05:57mistaRxI've got the AJB6k player...
20:06:21LovechildI have the Archos Recorder 10
20:16:53 Quit mistaRx ()
20:41:57 Quit Lovechild (Remote closed the connection)
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21:33:53 Join Linus [0] (~linus@
22:07:48Linushave anyone tried the latest CVS the last hour or so?
22:25:18 Join mistaRx [0] (
22:28:05mistaRxHI are u linus nielsen, the programmer?!
22:28:24Linusnot the programmer, one of the programmers
22:28:34Linusbut yes, i am linus nielsen feltzing
22:29:23mistaRxPleez fix so the rockbox remembers my settings!!! =)
22:29:55Linusare you the swedish guy who filed two identical bug reports on that?
22:29:58mistaRxwhen will that come?!
22:30:33LinusA french guy volunteered to fix that. I don't know how far he has come
22:30:52mistaRxwell when did he volunteer?!
22:30:57Linuswriting to hard disk isn't to be taken lightly
22:31:44mistaRxjust wanted to say that I filed one mess about this in feature request and one in bug report..
22:32:12Linusaha, i just saw the mails...
22:32:30Linuswhat model do you have?
22:32:47Linusjust windered
22:32:54Linushave you tried the latest build?
22:33:20mistaRxyeah listening to the player right now whith the new build, it doesn't remember
22:33:25Linus(not that it saves the settings, though)
22:33:46Linusi wonder, do you have problems with distortion?
22:33:56Linusor pitch skew?
22:33:57mistaRxwhat is distortion?!
22:34:26Linusbad noises when you turn up the volume
22:34:54mistaRxwhen you change the volume or when you play at high volume
22:34:59Linusplay at high
22:35:06Linushow old is your unit?
22:35:32mistaRxthe old skool 4.09 hardware mod
22:36:18Linusok, so you have the old LCD
22:36:27Linusalmost as old as mine
22:36:32mistaRxguess so..
22:37:31Linusdo you feel that the scroll is too fast?
22:37:56Linusi do
22:38:01mistaRxwell I get distortion on 84%
22:38:07Linusit may have to do with the contrast
22:38:14mistaRx82% is ok
22:38:27mistaRxI've got 13dB on bass an treble
22:39:25mistaRxwell on the next song I got quite a bit of distortion!
22:39:41Linusno wonder, with those bass/treble settings...
22:39:52mistaRxchanged to 12..
22:40:07mistaRxI loooove bass!!
22:40:36Linusthen you should buy the Recorder
22:40:37mistaRxI use sony ex70lp in ear closed ear buds
22:40:42Linusthat one PUMPS
22:40:55Linusex70 rox!
22:41:09Linusthey are hard to come by
22:41:19mistaRxyes, no
22:41:36mistaRxwhere u from?!
22:42:14Linusi live in Stockholm
22:42:50Linussom fan
22:43:05mistaRxhur gammal?!
22:43:51mistaRxdu verkar vara en av de mest aktiva programmerarna ere så lr?!
22:44:13Linuswell, the other corde developers have been on vacation
22:44:35mistaRxroger that!
22:45:19mistaRxdo you get less skips with the rockbox?!
22:45:38Linusskips? you mean when walking with the unit?
22:45:54mistaRxwell yeah
22:46:13Linusno, rather the opposite. we don't handle skips at all
22:46:33Linusone read error and the music stops
22:47:39mistaRxdid you have ALOT of bugs with the archos firmware on your player?!
22:48:10Linusquite a few
22:49:07mistaRxlike when you press to change the song it takes a while for it to load and then it messes up?!
22:49:38mistaRxI had does probs, and now I have rockbox!! =)
22:51:00Linusi had those crashes when loading a too long playlist
22:51:35Linusand when the unit shut off itself when loading it, because it took too long
22:51:54***No seen item changed, no save performed.
22:52:18mistaRxwhat do u use your player to?!
22:52:48mistaRxHAHA vikken jäla svengelska!
22:52:56Linusi don't listen to music that much, i test the rockbox code on it once in a while
22:53:08Linusi mostly use my recorder
22:53:38mistaRxwell what do u use your recorder for?
22:54:02Linuslisten to music, mostly on my one-hour train rides to/from work
22:54:10Linusand debug rockbox code
22:54:28mistaRxwhat firmware do u use?!
22:54:42Linusrockbox, since months back
22:56:14mistaRxme too, since today..
22:57:00Linusno wonder you hate that it doesn't save the settings, sinc you want to turn up the bass/treble every time you turn it on
22:57:09mistaRxmy backlight doesn't work, does your work(on your player)?!
22:57:16Linusit doesn't?
22:57:28Linusalways on, or always off?
22:58:33mistaRxalways off, sometimes it lights up for 1 or a half second and then fade out like it was "glapp" in it
22:58:56Linusdoes it light up when you press a key?
22:59:01mistaRxI'm thinking of using the guide to change the LED
22:59:22mistaRxno, VERY rarely!
22:59:47Linusbut it works with the stock firmware?
22:59:54mistaRxthe red and green LED indicator works, but not the backlight
23:00:09mistaRxno not on neither of the firmware versions
23:00:23Linusok, so it isn't a rockbox issue then?
23:00:35Linusyou scared me!
23:00:51Linuswe had trouble with thge backlight just a few days ago
23:01:43Linuscan you make it light up by pushing slightly on the side of the display?
23:03:54mistaRxI just did it! but I can't get it back(don't know exacly where I pressed!!)
23:04:28Linusdo you have a small phillips screwdriver?
23:05:17mistaRx do u think that would help?!
23:05:52mistaRxno I haven't got a PHILLIPS screwdriver but I've got a hell of a lot of screwdrivers
23:06:17mistaRxjust tell me with screws I'm screwing on..
23:08:17Linusunscrew the two small screws on each short side of the unit
23:09:47mistaRxI'll have to search for a screwdriver of that kind!
23:10:25mistaRxcan't do that I'm sitting in my country house with the laptop and a telia modem connection!
23:10:41mistaRxcost to damn much!
23:10:47Linusnever mind. the site you pointed me to tells it all
23:11:18mistaRxdo u think it's the leds or "glapp"?!
23:11:21Linusyou probably need to resolder those two points on the back of the display board
23:13:42mistaRxI'll do that
23:14:36Linusare you a programmer?
23:16:26mistaRxwhat do u call LED in swedish and do u know where to buy it?!
23:17:59Linuslysdiod, ELFA
23:18:20Linusare you skilled with a soldering iron?
23:18:31mistaRxmy dad is..
23:18:35Linusthose LED:s are SMALL
23:22:00mistaRxcanu help me finding the right LED on ELFA?!
23:26:18Linusi can try
23:26:40Linusthe stupid farnell web site won't list the physical dimensions
23:26:57mistaRxyou read my thoughts!!
23:27:22mistaRxbut you can order directly from farnell..
23:28:42Linusif you are a company, that is
23:29:14mistaRxohh.. stupid me!
23:29:54mistaRxwell why does the guide refere to farnell then, humm..
23:30:09Linusbeats me
23:31:16mistaRxare u shour(how do u spell it) are u in the SWEDISH farnell website?!
23:33:20mistaRxI'll e-mail to the guy on the site
23:33:37Linusand it is spelled "sure" :-)
23:34:43mistaRxdo u know if u can order without being a company in USA?
23:35:42Linusi don't know
23:36:21Linusbut if you only find out the dimensions you can probably find equivalent LEDs at ELFA
23:38:24mistaRxyeah I'm mailig the guy who made the guide about the size of the LEDs
23:56:47mistaRxwhat does SMD LED mean?!
23:57:15LinusSurface Mounted Device, Light Emitting Diode
23:57:31Linusytmonterad lysdiod
23:59:26mistaRxif u want to help to find the right LED you could go to the manufactor of the farnell LEDs homepage:

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