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#rockbox log for 2002-07-31

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01:27:45*MeRWiN crosses fingers as he makes a 3rd attempt at compiling the cross-compiler
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01:43:19MeRWiNlet's try for a 4th
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04:05:37MeRWiNanyone alive?
04:16:45WetFlaxi am here but totally useless if its about rockbox
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04:25:01MeRWiN-has anyone tried to use rechargable alkaline yet?
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04:35:35nunyaok - i just heard about rockbox... what's the most recent, most feature packed reliable version? please be gentle... i cry easy!
04:52:41MeRWiNyou there?
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05:16:42MeRWiNnunya: you there still?
05:25:35nunyasorry - back now!
05:27:22MeRWiNdo you have a player or recorder?
05:28:40nunyaplayer.... upgraded to 20gm ibm travelstar drive... going to put a toshiba 40gb in it in the next week or so
05:29:59MeRWiNgo to the daily builds section of the website and download today's Daily Build and download
05:30:13MeRWiNfrom the Player section
05:30:22MeRWiNor the Player-old section if you have an old player
05:30:37MeRWiNcopy it to the archos root folder and rename to archos.mod
05:31:59nunyai'm ok with the player section - have 4.53 firmware. so zacly what is the big advantage to this? i understand cleaner, better sound... what else?
05:33:17MeRWiNMore options. There are still some things that aren't working correctly though. Like the saving of settings (although there is a test version in place that seems to work for me.. i can send you that one if you want). Random mode onlly works when playing playlists, and some random bugs that may show up here and there
05:33:21MeRWiNI use it 100% on my player
05:34:11nunyacool... sure if ya wanna send the test version... are you a developer too?
05:34:51MeRWiNtrying to become one :)
05:35:01MeRWiNhold on a minute or two and i'll send it to you
05:35:40nunyacool... i'd like to make some more time to look into it a bit... i've been programming for some time - but an electrical engineer i ain't!! :)
05:36:18MeRWiNheh. Remember, to switch back and forth from the real firmware and the rockbox firmware, just rename archos.mod to something like archos.mod.bak and it'll go back to the regular firmware
05:37:20nunyayup... i have firmware 4.53 with the modified archos version 5.03a
05:40:20MeRWiNi personally like the rockbox software much better
05:40:28MeRWiNand the development is flying
05:40:35nunyai see that
05:41:58nunyau sending that new test version?
05:42:06MeRWiNyeah.. give me another 2 minutes :)
05:42:15nunyaok.. np... where u located?
05:42:35MeRWiNusually in washington state, but right now in virginia
05:42:56nunyai'll be in VA in a couple weeks... live in upstate NY.
05:43:23MeRWiNi'm not much of a fan of virginia
05:47:13MeRWiNi sent you the file dcc
05:47:39MeRWiNthis one is slightly modified from the original, but not much (this one displays the current as well as remaining song time on the player)
05:49:10nunyaconnection failed... i'm guessing my router is being a pain in the ass. figures! can ya email it?
05:52:48MeRWiNmorning hes
05:52:55MeRWiNhes: is there a mute function yet?
05:53:06nunyagot it!!! u da man!!
05:53:27MeRWiNnunya: heh... kewl
05:53:38MeRWiNHes: 'cause I just cooked one up if there isn't
05:53:54nunyaok... im off to zzzz-land for a few hours. merwin - THANK U VERY MUCH... catch ya 2morrow!
05:54:07MeRWiNnunya: no prob
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05:59:17MeRWiNhes: you around?
06:02:31HesNo mute that I know of
06:02:48HesI'm here, at work, looking at irc every now and then
06:03:53MeRWiNhes: i made a couple changes (only to the player code) ... one is that i stepped up the WPS volume change to step 2 instead of 1. The other is that i made Menu+Play do a Mute function (player only). want me to send you a unified diff of it by chance?
06:04:43HesHmm, not really as I don't have either a player or CVS access 8-)
06:04:52MeRWiNhes: I also made both the current time and total song time able to be displayed by the player :)
06:05:10HesI'm just a humble servant to the core developers, writing pieces of code and hoping for them to apply the patches to the main tree 8-)
06:05:39HesBut that's cool, guess we have one new developer then.
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06:05:55MeRWiN-grr... i hate my connection here
06:06:18HesWhich is the last line you got from me
06:06:38MeRWiN-hes: humble servant
06:06:48HesBut that's cool, guess we have one new developer then.
06:07:17MeRWiN-i'm a player-only developer though
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06:28:47MeRWiNwoo... also added a Time Display feature to the menu :) Can now display Elapsed or Remaining
06:41:19MeRWiNhey, also got it to save to the config :P
06:42:27MeRWiNthat SAVE_TO_DISK is a very straightforward feature. In fact, the whole project is very straightforward. I'm not the greatest at reading other people's code, but this is easy
06:50:45HesThe code is really very clean, I found it very easy to dig in too.
06:51:05HesPlain and simple C. Even with the multitasking and the queues, it's simple.
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07:01:14MeRWiNHes: i like that
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07:30:05elinenbeLinus: already at work?
07:32:31elinenbewhat are you working on with rockbox today?
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07:33:41Linusi thought i would be working on the distortion, but it seems like i would have to do some work on the mpeg buffering too...
07:33:58elinenbethose seem to be the biggest complaints currently
07:34:17elinenbeI think documentation should be done soon. for version 1.2 −− maybe I will write up a pdf.
07:34:42Linuswhy pdf?
07:35:20elinenbebecasue then everyone can read it and it will look the same on all 'puters
07:35:27elinenbeI guess I could go with html
07:35:32elinenbeor maybe latex
07:35:40elinenbebut no one can read latex.
07:35:50elinenbeI could do postscript too...
07:36:04elinenbewhat do you think?
07:37:12Linusi think a text file is good
07:37:44elinenbeI think having screenshots would be great though.
07:37:50elinenbeit would be a nice touch
07:38:02elinenbeI could do a word document :)
07:38:55LinusBut if we need screenshots and stuff we probably could use HTML and PDF
07:39:32elinenbewell, I think pdf would be the best for this
07:39:37HesI'd prefer HTML
07:39:47Hesi want to read it on a terminal
07:40:09elinenbewell, if there are pictures then you won't see them on a terminal anyway.
07:40:23HesThat's not too bad.
07:40:25elinenbeand you can just use the google pdf2html converter to read it then :)
07:42:29elinenbeso, I will do it in both pdf and html
07:42:45elinenbebut, there can not be a release until the current bugs are worked out.
07:42:52elinenberight Linus?
07:44:56elinenbeI will try my hardest to make it as confusing as the Archos manual
07:45:02MeRWiNelinenbe: that will be difficult
07:45:57Linusi think that the 1.2 release might have to wait until the current bugs are sorted out
07:46:22elinenbeLinus: I agree.
07:48:06LinusDo you guys have any experience of those bugs
07:48:49elinenbeLinus: I was getting the directory non-refresh bug
07:49:13elinenbethat is where you go to entre a directory, but insted you stay in the same directory and another cursor appears on the top line
07:49:28Linusand the hard drive doesn't spin up?
07:49:47elinenbeI am not sure about that.
07:51:34elinenbegoodnight everyone. See you in the morning. Good luck on the project :-)
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07:51:50Linussleep tight
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08:11:53MeRWiNBagder: hey
08:20:41 Join elinenbe [0] (
08:22:36Linuselinenbe: go to sleep!
08:25:33Bagdergee, 130 mails on the subversion list since I logged off yesterday...
08:35:00MeRWiNThe good side is that means that you're popular
08:35:58Linusno, he has joined a popular mailing list, just to feel popular :-)
08:36:25*Bagder slaps Linus
08:36:36Linusi nailed the mpeg buffering bug
08:37:00Bagderthe one I spoke of yday?
08:37:07Linuswhat was that?
08:37:49BagderI've got problems a few times when I've played mp3s that appear as "0:00" long
08:38:09Linusno, that is probably an id3 bug
08:38:23Bagderwell, but after such a song I've got sound errors
08:38:24Linusdo the same file always appear as 0:00 long?
08:38:39Bagdereither fractions of another song, or too much silence, before the next real song starts
08:39:41BagderI get those problems on my "screwed up files", that play a different song than what they really are
08:39:58Bagderso it really isn't very easy to tell
08:40:06LinusBagder: can you find a song that shows this error?
08:40:06Bagderif the problem is my disk or rockbox
08:40:29Linusfor example, a too long id3 tag might be a problem
08:40:50BagderI'll try to repeat it on purpose later
08:40:53Linuscombined with VBR
08:43:42MeRWiNI think I may have found a solution to the "No random without a playlist" thing... Why can't you turn each directory into a playlist? Shouldn't take up too much processing power.
08:43:55MeRWiNWhen you enter the directory, create a playlist out of the files
08:44:09Bagderwe will do that
08:44:11LinusYes, that is a good idea
08:44:13Bagderas soon as we can write to disk
08:44:15LinusMeRWiN: do that
08:44:23LinusBagder: why save to disk?
08:44:24MeRWiNdon't even need to write to disk to do that...
08:44:29MeRWiNa playlist variable
08:44:36BagderLinus: because our playlist code uses diskbased playlists
08:44:51Linusyes, but that can be changed
08:44:57Bagderand directoried can be pretty big
08:45:15 Join datazone [0] ([dCsvgjNaT@
08:45:21Linusyes, but if the dir is small enough we can do it
08:45:28Linusand today we have a 200 file limit
08:45:31Bagderanyway, that's the reason why it isn't made so right now
08:45:32Linuson directories
08:45:57MeRWiNthere's a 200 file limit? i did not know that
08:46:06LinusMeRWiN: do you want to look into memory-based playlists?
08:46:25LinusMeRWiN: the 200 file limit is for the dir browser
08:46:36MeRWiNI'll research that one
08:53:49MeRWiNwhat is the add_indices_to_playlist?
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08:54:01HesGood morning... did any of you look at the charger patch yet?
08:54:08MeRWiNmorn hes
08:54:22*Bagder hasn't had time to yet
08:55:16LinusHes: no, i haven't had the time either
08:55:52LinusMeRWiN: add_indices_to_playlist saves the file positions in the playlist for each file in it
09:09:06MeRWiNThere's no feature to skip to a certain MP3 file in a folder, is there? :( Only mpeg_next and mpeg_prev, right?
09:09:11Linusit is the playlist file positions that are the keys to the individual files in the playlist
09:09:22LinusMeRWiN: true
09:09:33MeRWiNLinus: ouch, this is going to be harder than i thought
09:09:40Linushow would you want such a feature to work?
09:10:02LinusMeRWiN: why so hard?
09:10:47MeRWiNLinus: I'll have to create a new playlist function from scratch this way :) I didn't think the current one was 100% disk based. I thought it loaded the info into some sort of array base
09:11:23MeRWiNIt would be nice to have some sort of mpeg play function that played a certain directory entry in a given folder
09:11:46Linusyes, you would have to create new functions for memory based playlists, but that shouldnt be that hard
09:12:08Linusor you could add a middle layer that abstracts the file handling
09:12:18MeRWiNthat is true
09:12:52LinusThe function that plays a certain file in a certain directory is called the "file browser"
09:13:37MeRWiNok, if i use that file browser function, all i have to do is create an array with all of the filenames, and randomly choose one of the files in the array
09:14:01Linuswhat is it that you want to accomplish?
09:14:19MeRWiNrandom play without a playlist
09:14:26Linusin several directories?
09:14:36MeRWiNwell, in a single directory for now
09:14:49MeRWiNwhere is the file browser function located?
09:14:58Linusso just read the current dir into an array
09:15:24Linusabout the file browser thing, i was (unsuccessfully) sarcastic :-)
09:15:29Bagderisn't it already read into an array?
09:15:53LinusBagder: yes, we could probably use the array already in the dir browser
09:17:19Linusi would probably have made a playlist_open() and playlist_seek() API, that made it transparent to the playlist functions if it was a file or memory based playlist
09:18:10Linusthe whole file position thing works just as well with byte indices in a memory buffer
09:20:27HesI would have gone the way Linus put it
09:20:49Hesall future playlist features would then apply to it nicely
09:21:53HesI would really, really like to click 'play' on a directory in the browser and have it (recursively) create a temporary playlist of the files under that directory
09:22:15Hesand then play it (shuffled, if playlist shuffle is enabled)
09:23:28MeRWiNhes: agreed
09:40:34Bagderbut that recursive playlist could get quite big
09:40:41Bagderso it should be stored on disk
09:41:12Linusyes, but if it fits in memory it would be fine
09:41:30Bagderthen it won't survive a reboot
09:41:36Bagderwhich the stored-on-disk will
09:41:59Linusi'm not saying that a disk-based list is useless
09:42:00Bagderpeople always complain that they won't resume from where they shut it off
09:42:11Bagderme neither
09:42:21BagderI'm just saying that people will mention it sooner or later
09:42:22Linuswe can recreate the list at boot-time
09:42:45Linusor rather when the user decides to continue playing
09:42:46Bagderbut that would take even more (new) logic
09:42:52Linusof course
09:43:30Linusi want as little disk write activity as possible
09:45:12MeRWiNBugs, pl. n.:
09:45:12MeRWiN Small living things that small living boys throw on small living girls.
09:53:35HesAnd if you have the (small) temporary playlist in memory in the same format as an on-disk playlist, you can write it to the disk at will once we have disk writing
09:55:27LinusHes: exactly
09:55:29Hesthe temporary playlist code can be written now to run in memory (with small lists)
09:55:42Hesand later extended to write to disk
09:55:47Linusyes again
09:55:55LinusMeRWiN is on the case
09:56:42MeRWiNLinus: Trying at least :) I'm trying to learn how the code flows (hence, this simpler playlist job), and then work on the bigger one
10:24:57mbr_Linus, still there?
10:25:59mbr_Interessted in RockBox beeing mentioned in the "Brave Gnu World"
10:26:08Bagderof course!
10:26:14LinusI am here
10:26:35mbr_I have written to the editor and pointed him to the project.
10:27:00mbr_He is very interested in it, but he has a question catalog.
10:27:31mbr_I don't think I am able answer all the questions
10:27:52mbr_Can I send it to someone who can?
10:28:02mbr_It is not very long ..
10:29:38BagderI'm sure linus is a suitable person for that
10:29:48Bagderif he has time for it
10:30:24BagderI bet I could fill in a few gaps if need be
10:31:05Linusmail it to linus at
10:31:24mbr_OK, I'll do that.
10:32:00mbr_Would be a nice promotion for the project :)
10:32:05*Bagder nods
10:32:15Bagdergood initiative
10:32:16MeRWiNBagder: I just sent linus a neat little playlist problem :) If I hit next within like 3 seconds of the song starting, it'll halt and when you hit play it plays some random part of a song. And if you hit the next key like 5 times in a row it says "end of list" *grin*
10:32:23MeRWiNLinus: happens with all of my playlists so far
10:33:38MeRWiNI also tried rechargable alkaline batteries with the player for the first time
10:33:52MeRWiNit kind of freaks out a bit... and it's throwing too much voltage so during disk reads the screen flickers
10:34:46MeRWiNthe percentage of battery that is left varies from like 30% to 100%
10:35:08MeRWiNbasically, not a good idea to use them
10:35:41Linusactually, only NiMh is supported
10:36:04MeRWiNyeah... I just wanted to see what would happen :)
10:36:06Linusand don't connect the charger unless you have a protective suit
10:36:23MeRWiNI didn't use the charger with it
10:38:37MeRWiNI'm coming up empty on thinking up ways to display Keylock ON and Mute ON without it disappearing immediatly from the song scrolling...
10:43:47 Quit Hes (
10:43:47 Quit Bagder (
10:43:59LinusWe need lcd_scroll_pause() and lcd_scroll_continue()
10:43:59Linusfor example
10:43:59MeRWiNor just an lcd_scroll_pause(numberofmilliseconds)
10:44:04MeRWiNstill there linus?
10:44:08NJoinBagder [0] (
10:44:08NJoinHes [0] (
10:44:17Linusyou don't know for how long to pause
10:44:34mbr_Hes: I tested the charger patch yesterday .. worked for me.
10:44:53MeRWiNif it's something like displaying the Keylock ON then you would want it for like 1 second
10:44:59mbr_But only tested while NOT playing songs
10:46:37MeRWiNis there a way to dump the message waiting list? ie: if you hit keylock 5 times in a row, to only process it once
10:48:35mbr_Hes: Do you need picture of the voltage graph?
10:48:51Linusyes, in the keylock case you know how long it should pause, but i would prefer a more general approach
10:49:39LinusMeRWiN: why and when do you want to remove all the keylock events?
10:49:52MeRWiNanyone know how to attach a file in pine?
10:50:17Bagdercontrol-t on the "Attchmnt:" line
10:50:30Bagderor just fill in the full path
10:51:13MeRWiNLinus: since the keylock pauses for about a second, if you hit keylock 5 times you have to wait 5 seconds to do anything else... something like flush any other keylock messages after it finishes displaying the KEYLOCK ON
10:52:29Hesmbr_: would be nice to see it perhaps if you have it around
10:52:38Heswhat voltage did it top at?
10:53:30mbr_Hes: It is on (sorry a bit hi res:)
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10:53:59mbr_Sorry I don't know the voltage. I used it for a while and then plugged the charger.
10:54:39HesSo it actually went to 5.50V... should be good
10:54:46Hesnear full charge
10:55:05Hesmaybe could charge a little more. Did you play while charging?
10:55:31mbr_No, i didn't play ..
10:55:34LinusMeRWiN: eating the key events is not the right solution
10:55:53MeRWiNLinus: what would the right solution be?
10:56:03mbr_But I can try it now .
10:56:19Hesmbr_: No need, just interested.
10:56:23Linuswe should rather keep track of how long the text has been on the screen
10:56:35Linusby using current_tick
10:57:18mbr_Hes: OK, I do it anyway ;)
10:57:38Linusremove_text_time = current_tick + HZ
10:58:14HesI charged mine last night and powered it up now, it's at 100%, 5.25V
10:59:06LinusMeRWiN: if(TIME_BEFORE( current_tick, remove_text_time )) display_keylock_text();
10:59:29LinusHes: 5.25V is low
11:00:34mbr_Hes: With the stock firmware I always get "Battery charging ..." but never "Battery charged". Is this normal? Stings to the descrambled stock firm shows, that the "Battery charged" message is there.
11:00:34MeRWiNLinus: ahh...
11:00:58HesI don't always see 'battery charged' either.
11:01:16Linusi often see it
11:01:29Hes5.25V seems good for 4 idle 1.2V cells
11:01:38mbr_OK. Just was confused ..
11:01:51LinusHes: maybe
11:01:53Hesit was at over 5.4V just after charging but the voltage goes down after a while even with no use
11:02:03Linusyeah, that's tru
11:14:34MeRWiNtime for me to go to sleep... it's starting to get light out
11:15:26 Nick MeRWiN is now known as MeRWiN|Sleep (~merwin@
11:15:34LinusMeRWiN|Sleep: good night and sleep tight
11:15:47Bagdernight merwin
11:16:01MeRWiN|Sleepwork on gettin' that code of mine in *grin* heh. j/k
11:16:49Linusi will
11:17:49 Quit edx|busy (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:20:53MeRWiN|Sleepby the way, if any of you have nokia phones, check out ... personal plug for my rtttl website :)
11:23:45matp|workLinus: mores skipping and stopping today
11:24:04matp|workHere's the behaviour:
11:25:34matp|work1215 long playlist with shuffle. all songs vbr 64k - 256k. halfway into 1st track. "end of playlist. press on" was observed.
11:26:20matp|workreloaded the playlist. happened again a couple of mins into the 1st track. I noticed that the time elapsed was 7230 / 3 mins
11:26:42matp|workreloaded the playlist. got to train station. 1 hour of music played with no problems
11:27:30matp|workwalking to work, the current song starts skipping. a few seconds later, the same song skips again.
11:28:05matp|workthen a few seconds later the current track is aborted, and a different track is loaded.
11:28:44 Join Zagor [0] (
11:28:51matp|workmaybe a minute of this track, and it stops. i leave it, and when i get to work, the root directory is displayed
11:29:00Zagorhey guys
11:29:15Bagderwhat kind of weird network are you on?
11:29:24Zagorspray dialup...
11:29:36ZagorCONNECT 14400
11:29:44*Zagor is in agony
11:29:51Linusmatp|work: the disk drivers have no error detection whatsoever
11:31:03 Part Linus
11:31:13 Join Linus [0] (~linus@
11:31:56BagderZagor: we worked a bit on the upcoming release-notes yday:
11:33:03matp|workso this would cause the next track to be loaded? what about the weird time display?
11:33:24Linusthe time display could be a disk error
11:33:46Linusi don't know
11:33:51matp|workBTW, this is new behaviour. This is happening all the time now, and it's never happened before. Do you think my disk might be corrupted?
11:34:07Linusmaybe, meybe not
11:34:31Linusi haven't seen it
11:34:40Linusand i walk a lot too
11:36:25matp|worki will see if it happens with the archos firmware.
11:36:35ZagorBagder: nice. I'll be going away tomorrow again, back monday night.
11:37:16matp|workmy playlist has grown past 1200 songs now. that is the only change i have made to the device, other than rockbox upgrades
11:37:24 Part Linus
11:37:50 Join Linus [0] (~linus@
11:38:09Linusmy tunnel isn't very reliable today
11:39:44matp|worksomeone else has reported MP3 play Jumping bug on sourceforge
11:42:24Linusyeah i saw that
11:44:05 Part Linus
11:44:22 Join Linus [0] (~linus@
11:46:34Linusi wish i could reproduce that "next-song" bug
11:48:13Linusand i wish i knew if it is entirely spontaneous or if it is an effect of shaking the unit
11:49:12HesMaybe could add a little ATA error detection and maybe an error counter, show it in the debug or info
11:49:25ZagorLinus: what is the next-song bug?
11:50:44 Part Linus
11:50:45 Join Linus [0] (~linus@
11:58:26Linusmy tunnel plays tricks on me
11:58:51Linuscan you people see what i write?
11:59:24*Bagder can
11:59:46BagderI got this "<linus> I am a silly person"
12:00:05*Bagder giggles
12:00:28LinusI might have the encryption mode on...
12:00:36Linuslet's see...
12:00:57LinusBagder is lame
12:01:03Linusah, now it works
12:01:07 Quit wettoad (Remote closed the connection)
12:06:40 Part Linus
12:07:17 Join Linus [0] (~linus@
12:07:58 Quit WetFlax (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:16:32 Part Linus
12:16:50 Join Linus [0] (~linus@
12:22:18HesTime to replace the power supply of my workstation...
12:23:09 Quit Hes ("leaving")
12:37:58 Part Linus
12:38:03 Join Linus [0] (~linus@
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12:54:55Zagori'm off. see you later guys.
12:54:57 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
12:59:28 Join WetFlax [0] (~wettoad@
13:01:29 Join wettoad [0] (
13:03:19 Join Hes [0] (
14:23:40 Join jedix [0] (
14:33:23BagderI was thinking about initiating a Rockbox T-shirt competition
14:33:47Bagderand then donate X shirts to the X most active developers
14:33:49 Nick dwihno|away is now known as dwihno (dwihno@
14:33:59dwihnoThat would be cool
14:34:05dwihnoNo shirts for me, but still cool ;)
14:34:19 Join PiotR [0] (
14:34:19Bagderas a sponsor trick from Haxx ;-)
14:35:07dwihnoRockbox shirts ;D
14:36:06BagderI just need Linus to agree first
14:36:25BagderLinus: here?
14:53:34 Nick Hadaka_ is now known as Hadaka (naked@
14:53:57***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:55:32dwihnoHadaka rhymes with pepparkaka
14:55:39dwihnoand pepparkaka is good
14:55:44dwihno(= gingerbread)
14:56:15 Quit elinenbe ("Leaving")
14:56:47HesFYI - i've improved the charger already
14:56:56dwihnoyou have?
14:56:57dwihnoin what way?
14:57:12HesIt cuts off a little too early...
14:57:23Hadakaoh, I do know pepparkaka :)
14:57:35Hes- made it report what it has done to a string variable and show the string in debug
14:57:54Hes- made it take 3 samples in a minute with 10 seconds of sleep between each
14:58:06Hes(to get a better average, smoother stats)
14:58:15Hes- tuned the cutoff parameters a little
14:58:19dwihnocorrect me if I'm wrong, but if you read the value every 10 seconds, you get 6 reads a minute :)
14:58:21HesI'll see how the new parameters work now.
14:58:59HesI take a sample, sleep 10s, take a sample, 10s, sample, 10s, calculate things, sleep the rest of the minute and go back to step 1.
14:59:27dwihnoah, okay
15:12:14LinusBagder: T-shirts are cool!
15:13:24 Quit wettoad (Remote closed the connection)
15:17:55BagderI thought we could have a competition for the best shirt design, and the winner gets two t-shirts and we use the design on the shirts we donate
15:19:11 Quit jedix (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:23:46 Join jedix [0] (~liam@
15:33:26 Quit WetFlax (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:36:05 Join wettoad [0] (
15:44:01Linustime to go home
15:44:11Bagdersee ya Linus
15:44:13Linusbye all
15:44:20 Part Linus
16:10:15elinenbe|sleepsthis is in the 1.2 release notes: - Not using LCD icons (Player version)
16:10:25elinenbe|sleepsI think this is wrong.
16:11:25Bagderoops, yes
16:11:34Bagderbecause above it says we do use them ;-)
16:12:24elinenbe|sleepsalso, I think if a files is not found in a playlist, it is just ignored.
16:12:35*elinenbe|sleeps tyes in his sleep
16:12:39*elinenbe|sleeps types in his sleep
16:12:45 Nick elinenbe|sleeps is now known as elinenbe (
16:12:48Bagderok, I remove that line too
16:18:29Bagderwe still plan to work on bugs a bit more before release though
16:43:13 Quit elinenbe ("User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby")
16:43:21 Part Bagder
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17:06:51 Join Zagor [0] (
17:14:22 Quit wettoad (Remote closed the connection)
17:17:04 Join wettoad [0] (~wettoad@
18:12:08 Join elinenbe [0] (
18:19:43 Quit Zagor (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
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19:13:18 Join Zagor [0] (
19:53:09 Join ripnetuk [0] (
19:59:24 Nick MeRWiN|Sleep is now known as MeRWiN (~merwin@
20:04:58ripnetukis it just me, or does the current cvs on AJR20 have no sound output??? thanks
20:05:58MeRWiNripnetuk: hmm... have you gone deaf? :-)
20:06:11ripnetukpardon??? :)
20:06:33ripnetukit just seems to stick on 0:00 so I think its a playing prob, not a volume prob
20:06:47Zagorworks for me
20:06:59MeRWiNripnetuk: probably an mp3 issue
20:07:07MeRWiNripnetuk: tried it with other mp3's?
20:07:15ripnetuktried 2, will try others hang
20:08:47ripnetuk'tis the same for all ive tried (about 7 now), the time is stuck on 0:00 and the hdd light (i assume red light == hdd) flashes as if its filling the buffer
20:09:12MeRWiNripnetuk: have you done any mods to the recorder?
20:09:17Zagorrepeatable even after reboot?
20:09:33ripnetukmer - no mods (too much of a wimp!) - zagor - will try
20:13:50MeRWiNZagor: thanks for the e-mail reply ( I was working last night with Linus on some mods and got a mute function as well as menu scrolling, and time elapsed/remaining selection
20:13:59MeRWiNZagor: fun project to say the least
20:14:36Zagornice work! linus told me about it over lunch today.
20:14:59MeRWiNwhere are you guys from?
20:17:57MeRWiNZagor: Ericsson is from sweden, correct? I partied with a bunch of people from there in Las Vegas last week (one who looked suprisingly like Mr Clean).
20:18:32Zagorhehe, yeah Ericsson is swedish. Although I personally prefer Nokia phones :-)
20:19:41MeRWiNZagor: me too. I work for Voicestream/T-Mobile engineering, and basically try every phone that comes through... I'm a strict Nokia-Only person. Ericsson/Motorola phones arent very user friendly
20:22:46ripnetukhow do u activate the clear rtc ram function?
20:23:28 Quit MeRWiN (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:25:17Zagorripnetuk: something in the debug menu. can't remember. search the mail archive.
20:26:14ripnetukim also getting 'end of song list' just before it tries to play it if thats any help... anway, nice talking to u, gotta go cheers cu later
20:28:10Zagorripnetuk: try recharching the batteries externally. sounds fishy.
20:54:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:57:07 Join MeRWiN [0] (~merwin@
21:07:48 Quit MeRWiN ()
21:28:54 Join MeRWiN [0] (~merwin@
21:29:08MeRWiNGPRS is overrated
21:30:53 Quit MeRWiN (Client Quit)
21:35:38elinenbeis that Zagor? ZAGOR?
21:36:36Zagoryeah, it's me. i'm here for a few hours, reading my mail before dashing away again.
21:37:08Zagormy adsl is not connected to my new apartment yet, so i'm on painful dialup...
21:40:08 Join MeRWiN [0] (~merwin@
21:40:41MeRWiNthe processor on the jukebox wouldn't be fast enough to do a realtime conversion of ogg->mp3 to play ogg files, right?
21:41:51MeRWiNthen there's really not any way to do it
21:43:46Zagornot unless we find a MAS DSP guru who wants to help.
21:44:01Zagorwe did acutally find one that doesn't want to help :-)
21:44:13MeRWiNso close
21:44:13MeRWiNyet so far
21:45:23MeRWiNthere's gotta be at least one DSP person that wants to join in
21:45:40ZagorI keep hoping...
21:46:37MeRWiNHas anyone e-mailed with archos regarding all of this? I'm sure they know about rockbox by now
21:46:47MeRWiNthey can't stop it, they might as well help it along. heh
21:47:34Zagorsome people have asked them if they want to open source their firmware and they have firmly refused
21:48:44MeRWiNhmm... wonder why
21:48:57MeRWiNone would think a company would want better firmware
21:49:13Zagorthey are conservative old timers
21:49:21Zagor"we must protect our trade secrets" they say
21:49:32Zagoryeah, like there's a lot of magic secret code in the Archos...
21:49:36MeRWiNconservative old timers putting out bleeding edge products don't work well
21:50:26Zagoryeah, that's the boring part. they make pretty good hardware. too bad they don't want good software.
21:51:04MeRWiNmaybe you could e-mail them requesting to view their code if you sign a non-disclosure agreement. They may just not want their own code being all hacked up everywhere.
21:51:49Zagorno, they want to "protect their secrets". i'm completely certain they would refuse my request (or rather ignore it)
21:52:20Zagorbesides, we don't need their help anyway. there's very little we don't already know.
21:52:39MeRWiNwell, some of the ways that they went about things would be interesting to know
21:53:00Zagoryeah, interesting but not worth signing an NDA for
21:53:30MeRWiNtrue, it has it's ups and downs
21:53:49MeRWiNI resubmit my previous statement that GPRS is horrid :)
21:54:51Zagorhehe. well GSM Data isn't a whole lot of fun either
21:56:28MeRWiNOver here in the states (Voicestream), we have about 30 IMSI ranges to deal with (in about 15 HLR's)... that makes things like GPRS a bastard to test (btw, that's what I'm doing at present, which is why i'm bitching about it)
21:57:04Zagorheh, sounds like a lot of fun :-)
21:58:02MeRWiNI have to find things like Rockbox to keep me sane. heh. My previous/ongoing project is a RTTTL website built on PHP. Up to 1100 unique hits per day. Hey, that reminds me... I should put up a rockbox banner on their
22:05:36MeRWiNdo you guys count website hits?
22:08:26Zagorno. sometimes I run a log analyzer for fun, but nothing more
22:08:50MeRWiNok... I just added your banner to my website... should generate some more hits.
22:08:57Zagorok. nice
22:10:11MeRWiNdid you catch those couple problems with the playlist from last night? If you press "Next" within about 3 seconds of starting a song in a playlist, the song will halt and when you try to press play again it plays a random part of some song.
22:10:25MeRWiNAlso, if you hit next about 3 or 4 times in a playlist it'll say end of list
22:10:35Zagorno, that's not fixed yet. linus had some ideas about it, though
22:11:14MeRWiNI still haven't run into any general MP3 playing problems with my player. The pre-buffering delay is kind of bad though
22:14:53Zagorwe need to make it dynamic. it buffers too much on low-bitrate songs just to not skip on high-rate ones
22:16:04MeRWiNZagor: isn't that a relatively easy fix (at least for CBR songs)
22:16:45Zagoryeah, but I'm leaving it for linus. it gets messy when two people change the same code. and i'm going away tomorrow... :-)
22:17:09Zagoryeah, visiting my parents. back monday night
22:17:34MeRWiNnice... so what timezone are the daily builds on? GMT?
22:19:17 Join MeRWiN- [0] (~merwin@
22:19:22MeRWiN-What function is the bfufering in anyways?
22:19:51 Quit MeRWiN (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:19:53Zagorit's handled by many functions in firmware/mpeg.c
22:20:46MeRWiN-that would be the "Low water" right?
22:21:19MeRWiN-I've got all low bitrate songs :) I think i'll create a little custom build for me.
22:21:26MeRWiN-to 190kbs
22:45:01ripnetukhmmm... wierd, regrabbed from CVS and re-built, and it works now. The only thing i did different was a make clean
22:45:21ripnetukand also charged the battary a bit but i dont think it was that as the original firm worked ok
22:45:51Zagorthe Makefile dependencies are not 100%, so make clean is good sometimes
22:46:19ripnetukthis thing rocks :)
22:46:41MeRWiN-Zagor: does disk write work for both player and recorder?
22:47:00Zagorno idea, i'm on vacation :)
22:47:09MeRWiN-ripnetuk: do you have a player or recorder?
22:47:12Zagorseriously, if it works for one it should work for both
22:47:29MeRWiN-ripnetuk: you should go into settings.h and #define SAVE_TO_DISK
22:47:34MeRWiN-ripnetuk: test out the save to disk function
22:47:41MeRWiN-ripnetuk: works great on my player
22:47:58ripnetukok, will do, hang on
22:48:42ripnetukim quite upset as to how much i am using vi to do my editting these days ;)
22:48:50MeRWiN-ripnetuk: nano is the way to go
22:49:21Zagoremacs all the way
22:50:29MeRWiN-i love editor quarrels
22:50:34 Nick MeRWiN- is now known as MeRWiN (~merwin@
22:50:54ripnetukhehe sorry guys... didnt mean to start a religious war:)
22:50:58Zagorwhat else would we fight about? ;)
22:51:23ripnetukok, built it, what settings get saved??? are we talking bass and so on?
22:51:36Zagorall settings are saved
22:51:40ripnetukalso, i only have the default partitioning setup - its not gonna start wiping out sectors is it?
22:51:41MeRWiNvolume, bass, treble, scroll speed, etc
22:51:53MeRWiNripnetuk: nothing will be screwed up
22:52:02MeRWiNripnetuk: hopefully
22:52:03Zagorbut they are saved on recorder anyway, in the RTC ram
22:52:07ripnetuki love the speed the USB comes on line
22:52:29MeRWiNso why is the player's USB connection so slow for transfers... it sucks :P
22:52:31ripnetukwhen does it save?
22:52:37MeRWiNripnetuk: when you leave the settings menu
22:52:40Zagorin fact, the current code will not save to disk on recorder since it uses a #ifdef HAVE_RTC <save rtc> #else <save disk> #endif
22:53:08MeRWiNZagor: oh, so the save to disk is useless on the recorder for now then?
22:53:11ripnetuki dont think it worked, unless its WELL quick
22:53:29ZagorMeRWiN: well, I'd say "pointless" rather than "useless" :-)
22:53:36MeRWiNZagor: hah.
22:54:02ripnetukit saved it somewhere, am I to take it it saved to RTC?
22:54:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:54:16Zagorripnetuk: yes
22:55:03ripnetukits worth using rockbox just for faster scrolling :)
22:55:19MeRWiNripnetuk: you can set that scrolling to be MAD fast
22:55:33ripnetukyeah, got it on 20 - perfect
22:55:41MeRWiNheh. I only use 6
22:57:41MeRWiNtime for me to order some room service i think
23:01:05ripnetuka while ago, someone said it doesnt charge when Rockbox is loaded and running, i assume this was either untrue / is fixed? (about to make the jump full time :) )
23:01:25MeRWiNripnetuk: it's being tested right now... the charging patch
23:01:44MeRWiNripnetuk: so far the testing of the patch is successful
23:02:50MeRWiNi'm not sure when it's going to be included though
23:03:13ripnetukbut does it charge OK when switched off then?
23:03:19Zagorripnetuk: yes
23:08:11MeRWiNsorry for random pinging... have to see if i am still on the network
23:08:24ripnetukhow hard would it be to implement a button-beep? kinda like 'yeah i heard you and im working on it'
23:08:39Zagorripnetuk: pretty gritty, actually. we only have one sound channel.
23:08:57Zagor(well, two, but only one "path")
23:09:11MeRWiNZagor: could figure out what a beep would be like in an MP3 frame and shoot that through inbetween regular playing
23:09:19ripnetuki guess it would involve putting the mp3 of a beep into the buffer exactly at the point where it was playing, and dealing with the fact that it may overrun the buffer?
23:09:36MeRWiNripnetuk: trust me, the buffer right now is more than enough :)
23:09:47Zagoryeah, and the data feed is DMA powered, so it's not an easy job
23:10:44ripnetukmaybe reducing the volume to 0 for a fraction of a second would be enough to provide feedback?
23:10:54MeRWiNripnetuk: hmm... that could be done actually
23:11:09MeRWiNripnetuk: might get annoying if you're going through menus though while you're playing
23:11:48MeRWiNripnetuk: and if you're not playing anything, you wouldn't have any feedback
23:11:51ripnetukits just sometimes, a song is playing, you press next, and it has to spin up the disk before you know it has done anything... its just like my On digital box except that it always responds eventually
23:12:05ripnetukmaybe just for track fwd / back
23:12:13MeRWiNi'll look into that
23:12:22Zagorwell it stops playback as soon as you press next, doesn't it?
23:12:31MeRWiNZagor: that's true
23:12:35ripnetukzag - not always, im trying to find the pattern
23:12:47MeRWiNripnetuk: you using playlists?
23:13:26ripnetuktry skipping 2 tracks quite quickly after one another and u will see what i mean
23:13:50Zagorah, if the disk is running the switch is so fast the playback doesn't stop much
23:14:10MeRWiNripnetuk: i see what you mean
23:14:39ripnetukif the disc has spun down, it seems to stop straight away... btw - sorry to sound like a winger - youve done a great job
23:14:54MeRWiNripnetuk: feedback is a good thing
23:14:55Zagor:-) no problem
23:15:01ripnetukcool :)
23:20:56ripnetuktomorow is gonna be my first outing without the 'real' firmware running... will let u know how it goes
23:21:23MeRWiNi went 8 hours on an airplane without the real firmware
23:21:36MeRWiNZagor: what measurement is the id3->length in?
23:22:04MeRWiNthought so
23:22:55MeRWiNtrying to work a patch for that playlist problem :) (a temporary one)
23:22:58MeRWiNfor me
23:23:36ripnetuksorry, ive got a proggy i wrote to login to a VM machine, and it doesnt check that it has focus before it sends the keystrokes...
23:27:21Hesgood evening.
23:37:09 Quit ripnetuk ()
23:42:56Zagori'm off. see you next week.
23:42:57 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
23:44:02 Quit jedix (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:56:32 Quit MeRWiN ()

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