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#rockbox log for 2002-08-02

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07:36:51elinenbemorning Linus.
07:36:57elinenbeLinus: you here?
07:37:44Linusi am
07:37:57Linusi am loggied in, am i not? :-)
07:38:09elinenbeI just wanted to say, I used rockbox all day today, and it ran flawlessly.
07:38:21elinenbeit really runs so much better then a few days ago.
07:38:36elinenbeI think the iram stuff really made it much better.
07:38:38Linusi think the speedups i made yesterday made a big impact
07:38:51elinenbea HUGE impact. everything "feels" so much snapier
07:38:55elinenbeand that is really important
07:39:05Linusthat is great
07:39:38elinenbeIt just feels right.
07:39:46elinenbecheck this out:
07:40:03Linusthat will give less MP3 skip/stop problems too
07:40:34elinenbewhat will?
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07:41:31Linusthe iram fixes
07:42:09elinenbehow much space is left in the iram?
07:43:46Linusabout 700 bytes
07:44:25elinenbeand 3300 bytes are used?
07:44:59elinenbehow possible is it to load the "current" function in and out of iram as it is being used?
07:45:38Linuspretty tricky
07:45:52LinusI wonder why the Multimedia uses USB1.1 only
07:46:21elinenbewho knows. I read on the site it uses USB 2.0 and firewire.
07:46:29Linusand having to reencode your video sucks
07:46:36elinenbebut they are attachments, or they can be switched in and out.
07:46:42Linusmaybe they have tried an early alpha
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07:47:21elinenbewell, I read that in later firmware done by it supports full screen 640x480 and even bigger divx 5.0.2
07:47:35elinenbelike minipci −−- they plug in.
07:47:43elinenbethat is what I understood at least.
07:48:03elinenbethat would be interesting about the divx as that means archos is getting help from others.
07:48:10Linusok, so you attach a video decoder that allows you to use other formats?
07:48:54elinenbeno, you attach the connector (USB 1.1, USB 2.0 or Firewire)
07:48:59Linusthey stated in the review that they had to run a propgram that recompressed the video files
07:50:11elinenbeit is just a front end from flask mpeg or another freeware program like that.
07:50:18elinenbethis is what is on the web site:
07:50:20elinenbeTransfer Rate:: USB 1.1 (PC & Mac) - 1MB/s Max
07:50:20elinenbeOptional interfaces sold separately:
07:50:20elinenbeUSB 2.0 (PC)
07:50:20DBUGEnqueued KICK elinenbe
07:50:20elinenbeFireWire (PC or Mac)
07:50:55elinenbesee what I mean. I wonder how these "interfaces" will work with the Multimedia Player
07:51:32elinenbeanything exciting for the CVS today? I am heading to sleep now, but am leaving for the weekend up north.
07:52:04elinenbehopefully when I wake you have commited fixes and new features and rockbox rocks my weekend. :-)
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08:12:11Linusyo Bagder!
08:14:40adi|homeanyone around that would be willing to check out my resume and offer any suggestions?
08:15:39 Join WetFlax [0] (
08:15:57Linusadi|home: looking for a job, eh?
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08:17:29*adi|home nods
08:17:38adi|homeseems my current one has dried up
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08:22:35Linusi guess can take a look at the resume, what country do you live in?
08:23:26adi|homethe US
08:23:36adi|homeits the non-technical (HR) version
08:24:03LinusI tried to help another US guy with his resume once
08:24:30Linusi guess american companies want to hear different things than swedish...
08:25:02adi|homeif you have the time, im always up for suggestions anyways..
08:25:18Linusmail it to me: linus at
08:25:39Bagderhey, cc me too daniel at
08:26:19adi|homewell.. you want it one email, or just pick it up off the web?
08:26:27adi|homeand is .doc format okay, or you want something else?
08:26:28Bagderweb is fine
08:26:38Linussame here
08:27:32adi|homeor just
08:27:42adi|homeif you want the html version
08:27:51adi|homebut i thinks thats a bit off..
08:27:57adi|homety guys.. i appreciate it
08:30:24*Bagder enjoys the scrollbar on the wps
08:30:58adi|homei haven't updated.. need to
08:31:07*adi|home is waiting for charging to be safe
08:31:40adi|homeso when are we going 1.2?
08:36:18Bagder"soon" ;-)
08:37:06Linusi'm still worried about the distortion, i hope i can work further on it today
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08:39:53adi|homehmmm do either of you know with the scrolling...
08:39:57adi|homeare we doing
08:39:59adi|home1. clear
08:40:01adi|home2. write
08:40:06adi|home3 update
08:40:18adi|homeor are we doing write, clear, update
08:40:26adi|homeor does it not matter which we do?
08:40:27Bagderit doesn't matter which
08:40:37adi|homebecause of the update right?
08:40:58MrHadJust tried the daily build, You guys are doing an excelent job now it plays a playlist the Archos code has always choked on. PLease keep up the good work.
08:42:34BagderI love playing my full-disk playlist
08:42:48Bagderit flies
08:43:54MrHadThe bigest list I threw at it was about 580 is the limit still 999 and is that going to chande any time soon?
08:44:04BagderI have 3200+ in mine
08:44:16Bagderthe limit is 10000 atm
08:44:26MrHadIs that code in the daily build ?
08:44:27adi|homei have about 3k on mine
08:44:30BagderMrHad: yes
08:44:31adi|homething loads in seconds
08:44:47adi|homeMrHad it was one of the first things we did...
08:44:51adi|homewe _hated_ the limit
08:45:13MrHadSo what is the limit as of now?
08:45:25Bagderthe limit is 10000
08:45:34Bagderfile entries
08:45:52Bagderwhich most people will have a hard time to fit on their disk ;-)
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08:47:38Bagderhey MeRWiN
08:47:47MrHadIs there any way to tag files to be played? or only playlists and individual songs?
08:47:50MeRWiNthought of a feature addition
08:48:07Linuskind of like the Archos queue feature?
08:48:10MeRWiNpressing like... menu+ok during a song displaying a quick info on the player (bitrate & a couple others)
08:48:33MrHadYeah like that.
08:48:45MeRWiNrecorder already has that info
08:48:52MeRWiNright now there's no way to tell bitrate
08:48:56LinusThere is a feature request on that, but it isn't implemented yet
08:49:11Bagdershould be easy enough for someone to add
08:49:23Bagderthe info is already extracted, just not shown
08:49:36LinusMeRWiN: you mean when playing a song?
08:49:42MeRWiNLinus/Bagder: I took off the immediate spindown after track changes and haven't implemented your new ata_standby feature, and I tried it on the plane ride home... 5 hours and it was still just above 50%
08:49:52Linusi can imagine a scroller with all that info
08:50:11Bagdergood idea
08:50:26LinusMeRWiN: that's good info
08:50:47MeRWiNLinus: with your ata standby feature it should last 9+ hours then
08:50:53Bagderyes, I am also for making something more clever than the spindown
08:51:22MeRWiNLinus: which is well above the archos listed play time
08:51:51MrHadIs the random setting only for playlists? Playing a song in a dir and hitting next button seems to play next song not a random one?
08:51:55MeRWiNMrHad: yeah
08:52:01MeRWiNit si
08:52:28LinusMeRWiN: you mean the use of STANDBY instead of SLEEP?
08:52:36MeRWiNLinus: yeah
08:52:53LinusMrHad: we are working on random dir play
08:52:59MeRWiNLinus: If i had used standby it would probably be at about 55% to 60% instead of 50%
08:54:05LinusMeRWiN: the funny thing is that STANDBY is what we always have used, until Zagor implemented SLEEP some time ago
08:54:29MeRWiNLinus: hah... should have stuck with it :)
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08:56:37Linusthe HD specs say that the SLEEP power consumption is way lower than STANDBY (0.01W compared to 0.3W for standby)
08:56:56Linusbut in practice it seems to be the opposite
08:57:07Linuswe may have some electrical problems
08:57:40MeRWiNhmm... why would you have electrical problems? isn't all of that hardware controled
08:58:28MeRWiNLinus: i accidently removed my code for lcd_pause_scroll and lcd_resume_scroll :P whoops
08:58:36Linusi'm thinking i terms of "dangling" bus pins
08:58:58Linusthe ATA bus is floating in SLEEP mode
08:59:31Linusjust a theory
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09:05:05Bagdergoing official now
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09:10:44merwingrr... again i hate my laptop
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09:13:05MeRWiNdoes the main page work for everyone? the description of the recent cvs activity?
09:13:32BagderI bet I screwed up there
09:13:38Linusbig time
09:13:54MeRWiNthis time it's not just the computer :)
09:14:47adi|homeso what gave you the idea for the tshirt contest?
09:15:11BagderI want a Rockbox tshirt ;-)
09:15:42Bagderand I can't make any one that looks good
09:15:57adi|homefair enough
09:16:12adi|homeyou posting a message about it on the mailing list?
09:16:24Bagderyes, I'm about to
09:16:33Bagderjust mentioned it on the front web page now too
09:18:20Bagderok, I found the error in the cvs-script
09:19:04adi|homeso these tshirts... are we to sell them or what?
09:19:38Bagderbut first plain donations
09:19:49*adi|home wants a shirt too..
09:22:32Bagderthe main problem with selling shirts would be to collect the money ;-)
09:28:08MeRWiNOK, rebuilt the lcd_pause_scroll i think :-)
09:29:44Hesgood morning, that is
09:36:37LinusHes: i want your latest charger patch
09:38:27 Quit WetFlax_ (Remote closed the connection)
09:39:46Hesjust creating it
09:42:07*MrHad is away: I'm busy
09:47:14LinusMeRWiN: your real name (for credits)?
09:50:54LinusHes: bool ata_disk_is_active(void)
09:50:59Bagdercvs descriptions are back
09:51:32HesWondering what should I do respecting the spinning disk.
09:52:05Linusyou should wait until the disk spind down before measuring
09:53:07HesAnd if it doesnt
09:53:38Hesand would be good to keep the roughly stabile loop time
09:53:40Linusif it doesn't spin down?
09:53:54HesYeah. User is browsing directories or something.
09:54:20Linusthey will, eventually
09:54:38Linusok, then skip a sample
09:55:08Linusi don't think the disk will be spinning for a very long time
09:57:59Heswill work on that later
09:59:25HesI would appreciate it if someone could measure the peak voltages achieved by the archos charger and compare them to mine's results on the same set of batteries
10:00:49Linusi will
10:01:03Hesexcellent, thanks
10:02:28HesI am pretty sure the logic used is OK now, but that the cutoff parameters (average lenghts and values) should be tuned a little
10:02:31MeRWiNLinus: sorry, the real name is Justin Heiner
10:02:55LinusI figured that out...
10:03:15LinusI just committed the scrolling menu patch
10:03:32MeRWiNLinus: did I ever send you the updated player code that uses the lcd_pause_scroll?
10:03:34Linuswithout mute & time display (that is coming too)
10:04:15MeRWiNLinus: it updates the code for the mute and keylock also a bit...
10:04:15MeRWiNi'll send you the patch, right?
10:05:08Linusyes, but sync with CVS, so the menu scroll isn't there
10:07:11Linusyes it is linus at
10:07:53HesWhat was the state of the HD spinup times / power usage levels?
10:08:14HesWe can 1) sleep, 2) standby, 3) spin down by hd's timer, 4) power off?
10:08:27LinusWe have gone back to STANDBY, because SLEEP sucked the batteries
10:08:40Linus2 and 3 are the same
10:08:52HesOk. We don't power off?
10:08:54Linus4 works, but may not be gentle on the drive
10:09:20HesWe could power off after a _long_ time of inactivity, for example during charging without usage
10:09:20Linusi'm not sure that power cycling is good for tyhe drive
10:09:35MeRWiNhes: even using 1, it took 5 hours to go down to 50% on my player
10:10:11HesIt would be good to shut the device off as well as possible after reaching full charge on the batteries
10:10:26Hesso that the batteries wouldn't wear out and be re-charged all the time
10:10:53Linusfor now, the only thing we can do is shut off the drive, and that only on the recorder
10:11:08MeRWiNtime for me to go to sleep.. have a good day :)
10:11:17Linushave a good night
10:11:20HesOk... would the CPU sleep & LCD poweroff be hard to do?
10:11:26 Quit MeRWiN ()
10:11:27LinusHes: yes
10:11:37LinusLCD poweroff may be easy
10:11:51Linusbut CPU sleep requires a redesing of the threading kernel
10:12:19HesOh. Why?
10:12:49 Join WetFlax_ [0] (
10:12:56Linusthe kernel spends all its time scheduling the threads in and out
10:13:08Linusand the threads just yield if they have nothing to do
10:13:31HesSo it doesn't know if the box is idle?
10:13:45Linusthe kernel needs a way to tell if a thread is busy or not
10:14:00Linusa set of status flags
10:14:09HesHm. Would the cpu sleep need to be based on that?
10:14:34Linusthe kernel must know when to sleep
10:15:01Linusit should sleep when all threads are sleeping/waiting
10:15:09HesAnother thread (say, the power thread) could just decide that hey, the disk has been idle for 20 minutes and none of the keys has been pressed either, and the battery is full,now go to sleep mode until a key is pressed?
10:15:23HesI wasn't thinking of cpu sleep while active use.
10:15:25Hesjust yet.
10:15:41 Join PsycoXul [0] (
10:16:08LinusHes: there is no difference between activa and passive use from the kernel point of view
10:16:50Linusthe cpu is woken up for every interrupt
10:17:24HesI wasn't thinking of touching the kernel at all.
10:18:44Linusstill, the CPU will only sleep until the next interrupt
10:19:12Linusso sleeping in the power thread has only a marginal effect
10:19:13HesHmm. Can we mask all other interrupts except ones generated by a keypress, or must we poll the keyboard
10:19:29Hesuntil we get the first keyboard event, and at that point go back to running mode?
10:19:34Linuswe poll the keyboard today, there are no keyboard interrupts
10:20:13HesNo keyboard interrupts available at all?
10:20:20Linusand you can't poll while the CPU is sleeping, for apparent reasons
10:21:09Linusso if we want to do CPU sleep, it would have to be done in the kernel
10:21:27Linusstill it's not *that* difficult
10:22:18Linusthe COU will be woken up by the next interrupt, the kernel checks if there's something to do, and then goes to sleep again
10:22:46Linusthe sleep() timing has to be done in the kernel, though
10:23:00Linustoday it's the threads that checks the timeout
10:23:59Linusan idle rockbox: 125mA
10:24:06Linusan idle Archos: 95mA
10:24:14Linuswe're close
10:24:33Linusan idle rockbox with ATA poweroff: 75mA
10:25:12Linusimagine what and idle rockbox with ATA poweroff and CPU sleep would use...
10:28:09LinusHes: you can use ata_disk_is_active() and mpeg_is_playing() for an auto-poweroff check
10:28:44Linuswait...we must also check the key activity...
10:29:02HesI thought about three counters that would be incremented by the power thread every time it runs
10:29:19Hesand reset by the threads that receive key/ate events
10:29:35Hesmpeg is probably not playing if there haven't been ATA events for 10 minutes or so
10:29:51Linusthere is an mpeg_is_playing() function
10:29:55Hesand if the counters pass 20 minutes or so, we can sleep
10:30:18Hesata_disk_is_active() only returns true if disk is not in standby?
10:30:24Hes... returns false
10:31:28Linusata_disk_is_active(){ return !sleeping; }
10:32:03HesSeeing an ata event would require polling ata_disk_is_active() every few seconds?
10:33:37Linusnot all that good, maybe
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10:34:14Linusi guess the counter strategy would be better...
10:35:03HesIt would get them all without polling, i guess incrementing the counters wouldn't be that cpu-intensive
10:35:41HesWill look into that stuff later... must go to the office now, bye
10:38:24mbrDid som artwork for the status line on the player yesterday .. (
10:39:32mbrSorry, it's for the recorder :)
10:40:25Linuswhat is it next to the battery?
10:41:01mbrThat is a power plug, shows if charging ..
10:42:11Linusyou can use lcd_fillrect() for the battery
10:42:26Linusand the volume
10:43:05mbrI have written some code for the icons. up to now I use DRAW_PIXEL in a for loop
10:43:24mbrAlso for volume
10:44:17BagderDRAW_PIXEL is fast, being a macro ;-)
10:44:59mbrThat is why I use it :)
10:47:09mbrWhere should the status line go? Top or bottom?
10:47:19Bagdertop, imho
10:48:21Linusdefinitely top
10:49:52Bagdertime to get that font patch applied and tried out
10:50:00*Bagder starts fiddling
10:50:03Linusi have tried it
10:50:11Linusit is very slow
10:50:48Linuswell, it might be faster now, with the IRAM code
10:51:07BagderI'm gonna try it out simulated first
10:51:21Linusdo so
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10:55:46BagderI should setup a windows compiler on labb as well
10:56:02Bagderwould be neat to have that auto-built too
10:57:39Bagderhm, the recorder simulator builds with propfonts enabled by default
10:58:26Linusi don't think it should
10:58:30Bagderme neither
10:58:38Bagderthe real image doesn't
10:59:01Bagderalthough the propfont version looks a lot better ;-)
10:59:47Linusi is not very goodlooking on the target
10:59:57BagderI think so
11:00:02BagderI think it looks great
11:00:03Linuswe need a nicer font
11:00:23Linus'b' and 'd' are smaller than the others
11:00:35Linusthe '7' is a mirrored 'F'
11:00:41Bagderyeah, well, there are some details in the font to fix
11:00:49Bagderbut I like the general look anyway
11:01:11 Join edx [0] (
11:01:12Linusand there is no room for the lower parts (what are they called?) of p, g and j
11:01:32edxLinus! you fragged the win32 simulator build
11:01:37Linusi always do
11:01:44Bagderhey edx!
11:02:04edxwho edited lcd.c last? :)
11:02:30*Bagder tries to look innocent
11:02:39edxBagder! you did it
11:02:48HesHmm, mbr's artworks looks really good. Think you should appoint him the Artistic Director of Graphical User-Interface Design Department.
11:02:51edxthat doesnt exist in windows.. what does it do?
11:02:53Bagderhah, that's Linus ;-)
11:02:56*Linus looks away
11:03:13Bagderwe should #define that somehow
11:03:24Linusit puts the code in a different section
11:03:33BagderHes: he's already the unofficial master of the pixels ;-)
11:03:37Linusmaybe a FAST_CODE define
11:04:16edxi think this is the way it works in windows:
11:04:25LinusI hate that the attribute can't be applied to the function definition, only the declaration
11:04:26edx.. /SECTION:name,[E][R][W][S][D][K][L][P][X][,ALIGN=#]
11:05:00Linusedx: we don't need that feature in the simulator
11:05:12Linusit's a target-only thing
11:05:39Linushow about FASTCODE(prototype)
11:05:59Linuslike FASTCODE(void lcd_update(void))
11:06:17Linusor void lcd_update(void) FASTCODE;
11:06:50Linusor plain #ifndef SIMULATOR
11:06:51BagderI like the last one better
11:07:12Bagderthe last FASTCODE
11:07:23Linusi'll do that
11:07:30Linusedx: don't move a finger
11:07:43edxLinus: thanks!
11:07:50edxguys, i need your help...
11:07:57*Bagder listens
11:08:18edxthere's this laptop... 2GHz.. 512megs, 40 Gig hard disk.. 1800 Euros
11:08:21edxshall i buy?
11:08:35LinusBagder: the bdf2ajf prog can't handle CR/LF only
11:08:49Linushe mentioned that in his mail
11:08:50*edx fixed the problem with win32 simulator without changing lcd.c
11:09:00Bagderbut... I used his file unmodified
11:09:19Bagderand he provides a bad file?
11:09:20LinusDOS filters CRLF behind the curtains
11:09:30Linusand his program depends on that
11:09:50Linusi have a fix for that
11:10:27Bagderwhy not simply take away the CRLF from the source file?
11:11:49Linuswe can do that too
11:12:23 Join MeRWiN [0] (
11:12:31Linusbut you are supposed to use any font file
11:12:40Bagderah right
11:12:49Linusnot just the ones he supplied
11:12:59BagderI'll fix the code after I've tried it out
11:13:15Linushis files use very large characters
11:13:27Linuswell, not very, but still large
11:13:36Linusand not proportional
11:15:49 Join zebda3 [0] (
11:15:52zebda3hi all
11:16:38zebda3I just get my new Hd Travelstar 40GB, And When I try to format it as one Big partition under W2K I get the error _Volume size too big ?
11:17:22zebda3Yes FAT32 with default cluster size ? any advice ? and any comment about which cluster size to choose
11:17:31MeRWiNdefault clusters are ok
11:17:37MeRWiNyou may need to partition it first
11:18:00zebda3I did partition it as one big partition
11:18:20zebda3I m re-trying the format
11:18:29MeRWiNtry at fat32 quick format
11:18:54MeRWiNif it doesn't work, try to partition one 10GB partition and format it... see if that works. Although 40GB should do fine
11:19:17zebda3Another question My old Harddisk was specified as 0.5A and thsi is aspecified as 1A ! do you think it will considerably my battery life time ?
11:19:39MeRWiNi can't field that one :)
11:19:45MeRWiNI would assume that it would
11:20:31zebda3in which ratio ? has someone already test the IBM travelstar 40 GB , and has any ideqa about the barttery life tinme that I could expoect
11:20:47 Nick Linus is now known as Linus|lunch (~linus@
11:21:53zebda3MeRWiN: I ll be back after the format and I will give me more infos about my test to format it .
11:22:04 Quit zebda3 ()
11:23:55Bagderdidn't work at all
11:24:44MeRWiNtime to make a 2nd attempt at sleeping :)
11:25:00 Nick MeRWiN is now known as MeRWiN|Sleep (
11:26:36 Quit WetFlax_ ("I like core dumps")
11:36:24Bagderanyone else tried the loadable font patch?
11:41:27edxLinus, commit the changes to lcd.c ;) (or shall i commit my fix?)
11:42:24Bagder−−- Linus is now known as Linus|lunch
11:42:36 Quit WetFlax (Connection timed out)
11:42:36edxok ill commit
11:42:51edxit wont damage anything anyways because its just one file and one additional line
11:49:16Bagderbdf2ajf made me a sompletely blank font
11:53:44 Join zebda3 [0] (
11:53:48zebda3hi all I m back
11:54:30zebda3ANd after 20 min of formatting my Travelstar 40 GB using 2048 as cluster size _I get the following error message cluster size is too small !!
11:54:45zebda3Could someone help me to format thsi harddisk ?
11:54:52Bagderyou're using windows, that's the main problem
12:01:31 Quit Synthe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:01:34 Join Synthe` [0] (
12:02:08*edx slaps Bagder around a bit with a large trout
12:02:18*Bagder ducks
12:02:26*edx slaps even more
12:02:35edxwindows is not the problem :P
12:02:47zebda3Bagder: what do you advice me : to format it under linux ?
12:02:54edxmost often the problem sits right between the monitor and the chair
12:02:56*edx ducks
12:03:02zebda3edx: do you get success to format 40GB under windows
12:03:14edxwhat version of windows?
12:03:21zebda3W2k Pro
12:03:40edxyes.. that should certainly work
12:03:49edxwhat have you done and where does it fail
12:04:46zebda3So firstly : I did partition the harddisk as one big partition 37.5GB under the "computer management" and using the USB-cable
12:05:16zebda3Then I try to format it from the "computer management" using FAT32 / Default Cluster size −−> FAILED
12:05:22zebda3Then I try to format it from the "computer management" using FAT32 / 2048 Cluster size −−> FAILED
12:05:30edxah.. so that's a hd inside your jb
12:05:48zebda3Yes it is
12:06:09edxhmm... never tried to format a partitioned disk
12:06:09zebda3DO I must to perform It only using the 2.5" 3.5" IDE adaptor?
12:06:31edxi dont know - i formated a disk using usb calbe but only one partition
12:07:42zebda3what do ypu mean by "never tried to format a partitioned disk" ? did you create a parition or no ? or do you simply format the complete harddisk ? and could you give me a step-by-step procedure like you did
12:08:08edxi mean.. i only formated it having one single partition
12:08:36edxi just plugged in the jb, right clicked the harddisk and clicked format using the standard settings
12:09:30 Nick Linus|lunch is now known as Linus (~linus@
12:09:35zebda3ok I see ypu did it from the "exlorer", isn t it
12:10:00edxbut the management console uses the same dialog i think
12:10:05edxplus I used windows xp
12:10:46zebda3But I d like to get a partition table on my harddisk to use some of the unused sector of the partition table to storce RockBox settings on the harddisk instead of the RTC
12:11:36edxas i said - i never tried that
12:11:40edxwhat error message do you get?
12:12:36zebda3SO i'm waiting for the current format operation using a biggest cluster size, an then if it failed I will try cour method wihtout disk partion.
12:13:19zebda3I get error : "Cluster size too small" and/or "Volume too big"
12:13:39edxthat seems like a fat32 problem or something
12:14:01edxturn the partition size down to 32 / 8 gigs
12:14:06edxthat might work
12:15:02zebda3Hum and then I will get only 32 GB available with the Archos Firmware and with RockBox I do not know ?
12:15:17edxhmmm yes :/
12:15:26zebda3Hadaka: Hi, any advices are welcomed?
12:15:32Linusi have 40Gb FAT32 on my jb
12:15:38Linusformatted with win98
12:15:51edxif even win98 gets this done ....
12:16:02zebda3Linus: As one partition ?
12:16:28Linuswith a partition table
12:17:08zebda3Linus: So could you give me how dou performed it ? with or wihout an IDE adaptor ? or within the USB cable ?
12:17:35zebda3and you partition it using the calssisc fdisk
12:17:49Linusi don't remember... :-(
12:18:29zebda3Linus: And do you have an idea about the battery life influence of my new HD (IBM Traveklstar 40GB 4200 RPM 5V 1A (the stock HD wa 0.5A!)
12:19:05Hadakayou won't like my advice
12:19:34zebda3Hadaka: why not ? advice me .. lets go
12:20:04Hadakamy advice is using cfdisk and mkdosfs - and you seem to be using windows
12:20:27Linuszebda3: i have no idea about the HD battery impact
12:20:47Hadakahave you tried changing the partitions and formating them with the volume management tools available in w2k instead of fdisk and friends+
12:20:59zebda3But I could get access to a linux box, but I do not know if this machine has the kernel with USB-storage buildin ?
12:21:17zebda3Hadaka: yes I did
12:21:27Hadakaoh well, then I'm out of ideas
12:21:40 Quit edx ()
12:22:06zebda3Linus: Thanks
12:22:12zebda3Hadaka: Thanks too
12:23:01zebda3SO i've too go , bye
12:23:03 Part zebda3
12:23:20 Join edx [0] (
12:48:52edxBagder, since when is that t-shirt contest running :D
12:49:14Bagdersince this morning
12:49:32Bagdernumber of designs received so far: 0
12:50:33edxim not good at graphics stuff unfortunately :/
12:54:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:07:49 Join zebda3 [0] (~zebda3@
13:08:58zebda3Hi all, I did it . yes I get succes to format my new 40GB HD after many problems, I finnaly use the partition magic and in many clic - right-clic and doppel-clic it format all as I want in 2 min only !!
13:09:30Hadakaoh yes, partition magic is good
13:09:43Hadakagood to hear it worked
13:09:46zebda3SO I advice all people who want to use 40GB HD to make it this maner you' ll win time !!
13:09:54zebda3Thanks all
13:12:00zebda3NOw I will try to see how the change of HD from 5v 0.5A to 5V 1A will impact ? I see in the ML that tehre was a patch too collect some voltage statistic all minutes and then make some curver ? is it tzhe last cvs , or does it still has a patch ? if so xcould someone send me a compiled verion of the last cvs with this "voltage statistics" patch applied ? thanks
13:12:40HadakaA wild guess would be that spinup power required means the most
13:12:47Hadakadunno though
13:14:54zebda3Ok, but in my case I use my AJB to listen to (at most) some numerized casette of courses / conferences that mean I use the poorest format 16kbps 11kHz (it is quite enough for voice only and it allow me to store about 4000 hours now with my 40 GB !!)
13:15:14zebda3All that to say that the HD acces in my case are very frequent
13:15:48zebda3For exmaple a file of numerized cassete of 1h30 (90 mins) takes about 6 MB
13:17:04zebda3So if comeone could me send a compiled version with the voltage "statistic" pathced appiled I will appreciate my email thanks
13:17:26zebda3I've to go to lunch now , yes ot is only 13h15 here in luxembourg
13:19:30 Quit zebda3 ()
13:22:19*Bagder sets up a win32 cross-compiler
13:37:12 Nick dwihno|gone is now known as dwihno (dwihno@
13:48:37Bagderwhere is mpeg_is_playing() defined?
13:48:55Linusit should be mpeg.c
13:50:37 Join Lear [0] (~chatzilla@
13:53:21Bagderedx: does the win32 simular actually build atm?
13:54:35Learis there an image over all available chars in rockbox somewhere?
13:55:24BagderLear: the player ones are on the web site, the recorder's are very limited but not visible anywhere no
13:56:52Bagderah, works now
13:57:02Bagderedx: why is there a mpeg.c in the win32 dir?
13:58:01Bagder$ file uisw32.exe
13:58:01Bagderuisw32.exe: MS Windows PE Intel 80386 console executable not relocatable
13:59:17Bagderhow big is the one built with vc++ ?
14:00:31Learthanks, was looking for symbols suitable to indicate playlist and shuffle, but I couldn't find any suitable...
14:12:01Bagderthe question is, will I ruin the normal mingw builds if I commit fixes for cross-compiled mingw builds
14:12:46BagderI guess there's nothing to do but to commit and see ;-)
14:12:59Bagderedx: here?
14:16:21Bagderok, I'll run ahead and do it my way now and then adjust later if someone objects
14:19:54Learjust fixed so that changes to the shuffle mode immediately affects the active playlist.
14:20:23Learshould I send a patch to the mailing list then?
14:20:29Bagderplease do
14:20:55Learok, but what is the best way to generate a patch for a couple of files?
14:21:10 Join datazone [0] ([KQ6Xc91Im@
14:21:38BagderLear: either just one by one and append the diffs to the same output file, or you diff [dir1] [dir2] > output
14:22:45Learthink I'll take one file at a time then, since I work on the CVS checkout...
14:23:10Bagderah, then just do 'diff -u" > patch in the root cvs dir
14:23:32Bagdercvs diff rather
14:24:14Learbad idea; I have other things I'm working on, and should be submitted separately (and a few things not at all)
14:25:23*Bagder crosses all his fingers and toes
14:25:50dwihnoGood afternoon!
14:25:53Bagderwe should have daily-builds of the win32 simulator really soon now
14:26:16dwihnoYou got a Win32 cross-compiler ready for linux?
14:26:23Bagderup and running
14:27:15dwihnocool :D
14:27:25dwihnoI never did that. What is required to make it possible?
14:27:47BagderI got a precompiled cross-compiler and installed it
14:28:22Bagderyou're allowed to say that once *you* made one yourself
14:28:34Bagdermingw is _not_ plain gcc cross-compile
14:28:51Bagderso I took a shortcut
14:29:53BagderI had to patch a little win32 source too to make it build
14:30:33dwihnoI notice a major speed boost in the latest rockbox build btw.
14:30:43Bagderuh, broke things badly I did
14:31:21Linusdwihno: yeah, we have speeded it up wuite a lot
14:35:51Bagderthe battery life improved quite a bit too
14:40:48LearOK, shuffle patch sent...
14:41:49Learspeed-up was nice. most notable effect (for me) was that scrolling flashes a lot less (can have higher speed and still look good)
14:43:27Learhmmm, forgot to append the patches. oh well...
14:43:44Lear(as it, append the individual files into one :))
14:44:09*edx has a 2Ghz laptop!!!
14:44:33dwihnoneato :)
14:45:02Bagderedx: check out the daily build table
14:49:23edxBagder: cool! you added win32 sim
14:49:29edxill look at the logs in a sec
14:49:42Bagderit doesn't quite work yet
14:49:48Bagderonly almost
14:50:30edxoh lol..the warnings are stupid
14:51:01edx - here's what my compiler says (it works, but a few warnings, too)
14:52:31BagderI've fixed the warnings already here
14:52:51Bagdersomething else broke though
14:52:59Bagder/home/dast/src/rockbox/uisimulator/win32/uisw32.c:73: undefined reference to `CreateCompatibleDC@4'
14:53:27edxthat's in the gdi library of windows
14:53:51edx#include <windows.h> at the top and link gid32.lib with it (if there is something alike in linux)
14:54:54***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:54:55Bagderlibgdi32.a seems like it
14:55:40edxthat is it
14:57:48Bagderedx: I renamed the VC++ makefile as you might've seen
15:00:05edxoh.. uhm oh..
15:00:09edxwhat is the name now?
15:00:39edxwhat was it before?
15:00:41BagderI have a lame excuse for this rename ;-)
15:01:12edxwhat is your excuse :P
15:01:43Bagderbuilding the win32 simulator is now using the 'configure' approach like all the other *nix builds
15:02:02Bagderand it turned a bit too ugly in the script to add a specific Makefile name for one of the particular builds
15:02:04*edx has to recompile his auto compiler
15:02:12edxBagder: ah I see
15:02:33Bagdernow there it is
15:02:38Bagder25 warnings! ;-O
15:04:19edxwhat i get is:
15:04:20edxNMAKE : fatal error U1073: don't know how to make '../tetris.c'
15:04:45Bagderyou have to say 'name -f Makefile.vc6'
15:04:54Bagdernmake even
15:05:20Linusnmake can't handle gnu makefiles
15:05:44Linusand probably not forward slashes either
15:08:23Bagderat least now we'll see better when we break win32 builds
15:09:03edxyes i did that -f filename
15:10:03edxhave you just renamed it or also changed anything?
15:10:26BagderI haven't changed the VC++ file
15:10:36BagderI have changed a few source files
15:12:43 Join jedix [0] (~liam@
15:13:19edxhmm why cant it build tetris.c
15:13:42edxah.. because there is no tetris.c
15:15:03edxok works
15:18:54 Quit PiotR ("BitchX-1.0c19 -- just do it.")
15:22:04BagderLear: applied
15:22:42Bagderand you made it to the credits as well ;-)
15:23:12Learthanks :)
15:25:12mbrAnyone there who knows the rtc?
15:25:29*Bagder looks in Linus' direction
15:26:06*Linus looks away
15:26:13Linusmbr: what about it?
15:26:21mbrIt seems, that the time data (0x02, 0x03) is not updated ...
15:26:59 Join PiotR [0] (
15:27:09mbrCounts only if I am in stock firmware?!?!
15:27:23mbrDon't understand that.
15:28:17LinusI haven't even tried to init the RTC timer
15:28:44mbrI've done some status line code, and the value of the clock is a fix value.
15:28:48Linusso you run the stock firmware and see it run, then run rockbox and it stops?
15:30:22mbrAn when i run stock firmware again it is same time i left it.
15:31:48Linuswhat is the status of the HT bit?
15:32:39Linusbit 6 in 0x0c
15:33:01mbrOne moment please, booting rockbox ...
15:33:49 Part Bagder
15:33:59 Join Bagder [0] (
15:35:30mbrI a little bit confused. Debug screen shows 8 nibble
15:35:42mbrSorry my mistake ...:)
15:35:52mbrbit 6 is zero
15:36:28Linusand address 0x01
15:37:16Linusand address 0x01?
15:37:22dwihnowhat's the AV decay time thing btw?
15:37:27mbrThat one updates ..
15:37:39mbrI am cnfused ...
15:37:58mbrThat are the seconds right?
15:38:38dwihno2,4,8 or something
15:39:29mbrHmm, in the debug menu the clock runs ok.
15:39:38Linusdwihno: it is the time it takes for the volume to reach it top level again
15:40:40Linusmbr: are you sure that you read the correct registers in your code?
15:41:35mbrI have: hour = rtc_read(0x03); and minute = rtc_read(0x02);
15:42:15Bagderone more win32 build in the compile status table
15:42:29Bagderthey ruin the good look ;-)
15:42:48Linusmbr: and how often do you read them?
15:43:28elinenbe|sleepjust found a nice easy to fix bug!!!! :-)
15:43:38elinenbe|sleepand in my sleep!!
15:43:39Linuselinenbe|sleep: good for you! :-)
15:43:43 Nick elinenbe|sleep is now known as elinenbe (
15:43:43DBUGEnqueued KICK elinenbe
15:43:44mbrAt the moment every second.
15:43:48elinenbehere is the deal
15:43:54elinenbelets say you load a playlist.
15:44:09elinenbeand then push left (back) it will play the first song
15:44:13mbrI must look in my code again ... must be my mistake
15:44:19elinenbeand then if you push back again it will start the first song again...
15:44:38elinenbebut now if you push forward it will play the first song as many times as you pressed back
15:44:58elinenbeso, the code does not allow you to go back infront of the playlist
15:45:12elinenbebut the indexer or counter must stay on the first song too
15:45:14Linussounds like a bug to me
15:46:56mbrJust rebooted again. now the seconds stuck, and HT is set
15:49:02Linusmbr: strange.
15:52:58mbrLinus: when boot with USB connected it goes into stock firmware, pull usb cable then starts rockbox -> HT is NOT set
15:53:19mbrwhen I boot rockbox only HT IS set
15:54:42Linustry to clear the HT bit at startup
15:55:04mbryou or me?
15:56:07mbrOK, I'll try it ..
16:00:12Linustime to go home
16:00:18Linusbye all!
16:00:26Bagderbye Linus
16:00:44 Part Linus
16:30:33 Part Bagder
16:30:42elinenbelater. see you Monday.
16:30:45 Quit elinenbe ("User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby")
16:54:55***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:00:22Learhas anyone tested id2 tracknum? doesn't seem to be set here...
17:20:13 Quit Lear ("ChatZilla 0.8.8 [Mozilla rv:1.1b/20020721]")
18:00:57 Nick edx is now known as edx|weekend (
18:04:35dwihnoare everybody asleep? :)
18:04:41dwihno"yes we are"
18:04:41dwihnoah, okay
18:24:01 Join PrimeSource [0] (
18:51:13 Quit PrimeSource ("2.0 Build 1515")
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19:44:42 Join Lear [0] (
20:01:30 Nick dwihno is now known as dwihno|gone (dwihno@
20:10:19 Join ripnetuk [0] (~george@
20:10:32 Join gerrger [0] (~george@
20:11:30gerrgeri mean hi :)
20:13:10gerrgerits looking good
20:31:40 Quit ripnetuk ()
20:33:04 Quit gerrger ()
20:37:05 Join mecraw [0] (
20:37:42 Quit mecraw (Client Quit)
20:48:57 Join mecraw [0] (
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21:35:06 Quit jedix ("going home due to heat")
21:48:47 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:49:10 Quit MeRWiN|Sleep ()
22:06:46 Quit Lear ("ChatZilla 0.8.8 [Mozilla rv:1.1b/20020721]")
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