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#rockbox log for 2002-07-27

00:00:54Linusi can't reach that site from here, timeout
00:02:44mistaRxI think I found it(
00:03:26mistaRxdoes the lik work?!
00:05:07Linusand now elfa's site is unreachable...
00:05:28Linusanyway, 1.6 x 0.8mm
00:06:08mistaRxare u just lazy or can't u really reach those sites?!
00:07:34Linushehe, timeout when trying to connect
00:07:57LinusTelias ADSL always gets crappy after midnight
00:08:43mistaRx?! I've got that at home and mine works just fine.. =)
00:09:19Linusok, not every day, but quite often
00:09:43Linusit's vero often the DHCP server, and sometimes the name server
00:10:41mistaRxdo u get a new ip every time u log on?!
00:11:07Linussometimes i get a new ip, but most of the time i get the same
00:16:57mistaRxI can't find the LED!!
00:21:26Linusi can't help you, i can't reach
00:24:12mistaRxcan u reach they make LEDs for ELFA
00:30:11mistaRxbut their leds onlu
00:31:51mistaRxtheir LEDs only have 20 mA max, the rekommended has got 30 mA max..
00:39:49mistaRxvad heter privat person på engelska?!
00:41:34Linusprivate person borde det heta
00:49:54mistaRxok tack
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00:57:09mistaRxva heter glapp da?!
00:57:23mistaRxpå engelska asso
00:58:54Linuseeeh... loose connection
01:02:48mistaRxok, tack igen då
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01:08:33mistaRxnä nu går jag o sussar, gonatt Linus
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08:00:41adi|dadshowdy all...
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18:19:09*nsauzede slaps nsauzede around a bit with a large trout
18:20:01nsauzedehello ?
18:21:41Linusit isn't quite healthy to slap yourself with a trout
18:21:48Linususe a herring
18:29:35nsauzedelinus ?
18:29:57nsauzedeHi ! :)
18:30:13nsauzedeSomeone alive... at last !!
18:30:21Linusi hope you have wiped the fish off your face
18:30:27nsauzedeyep !
18:31:06nsauzedeI wanted to say your contributions
18:31:23nsauzedeto rockbox are very great and
18:31:40nsauzedeyour recent CVS activity is at
18:31:53nsauzedea professional level !! I insist !!
18:32:06Linusthank you!
18:32:15Linusbut i wasn't exactly alone
18:32:31nsauzedereally, how do you do, indeed ? not alone : Ok, but...
18:32:41LinusHes, Hardeep and a bunch of others sent very good patches
18:33:20nsauzedeSure, you guys are very skilled, but Linus' mark is haunting a big part of CVS code :)
18:34:01Linushaha, the trick is to not give out CVS commit access, then you can take all the credit :-)
18:34:14nsauzedewell done..
18:34:21nsauzedeLook :
18:34:27Linusi am working on the button driver code now
18:34:39Linusit doesn't really work as expected
18:35:20nsauzedeI wanted to have a look at how to turn on backlight on the player, but then I discovered on CVS that you imp'd it a long ago..
18:35:43Linusyeah, but the first try failed...and nobody told me!
18:35:59nsauzedeyup, I noticed that :)
18:36:06nsauzedebut rockbox is
18:36:12Linusyou see, my good old player turns on the backlight entirely in hardware
18:36:21nsauzedegrowing so fast its hard to follow / contribute
18:36:31Linusit moves fast indeed
18:36:34nsauzedehard backlight ?
18:36:42nsauzedehuh ?
18:37:22Linusthe very first units were like that
18:37:32Linusbut i can still control when to shut it off again
18:37:40nsauzedeby soft ?
18:37:54nsauzedeyou mean
18:38:15nsauzedewhen you press a key, it turns automagically backlight on ?
18:38:34nsauzedeno soft polling ?
18:39:45nsauzede1 question :
18:40:24nsauzedeI used rockbox out yesterday,
18:40:42nsauzedeit comes from CVS of about 2-3 days,
18:40:53nsauzedeand I noticed battery level flickering,
18:41:13nsauzedeI pumped CVS some minutes ago, is flicker gone ?
18:41:26nsauzede(I believe you work on this)
18:41:40Linuswe haven't implemented the battery meter filter yet
18:41:47nsauzedeah right
18:41:47LinusHes has a patch for this
18:41:56nsauzedeit looked cool..
18:42:09nsauzede(kind of hysteresis ? or not ?)
18:42:10Linuswe are kind of feature-freezing right now, for 1.2
18:42:26Linuswe want to release it early this week
18:42:32nsauzedeyes ?
18:42:41Linusand then release 1.3 shortly after that
18:42:44nsauzedefat23 RW is planned for 1.3 ?
18:43:02Linusi guess so
18:43:18nsauzede1 question :
18:43:21Linusor rather, hope so
18:43:40nsauzedeyou were responsible for serial gdb feature ?
18:43:57nsauzedeis the comm fast ?
18:44:15Linuson the player, we can't do UART faster that 38400 with out lots of errors
18:44:26Linuson the recorder we can do 115200
18:44:27nsauzedebut few bytes to send, right ?
18:44:54Linuswell, the firmware takes a minute to load
18:45:08Linus(i haven't really measured)
18:45:14nsauzedewhat would you think of
18:45:23Linusbut debugging the player takes time
18:45:38nsauzedeusing the 1-wire dallas-like protocol ?
18:46:00Linusoh, yes, that one.......what?
18:46:09nsauzedethus not having to hard-modify the wire
18:46:44Linusno problem on the target stub
18:46:46nsauzedebut maybe it would slow down to much the comm (no duplex)
18:47:06Linushowever, bitbanging the parallel port on the PC is another thing
18:47:15Linusin linux
18:48:01nsauzedeI thougt we can design an interface based on a PIC
18:48:20Linusah, that translates to rs232?
18:48:29nsauzedethat sample/bitbang the 1-wire and offer some kind of duplex rs232-like
18:48:44Linussure, why not?
18:49:06nsauzedewell, I think someone else posted the idea before
18:49:26Linusnow when you mention it...
18:49:28nsauzedebut do you estimate it's worth the work ?
18:49:33nsauzedehuh ?
18:50:08Linusi guess we would have to offer the interface for sale
18:50:40*nsauzede listens
18:51:15Linusbecause if the user is expected to build the interface himself, he can just as well open his jubekox
18:51:29nsauzedethat's the point
18:51:39nsauzedeI agree with that...
18:52:10nsauzedeand after all, I've seen the pics, it shouldn't be too hard to do the mod :)
18:52:20***No seen item changed, no save performed.
18:52:29Linushehe, but you must sometimes sacrifice the line-in
18:52:51nsauzedeon players, it's unuseful nope ?
18:52:52Linusbecause there are some capacitors that disturb the communication
18:53:05Linusi also though it was useless
18:53:36Linusbut PsycoXul explained how he used it to mix the line-in with the audio
18:53:49nsauzedeon players ???
18:54:00Linusso he could listen to his PC sounds and the archos in his stereo at the same time
18:54:04Linuson players
18:54:36nsauzedeyou guys rule !
18:54:55Linuswell, that isn't thanks to rockbox
18:55:15Linus(what terrible english)
18:55:29nsauzedeI understood :)
18:55:37nsauzedeMAS-feature, heh ?
18:55:49Linusactually, DAC
18:55:54nsauzedeoh, yes.
18:56:09nsauzede(in recorder, it's a single chip)
18:56:25nsauzedewell, I was glad to meet you Linus !
18:56:38nsauzede(have to hangup now :)
18:56:40Linusnic eto hear from you
18:56:55nsauzedeBye !
18:56:59 Quit nsauzede ()
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23:13:10mistaRxafter an intence use of the rockbox firmware on my player6k I've noticed some things(bugs)
23:13:56mistaRxthe pitch srew(about 20% slower)
23:14:16mistaRxthe distortion!
23:14:46Linusk, how did you get the pitch skew?
23:15:02mistaRxI have volume as 74% and bass on 10 an treble on 11 and I get just a tiny little bit of distortion
23:15:28mistaRxI ran a disco song pa
23:15:47mistaRxa upspeed disco song doesn't remember my settings =)
23:16:40LinusOk, how did you get the pitch skew?
23:16:58 Join Smari [0] (
23:17:36mistaRxhad it all the time I guess, was playing a playlist (144 songs) shuffle and there was the disco song..
23:20:24Linusyou had a 20% slower pitch all the time without noticing?
23:20:59mistaRxstarted using it yesterday night when I was going to sleep.. ?=
23:21:22Linusand it is always there?
23:21:31mistaRxguess so..
23:22:29mistaRxbut I think that you should prioritate rememberin settings and the distortion..
23:22:46mistaRxfixing it I mean..
23:23:27Linusi don't think so. if the music isn't played at the right pitch...
23:23:54mistaRxwell if the music is playing with bad quality..
23:23:55Linusare you still on a modem?
23:24:07mistaRxyeah, why?!
23:24:18Linuscan you try a test firmware for me?
23:24:33mistaRxwhat firmware?!
23:24:47mistaRxa new build or what?!
23:25:08mistaRxwhat new features?!
23:25:28Linusnothing new, just a test to see if i can get rid of the pitch problem
23:25:43mistaRxwell send it over then..
23:26:01mistaRxremember it's the old skool 4.09 harware mod
23:26:13Linusi'll give you a URL to load
23:26:25Linusso you have the old LCD?
23:26:35mistaRxguess so..
23:26:54mistaRxwhy, whats the difference?!
23:27:17Linusdifferent lcd types, different drivers
23:28:19mistaRxjust wondering, is it the same mod for all the players/recorders but just with different drivers for the lcd?!
23:28:40Linusfor the players
23:29:51mistaRxwhy don't u say for what archos units(players or recorders) you have written new code to on the rockbox startpage?!
23:30:29Linusbecause we have new firmware for all of them
23:31:09mistaRxwell, how's it going with the url
23:31:29Linuscoming up
23:34:37mistaRxnow when I'm chnging my LED as we talked about yesterday, I was thinking of also doing the sound mod( have u done that or got any expericence
23:34:42mistaRxwith that?!
23:35:05Linusnope, i bought the capacitors, but i never got around to doing the mod
23:39:05mistaRxrunning the player now, I'm not quite sure but you may have fixed the prob..
23:40:18 Part Smari ("We all live in a yellow subroutine..")
23:40:25Linusgo to menu->debug->mas..
23:41:14Linususe + to step to address e6
23:41:38Linustakes a while...
23:42:41mistaRxit 6e not e6, isn't it?!
23:42:52mistaRxif yes, I'm there
23:43:31mistaRxi'm pressing..
23:43:42mistaRxok I'm ther
23:44:23mistaRxdoes it mather if a song is playing or not, cuz the song just stopped..
23:44:46Linusit doesn't matter
23:44:55Linusok so what are the other 8 digits?
23:45:31mistaRxzeroes(0)m all of them
23:45:57mistaRxok take it eazy what does that mean?!
23:45:59Linusok, c5 and c6
23:47:47mistaRxwell, I guess u figured that out..
23:49:21Linusi don't really know what to do
23:49:56Linusyou don't happen to live near stockholm, do you?
23:50:33mistaRxI live in vällingy(västerort) why?!
23:50:52Linusi would like to have a look at your unit
23:51:11Linusbecause my unit doesn't have those pitch/distortion problems
23:52:11mistaRxwell the pitch I'm not that 100% sure about but sertenly the distortion probs!
23:52:46mistaRxtry playng at 90% with bas in 13dB and treble at 13dB!!
23:53:51Linuscan you play with max settings without distortion with the stock firmware?
23:54:03mistaRxgonna check..
23:54:50mistaRxwithsrock u mean the NEWSEST archos firware, no?"
23:55:00mistaRxwith stock
23:59:31mistaRxno but I can play it louder and with more bass(defenetely) then the rockbox

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