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#rockbox log for 2002-07-29

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09:29:07Bagdermy build from yesterday is totally silent
09:40:32adiamastry pulling your head out of your ass ;)
09:40:35*adiamas smirks
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09:40:52*Bagder looks at adiamas
09:41:00*adi|home bitches about not being able to sleep although he is yawning like a mad man.
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10:20:00Bagderhey ho
10:20:28MeRWiNquestion... i read something about new saving. does this regard the player?
10:21:08BagderI haven't really checked it out, but I believe so
10:21:13MeRWiNalso, just wanted to let you guys know, the volume level icon on the player doesn't change with the volume (this was a build from 2 days ago)
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10:26:56MeRWiNdo you think that someone could compile a build for me with the #define SAVE_TO_DISK in it?
10:27:12MeRWiNI want to try it out, but I don't have the compiler set up :)
10:27:15FridolinHi !
10:27:24FridolinI hope you had a nice weekend !
10:27:29BagderI could, but not right now, I'm a bit busy right now
10:28:06MeRWiNbadger: OK, would you mind compiling it and e-mailing to, if it's not too much trouble?
10:29:05MeRWiNbadger: I've got an 8 hour flight to test it out tomorrow :)
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10:30:15Bagdermorning linus
10:30:28Linusback from the dead, Bagder?
10:30:37Bagderonly slightly back
10:30:43Bagderat work now though
10:30:52Bagderheaps of bugs to sort out
10:31:16Bagdermy rockbox is *silent* today
10:31:25Bagderno sound at all
10:31:34Bagderbuilt yesterday
10:36:17Linusof course
10:36:27Linusdoes it spin up?
10:36:36Bagderyes, everything seems to be ok
10:36:41Bagderjust no sound
10:36:48BagderI'll try another set of earphones
10:37:47Linuswebmind: morn
10:37:54*Linus goes for coffee
10:38:04*webmind has earl grey
10:39:23Bagdernope, no sound at all
10:40:31*webmind discovered a new item in his menu of his archos :)
10:40:47webmindu could set the timeout of the display and when it turns off
10:41:17webmindbtw.. i've added an ext3 partition.. jukebox doens't seem to mind.. and just thinks it's an archos jukebox 17 :)
10:42:47LinusBagder: what bitrate? And does the hard disk spin up again after a while?
10:43:13Linuswebmind: what display turn off?
10:43:18BagderI've tried numerous songs, I can't hear anything
10:43:47BagderI tried fiddling with sound settings too, to make a diff, but it didn't change anything
10:44:21Bagderbut I'll need to recheck my build first before I consider this a true error
10:44:35BagderI might have got some ugly thing in it
10:44:55webmindLinus, light of the display..
10:45:01webmindLinus, i noticed i could set the timeout
10:45:21webmindand the timeout of wehen it should turn itself off
10:45:23Linusthat is an old one
10:45:52Linusbut it didn't work on the players until recently, beacuse of a bug
10:46:09PsycoXulhow about menu+play on the player's turning off/putting into low-power mode the LCD
10:46:10pyvaseneLinus : Did you have a look at my 'UI language selection' patch ?
10:46:10Linusi still can't figure out why nobody told us about it...
10:46:20Linuspyvasene: yes i did
10:46:38Linusit is fairly simple and nice
10:46:50Linusbut it is perhaps too simple
10:46:59Linusthe general idea is good
10:47:15Linusit's the string database thing that need some work
10:47:16pyvaseneI think it's a first step but has to been improved
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10:50:04Linuswe need a way (maybe a spreadsheet) to edit all strings in the project and their translations
10:50:11Linusboth for recorder and player displays
10:50:22Linusand a script to generate code for it
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10:55:41LinusPsycoXul: MENU+PLAY for backlight off? Yeah, why not?
10:55:55PsycoXuli said LCD off
10:56:04PsycoXulyou know, blank screen
10:56:05LinusLCD off?
10:56:22Linusto save battery?
10:56:33PsycoXuli would think a little anyways heh
10:56:55PsycoXuland i don't need stuff scrolling accross the screen in my pocket
10:56:57webmindwould that save battery then ?
10:57:22Linusprobably, but i'm not sure how much
10:57:30PsycoXulwell how much does the LCD use? and more or the same when its updated frequently?
10:57:57Linusi think we could conserve power by not updating the screen
10:58:06Linusbut it is probably negligible
10:58:31Linuswe can of course measure
10:58:37PsycoXulspeaking of the backlight though, i think it's timeout setting should have an 'off'
10:58:49Linusinstead of 0?
10:58:58PsycoXuli dunno
10:59:14Linusyeah, 0 isn't very user friendly
11:01:08LinusPsycoXul: but 0 shuts off the backlight for you doesn't it?
11:01:44PsycoXullast i checked it left it on
11:02:04Linushow old is your player?
11:02:53Linussorry, i am silly
11:03:18Linus0 doesn't turn it off, it leaves it on...
11:04:10Linushow would we want the user interface for that?
11:04:36Linustwo options, one for on/off and one for the timer?
11:04:46webmind0 should be on... but there should be an off option
11:04:53webmindthat would be nice
11:04:59webmindthink ot of mobile phones have that
11:05:04PsycoXuli was just thinking it going 'off', 0, 1, ...
11:05:08Linusor OFF..1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..ON?
11:05:29PsycoXulor that
11:05:58Linusis a zero timeout obvious to the average user?
11:06:20PsycoXuli dunno
11:06:44Linusit's obvious for me... :-)
11:06:59PsycoXulwell when i first saw it, i figured it'd either be on or off
11:07:13PsycoXuland it didn't turn off when i selected it
11:07:26PsycoXuland if there's an 'off' also next to it, it makes it a little more obvious
11:07:35PsycoXulunless they don't bother to scroll over to off
11:08:57Linusso OFF, 0, 1, 2 would be enough?
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11:09:08Linushow many secs would be max?
11:09:58Linushi yro
11:11:07webmind0 timeout i think would mean that it stays on
11:11:42Linusmaybe OFF, ON, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6...?
11:13:28Linusall Player users should consider compiling with SAVE_TO_DISK enabled to test it
11:15:20LinusAre there any more Recorder users here with silent playback?
11:15:44yroHi all
11:21:39yroThx for putting the save_to_disk in the cvs ;-)
11:22:12Linusthanks for sending the patch
11:26:25LinusBagder: still silent?
11:26:48Bagderwell, I can't try another version until tonight when I get home, I have no USB at work
11:27:47yroLinus: Any reports on it
11:28:04yroyet (sorry, I have mistaken hit return...)
11:29:03Linusno, i guess not many people noticed the new feature
11:29:14Linusand it isn't on by default
11:30:36Bagdermost people don't compile their own, they download daily builds
11:31:40yroIt's better that way, it's highly experimental... ;-) I have to see if I can modify it so it writes the block _only_ if we modified something,
11:31:54yroit's way too long in the menus...
11:33:15Linusyro: that is how to do it. I wanted to do that, but i was lazy when i merged your patch
11:34:05Linusi guess one approach would be to implement a settings_changed() function, called by main_menu()
11:34:10Bagdergrrrr, gdb goes nuts on files with a *large* amount of lines
11:35:18yroLinus: I wanted to yesterday too, but it was near 40°C on my desk, and it made me lazy too ;-)
11:35:58yroWell, I have lot of work today, I will stand-by on the channel (reading, but not so active...)
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11:39:35LinusWe should probably start writing a users manual...
11:40:07BagderI got annoyed by the new way of playing songs today btw
11:40:12Bagdersingle songs
11:40:57FridolinHi !
11:41:03LinusBagder: how?
11:41:09LinusFridolin: hi
11:41:27FridolinI see you had nice weather in tha last few days too :-)
11:41:53BagderLinus: It was how I had to leave the screen, and when I selected another song it said something about end of playlist and stuff
11:41:55FridolinLinus: it seems that the PLLConfig register did the job...
11:42:20BagderLinus: I'll fix my sound first, then I'll check it out more closely
11:42:29LinusBagder: yes. I would rather have it to just go back to the browser
11:42:54LinusFridolin: yes. I was wrong about the crystal frequency
11:43:11Linusand the mas_run() command didn't work
11:43:59Fridolinthe other thing that i extracted from the mas manual is that ogg vorbis on mas seems impossible ...
11:44:00LinusBagder: but the text disappeared when it started playing the next song, didnät it?
11:44:21Bagderstill silly, as I didn't use any playlist
11:44:28Fridolin... not only because micronas doesn't offer any development tools.
11:44:45Linusit says "end of file list", not "play list"
11:44:57Bagderstill confusing
11:45:04PsycoXulsettings saving!
11:45:17FridolinI'll start brwosing the buglist.
11:45:28Fridolinmaybe i can contribute here...
11:46:32LinusHey all, how would we want the WPS to act when all files have been played?
11:46:54Linusi would probably want it to go back to the browser
11:47:37yro|workLinus: Personnaly, i'd prefer to have choice going in the browser or shutting off the player... (fine to go to sleep...)
11:48:15Linusyro|work: but when auto-shutoff is implemented you don't need that choice
11:48:15FridolinI think going to the browser and (automatically) shutting off after some idel time would be ok.
11:48:47Fridolinthast what i thought ...
11:48:50LinusThe shutdown timer will be implemented anyway
11:49:18Linusok, so going back to the browser is good?
11:49:42webmindwhen ?
11:50:03webmindLinus, yes
11:50:13webmindwhat's the wps btw
11:51:06LinusWhile Playing Screen
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12:06:17Linusyo, Hes!
12:10:22webmindLinus, well. browser mode would seem logical yes.. what else ?
12:11:44Linusi don't know. people generally tend to think different about everything
12:11:55webmindhm k
12:12:05webmindwouldn't know what else could be appropriate
12:12:12Linusso i assumed that there would be different opinions about this as well
12:12:35webminddamn kernel here doesn't like my jukebox anymore.. and i rm'd the src.. damn me
12:12:41Linushehe. i just browsed the data sheets for the fujitsu disk
12:13:12LinusMean time between failures: More than 300000 power on hours
12:13:29LinusComponent life: 5 years or 20000 power on hours
12:13:54Linusso a dying disk is not considered a failure? :-)
12:14:03HesLinus: I see you sorted out the track change, excellent!
12:14:07webmindWARNING: USB Mass Storage data integrity not assured <−− why the hell does he keep doing that ?
12:14:15Linusi don't know
12:14:35Linusit always say that
12:14:39HesMaybe they're just not sure it will work or not.
12:14:56Linusa general disclaimer
12:15:50webmindwhat was the name of the module again btw ?
12:15:55webmindisd_220 ?
12:15:58webmindor sth ?
12:16:02webmindthe other one
12:16:22webmindof the chip
12:16:43Hesthe isd code goes in the ehci-hcd module
12:16:46Linusthe isd200 support is included in usb-storage
12:16:54Linusisnät it?
12:16:59Hesright... usb-storage, not ehci-hcd 8-)
12:17:15webmindit can be compiled as module
12:17:41webmindand i probably compiled it in
12:17:47webmindbut it refuses to work
12:18:06webminddoesnt give me a device to mount
12:18:17HesSCSI disk support enabled?
12:18:27LinusFor some people, it refuses to work when compiled-in
12:18:44webmindHes, i've used the jukebox with this very same kernel i think
12:18:52webmindWARNING: USB Mass Storage data integrity not assured
12:18:52webmindUSB Mass Storage device found at 2
12:18:52webmindWARNING: USB Mass Storage data integrity not assured
12:18:52DBUGEnqueued KICK webmind
12:18:52webmindUSB Mass Storage device found at 2
12:19:05webmindthat's the last in my dmesg
12:21:38Bagderusing modules is a safer way to get it to work
12:22:37BagderI mean instead of built-in
12:25:14webmindstupid me
12:25:23webmindi have spave on my hd for the src atm
12:25:29webmindcan't recompile
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12:52:09mistaRxanybody tried the save settings thing?!
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13:14:37BagderI bet yro|work tried it ;-)
13:18:01 Nick Linus|lunch is now known as Linus (~linus@
13:18:04Linusi have
13:23:43HesBtw... someone reported a bug in directory browsing, I have now seen it some 5 times myself:
13:24:14HesI click 'right' to enter a subdirectory, the HD led starts but the disk does not spin up,
13:24:55Hesthe directory listing does not change, a new cursor is drawn by the first item and the old cursor does not disappear
13:25:13Hesrecovers by clicking to the left
13:26:01yro|workmistaRx: True, I use it ;-)
13:26:36HesThe crashes on track change really seem to be gone.
13:27:21HesPlayed quite some music in a full bus during the weekend, no crashes <whew>
13:27:50Hestravelling to the countryside & back with student club
13:31:13LinusYeah, i saw the subdir "hang" this morning
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13:45:47HesLinus: have you looked into charging yet?
13:45:53HesIf not, I could do that now...
13:46:25LinusPlease do so.
13:46:38LinusI have been thinking about that
13:46:55CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
13:46:55*Bagder throws in a hand of moral support
13:46:56Linusabout the end-of-charge criteria
13:46:57HesAny ideas (apart from the non-trivials tuff)?
13:47:09Hes(from the trivial stuff that is)
13:47:22Linusfirst of all, we need a hysteresis for the start/stop
13:47:46Linuswe also need to monitor the voltage, possibly looking for a negative delta
13:48:22Hesalso a timer in case the negative delta detection fails for some reason
13:48:29Linusthe voltage changes will be quite slow
13:48:40Linusso a negative delta might never be detected
13:49:09Linusand also only read the battery voltage when the disk is idle and the charger is off
13:49:37HesProbably we should stop charging after the delta has been small for a long time (even though it would have been positive)
13:49:42Linuswe turn off the charger to read the battery voltage
13:50:02Linusyeah, a zero-delta timer is probably good
13:50:12Linusand maybe a minimum charge time
13:50:29Hesonly start measuring the delta after charging for a little time
13:50:57HesI wouldn't stop the charger for the measurement, I don't think any of the manufacturer suggested designs did that
13:51:12Hesit will take quite some time before the voltage stabilizes after you disconnect the charger
13:51:25Linus1) max 16hrs charge time
13:51:31Linus2) Stop at negative delta
13:51:38Linus3) Stop at 3hrs zero-delta
13:51:47Linus4) mininmum 3hrs charge
13:52:06HesI would use some 15 mins for 4) to get over the initial bumps
13:52:20Linus4) mininmum 15min charge
13:52:43Heshaving 3 hours would ruin things for people who stick the charger in a fully-loaded unit to keep them powered in fixed location use 8-)
13:53:08Hes5) after stopping charging, wait for charge go down to, say, 80% before charging again
13:53:45Linuswhat would we do in the case of fixed-location?
13:54:15HesProbably the ideal would be to discharge pretty well (to 10% or so) before charging again
13:54:44HesBUT that would ruin things for people who expect to have the device well charged after they've left it in the charger overnight
13:56:09mbr_Would it be possible to add such a discharge option?
13:56:19BagderI'd vote for a special option for people in "fixed locations"
13:56:20HesMaybe we could make that configurable. Or discharge to 10% if the device is being used (HD activity seen) and keep it up at 80-90% if it's not used.
13:56:22mbr_Possibly enable it for the next cycle?
14:00:02HesI think most chargers (the nokia ones I have had, like 5 or so, and the Canon digital camera charger, etc) detect an already-full battery within a minute of charging
14:00:51HesBut if we implement the above logic, we can fine-tune the timers later
14:01:04*Bagder agrees
14:02:49notchcan you set the current for a trickle charge? or is it just on/off
14:02:56Heson/off only
14:03:31Heswe can do trickle charging of course (adjust the duty cycle)
14:03:46Hescharge for a few seconds and sleep for N
14:03:56notchgood option for those plugged into mains
14:04:22HesSome manufactures specifically say trickle charging is not good for Ni-MH
14:04:26Hessome don't.
14:04:54HesBut it's generally done a lot for backup power systems
14:04:58notchIt's normaly 10% of capacity - could make it 5% to be 'safe'
14:05:04notchI that is
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14:14:41LinusNormal charging is usually C/10
14:14:59LinusTrickle charge nis normally C/50
14:16:04Linushehe , i purchased a quick charger this weekend
14:16:22Linus1 hour for 1800mAh batteries
14:16:27Linusthey get hot
14:17:02HesNo doubt 8-)
14:17:57notchSome battery resellers state that applying a continuous trickle charge of about 1/10th the battery's capacity is not harmful. However, we have not seen any battery manufacturer condone the practice.
14:18:41LinusThe first player models have a constant C/10 rate
14:18:45notch-Quote from 'green batterys' website... now I'm confused!
14:19:15Linuseven when they are full, it cannot be stopped
14:19:38notchDoes it shag the batterys?
14:20:09Linusthey get warm after a while
14:20:24Linusi guess that is the reason they shipped it with two sets of batteries
14:20:39notchyeah I kinda wondered about that :-)
14:21:18LinusActually, the charger can't be stopped on any of the Player models, as far as i can see
14:22:12LinusWe will probably need to detect the CPU frequency on the recorders, BTW
14:22:28Linusthere are recorders with 12MHz out there
14:22:39notchWhy doesnt charging work in the Rockbox software?
14:22:48HesSmall beauty thing: after playing to end-of-songlist (i play directories) while in directory browser instead of WPS, when I select a new song to be played, I get an end-of-songlist display for a short while before the new song starts
14:22:56Linusnotch: we don't turn on the charger
14:23:02notchHow do you know if you have an 11.059Mhz or 12Mhz version?
14:23:21LinusHes: yeah, that is a known issue
14:23:22elinenbe2Linus: the pitch/speed control bug that you fixed this weekend, what was it?
14:23:26HesMaybe should display some 'Loading' text before we get the new Id3 tag... animated icons, anyone? 8-)
14:23:43Linuselinenbe2: wrong PLL settings for the crystal
14:24:12Linusnotch: you don't know the frequency if you don't open the box
14:24:18Linusbut we can measure it
14:24:29Linususing the RTC
14:24:38elinenbe2Linus: is it possible to adjust that on the fly so a user can modify the pitch of their songs?
14:24:47elinenbe2Linus: during playback?
14:24:56Linuselinenbe2: in theory, yes
14:25:02Linusbut i think the playback might stop
14:25:10HesSo HZ needs to be a variable then?
14:25:17Linusand the PLL calculations are a little tricy
14:25:23LinusHes: yes
14:25:29elinenbe2ah, this would be a DJs ultimate machine
14:26:07Linuselinenbe2: but i don't know what happens while the PLL is locking
14:26:27Linusbut we can always experiment
14:27:02elinenbe2that would be awesome
14:27:05 Nick elinenbe2 is now known as elinenbe (
14:28:03Linusstill, we can't change it more than a few percent
14:28:19elinenbeLinus: why is that?
14:28:33Linusbecause the PLL has a limited frequency range
14:29:28Linusand we are actually barely within limits on the 48KHz PLL
14:30:19notchin order to get the frequency, could we execute a bit of asm that has a 'known' execution time, ie an loop, and compart this time to the RTC?
14:30:41Linusnotch: no, we start a timer and compare it to the RTC
14:30:57notchokay that's much easier!
14:31:11notchspent too much time on pics!
14:31:25LinusPICs are nice
14:32:07Linusi don't know if we can identify what recorder models have 12MHz
14:32:25Linusif we could, we wouldn't have to measure the freq
14:32:51Linusi discovered it by accident
14:33:06Linusby looking at the pictures on the rockbox site
14:33:15notchWould they have to change the firmware for each freq?
14:33:40notchthen it must be related to serial number...
14:33:43Bagderunless they measure ;-)
14:33:48Linusotherwise they might have problems with the serial port (remote control)
14:33:58Linusyeah, they might measure
14:34:16Linusi have always wondered why it takes so much time to boot
14:34:48Linusthis could be one explanation
14:34:50HesIs charger_inserted() in drivers/power.c correct?
14:34:56Linusit should be
14:35:35HesCould someone please add comments to the ADC_ defines in adc.h?
14:35:49Linusbut it isn't correct...
14:35:52HesWhat is connected where...
14:36:01Linusit should be ADC_EXT_POWER
14:36:15HesSo it actually measures the voltage on ADC_EXT_POWER?
14:36:19Hesand checks if it's up
14:36:21LinusHes: what is not obvious?
14:36:37Linusabout the ADC_ defines?
14:37:03HesADC_UNREG_POWER is from the battery before the regulator?
14:37:12HesADC_EXT_POWER is from the xt power input?
14:37:20Hesbut what is ADC_BATTERY then?
14:41:08LinusADC_BATTERY is the battery
14:41:37Hesand ADC_UNREG_POWER?
14:42:31Linusi am confused now
14:42:36Linuslet me think
14:42:52Linusoh yes
14:43:14Linusthe ADC_BATTERY is the voltage from the batteries, but what a silly scale
14:43:22Linusso we always read 3FF
14:43:22HesBecause currently we read ADC_UNREG_POWER only
14:43:35HesSo ADC_BATTERY is unusable?
14:43:53HesOkay. Now comment this in drivers/adc.h please 8-)
14:44:37HesAnd others too if possible
14:44:54Hesusb power, charge regulator
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14:58:22LinusHes: update you CVS
15:00:37LinusThe ADC_BATTERY voltage puzzles me
15:01:13Linusit is taken directly from the battery with a strange divider
15:01:48Linusthe ADC input is about 3.6V or something, if i remember correctly
15:01:58Linusfar above VCC
15:02:13Linusand that is definitely not recommended
15:04:18HesADC_USB_POWER is the power input from the USB bus? the power itself is not used for anything else than detecting if USB is connected?
15:08:45Linusit seems, looking at the schematics, that the unit parasites from that power when connected
15:11:13Linusbut i don't see how
15:11:19Linusand AN3 is still amystery
15:11:54LinusAN3 stays at the same level almost all the time, except for when USB is connected, then it goes to 0x3ff
15:16:25 Join elinenbe2 [0] (
15:16:26 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:16:28 Quit Hes (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
15:16:39 Join Hes [0] (
15:37:59notchthat whole charging/battery circuitry is a little... well... abstract
15:38:36notchIt must have been 'cost effective' :-)
15:39:43Linusand simple
15:40:14Linusa regulator and an on/off control. what more could you ask for? :-)
15:41:37Bagderprogress bar?! :-P
15:43:47LinusBagder: a progress bar in hardware. that would be cool ...(?)
15:44:15elinenbe2Linus: I want seek like an ipod! :)
15:44:21Bagder... I'll build a separate box for it and sell it to people! :-)
15:44:24 Nick elinenbe2 is now known as elinenbe (
15:44:42Linusand what exactly is "seek like an ipod"?
15:44:42elinenbeI say we take what is learned from the Archos, and build our own uber-jukebox.
15:45:43elinenbeLinus: hehe −− go here and then play a song
15:47:03BagderI miss a breakout game
15:50:23LinusThat is because you haven't written one
15:50:58BagderIf no one else does, I'll write one
15:51:15BagderI'm *starting* to catch up on my emails now
15:55:43Linusi'm currently being called once a day by an old-school corporate guy who thinks that calling people in person is *the* way of getting support for cURL!
15:57:20BagderI actually got a mail from a guy asking for an address for mailing a cheque!
15:58:25LinusFor support?
15:59:02Bagdermore like "from our team for your good support"
15:59:34Bagderfirst time this happened to me
15:59:44Linusthat's incredibly nice
16:00:11Linusand thoughtful
16:01:41Bagderbrings back my belief in the existance of good people "out there" ;-)
16:03:44HesGetting envelopes with cheques for good support has it's drawbacks though 8-) They might expect for some more from you.
16:21:19LinusAre there any bugs/quirks in the current code that need to be fixed before we release 1.2?
16:21:39LinusI'm not talking about the persistent settings or the battery charging
16:22:12LinusWe will probably not include those in 1.2
16:24:42LinusBagder: the bug report retrieving script for the rockbox main page bugs
16:24:54BagderBjörn wrote it :-)
16:25:20Bagderwhat's wrong?
16:25:41LinusIt excludes bugs that are older than 30 days
16:26:05Linusconvenient, but not entirely correct :-)
16:26:52HesProbably it should make note of that, and show '1485 bugs not listed here' after the list 8-)
16:30:49 Quit yro|work ("ircII EPIC4-1.1.5 -- Are we there yet?")
16:32:44BagderI found out why it bugs
16:38:38Bagdercorrected now
16:39:00Bagderthe crontab runs every 20 mins
16:49:47HesLinus: usb mode only works in directory view & playing, not in the menus
16:49:53Hesthat could be fixed if possible
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16:54:07BagderI'm off for home
16:54:10 Part Bagder
17:04:21 Quit geoffeg ("changing servers")
17:07:45LinusHes: what would we want to do when USB is inserted when in a menu?
17:07:53Linusis it acceptable to leave the menu?
17:08:12Linusand always return to the dir browser after USB is finished?
17:08:41HesDunno. I think archos reboots or something, which is an overkill 8-)
17:08:49Hesat least it reboots if you replace the firmware file
17:08:50Linusor stay cool and return to the point where we were?
17:09:05HesReturning to the point where we were would be nicest i think
17:09:15Hesif that can be applied (can't return to WPS of course)
17:09:17Linusand reread the root dir when we return to the dir browser
17:09:37HesIf in wps or dir browser => to root dir
17:09:54Hesif in menu => back to menu and then to root dir when exiting to the browser
17:10:18Linus(takes some work...)
17:10:37Linusthe menu code has no return code
17:12:09Linusall code that gets events from a message queue must handle the SYS_USB_CONNECTED message
17:12:45Linusand tell its caller that it has done so
17:12:55Linuspossibly via a return code
17:13:51Linusthus, tree.c can reread the dir if main_menu() returns SYS_USB_CONNECTED
17:14:01Linusjust like wps
17:15:05 Quit pyvasene (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
17:20:39HesSeems charger_inserted() requires at least a bit over 7v from the charger to detect it to be present
17:21:08Hesand it returns false for a few seconds after charging is enabled.
17:21:26HesNot bad but an interesting effect, someone will post it as a bug. 8-)
17:21:26Linusaha, maybe we should lower the limit a little
17:22:00HesYes, a little. Maybe a bit over the max battery voltage with full charge.
17:22:16Linusdo so
17:22:44HesWill do, have to measure the peak voltage with full batteries...
17:26:12 Join mistaRx [0] (mistaX@
17:33:35 Part Linus
18:04:56 Join MeRWiN [0] (
18:07:06MeRWiNDoes the player charge while it's plugged in and on yet?
18:08:27HesI would suppose it does?
18:08:58Hesthe charger is not software controlled, if I understood things right.
18:09:08MeRWiNOK, I remember someone saying that it didn't last week... I plugged mine in and the voltage seemed to go up, so that means that it's charging, yes?
18:09:27HesI'm just writing code for the software charging logic on the recorder.
18:09:39HesYes, that definetely means it is charging.
18:09:48MeRWiNokey... wonderful.
18:26:24 Quit mistaRx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:27:52 Quit notch ()
18:49:43 Quit MeRWiN ()
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19:18:29HesTrying out the charger code now.
19:30:20HesEnded up disabling all ata sleeping and spindowns to maximize power usage 8-)
19:30:37Hesand setting backlight timer to 0
19:44:16 Join WetFlax [0] (
19:49:18HesThe voltage drop at full charge is visible nicely.
19:55:16elinenbeis that applet in the cvs?
20:15:38HesI'm still working on the full charge detection tuning
20:15:49HesWill post the patch once I think it works
20:16:43Hesif it seems ok for the core developers with CVS access, and it's found to be working, it'll possibly go in CVS
20:25:11 Join Mighty [0] (
20:27:06 Quit Mighty (Client Quit)
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22:13:26 Quit jedix ("Client Exiting")
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23:16:53 Join Bagder [0] (
23:18:01 Join matp [0] (
23:18:33matpwhats up?
23:20:16Bagdernot much
23:21:18HesI think have a working charger.
23:22:43HesThe voltage drop at full charge is visible nicely.
23:24:18HesIf I only knew easily if the hd is spinning or not
23:24:22matpwhat remains for a 1.2 release
23:24:40Bagdernothing really, we're about to make one any day now
23:25:06Bagderwe save the charging and the saving to disk for 1.3
23:25:30Hesthose things need quite a bit of testing
23:25:32matpis rockbox supposed to drain the power when the power cable is plugged in?
23:25:48matpyeah, they are big features
23:25:49Hesyes, it is (on the recorder)
23:26:12matpcan we not prevent that
23:26:28Hesyes, the charger code i wrote tonight does just that
23:27:00Hesthe unit cannot be powered from the external supply without charging the battery at the same time.
23:27:11matpi see. it doesn't charge the battery, just uses power when external power is connected
23:27:36matpok, got you
23:28:50matpwhat is average battery life now? I'm lucky to get 6 hours
23:29:47HesI haven't measured...
23:30:17matpi think it's acceptable for this release. It would be nice to get what archos get from their firmware though.
23:30:45BagderI expect that we'll reach there eventually
23:31:19matpwe can console ourselves with the fact that we have MUCH better features
23:34:06Bagderyeah, we've started out pretty good already
23:37:53matpis the current cvs stable? I haven't updated since Friday. I've had no issues this weekend, but there's been a lot of activity since then :)
23:38:44BagderI think it's pretty stable
23:38:49Hesseems to be.
23:39:57BagderI might have a problem with it, soon to find out for sure
23:41:32Bagderfalse alarm, works fine
23:41:46Bagdermy build was just screwed yesterday
23:41:56matpwas it you that was getting no sound?
23:42:26Bagderthere's some dependency problem in some makefile I guess
23:42:37BagderI made a make clean and make again now and it works fine
23:42:50matpHes: are you able to detect accurately when the battery is fully charged?
23:43:32matpBagder: too much hacking :)
23:43:38 Join mistaRx [0] (mistaX@
23:44:09mistaRxanybody who'd like to help me?!
23:44:09Bagderactually, it was too *little* hacking ;-)
23:44:26BagderI hadn't updated my repository for a month while I was on vacation
23:44:38BagdermistaRx: with what?
23:45:04mistaRxhave u tested the save settings thing?!
23:45:16*Bagder hasn't
23:45:44Bagderbut then, I have a recorder ;-)
23:45:54*matp also
23:47:34mistaRxhow do u "#define SAVE_TO_DISK"(I'm not a programmer..)
23:47:53Bagderuh, you add that in the Makefile and rebuild
23:48:08Bagderyou want such a build?
23:48:58mistaRxyes please, can't u do that and then let me download it from somewhere..
23:49:49mistaRxroger that!
23:49:55Bagderit's the cutting edge CVS sources, the player ones built with SAVE_TO_DISK
23:50:59mistaRxok, do u know if it in any way COULD hurt my old player?!
23:51:24Bagderin *any* way?
23:51:30Bagderthen I'd have to sat yes
23:51:44mistaRxwell I haven't got a backup on my files on my player!
23:52:11BagderI know people have tried it and survived to tell their story ;-)
23:52:32mistaRxu are one of the programmers, no?!
23:52:48BagderI am
23:53:03Bagderone in crowd ;-)
23:53:06mistaRxI haven't seen that u have done so much on the rockbox
23:53:12Bagderthe crowd even
23:53:31BagderI'm Daniel Stenberg, I've done quite a fair share I'd say
23:54:02mistaRxbut u have been on vacation, right?!
23:54:15Bagderonly slowly coming back in the game
23:56:09matpHes: have you much experience of using archos as a recorder?
23:59:18mistaRxI think that rockbox needs 2 more things: save settings, skipping "management" to really compete with the stock firmware!
23:59:44mistaRxother then that it ROCKS the box! =)

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