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#rockbox log for 2002-07-28

00:00:29Linuslouder and more bass with stock firmware?
00:00:51mistaRxwith no distortion
00:01:22Linusok, and you mean louder as in loud, not louder in percent?
00:01:54mistaRxin loud, not louder in percent
00:02:04Linusmost people say that the stock firmware has a lower max volume that rockbox
00:03:08mistaRxthat may be true but I still think u get distortion at lower levels on the rockbox
00:04:44Linusok, try downloading again (new test)
00:05:18mistaRxwith sound improvements?!
00:05:24mistaRxor what?!
00:05:30Linusof course
00:05:48Linusand do you still get a different pitch ?
00:06:18mistaRxnot 100% sure, maybe an "inbillning"
00:10:12mistaRxbut it sure feel like it's 20%(or something) slower..
00:15:57Linusso is there any difference in distortion?
00:16:33mistaRxbetween stock & rockbox?!
00:16:46Linusbetween my old test and the new test
00:17:24mistaRx<−−−−−−-stupid guy, it's the same address..
00:26:39mistaRxwell, not as good as the stock firmware(not hearing any difference, sorry)
00:27:10Linusok, it was just a test
00:27:54mistaRxtry yourself on your 3.18 hardware mod unit..
00:29:23Linusyes, i get distortion when i crank the volume
00:31:16Linusbut no pitch shift
00:33:25mistaRxu sure, have u compared the MAS shit(may be useless but just tried to remind u.. if it would help)
00:34:17Linusi compare between my recorder and my player
00:35:09mistaRxok, and what was the resultin a non-programmer translated language
00:35:46Linuseeeh...they have the same pitch when i play music on them...
00:36:29mistaRxtry with the stock firmware on one!
00:42:35mistaRxand post the result here.. =)
00:42:49Linuswell, i have to go to bed now. Thanks for you helk so far
00:43:09mistaRxok, natti natti
00:43:15 Part Linus
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02:02:26ulrikls -la
02:05:25ulrik@find warez
02:06:00 Part ulrik
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02:53:41lithermono tgv
02:54:29lithermoni found a bug anyway
03:00:16lithermonok so its a stupid bug but when you try to load a nemptpy playlist you get flashing red light
03:00:42lithermonat 694D69CD
03:01:09lithermonwho would want to load an empty playlist i dont know
03:03:07lithermonwell i hope you found that useful
03:03:58lithermonyou guys have put in a wcked effort to get this box of rock working :)
03:04:15lithermonthanks v much
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03:24:17geoffeganyone here used the jukebox in OS X?
03:25:38lithermonwhas the hell os x ?
03:26:06geoffegMac OS 10
03:26:19lithermonive never used a mac in my life sorry
03:26:32lithermonheh heh :)
03:27:09 Part kraptv
03:27:40lithermoni found a bug in the daily build, im well proud
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03:33:24PsycoXul[EFNet] CTCP PING reply from Quazgaa: 27.123 seconds
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12:28:40Linusfinally i have reproduced the distortion on my own player as well!!!!
12:37:59PsycoXul_cool, how?
12:38:21PsycoXul_heh my parents just got new hardware, so i get a handmedown 1ghz athlon (o:
12:38:46 Quit PsycoXul (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:39:38LinusThere was a bug in mas_run(), so the decoder was never restarted on some units
12:39:49 Nick PsycoXul_ is now known as PsycoXul (
12:41:44Linuswhen mas_run() works, my unit also gets distortion
12:42:50PsycoXulhmm heh
12:44:02PsycoXuli'm probably gonna have to take this box here down tonight... :/
12:44:04PsycoXul 3:42am up 267 days, 19:40, 3 users, load average: 0.13, 0.11, 0.09
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12:46:28 Join yro [0] (
12:47:58LinusPsycoXul: are you able to reproduce your problem right now?
12:49:17PsycoXulthe distortion i get, you mean? and with old rockbox, today's build, latest cvs, ...
12:49:35PsycoXulold rockbox being whatever day or few old version i got on there atm
12:50:47PsycoXultoday's build is the same as current cvs isn't it?
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12:52:54PsycoXulwell with what i'm already running on there all i have to do is play a song with much bass and the default sound settings to get distortion
12:53:18Linusbut is it worse than the stock firmware?
12:53:31Linuswe play louder in general
12:53:45PsycoXuli've never gotten distortion with the stock firmware, besides overdriving my headphones turning the volume all the way up
12:53:55PsycoXulwhich is a different kind of distortion than what i'm getting with rockbox
12:54:17PsycoXulthis distortion happens even with the volume are barely audible levels
12:54:24Linusis the distortion sound something like loud "clicking"?
12:54:33Linusok, i got it
12:54:52Linusare you able to test an experimental firmware for me?
12:55:34PsycoXullemme see if i can mount my jb with the box i just setup.. it should
12:58:11PsycoXulyeah i can
13:00:01Linushang on, i'll just test on my own box first
13:00:27Linus1ghz athlon...nice
13:00:54PsycoXulyeah, it'll be a nice change from the p166 OC'd to 200 i'm forced to use 90% of the time now heh
13:02:22PsycoXulmy mom got herself an athlon XP 1900, 128mb geforce3 with tv-out, and 512mb DDR ram, plus a new MB which doesn't work and we need to take back tomorrow for a replacement
13:02:54Linusi have an athlon xp 1800, it rocks
13:03:41Linusdamn, our web hotel is down...
13:06:31Linus...and check the pitch too
13:07:52Linusthe sad thing is that Micronas are like everybody else
13:08:09Linusand really suck at documenting things
13:08:27Linusi am equally bad at documenting...
13:08:49PsycoXulits a newer player
13:08:57Linussorry, lemme try again
13:08:58PsycoXulbut thats ok, i know the first song in the first dir usualy causes distortion bad
13:10:28PsycoXulyeah still get it
13:11:04PsycoXuli think it sounds more clicky less loud though...
13:11:47PsycoXuli dunno that could be subjective
13:33:49LinusPsycoXul: Try again -
13:34:02Linusand pay attention to the startup messages
13:34:16PsycoXulwoo, there's startup messages?
13:34:30Linusdebug messages
13:35:48PsycoXulok well it was still double-height, mas: 0601
13:36:08PsycoXullistening now
13:36:16PsycoXulso far there isn't
13:36:19PsycoXulwhich there was before
13:36:25PsycoXulbut it hasn't gotten really into it yet
13:37:08PsycoXulnope, no distortion
13:37:24Linusnotice any pitch difference?
13:37:27PsycoXuleven if i turn the bass all the way up
13:38:52PsycoXulnot that i can tell..
13:39:15Linusyeah, i know it's hard to tell
13:39:34Linusbut it should be correct now
13:39:50PsycoXulit sounds good to me heh
13:41:04LinusBTW, did you know that there are both 12MHz and 11.0592MHz Recorders out there? :-)
13:41:24Linusthat sucks a lot
13:53:23Linusfixed and committed
13:53:27Linusthanks a lot for your help
13:53:41PsycoXulthank you for fixing it!
13:54:07Linuslet's just hope that we actually did fix it...
13:54:29PsycoXulwell yeah.. it fixed it for me though so heh
13:54:32Linuson my unit, it seemed to come and go...
13:54:45Linusi only had the distortion once
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15:42:15yroHi all
15:53:33yroHi Linus
15:54:27yroI've just written a quick and dirty write-on-disk settings ;-)
15:54:52yroI'm gonna make a patch...
15:56:30yroThere is some work to make it nicer... (the rtc block is written directly on block 61...)
15:57:54yroNo suspend on write yet...
16:17:31yrosent to thelist. It's too hot to work here... See you all
16:18:00 Quit yro ("ircII EPIC4-1.1.5 -- Are we there yet?")
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17:31:26 Part Linus
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19:24:06mistaRxwhat up whit the distortion fix it i
19:24:18mistaRxis it the same that I got yesterday?!
19:33:27Linusit is new and shiny
19:33:44Linusand maybe even working
19:36:07 Join Tumm [0] (
19:37:17mistaRxWOW, it will maybe work!!
19:43:21Linusjust try it
19:44:04Linusand i have committed an experimental persistent settings patch for player, sent to me by Yves
19:44:21Linusbut it isn't activated in the daily build
19:45:17Learlinus: is it safe to try (don't want to re-format my player :)? And if so, where is the best place to add such a define?
19:45:38mistaRxis the distortion fix on the newest archos20020728.mod on the website?!
19:45:58Linusif i was sure that it was entirely safe, i wouldn't disable it :-)
19:46:32Learso you haven't tested it yourself at least then?
19:46:44Linusbut add the #define first in settings.c
19:47:00LinusLear: of course i have tested it, works like a charm
19:47:19Linusbut i haven't tested it when low on batteries
19:47:20Learlinus: good, then maybe I'll give it a shot as well.
19:47:38Linusit saves too often as it is now
19:47:49Linusbut it is a start
19:48:06Learbtw, the display loop in wps.c, is it only executed 2/sec? The sleep made me think it would be more, and the update is a bit "jerky" when I try some new display code I'm working on...
19:48:10mistaRxLinus:is the distortion fix on the newest build on the website?!
19:48:21LinusmistaRx: no, the distorion fix won't be in until tomorrow's daily build
19:48:42mistaRxwell, you told me to test it..
19:49:10Linusi can build one for you now, with saved settings as well
19:49:41mistaRxno not the settings thing pleez
19:49:53mistaRxI haven't got a backup of my mp3s
19:50:25mistaRxI'll wait until someone's player breaks down and it'll be fixed!
19:50:54Linusyou have been yelling so much about the settings, so i reckoned you would want it
19:51:05mistaRxbut I'm interested in the distortion fix though!
19:51:57 Join dfg [0] (
19:54:28Linusactually, i have taken precautions when it comes to low batteries
19:54:42Linusthe settings won't be saved if the battery level is low
19:56:57mistaRxI guess the distortion is fixed a little bit, but try playing dr dre - forgot about dre, with it
19:57:17mistaRxthe distortion is still there
19:57:34LinusmistaRx: i'm beginning to think that you didn't have the distortion other people have been having
19:58:01mistaRxwell the distortion isn't there with the stock firmware..
19:58:16Linusthat distortion has little to do with the volume
19:58:35mistaRxyes it does
19:58:56Linusnot the distortion i have been trying to fix
19:59:02mistaRxI'm sorry gotta eat, brb..
19:59:19mistaRxc ya
19:59:34 Quit mistaRx ()
20:08:59Learlinus: are you familiar with the "tick" threads? Are they really executed 100 times/second?
20:16:01 Quit dfg ("Client Exiting")
20:20:40LinusLear: yes
20:20:53Linusbut it isn't a thread, it's an interrupt handler
20:21:06 Join Evil_Mind [0] (~StealthWa@
20:21:57Evil_Mindwhats up...
20:22:21Linusnot much
20:24:03Evil_Mindcan u write in the site where the "recent cvs activity" to what version it applys to...(player or recorder)?
20:24:47Evil_Mindjust mention "R" or "p"
20:25:15Linusmostly both, but i do try to do that
20:25:56Linusanything special you wonder about?
20:26:26Evil_Mindthe new save feture is for P or R?
20:27:21Linusonly for player, since the recorder already saves to RTC
20:27:43Evil_Mindoh...that's great!
20:28:42LinusLear: what do you want to know about the tick?
20:28:44Evil_Mindther's not suposed to be battery level in the info ?
20:28:56LinusEvil_Mind: oh yes
20:29:06Evil_Mindin today's build?
20:29:34Linusdo you have player?
20:29:48Evil_Mindi have the studio....
20:30:02Linussame thing
20:30:26 Join mistaRx [0] (
20:30:31Linusdo you want to try the setting saving?
20:30:53Evil_Mindand the distortion and pitch problems on Player versions is also in tommorow's?
20:31:09Learlinus: in wps.c, there's a sleep(HZ/10), which should, AFAICS, mean that the main loop is executed 10 times/sec. I see more like 2...
20:31:16Linusbut i can give you a preview now if you wish
20:31:56mistaRxdid u fix the pitch problem too?!
20:32:05LinusmistaRx: yes
20:32:52LinusLear: but you can also see that this sleep is executed 5 times before updating the screen again
20:33:51Learlinus: ah, missed that for() loop... :)
20:33:56Linusscreen update....poll keys 5 times with sleep()....screen update...
20:35:00Learlinus: also means that time display is a bit "jerky"; i.e., the seconds ticks by in an uneven way...
20:38:23Linusyes, dou you want to fix that? Please do.
20:38:55mistaRxlinus: have u just turned the pitch up with 20% or what?!
20:39:51Linusyes, sort of
20:40:13Linusi have adjusted the PLL offset to the crystal frequency
20:40:22Linusit wasn't correct earlier
20:40:46mistaRxso there REALLY was a bug!
20:43:44mistaRxlinus:will u get to work with the distortion bug I've got..?!
20:44:34Evil_Mindcan u add pitch adujst feture?
20:45:16LinusEvil_Mind: i'm not sure
20:46:09LinusmistaRx: is it possible for you to find out what rockbox volume the max archos volume level corresponds to?
20:46:50mistaRxno, haven't got the equipment, I'm sitting in the country house right now..
20:47:00Linusoh, yes, i forgot
20:47:54Linusi think archos deliberately sets the max volume level a little lower than the DAC allows
20:49:32mistaRxok, but don't u think the sound is a littl' bit better on the stock firmware..?!
20:49:50Linusok guys, i hava bus to catch. gotta meet my wife at the train station...
20:49:58Learlinus: OK, I'll include the fix in the new display mode I'm working on.
20:50:09mistaRxok c ya linus
20:50:17LinusLear: be sure to sync with the CVS
20:50:24Linuscu guys!
20:50:27 Part Linus
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21:57:57 Join DexterAYS [0] (
21:58:21DexterAYShi all, someone tested the distortion/pitch fix?
22:11:26 Quit mistaRx ()
22:29:03 Part DexterAYS
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23:38:16mistaRxhallo any programmer here?!

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